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Hello. I had wanted to know the 5 main fruits that can prevent and clear s acne.

years ago I got Jaundice, recovered then I took vaccination for Hepatitis sometimes my skin turns yellow should I avoid taking Minocycline for acne?

1 month since taking 2 a day 10 day doxycycline 100 mg and still sun sensitive. Will this reaction be permanent ?

16wpregnant & been using tiny amounts of a gel that contains 2% salicylic acid several times a week. Is this likely to have caused any birth defects?

18yr fem.acnecystic,open pores,combination,sensitive skin,kidneyStoneHistory.familyHistoryOf diabetes,epilepsy,thyroid.svereFLARE.isotroin a safe bet?

2 years ago i took medication know as accutane. My lips have been severely chapped and peeling since. I haven't been on it since. Collagen Sups help?

26 female, h'v been prescribed retin-a cream by dermtolgst 4some sort of acne on face, applied every night for 2weeks, bt now skin is extreme dry &stiff?

2yr female- fine lines/dehydration lines on lower eye lids. Moderate acne and acne there any benefits to using 24kt gold masks by lorion ?

30mg for 4 months still breaking out got loads of hyperpigmintation, red face especially nose thinking about stopping accutand all together?

A new dermatologist prescribed 30 000IU 2x/day of Vitamin A (retinol acetate). I took isotretinoin for several years in the past. Is it excessive?

About to start using methoxsalen (should i?) for vitiligo, what can I do about nausea, it's intolerable.

After 1month of hydroquinone result at all.wut can i switch to now(i want something OTC)?

After getting jenners chemicail peel how long should you wait until useing my acne medication i'm on tx ?

After stopping Accutane will the oil be restored in the body? And how much?

After using clinpar skin peeling signs good or bad if it is clinpar side eefect that what to do ....

Age 20,male.I have problem of acne ,I was treating from years but no result.actuly I get more acne in winter .using moisturiser but no result plz help?

Are niacin pills giving my face a red flush?

Are phytoceramides effective for youthful skin and can you take it while on heart medication?

Are probiotics good for skin conditions acne on face and dry and ichy body. How long do they take to get into yr system. which are the best to take. ?

Are there known drawbacks of long-term doxycycline use against acne? Excluding changes to endogenous microbes and sun sensitivity.

Artefill is a relatively new wrinkle therapy. Is it safe? Artefill has recently come on the market as a face wrinkle therapy. In the past, some others have had adverse side-effects. I want to make sure I am getting the safest solution to my wrinkle proble

Artefill is a relatively new wrinkle therapy. Is it safe? Artefill has recently come on the market as a face wrinkle therapy. In the past, some others have had adverse side-effects. I want to make sure I am getting the safest solution to my wrinkle proble

Baking soda for acne prone skin? I used this before and it was the only thing that worked for me, however i stopped since i didn't know if it was safe

Become worse if taken Accutane after laser co2 +PRP +subcion,? So when the best can take accutane? My face become oily back.

Been using renova (tretinoin) for a year. Just got a bad sunburn . Will it have long lasting negative effects(sunburn)and will it reverse my positive results ?

Bf grows his medical marijuna in our home. I break out on my face now and thought it was acne but not. Could it be weed allergy. What can help this?

Boils on body,2-3 a month. Past 2 wks,have bout 15-20 @ 1time. no diet change,or new soaps. When healing,they peel like aftr sunburn.Causes,serious?

Can 2 full courses of Accutane induce permanent sebum over-activity reduction?Will sebum hyperactivity resume bk to pre-accutane state after stopping?

Can 2% hydroquinone be as effective as 4% just over a longer period of time, or is it not possible to ever see the same results? Treating dark circles

Can a 0.05% tretinoine cream help the red marks (caused by old acne) present on my face + some mild scars? If no, what do i use instead? If yes, time?

Can a 0.05% tretinoine cream help the red marks, caused by old acne, present on my face + some mild scars? If no, what do i use instead? If yes, time?

Can a daily pill of dhea(25mg) increase the abnormal photosensitivity of the skin of the face?

Can abruptly stopping benovate cream after a year of use lead to temporary acne flare ups on chin and back? Will the acne eventually go away?

Can applying Salicylic Acid topical cause Reye Syndrome in a sick/ill teen?

Can aspirin have to be uncoated to make an acne mask?

Can castor oil be applied under eyes to remove dark circles? Is there any side effect? And how long would it take before i see any improvement?

Can I do laser hair removal while I am in taking vibramycin (doxycycline) or i can get a skin reaction?.Thanks

Can i take exposed skincare pills along with accutane?

Can I use a sunbed/shower to treat guarantee psoriasis and how long for if possible ?

Can I use retin a (tretinoin) to treat my acne while my partner is pregnant? Considering we have intercourse and kiss often.

Can psychiatric drugs make you , ore susceptible to getting black spots on face. Felt got more spots after taking various drugs. Effectsgoawaydisontinu?

Can teethwhitener strips cause propecia (finasteride) not to work properly? I wasnt sure about interaction since white strips break down into urea from the peroxide

Can the same blue light that treats acne also promote oral health?

Can using retinol -drugstore grade- cause dryness, causing more lines to appear around eyes? Is that a sign it's working? Should continue?

Can you alternate back in forth between tazorac and renova (tretinoin) ? Heard you might get better results

Can you develop immunity/resistance to Kojic acid if you use it for long periods of time, like every night for over a year?

Can you use exposed acne treatment if pregnant?

Chest rash/acne after quitting drinking?? are skin changes common when giving up the alcohol?

Completely allergic to benzoyl peroxide, and extremely sensitive to topical products and medications in general. Scared to try oral antibiotics. Mild-mod acne. Almost 22, male.What would you recommend?Had since 14-15. Chance ill grow out of it at 25?

Could anyone please tell me is there any medicine that would fill the scars on my face? Any cream or medicine to drink?

Derm prescribed 4% hydroquinone 2/x daily for 2 mo for melasma but noticing wheezing & heart palpitations. Continue? Alternatives to hydroquinone?

Dermatologist suggested Hibiclens for Acne. I fear it will get in eye, msds says it's bad. I need the stuff. I use on legs. What's the real risk?

Dermotalogist prescribed me ziana gel for acne however she told me to use a very small amount for the entire face ( size of a chocolate chip) why ?

Despite my best efforts, cleared blackheads will return within 2 days. Is there something i'm not doing right? I've oily but dehydrated skin. Thanks!

Do gelatin pills really work for skin problems?

Do I have to use minoxidil twice daily the rest of my life after full results or reduce application?

Do your patients's (on accutane) skin generally look its worst on month 2. Because i'm just finishing up month 2 and by skin has been bad this month!

Doctor am 18 and I still have acnes on my face , I took a lot of oral antibiotics and some medicines that reduce the size of fatty glands and no use !?

Doctor's opinion? My prescriber never actually specified do I use clindamycin as a spot treatment or do I put it all over my face?

Does adult continued use of differin (adapalene) decrease the risk of skin cancers?

Does anybody actually know why Accutane causes your skin to get much worse first? Why does this happen?Is it because the drug isnt fully in the system

Does cushing's syndrome and the moon face disappear after you stop taking the medication that caused it?

Does daily use of smoking weed cause hormonal inbalance leading to acne? I'm on Accutane for 6 months, it helped, but I don't think I found the CAUSE

Does epiduo lighten the skin Nd how long does it take for the burning from epiduo to stop?

Does kojic acid lotion really works to light skiin? My skin got pigmentation because of taking birth control pills

Does long term antibiotic use cause yellow teeth in kids with acne?

Does my skin continue producing collagen again after accutane? Now i'm taking Accutane and having some small concave scars.

Does smoking marijuana cause acne cysts? I take medication and use dermatologists stuff for cleaning my face

Does steam is really good for men for fair skin..?If yes than how to take stem...?

Does tretinon break you out more while you are using it? And how long to see results ?

Does vitamin D3 help clear acne (not genetic or hormonal)? I've been taking vitD3 for a week. instead of clearing up, Im breaking out on chin & cheeks

Does zyprexa (olanzapine) cause acne? I get more oily skin after taking it. Maybe from increased fat storage?

Dr I hope u have read my medicine names can u tell why they were not effective?and is De-mal milk moisturizer a good moisturizer for eczema patients?

Due to having tried every product going for acne since being 12 I've just done a glycolic peel will doing these regular really help?

During my second trimester, after having multi orgasmic sex, my face breaks out in dark splotches all over. What is this and how do I prevent it?

Effects of radant-i cream is permanent or temporary? That mean does it back to puffy with dark circles after stopped using this ? Thx .

Even face - taking into account that I have a long face?

Expedite skin healing besides diet/exercise, esp face? What used to take me weeks now takes me months when it comes to wounds, scars, or pigmentation.

Experimenting with topical isotretinoin gel for treating genital warts. Showing good results within days. No irritation on skin. Should i continue?

Face more even - taking into account that I have a long face?

Finally got around to asking my parents to take me to the dermatologist. What can I expect in the way of skin scarring?

Finished Accutane 3 weeks ago. Going south usa. How can I stop the sun making acne Scats worse. Won't sunscreen cause acne? And does 4% glyco acid work

Finished Accutane course and skin is lose around mouth. Is this normal? If it's normal will it return to normal?

For dermotologists: why is my skin being attacked by acne even though i take good care of it?

For my new tattoo wich is better A&D or Bepanthen?

For what reason does my skin continue to breakout?

Found some medications to control the dryness of my eczema but I see that they have "inactive ingredients lactose" milk makes me flare up ,will this?

From a dermatologist stand point at what age should a woman start wearing antiaging products... And what should we start out with?

Getting conflicting stories, will retin a help if I have melasma, can't afford laser. some say it makes it worse. tyvm?

Good Day, I am Kristy. Suffering from a lot of pimples. I would like to ask what product/med i should take to minimize my pimples and scars. Thankyou.

Got prescribed Accutane for acne How dangerous is this for my body? Also I have plantar fasciitis. Will this prevent healing? should I avoid this drug

Got the chicken pox over 10yrs ago & I still have a scar on my face. I tried Ambi & bio oil & had a reaction to both. What's a good at home treatment?

Greetings Dr Sandra, I have a problem wit my eyes because While I was off my mind I stared at the sun,is there any medication that I can use to heal m?

Guys with eczema problem taking primrose oil, possible?

Had a severe acne break out all over face from using mineral oil to cleanse after 1 week. Stopped using it, but how long will it take skin to heal and stop breaking out from this? Any advice on how to speed healing and stop new break outs?

Have acne scars, underwent chemical peeling. Now, thinking to join gym. Is there any ill effects of gym (eg. sweat) to scars? Will my scars get deep?

Have any bad effects of sun protection creams on skins been ever reported ? if it occurs, please explain more about details. thanks doc

Have any side affect for using evion 400 regulerly. If any other good medicine for aged skin just am 30 only but all body have the wrinkled marks ?

Have blue spots mustache from taking minocycline. Using hydroquinone for months, no results. Will it ever go away?

Hello .I have dry eyes and taking restasis for that and i had big dose of rai in may for thyroid cancer can I take Accutane to treat acne.