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24 y/o F Dxd w/ RRMS. Arm in sun skin turned hot, red, & itchy. Same thing on my chin later but a hive was visible. Super sun sensitive? Allergy?

Dyed my hair an 48 hours later. I have a skin rash I believe itchy/red. Does it sound as thought that happened? How long do they last? How to soothe?

1 yr baby having red rash only on arms,ped suggested mosquito bites, but I am not convinced.can it be allergy due to hot dump weather?how to treat it?

2 1/2 yr old been on keflex for 6 days started 2 days ago with the redness hives red dots all over body does that me she is allergic?

2 days ago got tested for allergies (scratch test) only spots w/reaction were histamine+mold. Now there are red spots (not the pricks) itchy, causes?

2 yrs ago bed bugs gave me hard swollen welts. Just got bit again. Same reaction. Anyway it could be another kind of bug giving the same reaction?

28/f, itchy skin all over body, no rash. Scared it could be lymphoma. Read its a common symptom. No dry skin, not allergic reaction. No other problems?

2y/o having itchy rashes all over the body. Rashes disappeared yestrday and came back this morning. Could this be due to food allergy?

3 yr old with small blisters all over her body tried some hypo allegernic bubble bath today for the 1st time could that have cause a reaction?

31 yr old female, have had tattoo for about 3 yrs. I break out with little bumps on it. Had contact dermatitis once. What can I do? Further breakouts

4 yr old broke out with acne-like rash on his face sporadic over the rest of his body. Is this an allergic reaction or some sort of virus. ?

5 yr old son develops rash like a mustache ring around his mouth after drinking orange juice doesn't bother him. What's happening?

56 year old female I've got a rash all over body apart from face cloud shapes large and small allergy tabs nearly keep them at bay don't itch not ill?

5wk old baby has been taking nystatin for thrush, now has red sandpaper like bumps on cheeks and is very fussy. Allergic reaction or something else?

6 days on Soolantra for rosacea.I have redness, stinging and small hives on jawline. Advised to stop for a while. Chance of it still working out?

A few weeks ago.I was super stressed that I was going to fail a class. I broke out in hives and after scratching them they turned into bruises. Why?

A girl 13 years old had fish milk allergic reaction got leukoderma on face what you suggest these are whites spots will it spread on all body remedy?

A itch started bout 3 months ago. Its all the time worsens at night and it's all over I will scratch until I brake skin! Eventually turns into hives?

A small neck rash a few days prior to getting a full body rash very quickly. Appears in a.M. Before foods or meds. Clears fast with no antihistamine?

About a week ago I was hospitalized for 3 days due to having an allergic reaction to ibroprophin. I have noticed that my right hand us shaking. ?

After a hot shower I had little red pin prick size spots on my belly it was also blotchy. It seemed to go away in 30min but I took Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Why rash?

After eating cashews, my tongue became very itchy, i had little red spots on my tongue an i felt a burning feeling. Could this be an allergic reaction?

After taking carbamazepine tonight my knees feel like they are on fire and red/blouchy could this be allergic reaction?

After vacation from india i got a yeast infection and now broke out in hives all over my body they are big red and itchy have had them for 3 days?

Allergic reaction from bleach on my arms. It hasn't gone away for 9 hours and hurts intensely. What should I do and what could it be?

Allergic reaction to veet hair removal stuff? All reddish and somewhat itchy now. What to put on it?

Allergic to chlorine. Levels very high last night, still feeling rxn (skin burning/itchy,headache). can I go in a pool today or will It get worse?

Allergic to rabbit? I just got a bunny and shortly after i broke out in hives. I have no breathing problems and my hands and face are not effected. I have never had a problem with rabbits before, but could it be the bunnie? And do I need to go see a docto

Allergies raise very bad and my skin scratching very bad my whole skin red what can i d?

Altho hives began on legs/head overnight, hives are flaring in patches while others go away, 2days+?

Am i having an allergic reaction from generic xanaux my outer and inner lips feel chapped my neck and chest are red and i take very small amouts of 0.25

Approx 6 hours after applying a new Fentanyl patch I become itchy all over. It has been like this for years. Why do I become itchy?

Bee sting in navel - rash about 5 inches diameter and hot?

Been gaving a hive issue since mid-end of march, still present, also having staph like bumps. Mostly where hive outbreaks are common?

Both my partner and i have hard lumps mainly under armpits .insect bites from camping 7days ago.more appearing. very sore.taking allergy relief?

Boyfriend is on vacation, got burnt on chest/back, put aloe on, skin has been unbearably painful and itchy ever since. Allergic reaction? Help please

Burnig/itchy hives upper body/face x6days in row. Come ad go w/ benadryl (diphenhydramine). No allergies/new foods/detergent ect. Symptom of something else serious?

Can a pet bird (cockatiel) cause an allergic reaction of just spots on my chin? No where else but my chin. Please help, I don't want to re home her.

Can a red raw rash around the anus indicate a food allergy in a 9 month old it was chicken and the rash is gone away since I stopped giving it to her?

Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to get cloudy for a bit

Can a very stressful time cause skin bumps( allergic like) to pop up on skin? I have not started any new meds, but have had a lot of stress lately.

Can birth control make changes to your body, such as allergic reactions like skin rashes etc..?

Can dermographism happen because of the chronic hives that I have? My skin seems to mark with everything that touches it.

Can food allergies, including to cucumbers or berries, cause itchy rashes on neck, back, legs? (does not look like hives)

Can hay fever cause hives? Been getting tiny welts, mostly on hands, that disappear within 10 mins of me noticing. Sneezing 2 but unsure if related

Can hot flashes cause non itchy rash or hives after 12+ mile walks?

Can my child get a non-itchy rash as an allergic reaction to her body wash? I noticed since changing her wash, she now has flat red rashes on her.

Can my husband be allergic to his ring?

Can you get a rash( which looks like hives to me) from an unhealthy or infected kidney?

Can you get a skin rash from taking antebuse?

Can you get allergic reaction to hair color just at nape of neck?

Can you tell me is there a way stop your skin from getting red because of allergies?

Child rash very faint pink spots flat and don't itch on cheeks and torso no other sym besides congestion from allergies (dust mite) should I worry?

Child vomiting hives and itchy skin is allergy liquid enough? Was given allergy liquid and has calmed the skin and vomiting has stopped is the child ok?

Coming off of prednisone, now on 10mg. I get heart palp and i'm itchy, but where i scratch, welts up and red. Is this pred withdrawal. Is it common?

Could a recently developed dog allergy fade with time?

Could anxiety be causing me to scratch my skin in my sleep? The past few mornings I've woken up with scratches on my arms. An allergy maybe?

Could hives show up in smaller clusters or individual instead of a rash? I thought bed bugs but none visible & itching where no bites appear.

Could I be allergic to central heating ? When it is turned on, I start to feel itchy.

Could red wine like syrah or shiraz and/or blueberries suddenly cause brow & lip swelling then lip rash afterwards, ie allergic reaction?

Could shellac nail polish cause an allergic reaction in the form of an itchy throat. Without any rashes or pain etc near the actual nails/hands/feet. ?

Cronic hives on hands will itch, crack, and clear liquid can be popped out. What can I stop this with. What test or allergies should be checked four.

Dad who has diabetes after cut on toe developed skin rash from which lil fluid comes & on Cefuroxime & fucadine has lil itching on rash.Is it healing!

Daughter has internal itching since this Apr. Allergists said they don't know cause; no rash, redness, fever, no diet change or detergents--help!!

Daughter has internal itching since this Apr. Allergists said they don't know cause; no rash, redness, fever, no diet change or detergents--help!!

Day 3 of amoxcillin (strep) and it looks like I have 4-5 red spots (petechiae) in the soft palate. Should I worry? Allergic reaction or side effect?

Do a person suddenly devolope a skin alergy?

Do cholesterol medication cause red rashes?

Doc, any test to detect why i always have an an allergy on my legs?Whats the cause why i alway got allergy?Its so itchy.Its lyk a mosquito bite.Thanks

Does it hurt to get skin allergy tests?

Does it mean my 6 week old is allergic to formula if she is breaking out from it under her chin and her chest?

Does mirena (levonorgestrel) contain any qty of nickel? I am allergic to nickel and have had unexplained itchy arms/scalp.

Dozens of deep blister like rash feel like splinters. painful not itchy. not granuloma annulare Not allergy. this is different. immune response?

Dyed my hair got an allergic reaction and bumps have spread to my neck?

Each time my child goes to the beach if any sand touches her skin breaks out in hives, could this relate to her severe seafood allergy ?

Entire family is itchy! No bites or rash. No new soaps, etc. Can allergies cause this? Started in cold weather and is still going on.

Everyday my gf sporadically breaks out in random rashes and is occurring in different areas of her body. Shes never been allergic to anything before.

Everytime I eat sugar I got red rashes on skin & itchy feet . Not diabetic been tested ?

Experiencing bad break out on face almost cycstic and kinda itchy, could it be an allergic reaction to omega3 or something else? What will help?

Facial redness/hives/swelling that burns and covers my whole face this always coincides when I'm due on a period could I be allergic to my hormones?

Finished steroid pack/hydroxyzine. Was told i had allergic reaction to bite.Bumps dried up but itching again and more are coming but not red?

Flesh colored itchy rash on top of feet and inside ankle. I do take plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) 400mg daily for ra. Havent changed soaps, detergents, etc...

Food intolerances have given me swollen, red itchy skin under my eyes for a week. The swelling has gone down, how can i improve the discolouration?

For 2 weeks now, cheeks and ears get red, very hot and itchy.Can't tell if it's seasonal allergies, rosacea, food allergy? Dermatologist or my physician?

For the couple weeks I have had a series of itchy red bumps in various places on my body. At first I thought it was hives but now I'm unsure. ?

For the past two weeks I have had welts/hives all over my body. Nothing has changed in my diet or products used.

Full body itching just came on in the last 2 hours. No rash, no redness, only new bites are from mosquitos that usually don't give me reactions?

Good day, I have hive like spots showing up on my body i am not sure what it is at first I thought it was bed bugs but it is not ... It's not Ina patt?

Got a rash after getting blood work done, it happened 3 times already. It itches a lot. Could I be allergic to Latex?

Got a rash after using the intuition razor (the one with the soap already on there) could this be an allergic reaction or razor bumps. What can I do to get rid of them ?

Got an alergic reaction on my lips first then a little bit on my face then my penis itching what's the causes and any remedies, thanks in advance.

Got itchy burning itchy/sensation in skin especially ears, dr said could b allergic reaction 2 penicillin which i took in april, im still experiencin ?

Got these weird streaks that really itch all over my body even near my thigh areas is this allergic reaction my mom tarted using new product to wash c?

Grandmother has been taking lamotrigine 25 mg at night for 1 week. I noticed a red rash on her belly / navel about the size of my palm. Could this be the dangerous rash? Is it safe to stop the med?

Had allergy skin test done. First phase no reaction. Second challenge where they inject upper arm under skin not mush reaction. Came home and the following morning three of the spots were raised and itching like crazy(like hives). Delayed reaction??

Had an allergic reaction to MRI contrast (face got swollen) Hoe do I prevent that from happening again?

Had hives recently, and meds helped, but have an itchy red spot on chest, that doesn't improve w/steroids. Dr. Checked for mold, but nothhing. Help!

Hair dye allergy. Given iterax and prednisone fter 1 day, blisters dry up and startng to flake, but fave is swelling. Is this normal?

Has anyone ever had an allergic rash for a month and it went away for no reason?

Have allergy to certain foods n dust.if I eat the one which triggers causes my skin to itch very badly and thn I have all red patches due to itching ?