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I am 34 weeks And I feel I want to vomit all of a sudden. Is It normal?

3 drinks last night, no recollection of anything that happened (no, not rufied). Awful headache, sensitivity to light, shaking, vomiting, chills. ??

Fatigue, caugh, pain in stomach& back, discharge, spotting, dizziness, feel like I'm gonna faint, headaches, nausea, acid reflux, weak. This be?

'm not stressed/worried about anything. What would cause general nausea in the mornings?

1 wk in cycle breast swell, after they're back down get really sick: morning diarrhea, nausea, vomit, no energy, shortness of breath. What is happen?

10 days ago I started doing exercises. Now, I don't have much of an appetite and I get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Also, insomnia?

17 yo daughter having hot flashes, naseau, frequent headaches, tired, constantly hungry in past 2 weeks. What could this be? (no meds;not pregnant)

20 minutes after eating i had heart palpitations headache abdominal pain diarrhea and nausea. I also feel feverish. Whats going on?

2d ago i had nausea, vomiting, chills, & body aches. Felt better yesterday and now this am i woke up dry heaving. Do I have a bug or something?

3 weeks ago i had IV sedation but ever since i've had a headache feel sick and dizzy but are the symptoms because of having the sedation?

3 year old always complains of feeling nauseated. Dry heaves. Low appetite. Been going on for 4 plus months. Bowel movements normal.

4a month or2 I have had coughing, diareah, loss of apatite. Last week i started coughing blood. And been weak felling should I be worried?

5 days ago got nausea & stomach cramps. Now, no appetite, head feels like pressure, no Bowel movements for 5 days, moderate fatigue, insomnia. No feve?

5 days ago i started having diarrhea and nausea. I now have rotten egg tasting burps. Overall, i don't feel good-tired, dizzy or light headed. No temp?

54 year old mom has abdomen pain, bloating, diahrea, difficulty eating at times, feels dizzy and nausea. She has high BP and has allergies please help?

6 weeks after miscarriage I've been extremely week fatigued vomiting diarhea dizziness and progessivly getting worse what could it be?

6 weeks pregnant what can I take for morning sickness ..I feel very weak due to vomiting?

8 y/o vomiting on/off for 3 weeks headaches tired sleeping more seen doc, diagnosed stomach bug, still not well 1 week later?

97.9 degree temp. Nausea. Dizzy. Bad taste in mouth. Upset stomach. Feel hot. Need help?

A few days i ago i started to feel achy, lightheaded & weak, w/ occasional nausia. Since then the symptoms have worsened & become severe. Stomach bug?

A week ago l had the flu. By day 5 i was feeling better apart from a tirdness and nausea. Day 8 and l still have nausea and tired when will it go away

Abdominal pain nausea some vomiting as soon as i eat anything, going on 10 days now, can eat. Very fatigued not not able to able to sleep bc symptoms?

After douching i felt nausea, dizziness, and near vomiting. Those ate still there but now i can smell everything. Is this just morning sickness?

Am i alright? I feel like I'm running a fever an had diarrhea this morning and afternoon, I also feel fatigued but it isn't severe, and a migrane.

Am in first trimester n having vomiting daily n feeling dehydration can u plz tell me wat ate the symptoms of dehydration in this condition?

Any advice? I have been getting nausea for 5 months?

Around every three months to 4 weeks apart (approx) i experience extreme stomach pains, eggy burps, diarrhoea, sickness and also feelin dizzy/faint.

At evening I feel exhausted, chills no fever, so tiredness just want to be in bed is that normal I'm going to 9 wks ?

Bad chills last night & stuffy nose. Today: weak, very tired, in bed all day.Had one diarrhea and my period was 8 days late. What do you think is up?

Bad stomach. Diarrhea for 1week. Painfull stomach cramps. Extremely stressed & exhausted due to work. Tiredness not helping. Need some relief & energy?

Been feeling lethargic, go from being happy to very upset within seconds. Been having very bad moods and frequent urination. Could I be pregnant?

Been feeling really tired and fatigued the past few days and started having really bloody bowl movements. What could be wrong?Do i need to see doctor?

Been getting dizzy when bend down or after standing. Been sick for over a month throwing up dry heave. Have gallbladder sludge. Trying to stay hydrated. What can be making me dizzy. Not really eating much cause of nausea/vomiting. I'm seeing gastro.

Been getting nauseated for no reason. Not pregnant. Will be ok then all of a sudden extremely sick feeling. No fever, diarrhea , no vomiting. ?

Been more tired lately, upset stomach, diarrhea once, gas, slight headache, fatigue, overall unwell feeling. Is this the flu? Will it make me vomit?

Been nauseous for going on 4 days now, no body aches or fever, but I'm extremely tired all the time. any ideas what it could be?

Been sick for over a week with nausea, lack of appetite, dehydration. Getting fluids but now feel nauseated, chills and really tired. Not pregnant.

Been sick for past week. Stomach pain and body as well as migraines throughout the day everyday can't eat with out feeling sick I don't know what to?

Been sick last 3 days with nausea and loss of appetite. Started feeling somewhat better today and relapse with pressure at pit of stomach and gagging?

Been tired, nausea, vomiting, heavy chest, dizzy, shaky for a month now. Blood work came back fine. Any ideas?

Been very nauseous, lack of appetite. Feel super bloated (stomach growls) headaches, cold sweats / chills. Not much to eat in 36/hrs still diarrhea.. ?

Been vomiting and getting sick with other symptoms off and on the last two months. What is wrong with me?

Been vomiting since yesterday, no appetite barely today, 100.2 fever and more vomiting. What should I do? Hasn't sleep well. Wakes up vomiting

Before yesterday i was suffering from stomach ache, vomiting, dizziness, and is soup good for me to eat today? And especially lentil soup?

Bloated, hard stomach for 3 weeks after last cycle, nausea, dizzy spells. What can cause this? She is under a lot of chronic stress too.

Blood vomitng, fever, dizziness, upset stomach, weight loss, cough, flu, feeling cold, not feeling hungry.Dez r symptoms.Got 4 wounds in stomch 1 near liver?

Butterfly feeling in stomach, as if nervous. But I'm not nervous about anything. No other symptoms. Started 24 hours ago and has not gone.

Can a lot of late nights give you sleepless or restless nights, nausea, stomach pain and generally feeling generally unwell?

Can allergies cause you to feel dizzy , have an upset stomach , headache and overall feel aweful?

Can anxiety cause metallic taste in mouth, feeling sick, nausea, dizziness and exhaustion. ?

Can being on your period cause nausea?26/f, 5 day long periods, usually I don't feel so sick to my stomach, no bad food, no fever but I feel hot.

Can being over tired make you nauseous more pale skinned than normal confused and headache and stomachache?

Can eye strain cause a sick feeling in the stomach?

Can IBS cause vomitin for days, low temp, sweating when vomitin, nitesweats, chills, strong sence of smell/taste, spasms, pain, ect.An happens every 2-4months?

Can IBS make you feel sick? Nausea?

Can repeated late nights and a sleepless night make me feel nauseous, have sore eyes, stomach ache and a dodgey stomach?

Can seasonal allergies cause you to feel nauseous and not have appetite?

Can you get hepatitis from vomit? Disposed of vomit (wearing gloves) and washed hands. Now feeling tired, nauseas, loss of appetite 3 weeks later?

Can you have meningitis and not know it? I been feeling really unbalanced lately. might it be because of meningitis, I did have a stomach bug suppsdly

Can you tell me how I could get over my phobia of feeling nauseous & vomiting ?

Can you tell me if the symptoms of my pregnancy is normal? I've been dealing with nausea, vomiting which i know is normal, but i've also been feeling like i can't eat, i can't even think of food without feeling like i'm going to vomit. Most of the time i

Can't keep food down. Vomiting but w/o feeling sick. Not pregnant. & w/o nausea. Why is this happening? Also having normal bm's. Happening 4, 3 days.

Cervical neck shot on 6-13 kennalog/Lydocaine. Threw up after. Very nauseated for 14 days now not vomiting just very nauseated. Nothing helps. Why!

Chills, gaggy feeling, and constant yawning.first day on effexor (venlafaxine). Is this normal? Will It go away? Help!

Constant nausea fatigue abdomen feels full loss of appetite stomach pain after eating and light headed. Do I go to urgent care or wait? Symp 3 days

Constant nausea. Have to keep food in my stomach or i get really sick. Shaky, dizzy, horrible headaches. Not pregnant. No gall bladder. Seen a gi.

Continuous nausea for to days but no diarrhea or vomit. Extremely achy and feels like I have to diarrhea but can't. Help?

Coughing mucous, headache, dirrehea, extremely tired I could sleep for days if I could, neasous, feeling weak had this for about a week now?

Could i be pregnant if I am having nausea after eating, headaches, and very tired all the time.

Cracked head 14 staples memoryloss doublevision fracturedrib feeling horribly nauseous allday throwing up feeling sotired headache fever scared?

Daily Headaches. 3 migraines in 3 weeks. Feel Nauseous after eating sometimes. Have vomited 3/4 times in 3 weeks. Normal temp. Body pains. Thoughts?

Dejavu make you vomit? Dizzy?

Diarrea, feeling sick, severe abdominal pains, lack of energy, headaches all for 7 days. Food poisoning?

Diarreah, appetite,barely eaten for a week.lost 2 lbs. All started while under stress.also weak.had negative colonoscopy 6/14.pain.

Diarrhea everytime I eat for two weeks now. Not bad just uncomfortable. Also slight nausea and fatigue. What could be wrong?

Diarrhea then nausea and feel like passing out. Is this the flu?

Dizzyness, headaches, and nausea after i eat. I have felt nauseous after i eat anything for around three months now and for the first 2 months i had diarrhea after i ate and now it is more like a really bad headache and dizzyness. I have tried 2 kinds of

Doc says vertigo i only have slight dizziness. for 4 days slight disorientation tired,weak,diarrhea some appetite,temp99 dosent feel like sickness?

Doctor cut my Thyroid meds in half, as I was getting too much. not feeling too good, stomach upset, headache, tired, weird feeling in chest at times??

Does nausea gets better week by week? I'm in 8th week, I feel much better in nausea than last week. Is this good symptom

Drank a wine cooler. Later, sudden weakness in limbs, nausea, stomach cramps and feeling faint. It would come and go. What could cause this?

Episodes of dizziness lightheaded and now vomiting very sore breast it like comes and goes with headaches any suggestions feeling bloated also?

Every morning for the last week or so, I wake up having an upset stomach/diarrhea. I even felt the urge in my sleep, but ignored it. Why? Stress?

Everyone says that a dog has a sixth sense about their owner. My has been by me for 4 days now and I have been bloated,nausea, and dizziness why?

Everytime my stomach is brewing for a bowel movement I get really dizzy and lightheaded. Why is this? Can i faint from it?

Extreme heartburn worried?

Extremely tired extremely nauseous stomach cramps in this way for the last 3 to 4 days what could be wrong immediate response asap?

Fainted during the process of donating plasma. Still feeling a little weak and nauseated. Slight diarrhea , feel like vomiting but haven't yet.

Fainting, lightheadedness, headaches so bad i can't eat, sleep, or work, vomitting not able to eat or drink without vomiting, and continuous fever.

Fatigue with bouts of stomach uneasiness. Not pregnant. No energy. Loss of appetite. Started 2 weeks ago. Only thing I eat is Peppermint Altoids, when I am not hungry. Get unusual pangs in right side under ribs. Not sleeping well at night. No fever.

Fatigue, puffy face, head aches couple times a day, constant gas and hiccups stomach bloating heavy mood swing and constantly cold?

Feel disoriented, headache with vision problems, nausea when smell anything or see anything moving, diarreha, got fever for 1st day and have ulcer i?

Feel extremely tired, sour stomach, no appetite. Chills all over. Sweaty palms. Irritable at times. No fever and not pregnant. ?

Feel faint and shaky, frequency to urinate, constipated nausea and have stomach pains. No fever. What could i have?

Feel fine durring the day, but at night I get the shakes, chills, massive stomach pain, nausea, headache, can't sleep. How can I make it stop?

Feel so much nauseas only when im on a car,if im driving im good but other than this is so much nauseas what can i do is anoying i am not pregnant?

Feel weak, tired nausea and slight fever. Could this be the flu?

Feeling dizzy and nausea three days after appendectomy had two nose bleeds today and have a UTI when will i be myself again?

Feeling drowsy and tired, intense pain in throat, along with nausea, and fever, very dehydrated mouth. What can be done?

Feeling fine. Ate sliced turkey. About 30 mins later got stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea, fatigue, and weakness. No fever.