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2 days been feeling lightheaded & dizzy today extremely nauseous to being sick had partial hysterectomy 8 yrs ago?

27 weeks pregnant and having dizzieness all of sudden feeling shaky and hungry?

30 week pregnant dizzy and lightheaded nauseous pain upper stomach shaky and blurry vision body feel very weak and heavy not going away!

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Can Tyrptizol make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.I am on them 2 months, Thanks?


Can you please tell me why it'sthat i feel dizzy and at times close to fainting or faint when i work out?

Could allergies make someone feel dizzy and almost faint?

Every time I stand up i blackout for 5 seconds but I'm still conscience. I feel like I'm going to faint, dizzy, lightheaded. I have fainted twice.

Everyday at the same time in the afternoon My ears feel hot and I feel dizzy at the same time?

Everytime i eat something i feel very dizzy and tired after. What could it be?

Fatigue, nauseau, dizzy, weak, what to do?

Feel dizzy and falling after drinking?

Feel dizzy time to time? Why?

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Feel flushed and shakey after breakfast?

Feel nausea, dizzy, like im going to faint what can this be?

Feeling dizzy ? And faint ?

Feeling dizzy and a little nauseous when bending down since the morning. What could this be?

Feeling dizzy and faint and sick. Mostly in the mornings the last few days, could I be pregnant or something worse ?

Feeling dizzy and tired , am i Aneamic ?

Feeling dizzy on standing up sometimes more than others? Been feeling for 4 days since almost fainted in shower?

Feeling dizzy, lightheaded especially when I look down I feel drunk and I don't drink at all.

Feeling exhausted, weak and dizzy?

Feeling giddiness for two weeks now. What could be going on?

Feeling hot, dizzy, and nausea, what is wrong with me?

Feeling lightheaded and tired all the time. Is there anything i can take for this?

Feeling really shakey an nausiated what can it be an how can I stop it...?

Feeling very dizzy all of sudden.

Feeling very dizzy, weak and have a sinking feeling when dizzy, almost on the verge of passing/blacking out. What could it be?

Feeling very weak and shaky and light headed.. What do I need?

Feeling weak, legs cannot stand long shaky feeling. Cold hands and feet, it feels shaky. Get dizzy, lightheaded.What is this?

Fever for 2 weeks I feel very weak no energy I feel very dizzy when standing could this be sepsis?

For several weeks I have been feeling neasous & dizzy. With feeling dizzy I end up with headaches at times the dizziness will make me feel neasous?

Hello, I have been feeling faint, dizzy very weak, out of breath, confused, and tired even if I walk one flight of stairs, what should I do?

Hi doctors . Been feeling a bit nauseated and dizzy and dont know what the problem is. Please help?

Hi just wondering why i feel tired and lighthead lately?

Hi my I am 24 years old and i been feeling sick i feel heavy and not in balance?

Hi y do I keep feeling dizzy when i bend over?

Hi, the last 2 weeks or so I've been feeling dizzy, nausious, extreamly tired, and lightheaded. Any ideas??

Hi! Last night I got dizzy... I tried some moves to help Vertigo & feeling not so dizzy now. But I still am a bit cloudy & nauseous. Is that normal?

Hi. Last few weeks ive been really tired, and last 2 days been feeling abit breathless, anything wrong? Im 19 if that helps

How can I stop being so dizzy and fatigued?

How come I always feel dizzy?

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How come I sometimes feel dizzy?

How to be energetic andstop feeling dizzy daily?

How to stop dizzyness? I've been feeling dizzy for over 12 hours now

I always feel tired and sleepy.. And always have shortness of breath.. Sometimes i feel dizzy..

I am 30. And i woke up today feeing just off. I feel dizzy, nervous, chest feels fluttery, off balance. Any ideas?

I am dizzy and my face feels tightness?

I am dizzy and nauseated ! feel tingleng in my hand. What is this?

I am feeling dizzy after lying in bed for awhile.. I am just wondering why i would be feeling dizziness?

I am feeling dizzy and vomited the other day. I have a week feeling dizzy. Could high cholesterol cause this or what could cause this.

I am feeling nauseous, light-headed, cannot hold still, and feeling very hot. What could be wrong?

I am naused, dizzy and having hot flashes. Before all this i've been feeling weak. Help what is wrong with me?

I am very worried about my sick feeling today. Started feeling dizzy last night and now I feel sick , tired/weak, nausea, & Dizzy. What could this be?

I been really sick all week but now i literally can't stand up without feeling faint, help?

I cannot stand feeling bloated all the time. What should I do?

I constantly feel lightheaded/dizzy and feel like im going to fall over or faint feeling. I dont have to be doing anything to get this feeling. ?

I constantly feel weak and dizzy? What could possibly be causing this?

I constantly feeling weak and faint and don't know why?

I feel dehydrated for the first time , what should I do ?

I feel dizy?

I feel dizzy , weak and I have trouble breathing. Is this something to worry about?

I feel dizzy all the time what could be causing it?

I feel dizzy and a little nauseous out of nowhere. Could it be vertigo?

I feel dizzy and fainted today, can't concentrate or do anything, is this something bad?

I feel dizzy and have a slight cold, what is this?

I feel dizzy and light headed and very weak but only at night feeling very warm to?

I feel dizzy and lightheaded a lot of the time wot causes this?

I feel dizzy but no fever?

I feel dizzy i think I am going to fall forward .And then i feel sick .What can it be?

I feel dizzy just about every morning. Is this normal?

I feel dizzy most of the time?

I feel dizzy what should I do to stop it?

I feel dizzy when waking up this morning?

I feel dizzy with shivers super tired my back is killing me ?

I feel faint when I am really hungry or hot, why? I just feel out of it.

I feel fatigued l, nauseous and weak and my BP is 90/52. should I be concerned?

I feel i will faint any moment now. I have a very itchy vagina and i feel dizzy?

I feel lightheaded an every time I stand up I get a light sweat ive felt tired all day and nautious?

I feel lightheaded but my body is heavy and I can't feel myself walking.

I feel nauseated off and on & suddenly feel faint & lightheaded when i stand & lose balance. I've been getting headaches too. What could this be?

I feel nauseous 24/7 and my head feels funny and I feel weak and I feel hot and cold and I feel dehydrated and I feel agitated and I have a headache?

I feel nauseous and lightheaded all the time. What is wrong with me?

I feel overheated and lightheaded I'm on the floor and I feel weak?

I feel really dizzy and im shaking. What could be wrong?

I feel really tired and dizzy i sometimes feel light-headed and always want to rest. what does this mean?

I feel shaky when i am laying down?

I feel so tired, sleepy and sometimes dizzy and with strange feel in my chest. What could provoke it?

I feel stressed and every now and then i feel dizzy and disoriented?

I feel tired all the time and sometimes i feel really dizzy. What could it be?