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5-6 tiny petechia dots on my hand appeared today. CBC 6 days ago was all normal, clotting normal, Platelets 252. Can major problem arise in a week?

BCG on arm after many years red and raised and itchy .Had DLE test Blood + Urine Ok could it be connected with lesions in both ears that flare up?

im hashimotos n bloodwrk showed post for gene for celiac feels like my eyes are swollen n body but don't look swollen can celiac b cause?

"out of the clear blue" I have started coughing with terribleitching from head to toe. There are no rash or hives. Can I have Crohn's disease and RA ?

/18 yr old female was on 50-2mg per day since 7/10 off now been 2 wks. Has red spots on legs spots are swollen. Any ideas treated for ulcerative colitis with meds

+ve ana, borderline antidsdna, joint pain in the fingers of the hand that comes and goes, red rash on upper cheeks lasted an hour could it be malar rash?

1 pinky tip sized red pupura on leg no itch. Lab = drug reaction. Doc disagrees. Take daily aspirin. Platelets MVP are well within norm. Thoughts?

1. From childhood, had sores in mouth, blisters in groin region, underams, and pimples.Doctors used to give b-complex, over years effectiveness went down. Recent thyroid tests didn't show any problem.

10w 5d pregnant with severe itching on legs and thighs, i scratch to the point that i bleed, what can be the cause?

10yr old has had corticosteroid 3x day for signs of eczema? being monitored is this a concern if it's been mth.patchy spots pink itchy is it ezcema?

13yr old daughter with widespread petichial,annular rash on bothlegs for10 wks.Not fungal, lupus,or hsp.100 temp 4 weeks weak pos sorethroat?

14 days ago had MRI w. dye (gadavist) and still have skin reaction (redness, swealling, burning) 5cm around injection site. Normal? Any tests I need?

15mt ago itchy rash on legs.Full body 3mt later.4docs/many meds/biopsies/blood test=nothin.Wondring if wheat/gluten allergy? Suddenly start at age 42?

15mts sick, itchy/painful, body sores.Had West.Blot for Lyme, 1active-58kd igG band. Know I need 5/10 for +, but what else causes 58kd to be active?

17y/o girl treated 4 weeks doxy 4 lymes in may-now has insect like bite rash near lft breast 6 days ago itches & has some redness & circular slightly raised not real sore? Ped says no lymes its spider ?

1yr rash...4 derms, biopsies, lots of meds=no help and so much$$. Best answer, "Maybe this is just how your skin is now." Really?! What do I do now?

2 day hx of painful yellowish papules w a red border subglingually...aphthous vs sublingual duct inflam? viral vs idiopathic cause? otherwise healthy

2 y/o had fever anorexia diarrhea X 2d then red flat circular <2cm lesions all over, began on legs. Not bug bites. No new food, med, soap. Dx? herp?

21yo. painful ulcer on my toe. Not been diagnosed diabetic + low risk. Leave it to heal? Had some Boils skin + armpit lately treated with flucox

22 y/o f with sle. The IV site from GI tests last week is red/swollen/itchy, and have a worsening cold. Could I have an infection?

24 yr old F. Recently diagnosed with alopecia. It keeps spreading and finding more patches. Is there a way to slow down spreading? It also itches.

25 yo female pt with 3 month history of rash that started associated with Viral Syndrome and joint pain. Was originally dx with HSP. Pics available,?

25 yr f no past med or family history.Virgin. Small vaginal mass w/ white exudate.No fever.Occasional erythema &puritis to labia mino?Cycle is 5- 6wks

2months ago i had complete haemogram but it was ok, now there are three four red spots on my skin. has my aml relapsed?

3 years ago i had a big toe sorness. Since past few months my skin is itchy. My uric acic was 235, 0 umol/l (2013-12). Is it possible that I have gout?

3 yr f healthy diagnosis w/ chilblain on one toe 1 month ago still is red no other symptoms... Should I have it rechecked or does it last long? Help

3 yr old has horizontal nail dents on all fingers had scarlet fever 2 mos ago and cold 3 weeks ago. Is it related? What do we need to do/test?

34 year-old woman with a 2-year history of recurrent rashes of small areas of itchy little papules, on the legs and then arms, despite treatment.....?

35 yr old female, 2 to 3 inch patches of german measel type rash over legs and torso and spreading fever 102 4days doctors cannot diagnose.?

36 year-old woman with a winter chest rash the past 3 years, without a definitive diagnosis by Dermatology despite a biopsy, without any certain.....?

3wks ago was prescribed bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) for skin infection few days later itchy rash grows under l breast. Is it b/c the medicine? Never had this b4 look like cutaneous candidiasis had 3 HIV test all negative

4 yr old just back from puerto rico developed 3 10-15mm blisters on erythem base on 1 arm. No pain, pruritis, fever & feels well. Rxn to bites? Em? Tx

4+mo w lrg patches w intense itching, esp at night, of hives which spread from scalp to legs. Otc allergy meds not helpful. Night sweats w fatigue.

40yo, no allergies, blood, skin prick, masto, carcinoid negative. No anxiety. Skin hot flushing on face, neck, arms, eyes itch after eating, is it GI?

45 male with tenderness in both arm pits/groin for approx 1 month. Rash x 2 months being tx with steroid cream. No fever or night sweats. Thoughts?

5 weeks postpartum, extremely itchy skin since delivery. My sister had a c-section on 15 January 2016. Medicine, lotion nothing is working.

52yr old f, unexplained bruising on arms, legs, small lumps under bruises, has hyperthyroidism taking eltroxin, breast cancer survivor, no known conditions?

54 yarold male skin rash/hives..Bone & joint pain vitamin d level 13ng/ml...

6 weeks ago had an allergic reaction or viral skin infection on forehead and left side of face. Bp was unusually high and remains high. Is it related?

6 yo w/ seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, CMV igg+, URI july/mid aug, dental treat. In sept. Palpable nodes bilateral up to 1.7cm. Us=reactive. Normal?

65 yr.Having non itchy peteichea red rash all over the body sparing face, neck and breasts for > 2 weeks.Hx of breast ca in 2010.What could it be?

65y.o. female has fever on and off for 3weeks and develop skin rash and dark colored urine and has basal crackle in lung so what could be the ddx?

6wks post allergy testing 4 cough, mark from + injection still on arm. Smaller after wk1 but still larger than tip of finger/purple-redish. Treatment?

6y/0 has jra and gets on snd off sores on tounge and on and off rash on butt checks and pos ana. Could it be possible she has lupus?

7 yr old w/ jra been getting on and off rash on butt checks for last several months. No unexplained fever and always on butt checks so what is wrong?

71 y/o male developed bilateral macula popular rashes on thighs with no crusting. ER doc said hives however the rashes have not decreased.

7dys heat/cold sensations in my toes, no color change. Onset of raynauds or vasculitis since I have elevated antiRNP 1.7 last 3yrs and no diagnosis?

8 yr old severe sunburn type hives on face and neck in spring. Lasts 4-6 wks. Extreme itch. Anti-hist and top. Steroids not help. Is it auto immune?

81 year old female with continual white cells in urine, borderline thyroid, and rash like cellulitis on legs, hands and face.

9 mnth dtr diagnosis w/ coxsackie soarsinmouth red lips pimply rash butt genital area no fever irritable she has not been near otherkid poss wrong diagnosis ?

9y/o has mulloscum from arm to all over chest. Doc said dont worry, goes away on its own but has been there 3 yrs & spreading. 3y/o bro has it now?

After 25 days of TB treatment and extended exposure to sun,ihave very itchy rash on most of my upper beck, chest and shoulders.shld i stop treatment?

Age 21 male 8 am cortisol is 4.91 low whatcit represent while my face has puffiness loks like moon face is acth suppression and synachten test reqd ?

Ana has been negative, but a rash biopsy was suggestive of a connective tissue disease. Rash on chest, appears in winter. Anything to do but wait?

And in relation to my last post asking is it poss to have scabies 6/7 month, no rash but itching, the itching is only at the tops of my legs?

Anxiety related? Stress?.. I've had a lot of tests done no results.. Red, hot rash on palms and soles of feet, tingling, fatigued and sore joints?

Any new treatments out there for palmar plantar pustular psoriasis? 20 yrs done everything. Seeing rheumy next month.

Appt in april. Worsening muscle weakness. Pos ANA etc, saw pic of heliotrope rash, have exactly but faded brownish now, could it still be dermatomyosis? Noticed scaly sides of index fingers before.

Are there any skin transferable diseases that you can get from gym mat would cause a wrist rash?

Bad flushing neck, face, arms after eating.No common triggers. Blood and food allergy test neg, mastocytosis neg, carcinoid neg, I'm going crazy, why?

Bad hot flushing neck, face, arms tight throat w/eating.Uncommon triggers. Blood,food allergy test neg, masto neg, carcinoid neg, Going crazy, why?

Bald spot caused by hashimotos it's been 5 years since, thyroid levels are normal, but i feel like the patch might be spreading. What to do?

Been diagnosed:erethyma nodosum (1990's) now,ive seen a new redness on my bikini line and below my knee. What will i do? Pls help.

Been in remission for 4yrs. a month ago wb 13.3k and platelet 185k. today i see very light red spots on upper lft arm, i suspect it's petechia ADVICE?

Been on celecixob (100mg) for.2 years every day for the AS. After recent x ray of joints, severe skin irritation and itch in those areas. Help...

Biopsy: might be lichen sclerosis. ObGyn is in doubt. Symptoms: severe burning redness lots of small veigns no white spots no scarring. Diff diagn?

Bite back of knee 2 wks swlln, fever 102 pain blotchy rash, antbitcs 2wks still fvr rash livr enzym up. what do? doc no answrs... diff kind doc? help!

Black patches on one leg of 52 yr old man. What type of skin disorder is this? No pain or itchinh

Blister very easily from slightest scratch, bump. Sometimes w/ blood. Started after stress, anxiety last yr. Lupus docs unsure of condition.

Bloods for inflammation showed nothing nasty at gp surgery, waiting on rheumatology app brown patches appearing on face and mouth ulcers should I c gp?

Bloody urine 4 months. No uti. Bloody noses 2x a week 4 months. Butterfly rash on face. Cold toes fingers. Have ms. Lupus in family. Joint pain/stiff?

Bumps (itchy and painful) appear on my scalp for the past 2yrs that lead to hairloss when irritated. Prescribed minocycline but still have symptoms?

Can a 19 yr old girl have hemochromatosis and show symptoms such as skin bronzing?

Can a flare up of genital HSV cause me to have constipation? Also can constipation cause L side to be sensitive when touched?my temp is 98.2 norm 96.8

Can a painful thyroiditis attack cause a skin rash? Attack was confirmed (rare) now i'm getting a rash on stomach and arms.

Can a primary HIV rash occure as 3-4 pimples on the back, without fever or other symptoms? Thank you

Can an ivp dye test cause extreme itching under your skin?

Can ANA fluctuate in the winter vs. Summer? Had rash in winter that was possible early connective tissue disease per biopsy. Have more pain in winter.

Can any tick-borne illness produce a rash similar to RMSF? Rash is my only symptom. Fading on doxy but still popping up in new spots here and ther

Can back acne (2-3 pimples that had some pus but healed in 2 days) be a symptom of ars (hiv) ? Can hives be caused by ars (hiv)?

Can dry skin, sores on face & feet be caused by herpes & dental issues? What tests can confirm? Are they cause for concern in lymphoma pt in remission

Can HIV rash show up 72 hours after exposure? Getting a rash on the palm of my hands...

Can lupus first show up as a skin rash during summer then start affecting joints and throat 7/8 months later?

Can malabsorption (unknown reason still) cause random rashes, and swollen lymphnodes?

Can plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) cause a blistering rash on palms of hands. Is that a common side affect. I am also vomiting everyday.

Can staph infection be confused with hsv2 on a lab test? I have recently been contracting what the doctors say are "boils", in my pelvic area, buttocks, under my arms and even on my nose in some instances. They say it's a form of stapholycoccus and treat

Can the "Rash phase" in HIV seroconversion cause forehead acne without having any other rash on other parts ? Low risk + other symptoms

Can the cold weather or a insect bite cause HSP vasculitis I over did it by power walking 5miles and have raynauds. The rash appeared the next day.

Can there be only 1 symptom after 3 weeks hiv exposure? I have some pimple non patchy like rash on neck and chest

Can we get lupus without a rash? Sudden headache n sudden severe diffuse hairfall with no TElogen effliuvm. Can it be lupus? I don't have any rash.

Can you have a butterfly rash without being in a flare- I have the rash right now but feel fine, i hope this doesn't mean my organs are doing poorly?

Cause for reocurring petechiae on lower legs with normal bloodwork? Biopsy came back perivascular dermatitis w/eosinophils w/extravasated erythrocytes

Cause of small red dotted rash widespread over the low back and stomach 2 days after a fever 99-102 in a 43 yr old female?

Cervical adenopathy for more than 1.5 months not changed in size .No other symptom , before having inflammed rash on scalp , havong a dog at home .?!

Child has a wart/mole on her head she keeps picking at it but it always grows back is this concerning? She is on remicade (infliximab) and methotrexate for JRA

Childrenshospitalorangecounty is stumped. Diagnosis for a 2yr old with jra with puffiness/discoloration around eyes, persisent fever/diarrhea/skin rash/mouth ulcers? Labwork available! please help!

Chronic hives not responding to otc h1 or h2. Prednisone helped for 7 days, but hives came right back. I went a dermatologist who ordered blood tests, all negative. Please help!

Chronic rash,Told folliculitis.Rx-minocyline 2x/day.Washng w/10% BPerox.Still gettn itchy bumps on legs,ankles,hip&back.What else?How long to heal?

Concerning my last post , I have been itchin especially at nightand i've been in contactwith someone just diagnosed with scabies.Have i passed it?

Confused one dr on here said purpura will blanch and drs agreed then same doctors said won't blanch not sure now which is correct?