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1 year daughtr,diper rash,apply cream,get worse,apply olive oil,lil better,again cream get bad,now olive oil,remain same, that cream worked always but?

10month son rash on tummy round to back had for 2 weeks keeps getting worse gave benadril n tylenol(not detergent or dryer sheets) don't irritate him?

10mth has had Perleche for four mths now. Nystatin didn't help at all have tried everythig even vitams. Is there a stronger med? Please help my baby

10mth old uncircumsied boy. Found cream colour (like makeup) on inside of wet disapsable nappy. Had sudocream on before he was changed. What is it?

11month has nasty nappy rash caused by diarrhoea. Have tried a couple of different creams but they don't seem to be helping?

13 weeks pregnant got sunburn now itching likecrazy can't sleep, what can I use that's safe please help?

14 weeks pregnant. Since last 2 weeks been having a terrible itch , been to my gp & was given hydrocortisone ointment 1%. Didn't help. Tried piriton?

14m old diaper rash for 1 month. Used all types of creams & lotrinum. Poops 3xs a day. Rash bad with only poops #2 & 3, but not #1. In pain. See doc?

16mo old son has diarrhea 4 the last 2 days and has caused a terrible rash. Prev medication ointment not working. Aloe & vaseline & powder not fixing?

2 mnth old has heat rash, baby acne which never goes away. Is there any remedy other than aquaphor? His doc isn't worried but there's no improvement.

2 wrks ago i had an anal fisher &my dr gave me cream 4 it. But now my hole has a constant burning sensation tried evrything no relief what can I do?

2 yr old has had a skin rash that seems like eczema since 4 mos old. Dr. Wont send to dermathologist is this right? I have tried many ointments

21 yr male.I started using anti-acne cream;after a few hours my skin became flaky&red &rough.Stopped after 5 uses(2xday)but no change after24hr.Thanks?

24 and still have very sore acne, tried creams, tablets etc from the doctors, nothing helps and its really affecting my confidence, what can I do/try?

39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I got stretch marks around 32 weeks pregnant they've never itched but now they itch like crazy i put bio oil but no help?

4th week use differin, (adapalene) finally see it working but have a burn on my cheek by putting to much on in the 2nd week, hasnt went away. How to treat this?

5year old got sunburned shoulders, how to treat?

A bit red penis head itchy,dry n scaly sometimes, Got better using aleo Vera gel Tried Fluconizole, doxycycline didn't work Have it for 2-3months?

A kind of bacteria in my leg fingers And the doctor told me to use fuciden cream for 10 days but nothing had happened ?

A month ago my hands started to peal & become very dry with fine lines on my fingertips & i use a prescribe moisturize but it doesnt feel much better?

A rash on the chin around the mouth and nose, clears up with the cream from my doctor and recommended usage but comes back after 2 days when stopped..

A year ago i started to notice brown marks on my feet. I went to my gp but he only gave me a creme whixh did not work. Please tell me a cure for them.

About once a month I have what the dr said to be a bac. infection on my ankle, ointment being used That isn't helping, red pimple like things...

Acne on my shoulder back,and using all sorts of cream but is not helping.It's not itchy but disturbing.

Anal/cheek area seems stay wet. Try destin rash come/go. Dr said could b yeast. What can I do stop it? Its very sore. Any OTC treatment? Help!

Any natural ways to treat baby neck with yeast? Or once yeasty and red do I have to use the anti fungal. Seems bad to put med right on throat.

Any recommendations on medicine/cream to try to get on barely noticable rash on penis that's been there for 8 months (no insurance) tried monistat?

Apparently I was bitten by something on my elbow, bumps, itching at night when I go to bed for the past two wks. Tried cortisone creams?

Applied permethrin cream from neck to soles of feet. However after about 1.5 hours my hands started sweating badly. Did this mess up the treatment?

Bad eczema rashes all over upper body for past 2 yrs, my dermatologist has tried multi. Ointments. Helped but still there. Help? Super embarrassing!

Been told by my gp to put fucibet on this red mark below my eye I've had for months now still wont go away . Is it ok to do so?

Been using lotrimin (clotrimazole) for ringworm redness went away but i think it's coming back should I use it more than 2ce a day?

Been using menstrual pads for the last few weeks (miscarriage). Skin is getting itchy now. Any suggestions to ease the itch? App with dr in a week.

Been using Oxistat1% for 2wks. Dr. diagnosed jock itch. Rash seemed better until today,&now is same as @start. What could it be?

Behind my 14 yr old daughter's ears itch terribly and have a foul odor. Would an anti-fungal med help or can we use a strong cortisone?

Best way to get rid of a candida rash my son has been battling for almost 2 months? Nystatin:hydrocortisone:ihles paste clears it and it comes back.

Boyfriend has scabies and so does his sister and brothers. I just started itching today, no rash. Can I use the prescribed cream to prevent it?

Bro has eczema in finger red,itchy & fluid was coming out of it. Dr put him on cefprime,cortizon,defort 6mg&fucibet.Afer a week fluid still

Can i pop my hemorrhoids w/pin. try everything but didn't work.Bath sit,cream doc. Prescription medicine & get worse itchy rash bottom swollen?

Can I use lidocaine hydrochloride jelly USP 2% on my son who is 1 1/2? He has like a boil right under his genital are that he is complaining hurts.

Can red rush on child's face can really come from Suns cream? Can Bendryl really help? After how long it's start to be effective?

Can the emergence room do anything about a ring worm i've been useing cream but it doesn't seem like its getting better looks like it's spreading?

Can you put Bepanthen in/on your vagina? I have a yeast infection and don't really know what todo I have tried taking a bath and showering cold n hot.

Dark red outline of lips, itching this morning, burning by afternoon. Wanted to try silvadene but found its script only. Is there an OTC equiv or something you recommend? feels like someone put a hot iron on my mouth now. I had all my teeth pulled last ye

Daughter has spot not sure if its needing med attention. it seems sensitive to touch hydrocortizone cream hasnt decreased redness.

Daughter is 7 months old diagnosed w/ ezcema. Doc says to moisturize. But baby claws at herself I keep her nails short but she keeps scracthing. Help?

Diaper rash or something else in my 3 year old daughter? My daughter has what looks like a severe diaper rash all over her vagina. It hurts her so ad she cries when iuse a wipe. I have tried many differet medicines but none seem to help. Ii looked up onl

Do I need to see my doctor over a ringworm I had it about aweek put over counter medicine on it but still red?

Doctor, I have got some kind of fungus rings in my scrotum, and it pain sometimes though i try to was it and make it dry always but still it is.

Does permethin lotion have a smell and when you put the cream on can you see it on your body or does it rub right in?

Dr gave me cream for small yeast infection in belly button but i been using antibiotic cream when i started the new one i felt numb i'm very anxious?

Dry skin + cracking on foreskin. Occured after soap change. Have switched back but to no avail. Have also tried baby oil.. Advise?

During severe diarhea sudocream (rash cream) applied doesnt stay and rash gets exposed to baby stool and gets worse.What could be applied on top of it?

Ear gets itchy and redness. Researched and found that DermOtic ear drops is the best bet. Would you recommend it and can write a presction as it looks like prescription only?

Ear infx 3 months,finally found out its fungal. Got antifungal drops. been 1 1/2 weeks, pain not bad but red spot not going away.How long use Rx?

Eczema? A year off and on, have intensely itchy thighs- with scabs and bleeding. Had prednisone- better, came back. Using Triamcinolone, not working

Everytime im in the sun i get hives mostly on my arms and chest. I've tried creams allergy meds and nothing works. I have to wear around 70 sph sunbl?

Extremely dry cheeks, hands and feet. Tried everything creams wise. Was on Accutane 4+ years ago and to this day the dryness didn't subside. Help!

Feet are peeling, took a sample to test for fungal and it came back negative. Have been using fluocinonide ointment, y not working? Spreading to ankles.

Few months ago I start having itching problem in the foot stepin its gets dry and it start to move to my other foot I'm using curel cream pls help?

Firstly under the foreskin whitish wth bad smell and alergy was appearing. Candid-b and surfaj sn cream was applied, but no relief. Kindly susggest.?

For my 6 years coming and going breast rash its back again for 3 months now creams like cortisone and lotrimin are not working should I be worried ?

For the past week or so I have been suffering from anal itch. Is there any cream or similar things i can use for it?

From sexual activity in the past I got scabs on my nipples. Is their a cream or something I can use to help try and make them look or feel better?

From the information I found already listed on here, I believe I have an allergic reacton. around my lips began itching then burning and then my lips started burning also.. I am using the vasoline (just put on 1st time 10 minutes ago) and it provided mass

Getting allergy testing done next week. Since coming off antihistamines I've noticed how extreeeemely itchy my scalp/body is. Using Aveeno (oatmeal) is helping.

Gunky buildup in penis making it hard to urinate what is this? Gotten worse after i used neosporin and lotrimin (clotrimazole) af on penis

Had a weired rash on top of both feet for over a year. My doc can't seem to get rid of it. Tried 4 prescription creams anti-fungal and antibacterial. Suggestion?

Had joc-itch for 5 mnths, used hydrocortisone (about 14mg), then used ice but itch remaind. Finally got antifungal. Sperm count dropped to 48.9. Help?

Had shingles 6yrs ago. Now am having sores show up on both hands am using triamcinolone cream 0.1%. Keeps coming back.

Had yeast infection, didnt get treatment, just changed soap, drank water, felt better, i have a scab on my butt and it burns, what is it??

Hai my 9 month daughter having eczema. i tried most of the creams. not any better. only getting better when apply steroid.but it will come back .

Hard to put on weight, suspect worms, tried a couple of medications but still the same, tried cutting back sugar, itches around rectum area night time?

Has tones of acne which has been going on for 4 years now. My daughters used every spot cream, cleanser, been to the gp but nothing seems to work?

Have a bump on vulvua it sores when i stand and sit what can it be and what OTC oitment should I take?

Have a really bad razor burn all over my legs that itches like crazy bc i used an old razor. Anti-itch cream doesn't help. Help please!

Have had anal itch for few years...Have seen dr.'s and prescribed pramasone which helps for a time but comes back...Scratch a lot while sleep. Advice?

Have had rash between fingers for 2months have tried several creams keeps coming back?

Have leaned toward constipation for some time. began using skin cream mostly on back for dryness and stools seemed to soften immediately. coincidence?

Have rash x3 weeks doc said it was allergy to take meds have been and it just keeps spreading and isn't going away. Pics in profile tried cortisone too.?

Having dry skin and eczema for years hav tried many medications it keeps coming back ?

Having itchyness under my pinnes that wont go away even with lotion when i wear underwear it start to itch and have to put lotion for it to not itch anymore

He has developed blisters and cracking skin on his palms. It got better while he was taking pred for arthritis, then returned. What can we use for now?

He is got it everywhere and really bad cradle cap.. my doctor just said he'd out grow it!! but it looks awful what's a good cream or ointment?

Hello , I have some itchy dry skin on my shoulders , my GP gave me Elozart , but it seems not to be working . What else can I do ?

Hello am having these bumps on my vagina for a month now, when one goes another pops up. Am using bnt powder and its not working . what you suggest?

Hello doc. Ive uses lumacip plus for one week .it worked alot on my skin my complexion became fair ive continued to use it now it became red how to clear redness?

Hello I have eczama and I'm wondering if I wear my cream that the doctor have everyone will my skin be ok what should I do wen it feels weird ?

Hello I have re occurring piles tried all the creams and docs choises anthey keep coming back?

Hello I'm Casper. I recently got really bad psoriasis. I've had it a little bit in the past but it's almost all over my body now. Have tried Nizoral (ketoconazole).

Hello, I noticed a couple of weeks ago some decoloration on my cheeks, I'm very worried about it, I stop using makeup because I want to know if maybe is some product that I'm using, but nothing has changed?

Hello, I noticed a couple of weeks ago some discoloration on my face , I'm very worried about it, I stop using makeup because I wanted to know if maybe is some product that I'm using, but nothing has changed?

Help! my vag is itchy for no reason. Can i put anything on it to relieve it?

Hey my daughter has had these ringworms on her for about a month now she went to the doctor and he gave her some cream and she used all of it and it's like they have spreaded more on her so I told her back and he gave her the cream again instead of sendin

Hey there! I have contact dermatitis on my lower back and it itches extremely bad. What is the best store product to use to clear it up ASAP? Thanks!

Hey,I just started using retin A (tretinoin) (0.5%) and my face is itching and peeling like crazy. I'm trying to find a heavy duty moisturiser to ease the pain?

Hi I have had what seems to be jock itch for a couple of weeks, I started using an anti fungal cream 5 days ago. How long untill it gets better :-)?

Hi doc...I have been using hh lite cream for 5 days...And ma cheeks area has got fully blackened..How can I get relieved from this?

Hi dr.My 7 month baby suffring from loose motions due to this he had bad diaper rash.So we can't have fresh alovera we have aloderm creame.What we do?

Hi I have a 43 yr old friend got a serious itching problem in, outside her vagina , anus and near her arm pit she was given calming creams but no rslt?