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mucha-habermann disease. I've had it for 15 yrs. it is worth having later treatment for the scarring? It's embarrassing in the summer on my arms.

1-is there a treatment for pityriasis rosae gibert? 2- if I have pityriasis rosae can i: a) swim b) run/play tennis

1.What is the prognosis of nail psoriasis?2.If the patient has only nail psoriasis can the dse have systemic manifestations after a while?3cosmetic?

1983 I was circumcised, had non venereal problem. Historic meds record show it was classified as Lichen Scelerosus atrophicus. Does it link to scerloderma ?

A blistering, painful recurrent rash in a 20 year-old woman associated with sun exposure, unclear if this is actinic prurigo or something else.....?

A dr i went for 2nd opinion told i was wrongly diagnosed with scalp psoriasis. ..He says it is dandruff. I have no other lesions in my body. Pls help.

A friend was diagnosis with statis dermatis they mistook it for posorsis is that normal what is the different thanks?

Adult kawasaki disease: is the strawberry tongue, rash, and/ or red eyes always present with the illness?

Advice? Would the "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" caused by "lichen" ever go away?

Any one familiar with mctd, specifically morphea and lichen sclerosis?

Anyone ever heard of doing an incisional biopsy to diagnose skin rash?

Are leukemia, psoriasis and eczema medically related ?

Are leukemia, psoriasis and eczema medically related? If yes, how so?

Are lipomas and psoriasis correlated?

Are rashes and alopecia associated with abestos?

Are ther any new treatments for Uticarian Vasculitis with related Asthma?

Are there any seropis diseases that look like vitiligo?

Are there any skin rashes commonly associated with diabetes...Are they treatable and how can they be prevented.Help.thanks?

Are there natural ways to treat circumscribed scleroderma?

Are there official recommendations for treating erythema multiforme?

Are there usually many symptoms when you have bullous pemphigoid?

Biopsy petechiae right arm: spongiotic psoriasiform dermatitis w/purpura. Drug eruption in a pt. W/underlying psoriasis or eruptive psoriasis exacerbated by a drug. What does this mean? Drug allergy?

Can a Dermatologist diagnose Erythromelalgia/Erythermalgia?

Can a skin biopsy showing psoriasisiform dermitis confirm a suspected case of psoriatic arthritis?

Can any docs tell me what are some symptoms of penile lichen sclerosis been to a few derms all have differ options had biopsy still in pain5 years now?

Can anyone tell me what are the telltale symptoms of psoriasis?

Can celiac disease give you eczema down the spine and sacral area?

Can crystal meth cure my dermagraphism/dermatographic urticaria/skin writing disease?

Can dermatomyositis present with rash only in scalp ? I awaiting a biopsy but i thought it had to be wide spread?

Can early Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia and progressive macular hypomelanosis be caused by the same bacterial infection?

Can guttate psoriasis also appear on the palm?

Can hypertension and skin rash be caused by a adrenal adenoma?

Can i get the treatment of senile purpura?

Can Inonotus obliquus-chaga mushroom cure my skin disorder(seb.dermatitis.)?

Can keratosis pilaris be a symptom of or related to scleroderma? Thanks!

Can late-stage Lyme, EBV, HHV6, or lead toxicity cause a malar rash? Blood test - for lupus. Skin biopsy - for rosacea but + for general inflammation.

Can lichen planus in your mouth be caused by food? I was diagnosed with lichen planus around a year ago, the non-ulcer version. For the most part it doesn't bother me, but i think i've noticed that it tends to flair up after eating certain kinds of spicie

Can lichen sclerosus happen to a circumcised penis as I been on numerous creams lotions over the years and biospy showed post inflammatory changes?

Can lividoid vasculitis found in men ?

Can low complement levels cause lichen planus ( armpit) and tinea versicolor?

Can miliara rubra last for several months?

Can other issues arise from not having psoriasis treated? ( psoriasis is on my knee only)

Can pingueculitis be caused by scleriderma?

Can polymorphic light eruption treatment give you lupus?

Can psoriasis be found in the mouth?

Can someone direct me to a doctor who can treat erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp? Will travel anywhere in the u.S. Have suffred for over five years with this disease. I am being treated locally, but it is getting worse every year. The entire top o

Can syphilis in the secondary stage appear as two different rash?

Can telangiectasias be found on the hands in sle not just scleroderma?I have sle and pots and im very pale and found 3 very small telangiectasia on the top of my hands-no raynauds scared I have sclero

Can Urticaria cause permanent Malar type rash? I suffer from chronic Urticaria & on close inspection it appears to be in a wheel like form?

Can you have seborrheic dermatitis 9 weeks after possible exposure hiv?

Can you please define hydrocentitis superativa?

Can you please give me a technical description of rosacea, and what can you do for it?

Can you tell me the main symptoms of solar keratosis?

Can you tell me what does lpp stand for in skin diseases ?

Could 28 years of lichen sclerosis now VIN3 twice in 18 months make one susceptible to candida dubliniensis & glabrata? Not HIV+ but have UCTD.

Could a dry scalp be an inherited disease?

Could multiple contact allergies diagnosis through patch test (chronic itching ) trigger a mast cell activation?

Could nail pitting without no skin lesions nor family history of psoriasis be associated with non-diseased states? For example, too much hand washing?

Could the root cause of telangiectasia and palmar erythema cause cold and/or heat intolerance?

Could tinea versacolor be linked to hypothyroidism?

Could you tell me what are some dermatological genital disorders?

Curious what causes cutis verticis gyrata? Is there other effects from this? Does it progressively get worse?

D folliculorum can cause chronic urticaria? I have suffered from urticaria since 2 years ago. Now d folliculorum was found from my skin!

Dear all, it is to clear a skin problem named ichthyosis is it curable for 20year female who is having it from her childhood...Please advice me, ....?

Dermatologist found my skin full of post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation.I never had acne or other skin diseases. Is this symptom of internal disease?

Diagnosed with DLE due to RNP positivity in Dermatologist test.Can treatment for itchy shoulder be with steroid injections ?

Do all patients diagnosed with coeliacs disease have skin lesions?

Do Asperger and atopic dermetitis are interconnected?

Do you ever recommend emu oil for your patients with painful/pruritic dermatitis, herpetic lesions or psoriasis?

Does anyone have pictures or good description of early or mild psoriasis?

Does anyone know what causes palmar erythema with pregnancy?

Does blushing have any correlation with developing rosacea?

Does eczema herpeticum need to be dignosed with blood tests or can a doctor diagnose it from the condition of the skin?

Does it take a few months for multiple seborrheic keratosis lesions to appear?

Does kid qualify for vaccine exempt with family hist of scleroderma, Raynaud's, psoriasis, scoriatic arthritis, and personal hist of eczema and celiac?

Does skin rashes and neuropathy in sjogren's syndrome caused by vasculitis? What is the outcome?

Expert opinion - should one have systemic symptoms with skin cancer?

For what reasons haven't they found a cure (or even discovered the true cause) for seborrheic dermatitis?

Granuloma facile rare skin disease, what is this?

Have been diagnosed with a skin disease callled prurigo nodularis. What is it?

Have post inflammatory pigmentation from psoriasis. Concerned it won't clear? What do I do?

Hello is there a difference in manifestations and treatment of keratosis pilaris and phrynoderma? Thanks

Hello sir. I am suffering from eczema now a days, this is my second time when i fall in this disease, and it specifically attacks in summer.

Help can biopsy of lips rule out cheilitis glandularis & cheilities granulomatosa?

Help! need to know if there's a skin disease that's similar to eczema?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is new about the treatment of hyper lichen?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is perivascular and interstitial dermatitis with eosinophils and slight spongiosis?

Hi i'm having xelosis itching in skin problem. Is it temporary disease . Is it curable.

Hi, I've been suffering with lichen planus affecting all of my fingernails for over 18 months with little improvement. Do you have any advice?

How are ebs and acrodermatitis enteropethica in 3 month old female different?

How can a physician differentiate between eosinophilic esophagitis and severe oral lichen planus?

How can I cure lichen planus pigmentosis from face n lower neck?

How can I manage puppps (pruritic urticarial papules and placques of prenancy)?

How can i remove the atopy symptom ?

How chronic is lichen amyloidosis? I have been having it on my upper back for more than 10 years now.. Its itchy once a while..

How common is a lichenoid lymphocytic infiltrate w/ tanglestacia in a skin biopsy? I was diagnosed Mycosis Fungoides last year, could this be new spot

How common is Chronic Urticaria w/Celiac Disease? Was diagnosis w/Celiac almost 2 yrs ago but hives just started a week ago & only on areas in the sun.

How common is mewds (multiple evanescent white dot syndrome)? Is there any way to know about how many people are diagnosed per year?

How csn we differniate between limited and diffuse scleroderma?

How do doctors diagnose abestos related illnesses?Are rashes and alopecia associated with abestos?