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18yrs: is sebo_psoriasis on scalp genetic?Causes for it? Is there a permanant solution for it?Other than medicines, what else can we do to improve?Diet

21 yr old ving lichen planus pigmention 4m1 yr. Also hd alopecia areata. I took steroids 4 dat bt now not taking. Not getting relief by ointmt.Wt 2 do?

32 male with psoriasis since 16 years. Treated with phototherapy sessions with high improvement. Want to buy uvb lamp at home. Is it effective?

7-year-old with alopecia areata. Topical steroids worsening bald patches. Pediatric or regular dermatologist for steroid injections?

Add on to last q, guttate psoriasis over 2 wks?

After having a vulva biopsy I have been told I have lichen simplex chronicus - will this eventually go away with the use of clobetasol cream alone?

Anything wrong with treating my weekly seborrheic dermatitis just outside ear canal with triamcinolone?

Are there any new non-systemic psoriasis medications? Maybe especially for scalps?

Are there any new psoriasis treatments out that work more effectively than older ones (more than 4 years) I have psoriasis

Are there any new treatments for lichen sclerosis on the horizon beside estrace (estradiol) and clobetesol?

Are there any OTC treatments to reduce the scarring to the face from cutaneous lupus? Insurance won't cover dermatologist. Taking plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) to treat.

Are there any permanant side effects for aldara (imiquimod) cream (hpv). Lupus etc is writing in many forums on the net.

Been diagnose with lichen planus since 2003. It's all over my skin. I don't have money or health insurance. What can I use at home to help outbreaks.

Best medication for plaque psoriasis. I have tried almost everything?

Can a coal tar lotion (specifically exorex for the treatment of psoriasis) increase transaminase levels?

Can anybody give me some advice on roscea?

Can atopic dermatitis be cured with natural remedies. If yes, any recommendations..? Thank you.

Can changing my diet treat psoriasis?

Can I have a skin tattoo if I have vitiligo(white patches/treatment-meladinine pill/loads of sunlight/Tacroz/Dexona cream)What are the risks involved?

Can I use at same time finacapil ( finasterid) and take something more while fighting dermatitis seb and capsules for stress?

Can Lexapro (escitalopram) + klonopin + pregabalin cause atopic dermatitis. Been on it for 6+ yrs and since 2 yrs have had very dry sensitive skin and eczema. Thx?

Can lichen planus stops if offending medication removed?

Can mupruicion be used for psoriasis?

Can psoriasis be used as a cure or manipulated to use its fast skin producing cells to cure other diseases? For example vitiligo?

Can psoriasis heal permenently ..??

Can seborrheic dermatitis be genetic? I have used a few different kinds of cream unsuccessful, last resort was protopic, was effective.

Can seborrheic dermatitis flare ups have something to do with my menstrual cycle? If so, why? Diagnosis was by derm.

Can seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis cause skin cancer? I've been dealing with sd for about 2 yrs, better managing it. Afraid of cancer though.

Can Seborrheic Dermatitis turn into Psoriasis? I read some discussions and websites said that. Is it true?

Can spreading of leukoderma be controlled?

Can there be a natural treatment for seborriac dermatitis, vitamins, diet etc?

Can vitamin design help to receive the pain of lichen planus?

Can you offer any new tips to manage psoriasis?

Can you recommend any off the shelf treatment for psoriasis, I am on mtx from consultant?

Can you tell me about the drug dupliumab for atopic dermatitis?

Can you tell me any way to make care to my psoriasis in my hand and my hair I hope this way be the way to end the psoriasis?

Can you tell me how to stop my psoriasis from acting up?

Can you tell me more about dr. Amy slear?

Derm said I have dermatitis. He gave me luxiq, ever heard of it?

Diagnosed with lichen planus on penis, steroid cream not working, any other remedies?

Do cures for dermatitis such as "temovate" cause cancer?

Do melatonin supplements trigger/worsen psoriasis? If your psoriasis guttate is fully disapearing (after 2 weeks) can it attribute in retriggering?

Do you know how to cure psosiaris without using immunosuppressant?

Do you recommend herbal tonic or acupuncture for treating atopic dermatitis/allergies? Or are there other options? Do herbal doctors know atopic derma

Doc. Im suffering from follicular eczema .. It is confirmed after skin test. What precaution I should do to reduce it?

Does being exposed to the sun a lot cause psoriasis to flare up? And does having psoriasis increase my likelihood of having arthritis?

Does humira (adalimumab) cause irritating skin breakouts?

Does injecting glutathione help in controlling psoriasis? Do you advise it to your patients?

Does olux foam for psoriasis cause any long-term complications? Please, need some answers?

Does protopic ointment help reduce psoriasis plaques or make them go away?

Does seborrheic dermatitis ever go away by it self with time? Will i live forever with it?

Does the combining of Balneotherapy, with the sun and seawater can cure eczema?

Dx by vulvar biopsy lichen simplex chronicus currently using clobetasol but how do I find out the cause as i understand lsc is a response to itching?

Exist in USA a shampoo for care finally dermatitis? what's the name? i live in italy and here i try lot's of shampoo from doctors but no results!

Following a biobsy i was treated for lichen planus. Should i risk new prescription lamictal tablets , what to do?

For lupus Rash,which cream is better; PROTOPIC 0.1% or ELIDEL (pimecrolimus) 1% ? and please describe the difference between the two. Thanks.

For the treatment of psoriasis,are any of the systemic medications available for use with guttate psoriasis in an adult?

Greetings Hope all is well. Topical treatment of Tinea capitis in children. Is topical as effective as systemic? How about pulse therapy?

Has anyone ever cleared up psoriasis?

Has anyone ever used dovonex (calcipotriene) 0.005% solution for scalp psoriasis?

Has anyone experienced any negative side-effects from Nizoral (ketoconazole)?

Has anyone tried to use enbrel (etanercept) for skin?

Have been free of tinea versicolor for 5 years. I want a big tattoo. Is this a bad idea? Can i still do preventative treatment for reocurrences?

Have psoriasis under breasts, behind knees and on scalp. Painful and inflamed. Not severe, but modirate. Topical not helping. Will biologics?

Have psoriasis under breasts, behind knees and on scalp. Painful and inflamed. Topical not helping. Will biologics?

Hello I have a biopsy confirmed diagnosis of contact dermatitis and my dermatologist wants to do patch testing any alternatives afraid of side effects?

Hello I have congenital ichthyosis and currently taking (soriatane (acitretin) 10mg). Is there a better treatment in the us ?

Hi ! can you please guide for medicine for morphea skin diseases currently uv light are going on. How long can can it take to cure 100%?

Hi i think i have psoriasis on my scalp just wondering if you know any home made treatment thanks ?

Hi this is karthik.My problem in alopicia arenta in last 3year what treatment best food? Shampoo?Oil? Lotion?

Home remedies and medication for lichen Planus and hot red bloatchy skin?

Horrible scalp psoriasis. Any and all advice for treatment welcomed.

How can a Muslim be sure if his mark on the forehead is from prayer (prostration), or from SLE or Psoriasis?

How can I better control my psoriasis?

How can I get cured from hereditery atopic dermatitis, without using any steroids?

How could you cure/relieve your 'scalp' psoriasis?

How effective is desloratadine in treating psoriasis?

How effective is hydroxyurea compared to methotrexate to treat severe erythrodermic psoriasis if biologic treatment is not possible?

How effective is otezla for psoriasis? Debating on whether to give it a shot or move on and try a biologic like cosentyx? If it's available yet??

How effective is protopic for eczema and what are the chances that it will cause cancer?

How i can stop psoriasis on my knees? And how i can treet it.

How long does it take for zithranol(anthralin) to cure alopecia areata?

How long for topical steroid to clean tiny patch of psoriasis? If doesn't then what do I do? Biopsy said psoriasis & cd3 showed no significant tcell

I am 23years old male.Does allantoin help in treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

I am 41 with hashimotos among other autoimmune disorders, I believe I have pinworms. Dr. Rx'd Stromectol, (ivermectin) how safe is this, I'm afraid ?

I am 79 yrs young with a very itchy torso & variable rash - biopsy proved Grovers Disease. Moisturisers & Hydrocortisone cream give temporary relief ?

I am a psoriasis patient. What will be my diet to control psoriasis?

I am diagonised dle-ana + , having -hydrochlorquine 200 mg once a day , with crolim power tacrolimus and cosvate (topical seriod) alternative days . ?

I am facing problem with "eruptive lichen planus" from last 1month. Pl suggest me best and conventional way to cure it in faster.Using zempred4mg tabs?

I am having vitiligo.They r almost end.I am taking betamethasone and methoxsalen to cure it.Can i taking glutathionine pills for skin whitening?

I am italian and I have atopic dermatitis and psoriasis..My doctor gave me sandimmin neoral (cyclosporine) and olux schiuma but I am still ill, what's the problem?

I am suffering from atopic dermatitis since last 2 years, affecting face and hantried local and systemic steroids, moiturisers.Suggest me treatment?

I am suffering from eczema.I am on medication which includes an anti-allergy10mg;a sunscreen50spf\u0026#41;,momate cream and a moisturizer,pacroma cream. Still no!

I am taking methotrexate 2.5 every week (4pills )and primrose oil to treat psoriasis arthritis , been treating for 40 days, why did i lost weight ?

I am using vagifem twice a week to build up skin damaged by longstanding lichen sclerosis. Is hormone replacement therapy different than vagifem?

I am using embrel for psoriosis. Can i go in the sun or will I have a negative reaction?

I been diagnosed with lichen planus for 10 years. I have another outbreak on the skin. What are some over-the-counter medication i can use?

I don't have health insurance or money. What can I use to treat my lichen planus?

I have vitiligo patches what should my diet include?

I have a chronic seborrheic dermatitis condition on my face which comes intermittently. I use tacrolimus. Is it okay to tacrolimus chronically...