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11month old baby girl, I found a red dot in the opening of her cervix. What is this?

14 week old baby has reflux, on nutramigen has small pinkesh bump on neck and torso. i gave him rice cereal but suspended once i saw the reaction.

3 mos baby teething signs 3 white bumps like milia in same area on top gum & unconsolable, tooth?

3 mos baby, has 3 white bumps in same area, they resemble a white head, could this b a tooth?

3wks old baby girl hasn't had a vowel movement for 4 days, she actually tries but grows red in the face and cries but nothing comes out. rectal stimulation with cotton bud & Vaseline hasn't worked?

5 days newborn, appears yellow in the face, what to do ????, help

5 months old baby fontanelle slightly sunk. No dry skin or lips. Should i be worried?

8months postpartum and im breaking out with these bumps, look like boils. Breastfeeding mom. What is it. ?

9+m old baby boy.tiny red spot in face.its therebfor almost a month now and does not go away.just in one spot only.what could be the reasons?

At a month old baby developed 2 red bumps on head. Ped called them strawberry marks. 8 mos later still has the bumps. Dr says its ok? Should I get 2nd

At what age in a baby does baby acne typically appear?

Baby feel off the bed what r signs to look at of something where wrong he has no brusies or bumps?

Baby has red lumpy cheek, could it be from teething?

Baby with puffed cheek diagnosed with thrush. Baby eats fine. Head and lymph nodes are fine. Dimple on it. Can thrush can cause a cheek to puff?

Baby's temp is 35.8 he has a small rash what should I do ?

Browns spots on nephew's teeth from baby bottle?

Bruises in the mouth of a one year baby?

Can a baby at 3 months old see color?

Can a baby that is 3 months get dimples on their cheek? I have 1on my cheek and I think my baby is getting one to

Can babies get blood blisters on face from crying?

Can I give white bread to 8mth old baby?

Can swaddling a new born cause bruise like marks on the tummy area?

Can you cause the soft spot on a newborns head to indent further?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get soft clear baby skin?

Chest infection in my small baby? What should they be doing?

Could benign baby skin bumps be the cause of breathlessness?

Dear doctor, baby bites his lower lip. Is this normal for 10 weeks old baby? Please let us know if there is any need for concern?

Do babys born with round faces stay round?

Do strawberry birthmarks go away on babies?

Flat face. Will my mixed-race baby have it?

Hard white bumps on 3wk old babies gums... slightly uncomfortable when she eats gor both of us.. what is this?

Hello dr in my arm i noticed swelling during pregnancy.i feed my baby now i noticed that swelling is minimum but still it is visible.what should i do?

Hello, I have noticed recently on my 6 month old baby upper body a white mark, what can it be? Thank you in advance

Help! the doctor didn't know what it was, maybe u will; my baby was born with a red halo around her head 10 CM round and her hair peeled off there!

Her baby bump is showing very big in only 5 weeks is it possible/ is it by baby or anythingelse?

Hi "my baby girl was born few weeks back. With every passing we started to observe a red mark on her nose near eye. It is red and painless. Wat is it?

Hi doctor my mom has a black patch on her upper earlobe? What could it be shes had it for more than 2 years now

Hi my baby is almost 6 months when will his strawberry birthmark start to fade?

Hi,i have my 8 months old baby.When he was born he is in white color skintone and now getting dullness.Hw can i keep my baby skin soft and white color?

Hi! I am G2P1, 11wks and doesn't have baby bump yet. Is normal?

Hi! my babys head was completely round when she was born but now at 6 months it seems to be more of an oval shape.Is that anything to worry about?

How can I get perfect smooth feet baby soft?

How do I deal with my babies milk spots (milium) on his face?

How do you get rid of red spots or rash on baby's face? The baby is just 3 weeks old and it gets worse in evenings and after feeding.

How many weeks will a baby bump be seen?

How much red meat need a 7 month baby?

How to deal with the "red buttocks" of baby. ?

How to get baby soft skin?

I accidentally rested my chin on my baby's soft spot as cought myself. How do I know she's okay?

I am 20 weeks. My baby bump doesnt seem to be growing and baby movements are VERY sporadic at best. Should I be concerned?

I am extremely concerned about my infant baby develop small bruises on her back and stomach since she is now mobilizing in her baby walker.?

I had a baby via csection 6 months ago. Some stretch marks on my stomach that look normal. I have developed an oblong dry patch on my side- normal?

I had a csection my 1 month newborn head shape is a bit wierd will this even out?

I have a friend that is 54, white, female. she has a soft spot like a newborn baby and it is rapidly getting bigger. What would be the cause????????

I have an 8 month baby girl who has diaper rash. It is bright red with a few little blisters. What do I do?

I have notice my son skin have spots from time to time what is it? Healthy 11 yr old 75lbs

I have white stuff in my boobs but i never had a baby i don't know if its cellulite but is it cancerous and is it dangerous i'm 29.

I noticed that my 5 week old baby girl doesn't have the flap of skin under the tongue that holds it in place, should I be concerned?

I started applying baby jerry to my child soon after it was born and now developed some spots in the face, could it be the reason?

I would like help 1 year & 3 mos old baby boy with lumps on his neck?

I'm 23 I have had a strawberry birthmark since I was a baby, will it ever go away or what can I do about it, the skin is white?

If a baby is born with a round face will they have a round face forever?

If i'm hispanic and the baby daddy is 20% white and 25% black than how is my baby likely to come out?

If my baby is small and not growing much at 15 weeks is that a bad sign?

Im 33 weeks and 5 days my babys waist is to small i was wondering if being around someone who smokes alot could cause that?

Is it normal for my 7 moth old 's soft spot to not be sunken in?

Is it normal for my baby to have swollen genitals?

Is it normal that my baby's genitalia and breasts seem swollen?

Is it ok for a baby's soft spot to be raised up?

Is it possible for babies to have sunken soft spot due to stress. My son gets sunken soft spot when trying to sit or stand and its gone when he lying?

Is it possible to have a baby bump at 4 weeks?

Is there anything that can cause an 8yr old girl to spot?

It a mongolian spot a medical condition? Why do some babies get them?

Little pink spots on babys face he is 10 months old?

My boy baby he has small pimples on face forehead and neck is it due to hot weather or any other reason he is premature 33 weeks delivery baby and now its one month age.?

My 1 month old baby boy has little red spots like blisters on the back of his head, he's had it for 3 weeks and its not going away, what's the cause?

My 1 wk old newborn is breaking out on her face & neck. Is this normal? How long does it last? & can I do anything about it?

My 1 year old baby boy has lumps on his neck. What could they be?

My 11mnth old baby girl has cries when she poos.stools are soft.i noticed a skin fold around anus.used topical1%steroid for 2wks.wat cud it be??

My 14 months baby girl has a white patch on her bottom lips ?

My 14 months baby girl has a white patch to her lips ?

My 18month old baby has all of a sudden when she eats or drinks comes out on her hands and cheeks red marks with flat lyk white blisters?

My 1month old baby is having skin tag on left nostril, hence little baby for removal & care, what treatment should be? Worried about it please suggest

My 1Week old baby doesn't have a pulsating soft spot what could be the problem any cause for alarm or it's normal.

My 2 month baby has white bumps under his feet. What could be wrong?

My 3 month old baby boy's cheeks have a rash with honey colored discharge. How can I get rid of it and should I be worried?

My 3yr old keeps getting soft very mucusy multicoloured poo has been for a few months now, he seems healthy other than bumpy skin rashes?

My 4 month old baby has small bumps on his back?

My 5 month old baby's soft spot is raised and pulsating.

My 6 month old baby boy has one random bright red dry patch on his cheek that just showed up. What can I do to help this go away? And what is it?

My 6mo old niece has a pink round spot on each thigh in the same place. My sister is worried it's ring worm. It doesn't bother the baby any. Thoughts?

My 6month old is teething and has a temperature and swollen soft spot on her head, is this normal?

My 7 month old baby has a temprature of 38, has been sick with diarrhea and his lips have just turned blue?

My 7months old baby girl has diarrhea & red spots on her chest and back of her neck. What could it be & what can I do to help her?

My 9month old baby has two sticky eyes and a swollen face on one side this morning? He has just started nursery.

My baby 4 month old back of the hear he had rash like its pink color what can we do for that?

My baby 7 month baby has skin discoloration from past 2 months because of em disease. Please let me know will it go completely?

My baby born with a lump on palete

My baby daughter has a capillary hemangioma in her cheek.I want to find the best hospital?

My baby daughter has developed a small, purple area on her bottom lip. What is it?