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12 days post thyroidectomy, 2 days post jp removal i now feel nauseous and feel like im about to vomit no horm replacement and tired. Something wrong?

16y female. feeling hot, sweaty, sleepy and nausea since some days. Also having trouble sleeping and occasionally feel depressed and sad. Advice?

30m atheletic, diagnosed with myocarditis 50 days ago, last check 2 days ago and no inflammation but i still feel like poop, weak, dizzyness when getting up of bed, sometimes nausea will i evr rcover?

32 years old sexually active. Been feeling weak and shake is it normal?

39 weeks pregnant. Feel sick, dizzy and generally unwell. What could this be?

6 days after and during Azithromycin I may have weakness side effect. Not sick but weak all day and tired. Lots of water/rest. Anything I can do?

7.5 weeks pregnant not feeling any nausea. A little fatigued and mildly sore breasts in evening but that's it. Otherwise feeling fine! Should I worry?

90 year old female on Ciprofloxacin pill and Vancomycin injection for 8 days. Would it be normal for her to be extremely tired, weak and depressed?

A few days ago, my right hand was shaking really badly. I was very tired and probably dehydrated. Could that be the reason or is it something else?

A week after miscarriage and still extremely weak physically and emotionally what should I do? How do I get back to myself?

After a big meal i feel weak and tired. Could this perhaps be a sign of diabetes?

After a surgery, how long the effect of anesthesia stay in the body?It is been almost a month and still feeling weak, tired, etc.

After getting colonoscopy feel tired and lots of cramps doctors told me during it I had a high temper and went very pale why was this?

After having a baby, I have become weak, now my daughter is 20 months, i still breastfeed her, but i feel tired and look weak and dull, don't sleep well?

After my cesarean operation i still feeling tired always and feeling dizzy especially in the evening.Is it normal to a breastfeeding mother like me?

All day, my mom has been extremely cold & fatigued and "not herself". She's also slightly nauseous and has a decreased appetite and a headache. Why?

Am feeling weak these days.... The weather here is very hot...I get tired very easily... What shall i do?

Any explanation for why i feel so weak and tired when i play sports?

Approaching my 4th month with mono and feeling dizzy and extremely weak with a severe headache and fever that's comes and goes, when will I feel ok?

Around days 12-15 of my cycle I become weak dizzy an sick that lasts for around 30 mins is this due to ovulating I became so weak I was even shaking?

Bad cold but also has grey skin, feels disoriented and confused, stumbling, exhaustion, trouble breathing. Not eating and dehydrated.

Be4 my period, i feel nauseas, fatigue, cry, brainfog, excessivesleep, i can't function, moody and bloated. I feel like a dead person. Is it normal? Im22

Been feeling a vague headache an a bit malaise today. Had a semilate night studying. Am I coming down with something or just exhausted? Been in bed.

Been feeling nauseous and early satiety after some meals and through day, feel light headed after standing up, and cold hands and feet often. Concern?

Been feeling very tired and very moody and randomly getting light headed for the past week. My apatite also increased. Any ideas?

Been having chest pressure and feeling tired and lightheaded for the past few days. Mostly when walking. I'm 27 and physically active, what's up?

Been on antibiotics for 4 days still feeling rundown especially after coughing when will I feel better?

Bleeding gums, bruising easily, tired, diarrhoea, nausea. Weak and muscles fatigued, what's wrong/what can I do?

Body feels very weak everytime, including my bones. Have been feeling like this for nore thab 1 yr & Because of this I always feel sleepy n drowsy ?

Body feels warm (temp is 98.5), slight headache and eyes feel tired and drowsy but i feel fine. Appetite fine and no other symptoms. What could it be?

C. Diff kicking my butt. Is it normal to get headaches and be light headed. Body broke down for not having appetite. Lack energy and weak. Get shaky 2?

C. Diff positive. Diaherra. Nasty color. No appetite. Lack energy. Feel weak. Just a ill feeling like got hit by train. How long does diaherra last?

C. Diff. Normal to feel weak. Lack energy. No appetite. Belly upset. Just have a ill feeling.

Can a sinus infection have you feeling drowsy , feeling bad and weak?

Can a UTI cause one to feel generally ill?

Can a zpac cause you to feel weak and tired? It's my second day on them [250mgs] and i'm having muscle spasms and feel weak and sleepy.

Can being over stressed and a little tired cause mild hallucinations?

Can c. Diff make u feel like death? I'm on vanco 125mg. Just scared of dieing. Scared i won't get better. Just feel very weak. Lack energy. Very ill

Can flagyl cause you to feel glum? Like weak and tired of sorts?

Can having anxiety give you headaches. Make you tired. Make you weak. Loose ur appetite. Make you fatigue & dizzy/ light headed?

Can hypothyroidism cause flu like feelings to come and go with extreme exhaustion?

Can incomplete rbbb make you feel unwell?

Can lack of sleep make me sick? I have a 7 month old so the past 7 months I haven't slept much at all. Started feeling really sick, flu like symptoms.

Can people with cipa feel muscle fatigue?

Can post partum depression cause physical symptoms . I can barely stand or function . So. Dizzy and weak abnormally. Doc wants me to get on meds ?

Can prednisone cause someone to become extremely tired out of nowhere?

Can sinus issues cause you to feel out of your own body and tired?

Can stress cause a lot of body symptoms?quit job and feel very ill bodyaching headache dizzy chestpain can it be fibromyalgia?im always worried

Can you tell me, are enemas safe to do when feeling really weak?

Cold turkey off 40mg citalopram 3rd day , flu like feeling, fuzzy head and severely being sick ? Really not feeling well at all

Consistent elev A.S.O. titers despite being on abx for them for 6 mo. I stay feeling like I am "under the weather". Advice? Tired of feeling sick!

Constantly fatigued, out of focus, slightly dizzy feeling all the time. Could it be eye strain?

Constantly tired feeling worn out and getting eczema under my right atm. Please help?

Constantly tired, drained and weak. What could be wrong? History:endometriosis and brain mass. Ideas please?!

Constipation at times, a general sick feeling in the stomach, weak, not steady on my feet for the first few minutes after standing?

Could 11 ng/ml vitamin d be the reason i feel sick? Bone aches, fatigue, depression tired. Shoulder hurt all day today. Had CBC and vitamin d was bad

Could a kidney infection be making me this weak and tired?

Could anemia be making me feel cold? I feel cold a lot, even during the summer. Is anemia a possible explanation of this? .

Could anemia be making me feel cold? I feel cold a lot, even during the summer. Is anemia a possible explanation of this? .

Could feeling sluggish, depressed, lots of headaches, and numb fingers be a sign of hypothyroidism?

Dark urine with smell and loss of appatite, feeling very tired and sluggish. Over all ill feeling. ?

Defibulator activated became weak and dizzy and lost all color?

Diabetics when you are weak and sweaty do you get in a bad mood and get real cranky ?

Dizzy falling feeling. Hard to focus. Tired all the time. Body feels heavy. My mom just had a brain tumor removed. Are those hereditary?

Doctors, can my being very overweight & unfit cause me to feel so drained and tired all the time?

Does Avelox 400 cause fatigue ? I feel so tired and weak after the first dose thatI could not get up. But my persistent fever seems to be lowered.

Does diabetes cause fatigue? I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and i've been feeling fatigued/tired lately even without much physical activity

Dr i m not feeling well from past 2 days bcoz i got fever at night and my body is feeling too weak?Plz help!

Dr. I feel I have a weak immune system n feel tired all too often for my age. Opinions on how to strengthen? Gen. healthy but got colds easy as a kid.

DR/DP followed by anxiety.. Now fatigued limbs/fatigued mentally/can't concentrate/HAVE HAD 2/3mild hyper feelings but still fatigued/feel bad.. Help?

Easily worn out, fatigued, always just feel not well, not necessarily sick just not healthy. I have bad tonsils, could my symptoms be related?

Entroviruses. How long can they last? 3weeks been out of it. No appitite. Sore throat by uvala. Headache no energy. Feel weak. Docs said it my anxiety

Ever since recovering from severe cold I have become very fatigued during the day, why?

Exclusively breastfeeding. Constantly feeling exhausted, weak and cranky. All I want is some coffee and lay down all day! How can I fix this please?

Exercising when allergic? Feel tired and as if would have a flu but no other symptoms. Think it's allergy. Does it make sense to go do sports?

Extreme sun exposure 7 days ago, still feeling weak, tired, feeling worse today, still forming blisters. Ibu on board & various lotions. Dr now?

Father feels weak no energy constantly. Has prostate cancer. What could be the reason for feeling like that? Feels dizzy constantly as well.

Feel fatigued, jittery, feel out of it. No caffeine intake. No fever. Gag reflex but no stomach issues right now. Face feels warm. Just got off period?

Feel generally unwell all the time.Exhausted, bit lightheaded, stomach aches. A little anemic, maybe have thyroid problem.How can I reverse this?

Feel generally unwell everyday, hard to stand without feeling weak and feel heavy like i'm being weighed down. Extreme fatigue.

Feel tired/weak after virus infection. Cough and snot but no pain. Cant shake weakness. Antibiotics finish 5 days ago. Walking makes dizzy sometimes?

Feel unhealthy..Unable to find the reasons..Feverish weak feeling..Although m on proper diet . Hb is 13.Painful periods heavy head too weak back.Help?

Feeling dizzy;weak, body+throat seems to b dried up .. I don't know if its because i partied 3 days or .. Can any doctor help ?

Feeling easily angry, sad, have a headache, stomach is pukey like im nervous off and on, and my temp feels a bit higher. Period was 17-21(not normal)?

Feeling extremely tired each year exact time in April ,last for few days end with vomiting and dizzy and ect?

Feeling extremely tired, weak, "out of it", loss of energy. Had a headache today. No sore throat. What's wrong with me?

Feeling feverish, cold, tired continously for more than 10 days - male , age 35?

Feeling generally unwell, any idea why?

Feeling nauseous during circumcision recovery. What do you suggest?

Feeling tired sometimes even though resting scared could be cancer 19 years old?

Feeling very fatigue physically sick and mentally drain i'm not sick like flu cold or anything but physical activity makes me more fatigue what's wron

Feeling very fatigued after physical work. Can't even get up. I slelpt last night but still fatigued.any remedy so I am back to please!

Feeling very weak, emotional, and tired all the time. I have moments when i get hot and dizzy and a little panicky. I aways have neck pain and dilated pupils. I have severe vit d deficiency.. Related?

Feeling weak after a flu.. should i see a doctor? And what specialty doctor should i go to?

Felt ill. Started with weakness. Lost focus. No appitite. Then head pressure. Now weak. Lack energy. Sore throat.. Been a month now. Docs say anxiety?

Fever 100 in morning. Normal by afternoon. Feel very tired and fatigued. Still feel warm. Age 73 with CHF. Should I see a doctor?

For 2 weeks have been weak and tired and I am having trouble walking. No other symptoms. Did blood work and it was normal. Could this be a virus?

For almost a year now i been somewhat depressed, very sad and had awful stomach and bowel problems. I get nauseous and tired a lot.

For over 1week I feel incredibly weak, I have no real symptoms,just weak and have a big loss of appetite. What could this be? I am exhausted always.

For some time my body feels strange and weak. My sleep is interrupted, but am not sleepy in the day my body just feels weak. Cud it be another reason?