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Have a headache and feel week and a little shaky i am 15weeks pregnant is this something to do with pregnancy? Is it normal or something else? I

16 weeks pregnant and feeling pressure down below

20 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy, temperature 99.1°f, light headed, chills, feel really sick. What should I do?

27 about 4 week pregnant, shaky hands, dizzyness, weeing alot, bloated stomach, wee smells alittle?

3 weeks ago i had intercourse now im feeling really bloated and not to much appetit?

30 weeks pregnant and keep feeling really sick and dizzy why is this?

34 weeks pregnant if i feel sick, does my baby feel sick?

37 weeks pregnant and feeling dizzy. What can I take?

40 weeks pregnant and feeling really sick and crampy and this a sign of labour ?

40 weeks pregnant today, I have been feeling nauseated for 5 days with dull headaches what could this be?

6 days late and don't feel pregnant. Can I still be? Is there such thing as "feeling pregnant?" Emotionally?

7 weeks pregnant and feeling dizzy. Is this normal?

8 DPO gassy, tired, nauseous, bloated, headaches and thirsty. Could I be pregnant?

A im 3 month pregnant and i feel dizzy all the time?

After having intercourse i felt dizzy and nauseated. What could this mean?

After I have sex I feel nausea like I have to throw up I never do I'm on bc.. what may be the cause if the feeling nausea ?

Am 6 months 1/2 pregnant its my second pregnancy, and I feel breathless and weak all the time my chest feels tight and feel nauseas help me please?

Am menstruating and am feeling weak, tired, stomach upset. Might i be pregnant?

Any explanation for why i feel nauseous at night even if i'm not on my period?

At 37weeks pergnant feeling really sick why?

At 4 weeks pregnant can you feel signs? Tired, sore breast, belly just feeling weird, constipated, not hungry as much, peeing a lot more?

Been feeling dizzy and nauseous few days after my period ended and its also been extremely hot , what can be the cause? Its becoming a evrydy feeling

Been feeling nauseous for 3 days straight I'm on the pill but could I be pregnant?

Bloated and dizzy at 12 weeks in pregnancy is normal?

Boobs hurt/ sensitive. Tired, feeling sick am I pregnant?

Can I be pregnant? I have spotted for 2 days, I have a stronger sense of smell, I feel sick but don't vomit and I feel tired in the evenings

Can I be pregnant??? 2 months ago I had a miscarriage I been feeling dizzy and nauseas and throwing up at night only and in the day tired and sleepy!!

Can i still be pregnant and just not know about it? I have recently started to feel "bloated". I feel sore and exhausted.

Can u feel nauses when ovulating ?

Can you feel sick right after ovulation and be pregnant?

Can you feel something if you've miscarried?

Can you feel yourself ovulate?

Can you get a period and have pregnancy symptoms? Im on nexplanon and i feel pregnant i feel very hungry and sleepy

Could I be pregnant after 4days. I've been feeling nauseous today fatigued and slightly faint. Is it possible to feel these symptoms already?

Could I be pregnant I feel so nauseous?

Day before last I stayed with my bf and his sick mom. I started feeling cramps, lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseous the same night. Am I ill or pregnant?

Delayed for 7 days and i feel vomitting am i pregnant?

Do it mean your pregnat if the male feels nausated . Then he feels okey then the female feels nausated.

Do you feel agitated when pregnant?

Do you feel dizzy when first pregnant?

During ovulation, can I feel nauseas?

During periods i feel very uneasy and irritated?

Every morning for the last few weeks I've felt very nauseated, sometimes to the point of being sick (which helps). I'm not pregnant, so what gives?

Every morning when i get up my stomach feels nauseous and sick. Its been happening for a few weeks, and im not pregnant and no other symptoms?

Feel bloated and constipated. Possibly pregnant?

Feel nausea after eating not pregnant?

Feeling nausas with a bloated tummy and slighty hard had a two day period am i pregnant?

Feeling bloated after he ejaculated in me, what could be wrong?

Feeling cold like chills and nauseous not pregnant and not on my period. And yes I ate today. why am I feeling this way?

Feeling nauseous and dizzy and diarrhea are symptomps of pregnant?

Feeling of nausea and not pregnant. What could it be?

Feeling sick and dizzy and not had period for 2months?

Feeling very nauseous and dizzy at eight and a half months pregnant is this normal?

Giddy and feel vomit for 4days no pregnant?

Had a period for 7 days day 7 I have been feeling sick to my stomach off and on all day what could this be ?

Had surgery 4 days ago for an ectopic pregnancy and today i feel very dizzy and lightheaded. Is this normal?

Having cramps tired all the time and feeling sick to stomach but not pregnant what could it be ?

Hello, I've been feeling really bloated, migraines, feeling nauseous, my nipples for the past 2 weeks and I'm 2 days late. could I be pregnant?

Hello. I been feeling something in my stomach like a growly feeling, i took a pregnancy test, it was really faint.

Hi I am pregnant 6 weeks feeling nausea all the time what should I do can't eat much?

Hi im 27 and a half weeks pregnant im getting a really uneasy feeling in my stomach like cramp but sick feeling is there something i can take to help.

Hi im pregnant and didn't eat but one time today what should I do I don't feel good.

Hi, do you think it's weird that I feel sick 3 months after a miscarriage?

Hi, I have been throwing up, nauseated , tired, having head aches a lot of dizzy spells.. Idk if im pregnant or not, but my period came today. ?

How come I feel queasy in the morning? (not pregnant)

How come i feel so fatigued right before my period?

How come when your pregnant you feel sick?

How do u no ur pregnant i been dizzy hurting tired and sick and don't feel good and i want to no if I am pregnant?

How do you feel when you barely become pregnant?

How do you feel when your pregnant the 8th month?

How does it feel when you bloated and pregnant?

How early can I know that i my be pregnant? Because I have been feel really weird lately, but i don't know if it just pms? Please help

How soon can you feel pregnant?

How soon will i feel pregnancy symptoms? Been very tired and dizzy, throwing up after i eat but hungry.

How would know if your pregnant ? What do I feel first?

I also had a fluttery weird feeling in my stomach today could i be pregnant ?

I am 12 weeks and pregnant buy don't really feel bloated or pregnant is everthing okay?

I am 22 days late for my period. im not well and feeling dizzy sometimes and after meal i feel like throwing up.

I am 24 weeks pregnant & have been feeling very nauseaus the last couple weeks, is this normal?

I am 25 weeks pregnant and have been very dizzy all day. Is this normal?

I am 25, have been having irregular periods and sooo tired and feel so bloated and gained 15 pounds in the last month and feel weird. Why is this?

I am 29 weeks pregnant almost 30 and feeling damp down there?

I am 30 and have 2 kids, l started feeling and seeing movement in my tummy after my period. I feel tired and nauseated sometimes?

I am 31 weeks pregnant have had a hedache past few days now im feeling tired and nautious.. Is this normal or should I call doctor?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and feeling dizzy. What could it be?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and feel exhausted and nauseous. Is that normal?

I am 8weeks pregnant with my 2child but i sometimes don't feel pregnant just tired and little nauseo.And i think I should be vomitting by now.I am worried?

I am bleeding a month after i had an abortion and i feel really sick is this normal?

I am feeling sick while on my period. Should i be worried?

I am feeling vomitting, headeche and some other things that a pregnant lady feel..But i m confused am i pregnant?

I am pregnant and feeling dizzy what can I do?

I am pregnant but then I been feeling sick and dizzy everyday. Is there something wrong?

I am so nauseous 6 weeks postpartum. Why?

I been feeling sick to my stomach, is this a sign of pregnacy?

I been having a fluttery feeling in my stomach for about 5 days now, plus I have been dizzey, sleepy and cranky with vomating. Am i pregnant?

I feel "full" down there all the time, am i pregnant?

I feel bloated after I eat and cramps and stomach feels tender but pregnancy tests negative?

I feel dizy and wanting to throw up all times is this a sign of pregnancy?

I feel dizzy all the time after my period for the past few months now is there something wrong with me???????????????????????

I feel dizzy all the time after my period for the past few months now is there something wrong with me???????????????????????