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Had our 3rd professional bedbug treatment 2 Thursdays ago (12 days). How can i be sure that they are really gone for good????

11-month old treated for scabies 3 weeks ago - now gets itchy blisters on soles during the day but they are gone in the morning.?

16 mo son has had a rash that covers his entire body for 4 weeks now. We were told it was eczema, not clearing up and getting worse. Suggestions?

19wks pregnant, itchy rash on trunk, legs, chest. Saw ob said not puppps, seeing derm/blood work tomorrow. Are cortisone shots ok to stop the itch?

2 yo has body rash. Pedi doesn't know what it is. Says if doesn't go away in a month go to dermatologist? What could it be, it's all over, diaper too

20 years old. had psoriasis on scrotum.not anymore.never took med for psoriasis. Will my body be able to clear the hpv infection?....scared!!

36 year old f very healthy developed a rash on back . Hurts and was itchy. Looks like shingles. Help is it to late for anti viral meds and duration ?

5 yr old female, positive strep test, has a chest rash and complains of itchiness...Suggestions to get her to stop scratching?

9months since giving birth i still have a non raised red rosacea like rash on cheeks. Sometiimes its worse than others, will it ever go away?

A blast of sudden, severe itchiness came over me, for no reason I know of. No rash, no redness, just my entire body being engulfed in maddening itchiness. I took a benadryll, but no luck getting rid of this itch. It's 1:24 AM and I can't get to sleep beca

A close friend was recently diagnosed with scabies. I don't yet have intense itching or a rash but there is a high likelihood I caught it. WhatdoIdo?

After treating one time for scabies will bumps start going away?

Also. I have what i believe is eczema and maybe it has to do something with my baby getting rash. It has spread on my body to my neck and face. ?

Am having drug rash. What am i going to do?

Anyone been on ifosfamide and got a rash?

Been having persistent rash on face for several months. It goes away with oral steroids but then comes right back. What could it be?

Been indoors all week, but I've developed very itchy rash on my foot. I think it's my anxiety disorder messing with me again. Is that possible?

Boyfriend is 25,has a rash on the head of his penis for over a year.Had contact with HPV with a previous woman yet rash looks like psoriasis maybe?

Broke out in itchy rash, seems to get worse by the day. Thought it was from a med i was taking. Been off it for 4 days rash still gettin worse . Help?

Can a bad fungal infection cause rash that hurts/tingle/crawly feeling? I thought scabies/derm says allergy.Prednisone made worse, miconazole helping.

Can a woman with hiv ONLY get skin rash between the legs?

Can anyone get a rash from a seaweed wrap?

Can candida on the face be contagious?I recently went to get a facial. The woman who gave me a facial told me she had (currently might have)candida.

Can contact dermatitis make the muscle where rash is make it feel like it's sore? I thought it was sun poisoning but urgent care glanced said contact

Can i get syphilis from coming into contact with the rash on the palms of my room mates hands? He was in the secondary phase before he went to the dr.

Can scabies come &go? Or I'm just getting hives? I see bumps but then completely disappear. What Is it? I'm worried about scabies cuz I had it before

Can shingles and hives start off gradually or do you get them suddenly?

Can skin rash go forever by anti-allergies tabs , or I will have to live with it in the rest of my life?

Can you explain if it's possible to get pityriasis rosea that never goes away?

Can you moss a dose of lamictal without having a rash? Or delay it by a few hours? How long can you go without getting a rash?

Can you still get a rash from lamictal even though I have been on it for 8 months? I am on 25 mg 1x a day.

Cause of recurring poison oak rash? I've been on prednisone 2x after the rash came back (same spot) months apart. It has come back again after 6 month

Could u get a rash on arms for being pregnant?

Could you get contact dermatitis in only one spot of the body?

Dad has a bad rash all over body..What is going on?

Daughter and I have itchy/pus rash, started on my arms, hers on face. Her dr diagnosed pityriasis rosea. Using contaminated water/septic cause rash?

Daughter has rash that changes places frequently. Any ideas?

Daughterhas rashes it spreading on her hands ask doctors bout his and not convince bout the answr they say its only due on weather, see my profile pic?

Diagnosed with hzo. Now have hive like rash from chest to feet on both sides of body. Should i go to er?

Diagnosed with scabies but Noone in the house has it and I feel she was misdiagnosed. The rash is on her face and none between fingers or toes. ?

Diagnosed with virus by GP, after two weeks rest feel worse and seem to have developed rash on one cheek.

Diaper rash that wont go away after 6 weeks. What might be a cure?

Did treatment for scabies last night. Today spent time with backpackers they're all itchy and i'm extremely itchy. Can't be treated if everyone has it?

Do scabies come and go like hives?

Do symptoms like atopic dermatitis go away quickly?

Doctor I have small rashes kind boils if i eat levocetrizine it will go again it will come please suggest some medicines?

Doctor please I do have rashes in fact not rashes but something like boil wt my wasit and it will be paining me if i touch it dose it mean that i havehiv?

Does Acute HIV-ARS have coming and going type of itchy rash for a week?

Does anyone get rash under breasts from heat?

Does HIV rash itch? I hear both yes and no

Does steroids help a rash go away?

Does the HIV rash come and go?

Does the ring worm suppose to get very dry when it's going away or it's spreading this way?

Dr gave me Kenalog injection for vry severe poison ivy rash day before yesterday. How long before the rash starts to clear up and feel less itchy?

Dr said my daughter has scabies but without any treatment yet the rash has gotten better and she hasn't really been itching. What else could it be?

Dr. Says i don't have an STD but a allergic reaction to a condom the rash goes and comes is there anything i can use for it to completely go away?

During a recent hospital stay I was given a shot in the thigh. Is it normal to develop a hard spot under the skin there?

Eczema has started to come on my face, how to heal?

Every time I do any exercise i get the hive affect (without the rash) i just get insanely itchy. Why does this happen?

Every time i masturbate i end up with an itchy rash on my hand. It isn't contagious and goes away on its own after a week or so. What could it be?

Every year my daughter has an "eczema" outbreak at least once. She is almost 9. I am not convinced this is the problem...? I have pics and 2 rxs

Female recently diagnosed with alopecia. Keeps spreading. Can't get in to a derm until july. Anything I can do in mean time to stop spread and itch?

Fiancee has a rash under her breast and she wont let me touch it. How can she get this rash to go away?

Found a round rash on my leg. My mom was diagnosed with ringworm. Could I have gotten it from her? What treatments are available?

Got rashes on one leg a week ago,doc said shingles n said my 2yr old son can get chickenpox but he didn't. Is it normal? Or can be wrong diagnosis??

Have an excema flare up that wont go away any suggestions?

Have bad rash between my lower stomach dermatologist told me its from humidy and heat I only got the cream yesterday but rash is now deep red cream is helping theitch but today body aches low fever?

Have been exposed to very early stage shingles. Need to help out with newly born and 4yr old grandsons. Is it ok? On thanksgiving i was with my sister when she just thought her shingles were spider bites. No rash yet or oozing. On monday her dr confirm

Have shingles. On famciclovir for 2 days, rash began yesterday. Not painful, yet. Week long fl vacation in another 6 days. Unwise for me to go or ok?

Hello doc my daughter has developed pollen rash, can you please advice what to apply, or should we take an appointment?

Hello doctor. I have sever allergy condition which is said to be untreatable in which i gets rashes and swelling at every place. If i can show u pic.

Hello Dr. My daughter is just 1 year old she got some skin problem but we r confused whether its scabies or herpes. 1 Dr. Said herpes & other Scabies.

Hello, chronic rash on face , flares up every week, 10 days, or sometimes less. Stays for 3 days then goes away.Kind of like lifetime occurrence, help..

Hello, chronic rash on face , flares up every week, 10 days, or sometimes less. Stays for 3 days then goes away.Kind of like lifetime occurrence..

Hello. My two year old son has a rash all over his body. No fever and it doesn't seem to be bothering him. However..of keeps spreading. He's already on an antibiotic but its not helping. I'm unsure what to do at this point especially with a seven month ol

Help! daughter has a bad case lof poison ivy I am assuming. Her face is staring to swell and can barely one her ? should I take her to the Er??

Hi doc, i have some reddish like sports on my body they are itchy, they goes away within 2-3 hours and come again after 2-3 days can these be hiv rash?

Hi i have a skin rash my doctor said it was scabies. Didnt do any test but im wondering if they have it wrong as i have lupus maybe it could just be a flare up?

Hi i'm 21 female I have rash on my upper arm since 7year because of waxing what i can apply to get rid of it? And my wedding will be after one year

Hi sir, usually when mosquito bites we get rash in my case it is same but the rash isnt going?

Hi this is a question with regards to my 6 month old son.he has recently been allergy tested after having constant recurring rashes an almost burns to?

Hi, Is peri oral dermatitis contagious? I have been started on lymecycline, when can I expect to see results of my symptoms disappearing? Georgi

Hi, i have a blotchy red rash on my lowerlegs appear after i shower, about ten minutes later it dissapears. Any chance this is a HIV rash? Just wanted to check.

Hi, i have been having rashes days before my menses & they disappear after my menses can you recommend a treatment to ensure i don't get the rash ever?

Hi, i've been getting these rashes that show up just before i go to bed. I start scratching and they begin to turn into hives than vanish the next mor?

Hiv rash photos in internet are like my rash. I have rash for 2 months so far. I took clozapine tablet a half per night for 2 yr. Can it cause rash ?

How can I make a herpes rash all over body go away?

How can I tell if I have scabies i get itchy as soon as start sleeping?

How can you get immediate help with an outbreak you are unsure is a fever blister or imepetigo when the doctor you've been going to is gone for a week?

How come every time i take a shower i get a rash? Could it be a reaction?

How do I know the difference between a regular rash and a rash related to HIV? Have what looks like a rash on chest. Never had sex before in my life.

How do lupus rashes start out? Do you start itching first? Or getting flushed in the face?

How do make the christmas tree rash go?

How do you get lichen planus? I had it since 2003 every doctor I've gone to doesn't know I got it. No one in my family has it.

How does impetigo get started?

How long after starting antibiotics should the rash go away if you believe you have Lyme disease?

How long can Paget's disease rash on breast come and go for ?

How long can the rash from fifth disease come and go?

How long does it take for red spots and itching to go away associated with scabies?

How long for a penicillin bumpy rash to go away?