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Almost 4 months postpartum Why do my stretch marks itch so bad now? They're still red. I put oils and lotions but still itches.

I got sunburnt my forehead was turning yellow, and my shoulders were purple, I'm using Neosporin for my forehead, do you think that will help?

1st three days in warm sun, no SPF or sunburn, and I have these itchy, small pimples all over my arms. New issue, started Friday and hasn't gone away.

2 hours ago I suddenly was bright red on my entire body.It looked like I had a very bad sun burn and my skin felt on fire. I was lite headed & nausuas?

2nd degree burn one week old still but not hot or red streaks.

3yr old past 2 times in saltwater, sun, sunscreen gets red splottchy puffy rash under eyes and on cheek. Puked this time. Slightly sun burnt on back.

6 weeks old cigarette burn is changing color from red to that normal, will it ever heal.I treated it well when i got burn with antibacterial?

7/10 fingertips look bright red and burnt for many hours now, but i never burned them. What could it be?

A mole on my back got scratched and then i went in hot tub. Now seems the surface of the mole has peeled away and raw skin left. Is this a problem?

A weird burn like mark has appeared on my arm overnite, complete with blisters, however I have in no way gotten burned. Any idea on what it could be?

About 5 or 6 days ago I was out in the sun and I got sunburned all over my chest, after a couple of days I peeled it and now it is dry and cracked?

About a week ago I went to the beach and got a sunburn. It peeled but now There are white patches in that area?

About three days ago I dropped a hot pocket on my leg and it burned it . Now the skin is re growing but there is redness around it . Is it serious ?

After 10 min of sun my skin gets blisters that burn & itch & are filled :-/ my forhead-neck-hands & lower legs get then- reminds me of water blisters?


After being out in the sun yesterday I have a painful red pimpul inside of my ear and I am wondering is this due to the sun or something else?

After getting a sun burn on my shoulders I have white spots what could it be?

After peeling my face skin from a sunburn my nose is bright red, will it stay like that for a long time?

After swimming our 1yo checks have been red and rashy at night time when i'm applying lotion to his cheeks he's crying like it burns what is this from?

Are sun blisters suppose to hurt?

Are tanning bed burns worse than sunburns? Am a little red today after tanning in a aroma therapy bed for 10min but no discomfort like w/ a sunburn.

Asymmetrical burn like mark on arm, but NO burn. Was hot and sore, but now flat brown pigment like discolouration, like dirt. Skin cancer?

Bad burn...Touched something that took off all skin on fingerprint. It's healing, but the skin is weird. All stiff, sometimes cracks and peels. Help?

Bad enough sun burn on my back, blistering occurred the following morning and they are a orange-yellowish colour, painful at times, what should I do?

Bad sunburn caused peeling of my face. All the sunburned skin is peeled off now but the fresh layer feels very tight. Is that layer gonna peel too?

Bad sunburn on back+stomach 10days ago. Done peeling now have brown freckle like spots on back of shoulders where burn was worst. Is this skin cancer?

Bad sunburn on stomach 3 days ago. Not blistering but I feel like it's worsened in the past 2 days. Stings badly to put aloe vera on it. Suggestions?

Bleached hair at h.Dressers, 12hrs later feels slight burn, scalp not red, should I be worried it is burnt or it would show by now?

Both legs from just under my knee to my ankle looks red, kind of like a slight sun burn (not a sun burn). What could it be?

Bright red cheeks. Not down to sun burn or embarrassment. Been there for about a year probably?

Bumps all over arms a day after tanning outside. What is this ? I used banana boat tanning oil . The bumbs have been here a few days, they aren't red

Burn on my breast tha from curling iron has red mark around the burn that keeps growing whatand has a little soarness should I do?

Burn right above my left elbow, got out the shower & forgot about it, i was rough & the skin peeled, white part underneathe exposed, how to care for it?

Burned hand by spilled hot tea. Put mustard imed. No blisters, but raised tiny very red bumps. Will I be ok? Help? Healing time? Type of burn likely?

Burning tongue with red patches and deep fissure down the middle. Burn has gone on for 9 weeks?

Burnt my two fingers 3 weeks ago on hot boiling water they blistered popped and now the skin has come off abit pink underneath?

Came back from vaca where i got in pool, sea &was in sun alot. Now skin looks rlly bad & theres lots of bumbs under my skin. How do I get rid of them?

Can a lupus rash be so mild it looks like blush or a light sun burn or like "flushed"?

Can bleaching body hair cause any harm?I think I made it a bit stronger today,my skin felt burning had red rash but went away In 10mins.Need to worry?

Can hot temperatures make an old pink scar burn? I got this scar on my elbow in November and it has started to burn occasionally (especially in heat).

Can one bad sunburn cause significant sun damage to the skin there was one time in my life that i had a really bad sunburn. My skin swelled up and i became lightheaded during the evening it was so bad. After a burn like that, i never went back into the

Can sunrays get through a white longsleeve and white t shirt if both are put on at the same time? Im worried it may damage my skin.

Can the thigh of a leg that was grafted from a fire 1.5 years ago be in the sun and tan?

Can you use daktacort on sunburn? I got burnt four days ago and it hasn't healed at all.

Do I have frostbite, frostnip, or wind burn. Please help? After 18 hours, i got a thin layer of dry skin pealing, but no redness or loss of sensitivit

Does a deep 2nd degree burn that is very red pink in color ever fade? It is on my arm and large. It happened 3 months ago from grease.

Does the itch from hypertrophic scar caused by second degree burn ever go away? And what about the purple reddish color? If so, approx how long ?

Does the riiped vita pack make your skin itchy?

Every morning I wake up with red patches on my upper lip. Not dry and they go away within 30 minutes. Doesn't itch or burn. What is it?

Every time i had a spot on my upper arms i scratched them. Other than not doing that anymore, is there anything i can use to help the skin recover?

Exercised, then beach today, wore sunscreen and hat, light burn. I've a red, bumpy rash (blanches if touched) between my breasts, not itchy. What is ?

Extremely bad sunburn. Should i go to a dermatologist?

Few day ago I was in the sun an my nose was pink so I put Vaseline. today skin from nose peeled off what do I do? Can I peel it off?

Garlic burned my skin, skin has healed but has left a noticeable white spot on brown skin. Will it ever go back to normal and how long will it take?

Got a bad sunburn months ago, it started to peel & I peeled it before it was ready. Now I have tiny, white spots covering my chest that won't go away.

Got a burn on elbow few days ago & today accidentally scratched it & skin came off. How do I soothe & treat it? Very painful!

Got a fairly severe sunburn, it started to peel & I peeled some skin prematurely. Now I have tiny, white spots covering my chest. Are these permanent?

Got a steam burn in between 2 fingers. Hurts turning red. What to do?

Got a sunburn on my forehead that is starting to peel and get flaky! I'm putting aloe Vera whenever I can but its so tempting to peel the dead skin.

Got a sunburn on vaca. There is a dark burn like mark on my shoulder now. Peeling and discolored skin underneath. Not sure how to treat. ?

Got burned pretty bad in Cancun Mexico this past week. I have very fair skins use 50spf everyday! Got burned mainly on shoulders. Scabs on shoulders ?

Got sunburned, the skin peeled and now have severe itching! why is it itching afterwards and should I be concerned?

Had garlic burn on my face a year ago it's healed but left a discolour more or less white, i'm indian it makes it more noticeable with it ever go away?

Have bad sunburn but not on my stomach as it was covered. Am 36 weeks is baby okay?

Have got upperlip burnt because of laser. the skin has become brown and rough in touch. what to do?

Have sore skin feels like I got rug burn or a really bad sun burn but I haven't done anything to the area that would cause this. There is no rash?

Have sunburn blisters on shoulder they are popping been pitting the green after sunburn aloe on them not sure if ooze is clear due to the treatment.

Healed burned skin on face is smooth shiny and discoloured. What's happening with it? Is it going to be like that for ever?

Heat rash was itchy but now feels like it burns on fold of skin between chest and stomach, how long does it take to heal and anyway to speed it up?

Hello, can laser remove a brown spot that I have on my legs from when i got a motorcycle muffler burn three years ago?

Hello, i put aloe vera on my face for some burned spots but it hurt even more and now its more red then it used to be.. how soon will thid go away?

Hello, my leg looks slightly sun burnt in blotchy patches but isn't sore and hasn't peeled, is that anything to worry about?thanks

Hello! I applied raw garlic juice mixed with honey on my face two days back and when I woke up in the morning I had brownish spots(burns) on my face. The brown patches got peeled of when I washed my face and applied 'Betnovate-C' on the burns. Now I've go

Hello. I shaved my face some hours ago, and my skin got red and hot. I think it is called razor burn? Is this dangerous? Why the red and hot skin?

Help?!? Can i put aloe on my severe peeling sunburn? I'm very uncomfortable so i tried it and now areas are stinging and hurting not the whole burn

Hey I have a rash on both arms really red and itchy and burns and I can't get it to go away should I wrap with ace bandage im not allergic to that?

Hey, i discovered just 2 hrs ago that underneath my it is a little pink, dry, and wrinkly, and it burns if i touch, do you have how can I treat it

Hi , i'm 18 weeks pregnant and i went to the beach yesterday even tho i put on sun cream i got really bad sunburn , the sunburn is that bad that's pur?

Hi There is a chemical burn or cellulitis on my cheek that appeared two days ago. What do I need to do? It's hurts very bad.

Hi there, I got severely burnt last summer (i had blistering and huge bumps all over my stomach and it was horrific), I then developed lots of moles i?

Hi, Can sun burn cause body parts to be swollen? I think my son got a sun burn and it caused one of his ears to be swollen. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) did not help.

Hi, i have been doing a salicylic peel for the past 2 wks (once a wk). No frosting has occurred. No purging as well. No peeling even.

Hi, I have Burned My Hand 2 months Ago with Hot Water.Now i have a red/Pink Mark.Do This this will fade over time?What i can Put to fast Healing?

Hot skin after being sunburnt. Turn up the ac?

How 2 tell difference between sunburn &butterfly rash?I have ctd.Got burn on upper cheeks &bridge of nose on cloudy day &all sunny days.Fades in 2days

How can I make sunburn not so red overnight?

How can I tell if I got a superficial 2nd degree burn? it healed after about a week but it still has a red hue to it. Will it go away

How should I treat my skinned knee? I fell during track and skinned my knee. I have put antibiotics on it and now the scab is very moist and strange colored. What should I do?

How to get rid of irritated dry red skin ASAP? It just started this wk. I wear mascara & foundation only & this nvr happened b4. Skin hurts! Home reme

How to get rid of itchy blistered bottom lip after tanning and getting severely burned?

How to prevent scarring from a burn by a hot pan on my breast in which turned from grey to red to black?

How to treat a burn on wrist with wet yellow scab?

I am a head shaver. Back in April I visited the Dominican & 1 day I forgot to put on sunscreen. For weeks my head was peeling & now this area is lighter toned then the rest of my head. The skin here is discoloring like after a scab is peeled off. ?

I am a lifeguard and so my arms are exposed to the sun (I use a high SPF and reapply) but my arms are a tad by burnt with tiny itchy red spots?

I am a south asian male. Never got sun burns while growing up but now in california, stepping outside for 5 mins turns my exposed skin red and itchy?

I am wondering how to catch a tan without burning?

I believe I have a chemical burn from a mr. Clean magic eraser. My skin is itchy, raised, red and scabbed. What would do you recommend I do?

I believe that I got water blisters from my sunburn on my chest will it scar and how do I take care of it?

I burned my arm w/ hot glue & tore off the skin leaving a raw spot that hurts- what should I do?

I burned my knuckle on a toaster oven 2 days ago. There's some pain and the skin has turned darkish and leathery. Is this normal?