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Thinning hair 6 mos ago which seems to have stopped. Now I have extreme scalp tenderness, redness and itching.My derm had no answers.Desperate ?

2 months ago, the back of my head broke out with pimples and I have not been able to clear it up. I have tried tea tree shampoos and coal. Any sugg?

20 yrs old, hair falling out heaps. My hair has gotten so thin. I have seborrheic dermatitis on scalp but has actually got better lately.

A mysterious bite on my scalp hasn't healed in a month. I've treated it with a 3% salicyclic acid shampoo. Why hasn't it healed?

After applying water on scalp, oil of scalp comes back in 5mins n it irritates scalp n scalp is painful. Sweat n humidity also irritates scalp. Help?

After fungus infection and red scalp hair should grow up again? Thanks for your help, you're awesome

After using neutrogena tsal shampoo a couple days later I have all this buildup. When I scratch my head I get residue in between my nails. How to fix?

Always have had an extremely dry scalp since a baby. Can you suggest a scalp treatment that will stop the dryness and flakes?

Applied coconut oil to scalp&hair overnight&covered head withAshirt. Woke up with an itchy scalp especially in the center& it stings!Also small bumps!

Are some people more prone to getting ringworm of scalp?

Are these dry scalp patches cancer related?

Are white flakes associated with scalp ringworm? Is it a sign that it's improving or what?

Atopic dermatitis, scalp really itchy, when used baby shampoo, got worse,w hat should i do ?

Babys head smells (forehead) but theres no peeling or other evidence of cradle cap. What else could it be? Can cradle cap smell be present w/out peel

Been using LilyofTheDesertAloeVeraGelly on my scalp and hair to stop my scalp from itching and sores. It worked. But my eyes r irritated & itchy. Why?

Botflys on scalp how wud i know if i had them?

Broken hair shafts after coloring , is this a chemical burn, and how can I treat it. My scalp is itching and painful.

Can a severe dry scalp cause pain and hair loss? Hair falling out in clumps and my husband said my scalp looks dry and flaky. Scalp feels tender

Can allergic dermatitis to hair coloring spread from nape of neck to back or legs or would it be only on scalp? Could last for weeks after coloring?

Can anxiety be the cause of my scalp being sore

Can atopic dermatitis occur on only scalp? My scalp gets irritated by water n sweat n theres no moisture. Its been 3 years. It started suddenly.

Can baby shampoo help with scalp acne nd tiny flakes? I have an extremely sensitive scalp and skin and using medicated shampoos has caused dermatitis.

Can bananas trigger my seborrheic dermatitis ? I read somewhere that banana can make dandruff worse I'm really scared cause I just got rid of my dandr

Can contact deematitis with water can occur on scalp? Sebum comes after applying water on scalp n irritates it. scalp is painful.dont use shampoos.

Can crawling feeling in my scalp under skin be a result of shampoo allergy?

Can CSF leak into the scalp and cause hair loss, feeling like the scalp is turning into fluid and cause irritation to the skin?

Can hvs 1 affect your scalp if your scalp had a cut? If so can that cause brain problems?

Can hvs 1 affect your scalp if your scalp had a cut? If so can that cause brain problems?

Can i tell me how i can cure burning and dry scalp?

Can I use ketaconazole to treat my dry flaky areas behind my ears?

Can I use salsyn blue even though my head is sore from all the scratching. Hair is braided with extentions n smells with chunky brown crust from scalp?

Can nasal mites go in scalp?

Can putting lutrimen ultra on the scalp help with scalp ringworm?

Can scalp irritation with heat and mild inflammation cause hair fall?

Can seborrheic dermatitis bleed on scalp, back, trunk, etc? One Dr. commented saying sd does not bleed but acne does? He said wrong diagnosis?

Can taking oxyvectin supplement help me with my eyebrow eczema ? :( with oozing and very dry scales and hairloss

Can you tell me how I could stop itching my excema, its doing my head in and I'm ripping skin off helppppp!!!!?

Can yu use selsun blue on a two almost three month old? His scalp looks really dry.

Checked for lice, bed bugs & tree mites. no bites nothing but dandruff. can dry skin can make you feel it on other body parts? dry skin but oily hair?

Coconut oil made my scalp sore, flaky, and super dry. I'm still suffering from it a week later. And I don't have dandruff. Any help?

Common small)dandruff and areas of yellowish dry scales of dandruff. Scalp without redness or silver scales. Some itching and soreness on those places?

Constant scalp irritation for three years. Bumps and redness. Dryness on scalp and under eyes. Burning eyelids and hair loss. Face always feels oily?

Could it be healthy to have an itchy scalp after a head trauma - uk?

Could my red irritated scalp be an allergy to something because i've went to all organic hair products & prescriptions haven't helped?

Could use your help docs! my daughter scratches sores in her scalp?

Could you tell me what happens if my scalp is bleeding and how do I get rid of dandruff?

Dandruff due to pregnancy, will head and shoulders work?

Dandruff like crust in my eyelashes, should I be worried about this?

Dandruff or fungus on the head? Sick of every day hi, i have lots of white patched on my heard, if i shake my hair it falls from the head. When i consulted a doctor when i was in india he gave me these medicines 1) a lotion to put on the head during th

Daughter17yr sebo_psoriasis on scalp, uses "coal tar & salicylic acid" twice weekly.She gets headaches, eye burning .Is it the side effect of solution?

Dear Docs, I have a severe dandruff. My hair is always full white flakes and it itches terribly which when scratched leads to sore. I need your help ?

Dear sir my skin from head and mustache leave greasy dandruff like material for last 8 years. What has happened to me ? Is it curable disease ?

Dermatology and dandruff help needed. Is there something beside head shoulders?

Diagnosed w/ scabies. Pimples and intense itching on whole scalp/hairline too (especially at night). Can I use Permethrin 5% on my scalp/hair?

Diagnosed with psoriasis about 4 years ago. Got rid of it on my body w/ a tanning bed. Scalp is bad flaky & itchy, nothing helps! what is good to use?

Do I have dandruff, psoriasis or eczema?My scalp itches and sometimes scabs in places its hard not to pick. And it snows when i shake my hair around

Doctor, I am suffering from yellow pimples on my head (scalp) from last 6 months. please help me out?

Does brushing your scalp with a boar brush mixed with plastic nylon bristles good or bad for your scalp and hair? Like scratches your scalp.

Does burning with seborrheic dermatitis mean more hair will fall out? I had a flare up and am using clobetasol . Scalp feels tight and pink in place

Does coal tar work for getting rid of scabies nodules off penis?

Does scalp plaque psoriasis get worse over time?

Dr presc. Ketoconazole for scalp infection, but my scalp is still itchy and it burns. Why hasnt it gone away & how can I cure this?

Dr, I am suffering from severe dandruff and now I am getting flakes in white colour which seems to be very solid.. Plz suggest me some ways ?

Dry scalp for years. Let hair dry naturally. Tried different products. Suffer from dehydration. No dry hair. Top & back of head only. No rash or spots?

Dry Skin around both eyes and itchy eye corner. Also very itchy head scalp only at the back of head. Started month or two back. Taking allergy medicine (antihistamine) no help. Pl advice.

Dry tight scalp/face never ever had dandruff or acne. I also have no rash/white patches. How can I produce more sebum? Are glands blocked?

Every conditioner I use makes my scalp itchy/irritated, what to do?

Experiencing some scalp redness or irritation, scalp tenderness to touch and felt like sunburn on top of head. Few small red `spots' seen at top of head. Dr says dry scalp. Washed hair daily, used hair spray frequently. Stopped routine. Treatment?

Extreme dandruff, itchy scalp and face, skin shedding all over body, face and ears all of a sudden? Skin flakes everywhere. No dietary changes

Extremely dry flaky scalp all the time. Skin in crispy lumps. Sometimes spreads to ears. What is it. Tried every shampoo under the sun?

Eyebrows have been thinning for sometime. In areas that are thinning have noticed dry patches. Can you help other than suggesting steroid cream?

Eyes have white scales like dandruff all the time, tried medicated shampoos, don't work. Petroleum jelly before sleep temp helps?

Flakey ears in winter. Is it shampoo or disease?

Folliculitis type sores all over scalp 5 yrs. No pres.meds, lotions, shampoos or creams clear it. Now needles poking my scalp.

For 6 years I have been getting extremely thick patches of dry skin at the back of my scalp. Special shampoos don't work is there any oral medication?

For my atopic dermatitis, is baby shampoo safe? scalp is itchy... feel scared after reading 2012 baby shampoo chemical news, is baby shampoo okay?

Getting huge itching welts all over scalp. E.G. Could it be shampoo or conditioning solution?

Great hygiene, but unfortunately I have smelly hair, and its itchy, but there are no flakes, no dandruff, no lice, no scaly scalp. Help!

Gunk on my fingers and realized it was from my scalp. It itches horribly. I don't know what to do. Is this just dandruff?

Had skin contact w/ person who had ringworm. No symptoms but hair loss and flaky green stuff on hairs. Can i have a scalp fungus now from the contact?

Hair loss itching scalp dry scalp could that be because I am not drinking enough water ? Or the weather in here living in dubai thanks

Hair loss, no flaky dandruff, little itchy bumps. Th are consistently below range, TSH normal. Dermatologist says its seborrheic dermatitis. Vitamins?

Have bites all over head really dry flaky itchy, hair brittle,when ui wash it it sets something off or whatever falls off i get really itchy ,ears, ?

Have fungal infection in my head scalp.., my hair is also thinning..What should I do?

Hello Doctor can you give me some tips to reduce scalp itching?

Hello, i need help with my dandruff.I am 18 and facing chronic dandruff and it has grown much that i gets around my ears.Tried herbal and shampoo ?

Help docs, is hairspray bad for your skin/scalp?

Help! I applied apple cider vinegar to balance the ph of my scalp and get rid of itching but now I'm itching more and my scalp is sore. What to do?

Hey doc. I have got severe dandruff & i want to get rid of it. I have triedusing anti dandruff shampoos like h&s, garnier, etc & cetrimide sol as well.

Hi doc, my hair are so dry rough n weak, how frequently oiling n head bath is required, suggest me some shampoo?

Hi doctor, i am only 26 years old and I am getting .My scalp hairs white. Its not hereditry, not any fungal infection.M upset tell me solution ?

Hi i am getting white powder kind of scalp in my ear. Please help me regarding this problem.

Hi i am having psoriasis on my scalp. i have a history of 13 years . Whats the best remedy available and also what diet should i follow? Scalp is ichy

Hi I have dry scabs on my scalp, what could this be and best way to treat it. I know it's not dandruff. It gets itchy and i pick them which then bleed?

Hi I have severe dandruff on my scalp and now its around the eyebrows as well. It feels really itchy I have big flakes is the treatment for this?

Hi i was told by a dermetologists that i have severe dandruff. I just took out braids and i have thick scabs on scalp. How can i remove the scabs?

Hi i was wondering wah would you recommend for itchy dry scalp on head?

Hi my baby is 6 weeks old she has a rash on her face,head and chest for a week now she also has cradle cap is this normal? How do i alleviate it?

Hi my head Sounds like sand paper when I touch my scalp. I don't have dandruff or anything on my scalp. I just have the sound. I need help it is me.

Hi my husband got severe dandruff with large patches on scalp..No whitening of hairs please recomend some good medication thank you...