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16 YO boy and my face is always really red on my cheeks. Prob Rosacea. Reallywant to get rid of it. Not itchy, just always red. Cure? Naturalremedies?

17 YO boy with red flushed face. Prob Rosacea. Wht can I get to fix this? Also would lemon juice on my face help as my face is also very tan.

17 YO boy with red flushed face(Rosacea). Don't have money for dermatologist as isnt viewed as real issue by mom. Wht can I get at cvs to fix this?

3 week old daughter has baby acne all over her cheeks, eyelids and forehead. Every day looks like is worse :( What can I do to keep it clean daytime ?

32 year old female and face is constantly breaking out?

34 weeks pregnant. Baby is dropped and head down but face up. What are some ways i can help to get her face down?

A rash just broke out all over my face. It's moderate but covers my entire face. Should i go to er?

Actually my face looks fully drowsy, my eyes were semi drowsy, how to get rid for that?

After 6 months of a face filler (restyline) my mom still has facial bumps.They come and go away (red and firm). Will they ever go away permanently ?

After applying retino on my face for nearly 5 days i got my pimples really down.But now i want to maintain it.Plese suggest me a way out to avoid it!

Am 20 years of age but I have this gaunt face that make me look twice my age so I wanna know what must I eat to boost my face or get fats.

Am having pimples all over my face and isn't take a name of going, if one goes other comes what is the solution for it?

Any ways to get rid of facial shine throughout the day that don't involve blotting papers?

At what age do guys start shaving your face daily?

Besides botox is there any way to get rid of or have fewer lines on your face?

Can a 3 week old infant get baby acne on her head? All over her face also including eyelids. everyday it's getting worse. What can I do?

Can appying honey on your face actually help get rid of breakouts?

Can depression cause your whole face to break out?

Can face creams get bad if they’re too old?

Can I get acne anywhere else on my body besides my face?

Can I get thrombophlebitis by just scratching my nose or my face?

Can lortabs make your face red ?

Can redline energy drink cause pimples to form on your face?

Can you get a disease if someone farts in your face?

Can you get pinkeye by having someone butt with your face?

Can you have electrology on your face in your first trimester?

Can you tell me docs, is becoming darker after i was hit in the face. What should I do?

Can you tell me how i can get a less chubby face?

Can you tell me how I could make my face less oily with things around the house?

Can you tell me how to get rid of the line going down my forehead from frowning?

Can you tell me when a person stops smoking will their face go back to not looking so old and saggy?

Couple of years now been dealing with discoloration down the middle of face need to kno what could this be from please help?

Dear Doctor ,I hope you are fine, The problem with me is that My face is not neat & clean Spots ,pimples issue ....? Please Prescribed me what am i d

Dear dr my husband has an acne on his face. If he squeeze it ; it smells bad ..What can we do?

Dear dr I got badly wrinkles on face n body in young age .pls advice me what to do.

Do you think getting a face lift at 50 is okay or should I just let nature take its course?

Doctor my skin is redish and some dimples and pimples on my face how i get ride of them i m a teenage boy ?

Doctors can you tell me why i always get pimples on my face before or during menses ?

Does caffeine make face puffy?

Does masturbation too much cause a flushed face?

Does STDs make your face break out?

During pregnancy, developed freckles on face n body.After 3yrs still have it!what can I do 2 get rid of them.Is using honey and lemon on face good 4 it?

Every time I take a bath the skin on my face (around my eye brows and nouse) comes off..Ist it serios? Or just a faze?

Every time I use the oxy pads for acne on my face my face gets extremely red then goes away after a few hours is this normal?

Everyone are telling me my face is pale all the time, and it's so rare that my face gets pink(only when i play sport or when it's hot) why is this?

Everytime i masturbate I am getting acne in face . Any specific reasons , how shall i tackle it?

Everytime the sun hits my face my skin looks really bad, my face is also oily what home remedies are there for my face?

Face always flushed. Bp, hr, hormones, bloodwork normal. Gets worse as day goes on, makeup or not. Sweating via face only very often as well. ?

Facial and bleech getting t regularly done . Will ll harm face.. and skin.. or it s okay gud for skin??

For two days straight I was out in the sun. After those two days I started to rapidly breakout on both my face and chest. What happened?

Good morning :) i have alot of face pills , what should i do?

Has been having bad heatrash on my back. Pimples all over the body except for face. What shall i do? Its getting abit worst.

Have sleep apena, I have the full face mask, and my face breaks out. Is there anything I can do for this?

Hello doctor, I'm ashley. I have a lot of health questions but I'd like to be face to face with you, how can we face time?

Hello dr I hv blemishes on my face .i m vry upset so I wanna ur suggestions for permanent removal blemishes?

Hello i have problem with face i have some empty part on my face and im worriest about because i went a barber and he said mee that is a seriouusly ?

Hello, I am wanting to know if I can get medical microdermabrasion. I have Nf1 on my face they are small like pimples though. I?

Hello, I have several scabs all over my face. the worst one is on my chin and looks very ugly. it all started after I invested in a new face wash. how do I sleep up the healing? how long will it take? I have school in 5 days& I want my face to be clear as

Hello. I'm 25 yr old female and very depressed and devastated because of my condition. I have pityriasis versicolor on half of my face. Pls help?

Help I have A SCAB ON MY FACE 2 days ago and I dont know if its going away? Please tell me what I should do? Urgent

Help, I have blackheads making me want to cut my face off?

Her face turned black and we are trying to figure out why?

Hey . I am 21years old . I Complained about my chin I have so little hair in my face and I want have great chin. And all family don't complained .

Hey, I'm jenny from uk i want to ask you that wpuld shall i do so my face don't get oily because i hate it and it's irritating Any advice?

Hi dear doctor just want to say my face got a lots of pimple so what should I eat or use for my face to make it better thank you?

Hi doctor. I can't sleep well. And my face become ugly because of my face become thin.How can I do? Please help me.

Hi doctors, can anyone tell me for this? My forehead is so black than other part my face.What is the solution for this?

Hi Dr i suffer from break out on my face that leave scare and pimples under skin on the side of my nose ?

Hi Dr. I have a question it's important for me because I really become so upset, I have a blisters in my face what should i do?

Hi I'm 18 and have blk hair on my face and chest and boob and stomach places where only a man should get them what would I do to get rid of it?

Hi I'm lines around peoples faces is this normal had it or atleast a week now ? Someone help

Hi i've small and skinny face and i turned 25! someone told me to take brewers yeast pills! what should I do to make my face bigger or chubby? Help

Hi iam 21yr girl I have a problem of acne scar on my face and sun tan last 6month i feel very imbarrased in front of my friends please plz help me?

Hi im only 17 and i get light facial hairs on my neck face..What can I do? Gets moree

Hi there I put coffe on my face as I saw it was a "good" DIY face scrub then the next day my face was oily with itchy spots could you please tell me what this is and if it will go away on it's own or do I need to see a doctor?

Hi what's realy good for all face or face chicks to make it fat bcz I was fuller face now I got skinny and I don't like my face any table,,powder,food?

Hi, sir this is sana chandra my problem is my face is full of dark spots &pimples so please kindly requesting u to grant me suitable solution ?

How can I get my pores open before a clean my face to get everything or most out? What is a toner for does it help ?

How can I determine whether I have Asian flush syndrome or rosacea. Sometimes when i drink alcohol my face and neck get blotchy but not always.

How can I get a clear face fast?

How can I get a diagnosis whether my blotchy red face is Asian flush or whether it is rosacea? Sun/heat have the same affect on my face as alcohol.

How can I get a mole (on my face)?

How can I get clear skin? I have these small pimples all over my forehead. The rest of my face is clear. I eat really healthy and exercise a lot

How can I get free pimples from my face. And i look very fairer?

How can I get glow on my face at home?

How can I get my face clear...? Is there such thing as [food for your face]?

How can I get rid of a narrow face shape?

How can I get the fat from around my neck and face? Any excersices? My neck is also very darker than my face..Because of pre-diabetes.

How can I get the sunburn off my face. It really hurts?

How can I increase my collagen in my face or how can I fatten my face with out my body and finally how to make my face bloody and look healthy?

How can I lsat longer in bed and get zits off my face?

How can I make my face glow?

How can we keep our face charming and bright?

How come I have a weird cold feeling on my face after using face wash?

How do I get healthy clear skin and keep my face from breaking out?

How do I get my face slimmer?

How do I get rid of a super oily face??

How do I get rid of broken vein on my daughters face? She's 23 months old. Thanks.

How do I get rid of dry skin on face after going on beach holiday?

How do I get rid of my acne? I wash face, shower daily, pin hair up, eat right, rarely touch face, and i don't wear make-up!