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I was exposed to cancer causing chemicals on my lab coat. Have areas of broken skin that I scratched, and I have touched my mouth, will I get cancer?

sliced off about 1 inch of skin on my heel, it's kinda deep ( few layers of skin came off) how do I care for it?

~2 weeks ago, woke up with area of very red+sensitive skin on scrotum. Since then skin is looser, wrinkly, seems to be more of it. Any way to restore?

2 wks ago a few small skin abrasions near neck of penis (where there is loose skin). Scabbed and almost all healed up now, but not sure what it was.

28, clean blood work. Small circles of skin keep peeling around follicles on arms, forms scab without my picking at it, then goes away. Why?

3 month old scratches head severely despite keeping nails trimmed. He has eczema. Is this the cause and how can I treat scratches and prevent it?

3 year old son for 24hours has a small red area on foreskin, with something that seems a piece of hair underneath the skin. Doctor to remove it? Me?

A beautician waxed my upper lip 2 days ago, and during the process ripped off two corners of skin. How can I get the scabs that formed to fall off?

A pin that was left in a new shirt penetrated my skin? Will i get infected with something?

A roman candle blew up in my hand saturday and I've got areas of exposed skin and several blisters and areas of dead skin. Do I remove dead skin & bli

A week ago i lost my virginity. I have a tear in the skin at the opening of my vagina. It looks like two separate pieces of skin. How long to heal?

A year and 3 months ago I got hit by a motorcycle, the muscle detached from the skin and reattached, but the fatty tissue under the skin is swollen...

Abraison/cut of skin inside cheek . around it has a bit of blood because i keep picking/biting it. what home remedies should i do?

After a cut heals what is the hard skin underneath it?

After applying tea tree oil underneath my fore skin and I leave the skin pulled back or return the skin in the forward position covering my penis?

After having two kids I have loose skin around my navel is there a away to tighten that skin up without having surgery its not much just a thin layer?

After stitches removed top layer skin not ppen, can it be because the other layers already healed, ? No redness or pain it looks like small cut

An animal bit me. What should I do to prevent skin infection?

Apart from exfoliating what's the best way to remove thick layers of dead skin? On elbows making them dark

Are objects placed on skin (spoons, metals, plastic, etc.) that stick to skin (chest and forehead) normal, common, or rare? Is it a skin condition?

As i was waxing my arms, the hot wax burned my skin. I went ahead with the wax strip which ripped off my burned skin. How long for skin to grow back?

Been using space heater close to my skin for 2 months. I've stopped but my skin hurts, what should i do?

Best product to remove dead skin I need to exfoliate it because I have a bunch of dead skin all over when I rub I see it even after showering?

Best way to treat a 3" burn from an iron? Top layer of skin (brown and puffed) torn off by a bandaid after 24 hours, leaving raw skin.

Can 91% rubbing alcohol cause blisters on skin that had been previously covered for 9 days after hysterectomy?

Can an injection of cortisone for wrist pain cause the skin to break down & bleed both underneath the skin & through the wound?

Can any doctor remove what appears to be a skin tag from the end of my eyelid? It is starting to really bother me.

Can dead nerve endings leave dry skin?

Can eczema move around your body if you scratch the infected area but then scratch a clean area? Would it transfer

Can HIV seep through the palms and enter the bloodstream through the pores in the skin?

Can i apply foundation if I have broken skin on the side of my nose?

Can i cut off or use wart remover to remove scar tissue from a healed cut at the base of my penis i nicked myself a few times while shaving my genital area. After the small cuts healed, scar tissue grew and they look like skin tags?

Can microdermbrasion remove wrinkles from under eye skin? And once the protective layer goes can it grow back?

Can pregnancy cause bruising to the outside skin of the stomach?

Can scabies kill the part of the skin?

Can skin cancer be picked off by fingers down to its base?

Can someone help with identifying what kind of tick you pull off your skin?

Can the rubbing of clothes cause the surface of moles to be rough?

Can you get an infection from an exposed nerve ending on your forehead. Bite from dog between brows. No stitches required. Nerve pokes through skin.

Can you get hep c through dry skin peeling top layer?

Can you get HIV through biting if the skin is not broken?

Can you give me some advice about eczema help, lost layers of skin on fingers and my skin seems to take forever to grow back?

Can you tell me how to cover up my skin infection with a band-aid thingy?

Causes of severe sensitivity on glans of penis after skin peeled years ago leaving skin paler where it happened hurts to even walk help for?

Clitoris has eczema like symptoms - there is a layer of dead skin that can be peeled off. Returns even when peeled away. Is it a cause of concern?

Corners of mouth crusty and crack.peel top layer off and red skin appears and stays. Better after B&C vitamins but not gone. Could be stress?

Could covering a skin tag with duct tape make it go away?

Could it be fatal to lacerate your forehead skin?

Cut thumb bad.Almost all healed now but waiting on top layer of skin. It keeps peeling/coming off. Should I keep it covered for this final stage?help!

Cuticles easily dry up and peel up creating painful flaps of skin. I don't bite my nails, i moisturize, and I use cuticle oils. Any opinions/solutions?

Dad on Linox600 for skin infection after a cut on toe.Will it help.will it fight staph & skin infections.what is the fluid that comes from cut & skin?

Day 21 post circumcision- looks fully healed except underside skin still fused to shaft and bumpy..also got boils of skin around incision line?

Dead skin from huge blisters on my feet! been cutting the dead skin away help! when i get out of the shower the skin back there is white and so ugly?

Derm? Age 65 & have several areas pinkie tip or smaller where facial skin appears to have an indentation. VERY hard to see. Can't feel. Aging skin?

Do skin tags grow back if they are torn off? I have bad insurance so will do my own

Do they put a tens unit into the skin, or on top with needles?

Do they put a tens unit under the skin?

Doctor in my sexorgan skin like layer growing at the bottom i don't know what is it ....? Tel me a solution to overcome it

Does a splinter come out by itself even if the skin grows over?

Does cellulitis of the buttocks need to be removed and how to tell if the skin or muscle is dead and needs removal?

Does cellulitis of the buttocks need to be removed and how to tell if the skin or muscle is dead and needs removal?

Does it mean that my ringworm is healing when it looks like a thin layer of skin is over it feels dry ?

Does tieing a thread around a skin tag for a few days really make it just fall off?

Dog bite on thumb, didn't break skin. But I have broken skin on otherside around my thumb nail due to biting that skin myself. Risk of what infection?

Dorsal slit skin underneath is dying, what to do?

Dry skin or shampoo on ear in concave of helix. Rubbed area harshly 1 day ago. Have area of tiny broken capillaries on top of helix. Will they fade?

During my facial, the attempted extraction of a blackhead that wasn't ready to leave caused a tiny bump consisting of hardened skin. Will it go away?

Eczema help, lost layers of skin on fingers and my skin seems to take forever to grow back. Recommendations?

Entire top layer of bottom lip skin dries like layer of plastic that I peel off, comes back every 2 days. Treatment?Dermatologist didn't help.

Even after moisterizing and cleaning my face daily, dead, peeling skin forms back onto my nose within a few hours after scrubbing it away. Any advice?

Excision of bcc on nose nearly 4 months ago, skin graft onto site looks like cookie cutter. Massaging twice daily. Can't wear make up I am sad?

Extra skin in unwanted places?

Femur is sticking out of the skin! what can I do about this?

Few years ago I was burnt on my vagina from a bikini wax. Since then I have a permanent scar and the skin area is constantly dry, with small skin cuts?

Friction on masturbation without lubricated and rough can cause you a lection? Like a parcial skin damage?

Growing skin near my ass hole what should I do please help me?

Had a back mole removed about a week ago. Area has a scab and still a bit of dissolvable stitch. The skin around the area is red but no puss - normal?

Had a mole removed 9/19 in between right breast & armpit. Bandaids & paper tape are ripping my skin up, painful.When can I leave the wound uncovered?

Had my circumcision 4 days ago. I get erections and a found that the skin opened between two stitches. ie both skins didn't join. The gap is 10mm.

Had my thumb tip stitched back on but the skin is grey. Is it dead or will it heal ok and be viable?

Have a burn from base chemical that is red some brown. If if gets infected will it require a skin graft? How do I avoid a skin graph?

Have a dump of skin tissue on my shaft. What is this and how do I get rid of it? Is this just a result of poor circumcision procedure?

Have been chewing the inside skin of mouth for over 30 yrs. Can't stop since new skin that "has to" be scraped away forms every day. How can stop this?

Have thick ridge of skin under toenails, makes it hard to trim them short enough. Painful if try to remove.

Hello doctor the skin which covers my vaginal opening is some what wavy is it normal.....Im 23 yr old. The skin which is covering is broad in vagina

HELP!My burn blister popped and the thin layer of skin is also off. It is very dry inside and straw yellow in color. What should I do? Is it infected?

Hi I am 18 years old and for the past 12 years I have been peeling and eating the skin off of my big toes.Will eating my skin do any damage inside me?

Hi i have a bruise on my toenail, bottom part near skin and i wanted to know what i should do?

Hi I have a scar (i think on my finger) i cut it by accident. A dead skin has cover it up but by accident i snatch the dead skin. Now its all red.

Hi, I have the inner first part of one of my nostrils sore like the first layer of skin peeled. Can i put any ointment, as it's been a month now?

Hot food in touch with skin can cause burns that can destroy hair follicles ?

How can diabetes hurt the skin?

How can I put an end to extra skin?

How can I remove my skin rashes without paying a big amount for derma?

How can I remove the dead skin on my arm from a burn?

How can one make sure a tick is pulled completely out of the skin?

How can we get HPV without having broken skin? I thought skin was supposed to be a protective barrier?

How deep in the skin do you need to go to remove a corn?

How do I clean the poop that gets under the skin folds in my newborns vagina? Can i wick it with a q-tip

How do I get mercurochrome for cut on my skin?