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3 weeks ago rc cmplete tear repair surgery, normal to feel sharp pain in shoulder when take deep breath & shrug shoulder & when in car w/certain movement?

3 years ago I tore my rotator cuff. This weekend I am experiencing sharp pain with movement. Is this arthritis?

58 yr fem think I have bicep tendinitis. Rt arm hurts where it meets shoulder. I use repeat motion over head for yrs. What type dr treats? Sling help?

6 weeks post-surgery rotator cuff. Discontinued sling. Hand swollen, pain (sometimes severe) in thumb pad & "click" when thumb moves. Problem?

600lb shrugs. C5, C6 herniated. Shoulder is unstable and painful. What type of shoulder injury could it be, excluding nerves? Ac joint? Thanks.

7 months post op shoulder surgury still very swallow and a lot pain i had a injury april 2011 had a clean up in shoulder a bone spur doctor thought he saw tear in MRI but didn't see when he was in my arm help please any advice

A couple months ago they told me I had a partial right rotator cuff tear.I have lots of pain and take meds but they only do so much they told me I needed surgery any other suggestions?

A military pa told me, after 3 yrs complaining about pain, that I have a tear in my rotator cuff with fluid in my shoulder. Why would she refer me to physical therapy and not orthopedics?

A year after rotator cuff surgery(full tear & now 3 anchors). I started working out w/trainer & I am having shoulder pain(in back of shoulder) Should ?

Ac joint pain from bench press how long to heal?

Ac joint separation: will the bump cause any physical problems when doing sports?

According to MR I have infraspinatus tendonitis on left shoulder. How to treat it and what should I do daily?

After a c5/c6 cervical posterior fora monotony 6 weeks post op i still get shoulder & arm pain .Will this improve?

After a grade 2 or 3 AC joint widening, there is visual deformity on my right shoulder. What are my options for getting it back to normal?

After arthroscopic surgery on rotator cuff is it normal to have severe pain in the elbow and stabbing feeling in hand?

After I recieve a shots in my shoulder, less then 4 months later my dead shoulder symptoms come back. Even with daily stretching. What can I do?

After my opened rotator cuff surgery, my elbow and forearm have been painful. Do you believe, i get nerve damage?

After rotator cuff bicep repair, if you return to heavy work too soon do you risk re injury or will there just be limits to what your body will do?

After rotator culf surgery can scar tissue build up in the shoulder with little to no physical therapy?

Age 16, i hurt my shoulder 2 months ago. Physical therapy and cortisone not helpful. Mri shows rotator cuff tear and bone spur. Should I have surgery?

Almost daily neck n shoulder pain for 1 year despite physio. Tingling on r hand sometimes. Asked to do total disc replacement surgery. Should i?

Am i allowed to get disability benefits for shoulder tendinitis?

An MRI has shown tendon and muscle impingement. In my shoulder. How can this be rectified?

Any correlation between a loose shoulder and tendinitis?

Any ideas why my rotator cuff feels numb and like jelly?

Apparently I have a winged scapula and proctracted shoulders. Is this a big deal?

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery Sept5th,arm &hand get numb on & off.Also not much pain until last week or so.Keeps me [email protected] night?Why?

Bad headaches and menstrual cramps after shoulder surgery is this normal I had a slap tear repair bicep repair and clavicle bone shaved 2wks ago?

Been diagnosed with frozen shoulder but arm turns red when raised at shoulder height and bent towards head, what causes this. I had surgery on 7-14-11 for impingement, bone spurs and part of bursae sack removed also have a small tear that was not repaired

Bodybuilder:tore the AC/dislocated collar bone left shoulder now can't focus my bicep curls completely on my bicep, the full contraction isn't there. ?

Can a dexamethasone injection in the gluteus muscle for rotator cuff injury make shoulder pain worse?

Can a torn rotator cuff muscle result in aching in the shoulder and arm without any real restrictions in movement?

Can an action tremor in one arm be caused by a minor rotatory cuff injury? I have shoulder pain at certain angles when lifting objects.

Can i get surgery on my shoulders AC joint its grade 2. Was told it would heal in a month and it happened 4/5 months ago hurts when i run or exercise?

Can I have surgery for shoulder instability on both shoulders at same time or back to back? Inherent ligament laxity. Very active lifestyle.

Can knitting aggravate the rotator cuff ? I have impingment & it seems 2 be getting more sore since knitting

Can my unstable shoulder get better without surgery?

Can not going to full "lock- out" on bench press contribute to shoulder tendinitis?

Can overdoing it after shoulder surgery cause trigger points around scapula?

Can sleeping on my back help with subacromial bursitis?

Can sling bag can causes problem in shoulder and spine?? it is somehow heavy because of books. thanks :)

Can small bilateral rotator tears be overcome (pain!) by exercise alone? Damaged in 1998. Ok only if elbows as side, or ouch ali

Can someone have a rotator cuff tear and have no pain in the shoulder but can only raise the arm a little bit?

Can symptoms of a rotator cuff injury come out a week after the initial fall?

Can the constant crack/popping from crepitus due to a partial thick rotator cuff tear hinder my recovery? Its been over a year and shoulder still weak

Can torn rotator cuff cause inside (closest to body) elbow pain in addition to shoulder pain? If so what is treatment?

Can u re-injure a rotator cuff just by stretching? Its been 5 months after surgery and my arm feels week and still painful

Can u tell me whether or not rotator cuff pain runs down your arm and into your fingers or is that tendonitis?

Can you get back to full function with enough physical therapy after a rotator cuff tear?

Can you really get a shoulder injury from fequent mastrubation?

Chiropractor thinks possible tear in shoulder, can't afford mri, can it be rehabed without medical intervention? Painful and seizes up entire arm.

Chronic both shoulders pain from gym injury (very heavy military press & external cable). X-ray shows mild tendonitis. Doesn't explain spasms tingling in upper back. Torn rc? Calcific tend? Decent rom

Chronic pain in thumb and arm with no structural reasons. Prev 3 gameskeeper thumb surg and glenoid labrum repair. Icing, bracing, med etc Whats wrong?

Complete tear of the long headed tendon in my arm. How will this affect the movement of my arm?

Concerned that i might have AC separation on my right shoulder. Please answer i don't want to injure more.

Could falling down with a shoulder muscle tear aggravate the situation?

Could i remove the bursa sac from my shoulder?

Could you remove the bursa sac from your shoulder?

Could you tell me what happens if you keep using your sore rotator cuff?

Did nurse damage my shoulder? I got a high on the shoulder shot of invega sustenna. It was very painful. Was it in the bursa ligament tendon. 3 days

Dislocated my shoulder climbing river. Managed to put it back in place. No nerves pinched. How should I procede to recover? Rest, physiotherpy?

Do all shoulder injuries need a X-ray or mri? What are the symptoms of a separated shoulder and how do you get a separated shoulder?

Do I have a rotator cuff injury or is it just a pulled muscles if I have a strange loose sensation when throwing?

Do I need surgery for rotator cuff tendinosis and shoulder instability? I can't reach behind my back at all and am limited in raising my arm

Do lots of people get adhesive capsulitis of shoulder, or is it unusual?

Do lots of people get rotator cuff syndrome, or is it unusual?

Does anyone know if, eventually, shoulder tendonitis can cause a tear in the rotator cuff, if it gets too bad?

Does shoulder tendonitis always heal on its on if you are young?

Er dr diag: strained rotator cuff. Can the rc be completely torn if i can't lift my arm up and don't really have much pain?Will see orthopedic dr.

Experiencing elbow crepitus when extending and get locking for 2 months. Have elbow pain and tendonitis. MRI w/o contrast normal. Get better on own?

Expert opinion - should missing a tendon in my right shoulder cause one peck to be bigger othen the other?

Extreme pain at rotator cuff, can't lift all the way up, sharp pain, hard to lift things, decreased ROM, how to tell tendonitis vs torn rotator cuff?

Fell off my horse yesterday. Doc thinks a potential torn rotator cuff. Waiting a week or 2 to do imaging to see if it resolves. Would a sling help?

Fell on my shoulder from a handstand. Shoulder has fairly decent movement after two weeks, but benchpressing brought pain. Rotator cuff Injury?

Fell tore rotator cuff prescription pt only. Had epichondolectomy on same arm. Now having pain in elbow/fingers esp small/ring also cold. Did i reinjure elbow ?

For someone with shoulder impingement syndrome, do you have to do physical therpy forever? What about when you get to age 80+?

Full tear rotator cuff, therapy, excellent results, about 85% movement, some popping when moving, if i don't have surgery will anything bad happen?

Got discal clavical resection surgery w/ bicep tendon tear "slap repair" question is off an on i get sharp pains in back of my tricep/elbow. Normal?

Got surgery 5/20/11 had a tear in rotator remove my bursa sac an shaved collar bone. Its still really sore an fatigue/weak why? An i'm still at pt....

Had a cortisone shot 6weeks ago 4 tendonitis , burstitis & partial tear now pain has came back . What should u do . I have had physio also .Shoulder?

Had AC joint seperation surgery on my shoulder in 04 part of my bone was removed now i'm havin increased pain grinding noises weakness should I calldr?

Had anterior labral focal depression of shoulder bone &got repaired through binocular surgery,now when I do shoulder exercise spring like sound comes?

Had arthroscopic rotator cuff, slap tear and a bicep tendodesis 2wk post op developed severe pain on top of shoulder after using op hand. What is it?

Had arthroscopic shoulder surgery bc of torn labrum 6 mo ago. I swim & lift often& am still having aches. I thought it was supposed to feel better?

Had cortisone in AC joint. First one failed, hit bone and tingly shock wave through body. Second attempt successful but 28 hours later whole shoulder, up neck, down to elbow feels same pain as injection?

Had rotator cuff surgery oct. 22 then got frozen shoulder its been 6 months still pain and not all motion range is back?

Had rotator cuff surgery thursday, stomach muscles won't stop cramping. What should I take?

Had rotator cup surgery 8 months ago, impinged tendon 30% tear. My child hyper-extended it 3 weeks ago and I continue to have pain in joint & chest?

Had shoulder acromioplasty and bursectomy 11 weeks ago have full ROM but painful wondered if it still should be so sore now?

Had shoulder decompression 24th oct 13 still in pain with & without movement. Is this frozen shoulder physio thinks so.See dr that done op this month.

Has anyone ever cured winged scapulae?

Have been diagnosed with a left shoulder impingment and chronic bursitis. Is arthriscopic surgery the only remedy? If so is it common?

Have shoulder stiffness not sure if muscle related or rotator cuff tear. What doctor should I see? Working with massage therapist now.

Having elbow pain throwing in baseball. Which ligaments are usually the problem?

Having feelings of crushing and tearing pain i arm and shoulder. Plate and screws were put in to repair fracture of ball joint. Is this typical?

Hello Sir, I suffered a rotatory cuff injury in the right shoulder two years back in the initial stage there was no pain and i could easily do my day ?

Hello, is it possible to have a fully torn bicep tendon (@ shoulder ) with no pain,discoloration,swelling,visually,no sensitivity to touch?

Hi my husband have shoulder dislocation problem .. can he learn swimming??

Hi grade undersurface distal supraspinatus tear now spasms from shoulder to neck/arm pit. Arm feels heavy numb & burns prescription inject & p.T. Is this normal?

Hi mi doctor diagnosed that i have lower rotator cuff tear 30 days ago. i have full range of motion but i still feel moderate pain under stress help!!