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1st wrinkle on forehead. What are the least expensive ways to keep it at bay or remove. I want to prevent more from coming!

2-3 pores on right side of my face are very much visible, how to make them close, tried putting ice as adviced by my friend but dint suit me, help plz?

29yr female, keep getting painful spots under skin only on my chin all the time & nothing is helping! What can I use at home? Thanks

9y/o girl, several white bumps on face/cheek for over a year Dr says may be clogged pored. What is the best OTC treatment? Nothing I buy is working.

A pimple has appeared directly on my upper lip. How do I treat it? Tea tree oil maybe?

Acne for years, but mostly have dark spots or marks (not pot marks) left behind. What are some good items to use on them (home remedies included)?

Acne on temples. Cant remove them. They keep appearing every time. Doctor gave me 2 creams, they reduced in size but didn't go.

After applying a scrub of lemon juice and baking soda then bleaching my facial hair, several red ulcer like spots appeared on my face, what do i do?

After getting my eyebrows waxed my skin around it had a bad reaction would tea tree oil calm the redness and get rid of the tiny itchy pimples?

After shaving my beard i always get some red pimples on my neck "submandibular area".My friend advice me to use Fucidin cream.Is it useful for my case?

After using salicylic acid on my face there are red lesions like superficial ulcers left behind what is the treatment to make them fadeaway?

After using sun cream I usually get pimples on top of that big ones. What can I do? I'm 16

After using the home made egg face mask, my upper cheek started burning really bad. It is now 3 days later and it still burns, and is now bumpy. Why is this? How can i fix it?

Age-45 .My mom , her right skin of the face is becoming dark.Like a stain on cloth. What is the remedies I should take?

Almost the same time every year I get a pimple under the skin on center of my nose, or bridge I think it's called. For around 3 years every august, I drink lots of water (several bottles a day) I'd think that along with exercise should prevent big pimpl

Any at home tx for molluscom? 3yr & 5mo sons have it. :( tee tree oil? Epsom salt? Acne tx? I know it's viral, but 5mo has on face;no beetle juice

Any home remedies to get white & bright teeths? Or any particular product to use? And how to avoid bad breath? Thnx

Any natural masks i coul put on my bikin line&vaginal lips to make my vagina brighten&cleaner, to get rid of lil bumps and ingrowns from hair removal?

Any solutions beside surgury for veriocos veins and how to hide them? Clean and clear didn't work. Any suggestions?

Are there any home remedies for broken capillaries on the face? Would massage/circulation help? Thanks

Are there any home remedies that work to reduce or eliminate really bad pimples ? It is swollen, red, and very painful :-(

Are there any negative affects of using rubbing alcohol to disinfect my face after i just got done extracting blackheads and poping pimples?

Black heads or open pours.... Nothing works to get rid of them. Exfoliating or face masks.. Only thing that works is squeezing, thats bad. Solutions?

Can goosebump - like pimples come from not being enough clean?

Can glue (like elmer's glue) actually help remove blackheads? Is it safe?

Can I apply lemon juice on my face for killing ache bacteria and lighting spots and acne scars ?

Can I place a balm containing 2% Salicylic acid on the pimple that I've got on the skin colored birth mole? Is not it dangerous to use it?

Can I put a dime size of benzoyl peroxide neutrogena spot on treatment on blemish while I'm in house during day? Or should I only do that before bed?

Can I put a little bit of tumeric powder on my pimple?

Can I use 20% salicylic acid to take care of razor bumps and scars on the back of the neck?

Can I use BP after popping the pus out of a pimple? Cause it says don't use on broken skin and its bleeding. What else can I use if not?

Can I use diluted bleach to get rid of ringworm fast?

Can i use ecosprin 75 mixed with water and apply it on pimples? Will it cure without leaving marks? And will it vanish blackspot present on the skin?

Can I use honey and sugar to scrub away little bumps on my arms?

Can I use tretinoin topical on my face thats sunburnt? My nose also has some hard yellow stuff on it (perhaps from ruptured blisters).

Can tumwric power be effective on pimples?

Can we keep lemon over night nd wash it morning to gradually reduce pimples does it damage skin?

Can you recommend a treatment for a water pimple in my mouth?

Can you tell me how I could hide pimples without putting on makeup?

Can you tell me if there are cool ways to get rid of pimples and blackheads fast using common household objects so i wont have to go to the store?

Can you tell me if there is any home made solution to avoid pimples?

Can you use a pumice stone on your face for acne and red marks that have been left over? Thanks!

Chemical burn on my face and in 1 ear from one of those 'magic erasers'...particularly sore in ear. Thought it was normal sponge. What do i do please?

Could you tell me what happens if i put a leech on a pimple?

Dead sea cosmetics made face break out in blisters, should I be concerned?

Do face masks actually work? I get a huge under-the-skin zit every time I use one. Should I stop all together, or will it overtime help my skin?

Do you recomend using a comedone extractor to remove black heads?

Do you think the burn I got from using undeluted tea tree oil will scar? It's a dark reddish right now I'm keeping it dry with antibiotic powder :(

Do you wash off benzoyl peroxide and clamydacin gel or leave on for the day then moisturize cuz it turns white when applied. ?

Doctors what do you think about applying lemons directly on the face once a week is it good and healthy and remove dead skin like mosr people say ?

Does colgate reduce pimples?

Does evion 400mg keeps the skin clean n clear ? Also does it reduce the minute holes ?

Does mix of aspirin and visine work on pimples?

Does using makeup very frequently on a daily basis cause blackheads to develop which eventually turn into painful pimples with the yellow heads?

During my 17-20 i had pimples on my face. Now it has converted to pimples pores(holes).Can i get back smooth silky n glowing skin again.Sugest me best?

Ehave tried many things to cure pimples and now has made worse, was told to try put lemon juice on the face but got more pimples , what should I do?

Extremely oily face/shoulders/back. No matter how much i wash. I scratch an itch and stuff gets under my nails. It is gross. What to do? Using panoxyl 4 but have tried other products. Embarrassed.

For what length of time do we have to keep toothpaste on pimples?

Forehead often oily. Rest of face is fine. Typically have to wipe off forehead 8+ times per day. Is there any at home remedies I can try?

Good Evening i'm using vicco turmeric cream, but it gives me big red pimples .... is it normal ?

Got small burn mark on my face because of an accidental touchin of hair straightner' its 1 week old scar I am using hexilak gel wana get rid totally

Had pimples on my face, I crushed those by fingernails Now there are black spots. I tried BetnovateN but it's not working. Which cream will remove it?

Has anyone had success in treating a type of acne that looks like granules under the skin, lots of them, and only sebum comes out when squeezed?

Have a big white dot on my chin. Would washing it with an acne wash before bed work?

Have a large coldsore on my bottom lip. Are there any home remedies to remove the scab or even just shrink it?

Hello doctors, how i can I purify my face from the dirt spots .I used many products but none of them works on my face . Please help me .Thanks alot.

Hello Doctors! I want to ask how to remove pimples? Thank you in advance!

Hello sir iam around 24 years old and my face has blackheads and because of removing it i have holes there how can i make it normal?and also my lips h

Hello, i used clean and clear to get rid of my acne. I used it a total of 4 times in two days and my face feels burned. It looks dry and swollen.Help?

Hello, i have acne and black head in face i just got irritating on please give solution to that immediatly?

Hello, i have mild acne, like i get a couple of pimples here and there but it gets very red some what irritated and i have tried many products to help?

Hello, I popped a pimple on my forehead that wasn’t ripe. I had many things to do in public. The pimple was bleeding. I was dapping it with a towel an?

Hello. I used lemon juice on my face this morning, I now realize that was a mistake, and I developed dark red marks where is was concentrated. Will this go away naturally? It doesn't hurt, it's just embarrassing.

Hey is it safe to put egg white on the face overnight if your a teen and have a few pimples?

Hi , dandruff keeps falling to my front face so i keep scrubbing like everyday and today i found out that there are lighten zones apart my real skin ?

Hi doc. Whats the best treatment for a burned face due to excessive towel scrubbing btw the result of my towel scrubbing is some areas on my face are darker than the rest ,i already stop this habit?

Hi doctor can you please suggest a good ointment for my sensitive skin with white ads all over my face and aft removing I get my pours open. ?

Hi Doctor, I have bad acnes on my cheeks since last 2 3 months. I am applying aloevra gel over it but NT regularly. Can you suggest something quick?

Hi doctor, iam facing a problem of back acne, how can we remove the black marks from body.Is it any natural remedies are there.Now days iam using lime.?

Hi doctor. Every time I use Nair to remove facial hair (upper lip) it burns/stings a lot and it gets red spots for the whole day. Is it normal?

Hi I have large pores on my nose and around the sides of it. When i apply makeup no matter what primer i use the pores look large and the foundation oHi I have large pores on my nose and around the sides of it. When i apply makeup no matter what primer i

Hi I have natural Rosie cheeks I heard lemon juice can bleach the colour of my skin and get rid of the redness ...I'm willing to try anything ?

Hi i recently used clean And clear face wash. It has benzoyl peroxide 10% and turned my face beat red and itchy anyway to sooth this?

Hi i was wondering what cream or product i could purchase to apply around the outside of my areola to make it appear smaller by blending it in?

Hi, about 2 months ago i tried lemon juice to reduce some of my acne and it left me with a chemical burn. What could have gone wrong?

Hi, age: 26 . there are freckles on my skin, give me home remedy. My pores are open, and give awkward look, give suggestions?

Hi, I have bad black heads I have tried mostly everything from facials to skin pore masks and nothing seems to remove them, what can I do?

Hi, i'm using vicco turmeric cream, but it gives me big red pimples .... is it normal ?

Hi, im suffering from small spots on my face that are filled with clear liquid, i don't understand why i'm getting these? I cleanse n exfoliate

Hi, using hot needles(under the fire) to pierce the skin will clear ance? A chinese dermatologist say it kills the bateria underneath. Icepickscar now

Hi! doctor o used to have a very clean & clear face but now it's not clear & clean. I have red pigment on my face. Please help me! how can I get cle?

Hi! I've a question in regards to a "scab" on my leg. It's been there for years. I used to pick at it but it'll just scab over again. It looks scaly. I've heard that chemical peels would get rid of it...what should I do?

Hi...i am in my bath now and i noticed a some pimple scars. ..and wounds....on my face can i get rid of them overnight?

Hour do I get rid of the redness around my pimple on my nose without using medications over night ?

How can I clear nail scratch marks on my face? Can I use bio-oil?

How can I get my pimples free smooth skin back ..The one i used to have a few years back ?

How can I get rid of bumps and pimples without those soaps like with witch hazel or somethin?

How can I get rid of swelling on my chin from an underground pimple, ice and tea bag does not seem to be working?

How can I get rid redness on my face from using toothpaste?

How can I get this bruised pimple to go away. I have a bruised pimple on the left side of my nose and i used toothpaste "clagate."too clear it up. The toothpaste busted my pimple, but left a nasty mark on it. Can you please help me.. I use coco butter and