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;m a afro-american female w/ new moles that just recently popped up on my face in rapid time . Just this week about 2 on my face what is causing this?

.I experience breast pain and heaviness on my breast after using any cosmetics on my face.After applying cosmetics there is buuning pain on my head?

"Blackheads" on my chest, stomach, under the breasts, under the bra lines, and of course the standard back ones. They quite often have a tiny hair?

18yrs old. Very painful period for first 2 days of bleeding. Also have dark hair on face, stomach, and breasts. Now have body acne (new). Hormones?

19 years old, healthy female. I have a defined wrinkle or "smile line" on one side of my mouth but not on the other. I sleep on the opposite side so it's not from that. I'm too young for this kind of thing, how can i get rid of it?

1spot on my thighs hair grows in different direction than rest of legs & hours after removal Everything cause irritation have to hide whole body?

2 years back i got typhoid along with acne and sudden extreme skin darkening.The darkening still remains and is worse now.What could be the cause?

29 female unexpected weight gain cold all the blotchy sore palms. Mass in neck. Fatigue..dry skin...body aches..I'm very worried. Thanks?

3 family members have a buffalo hump . I'm too thin but I think my neck is developing this shape from the right side only.Isit possible to develop 1?

3 weeks ago I moved to the tropics to farm Now I'm having serious acne issues of forehead, back, and chest. Healthy diet and lots of exercise. Help!!

31 years old, hair has been thinning especially around temples. I have never had skin problems but sides of chin stay broken out. Hormones or thyroid?

32 year old female with gray hair everywhere(head, vagina, etc). What is going on? What can be done?

32 yr old healthy woman with hair loss, bald spots, fatigue, weakness, malaise, and itchy skin all over. All tests normal. What so i so next?

33yr old male has gone from 280 to 222 lbs. At 6'2 what is a good weight for me? Also how do I avoid loose skin or is this cause for concern?

36yo female, 5'6, 110lbs. I have tender breasts, newly oily skin (severe), and some facial hair that i must always pluck (chin). Could I have pcos? :(

4" erect penis, underdeveloped chest, skinny everywhere except pot belly, had gallbladder surgery, natural receding hairline, patchy beard, 21. Low T?

A 16 year old and 6'6", and have some amount of armpit hair like 3 or 4 and don't have moustache - could this be a problem?

A few days back I noticed that I have lost a patch of hair from my beard right in the middle of the chin . Is this a sign of syphlilis Thanks Vikas ?

A person with anorexia do they have problems of their whole skin head to toe falling apart ? Feeling very soft , very loose hanging skin etc or no?

A specific patch just below my right knee, hair keeps growing back twice as quick, twice as long and twice as dark, could my medications be the cause?

About a week back I have started getting quite a lot of small pustules and excessive skin shedding on my face. Whats causing it?

Acne ever since puberty start on face, chin, forehead, back, now on other areas ; low metabolism/weight gain; oily skin ; dandruff ; help?!? thank u!!

After doing exercise most days for a week 1/2 I'm getting nerve vibrations in face and scalp. Thin like a hair width buzzing feeling. Not painful?

After left foot fracture 6 months ago, i developed concomitant hair loss patch in my beard and calf, both left sided. No itching or scales or redness?

Always tired, body swells, ie, stomach, legs. Dry hair, hair falls out. Tired all the time. Been going on last 6 yrs. Any ideas what's wrong?

Are arm/leg tingling & dizziness esp in public places symptoms of acromegaly? No other issues like enlarged features, fatigue, oily skin, voice change

Are the physical side effects of skin cancer, besides a lump or an ugly mole, that it has on a person?

Are very mild night sweats (minor perspiration along hairline and creases of thighs) consistent with carcinoid syndrome?

Are yoga postures like sirasana any good for hair regrowth in head. Does constant flow of blood to your scalp for a limited time have any benefits?

Area in back of head no longer experiencing new growth...I am a 20 year old african american female and i get chemical relaxers....Can this be fixed?

As a binge drinker, I would get a rash on my inner thighs & arms. It's back but now I'm a non drinker. Do you know why? I am also hyponatremic.

Been in cam walker for 2 months due to a fracture. Skin underneath has been red since using and now significant hair loss. Will this return?

Black underarms.I do waxing.Do not use hair removal cream.Problem since 4-5 years.Looks very odd.I feel very low.Pls help.I am 20 yrs.Tell me medicine?

Bumps on my head as well as scalp, since past 4 weeks , they are temporary and not painful, reduces in sige after few days, casuse? Treatment?

Can a 19 year old female show signs of hemochromatosis such as skin bronzing?Skin bronzing disappears during the menstrual cycle and returns back.Help

Can excessive lines on plams be reduced?

Can hair growth at the anterior triangle part of neck due to pcos?

Can hair on below the back of neck & upper lip be a sign of Pcos in a female?

Can half my hair be transplanted from the donor area and the other half from my chest. My surgeon has suggested this due to lack of donor area plshelp?

Can i undergo full body waxing including bikini wax during my pregnancy. ?I m on my 19th week.

Can someone who is hypothyroidism also have Cushing syndrome? Since I have fatty deposits in the face, midsection, and fat back of the neck?

Can stress & anxiety cause hair loss in areas all over your body? Some areas are small spots other areas are fairly large- does it also slow regrowth?

Can too much acid in the body cause dry skin and hair along with joint pain and stomach pain along with other problems? Help please!

Can u use the gillette fusion pro glide for just your face or body hair too like chest/back?

Can you have hypogonadism with normal sized genitalia? I'm 17 m, tiny muscles, weird fat distribution, long legs, no facial hair, very late puberty.

Chronic pain that feels like burns and tender spots I can't regulate my body temperature I have dry skin my hair is falling out & thyroid is normal ?

Continued infection in my gums for months, now developing lumps in several areas of my body. the one on my scalp is changing shape.

Could hair on upper lip suggest PCOS? My Mom at age 46 also has hair in chin and upper lip but no PCOS?

Could starting menopause cause me to feel as if I have bugs crawing all over my body even my face and hair. I have fairly oily skjn and bath daily. H?

Could the contraceptive implant in my arm be the reason why I sweat on my face and break out in spots?

Could the moon face due to cushings disappear temporarily for a month after abortion and then come back? Is dat possible?

Could TMJ joint pinch the nerves & blood vessels, preventing sweat glands on chin from secreting sweat and prevent nutrients to chin?

Could Zetia (ezetimibe) cause excessive sweating by back of neck, face, chest a few months after starting it?

Cysts in scalp, back of neck at times, under breasts, lower jaw, groin, around the anus, underarms, over the eye, bridge of nose when hereditary case?

Deep plane mini face lift day 5. Why am I feeling strange sensation like a worm under my skin going along hair and suture line? Both sides. Like slow droplets of water moving down. Is this the swelling receding?

Diagnosed w/ mild mania. Obsessed with picking at my legs & body. Shaven hair stubble, etc. Is this some kind of self mutilation? If so, how do I stop

Did shaving underarms w/ water or not moisturizing cause the upper, inner arm cellulite I'm noticing? Or could premenopause & hormone changes be cause

Do I have Thyroid or other hormonal issues? 10kg weight gain in 6 months (1200cal/excercise 5 days), severe anxiety/depression, PMDD, shorter painful period, very dry skin on body and dermatititis on face, Waves of goose bumps on leg, joint pain,

Doctor, I have lesser menstrual flow. Which cause me feeling bad, weaker my eye sight and in my face their are some hair are growing.What should I do ?

Does having pcos make me completely infertile? Also, I have the irregular hair growth, which concerns me. It appears around my chest, back and face.

Does high androstenedione in a woman cause her face to develop changes? Like changes in fat distribution on face(considering not overweight).

Does HPV transit to outer body parts like abdominal, back, chest & face? Not genital. How to prevent that if it's possible?

Does menopause lead to slow growth and/or loss of body hair i.E. Leg and arm pits?

Does Psychiatry medicines increase androjen? When i was 16 a had a very feminin body but now i have very thick torso and wide shoulders

Does this sound like a thyroid problem, gaining weird lots of weight, hair falling out, mood swings, hard to swallow, and dry skin and hair?

Does waxing chest/stomach/back cause any serious health issues?I was told that pulling out hair may cause cancer? I have a lot or stomach/chest hair

Due excessive masturbation from 6 years now I'm having problems like night falls ,hairfall ,pimples all ovr my face .I want to get orchiectomy done.

Embarrassing acne on my chest, shoulders im 35, female and active, can't wear certain clothes!

Every winter I face health issue, either pain in heart /back/ arms. This time my nose started swelling and changing shape (little curvy), is it risky?

Excessive hair (thick and dark black hair)growth all over the body especially under arms,hands and face. What should I do?laser treatment didn't work.

Face changes in growing years- I'd anorexia at 13 now 20 my face is still like a kid, is there any solution?

Female , age-28 ,ht- 5.5 ft , wt- 50 kg . Since last 7-8 days , getting simple pimples all over the face and back of neck , waist . It's itching now?

Female with excessive sweating that smells and hair growth on stomach chest back and side burns. What causes this?

Flushing upper chest- darker when BP is elevated. Hair doesn't grow in that area. Been to internal, gastro, dermo, ent, endo, allergy . No answers?

For My 7 yrs boy, sticky dry hair falling found on crown of head getting bald past 5 months and it extends its area mostly downwards back of head, it is by hair problem or any internal and who to seek medical help ?

Get good tingling sensation from head to toe when skin rubbed/massaged. Is it true that stimulates excess growth hormone causing adults to grow taller

Had a C-section with spinal block 5 weeks ago n have been plagued w bad hives all over torso ever since esp. Where clothing touches skin. What to do?

Had shingles before. Started w/ sensitive skin. Have same feeling on side of face. Anyway to detect/stop them before progessing?

Had very high fever 103+. Sudden appearance of dark (snake like, wavy single vein on my right side of forehead (male pattern baldness spot)?

Hair loss and health issues. So around yesterday. I noticed skin darkening is this permanent, should I be concerned?

Hair loss, infection, very dull skin and elder looking problem. What can I do?

Hairy back & shoulders - any solution besides waxing?

Have a lunp under my armpit Its not near my breast but like in the mid/lower part I did shave the other day and used new deodorant. What is causing it?

Have dark pigmentation on neck,armpits and inner thighs.i started having this when i was 14yrs old. i have polystic ovary and m fat 90 i;m 5'3 ht.

Have fibroids, hair not growing on head but on the side of the bikini zone , acne scars for a while, do I have hormone imbalance?Please help .

Have many spider veins coming up on the sides of torso, all over legs and face, I'm 23 with active lifestyle. Think its estrogen issue, how 2 prevent?

Having terrible night sweats since having my baby 13 weeks ago and come out in cysts in my groin and armpit area. Iv lost 2 stone on no diet??

Headache in middle of forehead usually between eyebrows..start when thinking deeply or stress..last upto 2..3 days..also ammenorhea from 3 months?

Hello doctor, I am facing acne problems on back and body hair . I am female with DHT of 356 pg/ml. Is it due to this? How can I block it

Hello, I have a loss of hair localized in the scalp. It shows a puffed part and it is painful especially when I touch it. How can I cure it?

Hello, i am a 20 year old male and although i never had the bushiest eyebrows, my right eyebrow is practically falling out, especially from the outer?

Hello! I am getting areas of lighter skin along my shins and abdominal area and it's starting to effect my self esteem. Help?

Help with a diagnosis or possible problem. Hairloss including total body hair, fatigue, diarrhea, nailbed grooving on hands.

Hi am 18 year old male I have had a rash at the sides of said it was sebderm.i have occasional spots, is it hormones?my confidence is so low:(

Hi doctor i have some concern about my body, i been having some belly rash and i dont khow were is coming from and i need some answer pls thanks ?

Hi doctor.I have so much of problem due to hair loss.When I m touching my head at list 5/6 hairs will come in my hand.Pls give me a solution.?

Hi I have acid reflux, gastritis, strawlike hair which is thinning, acne, missed period, dry skin, irregular bowel movements. What could this be?

Hi I'm a 32 year old female. I currently have scabies as diagnosed by my doctor.. I have them all over and especially on neck, face and scalp.. How will I treat my scalp as I have very long hair and doctor told me not to put treatment on my head, even if

Hi just wondering about PCs symptoms I also have a lot of hair on my legs and under arms etc just wondering thx ?

Hi my age is 23 i am in bangalore my hair is losing in large amount and i have severe pain in middle of head and near ear what to do?