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i'm facing severe pimples on my face ,i kept many creams kindly suggest me the good and genuine solution to my problems?

Best way to treat sunburn on my face?

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Can there be any connection between my pyelonephritis and my face breaking out in acne ? My face is usually clear?

Can u tell the tretments for reducing the holes on face?? i have lot!!!

Can urticaria cause permanent scars on face if so, can it be mistaken for rosacea if not examined properly?

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Could i treat it the same way as a pimple on your face?

Do you know a treatment for my redness on my face?

Does anyone have a way to clean your face and treat pimples from rosacea aside from prescriptions?

Every small eruption, be it pimple or not leaves marks on my face.What is the problem.Suggest me best remedy/medicine available in india, permanent soln?

Flu prevention face masks like the surgical masks, do they work?

For over a month I have had an open sore on my face. What can I use to cure it?

Freckles like malazma issue on face. Is it possible to fix this?

Hei ihave acne problem I have been having pimples of late on my face how do I treat it?

Helloi have pinples in my face because devo injection what i can do?

Hi doctor l have lots of acne and bleemish also black heads in my face how can i treat this?

Hi how are you docter I have a problem with my face.. ?

Hi how can be melasma spots on a face be treated Thanks?

Hi I really need help fast. My face used to be normal but I have no idea wats going on.i never used to have a pimple on my skin.

Hi, I have severe acne on my face. I m not sure what is causing this? Is it because of masterbation? How can I treat it?

Hi, I need help with a skin problem that I'm facing.

Hi! how can I treat face pimples?

Hi.. My question is that i have a problem in skin....

How to treat magic eraser burn from child face?

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How can I cure my face from pimples? Thank you...

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How can I get rid of molluscum on my daughter's face and around her eyes? The doctor has treated other areas of her body with cantharone, but will not use it on her face or near her eyes.

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How can stop the pimples in face and which is the solution in pimples finis please give me the treatment?

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How to prevent not spread neuro fibroma on face . Any solution in homeopathy?

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Hyperhidrosis of head and face treatment ?

I am 18 years old.I have small holes on my face which are created by pimples.I am suffering from this problem since 4 years.i need permanent treatment?

I am 23 year old but there is no beard on face.Please tell me how i solve my problem?

I am a 21 year old girl & am having face acnes since the last 4 years. I have tried medications, face gels, treatments etc but they haven't gone. Advice?