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Any advice? I have been suffering with my shoulder for couple of years. Any advice? I have been told by doctors I have bursitis?

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As a 30 year type-i diabetic i've had frozen shoulder. Now having similar pain in legs. Is adhesive capsulitis possible in other than the shoulder?

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Can i develop frozen shoulder after a total shoulder replacment?

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I am suffering from left frozen shoulder and wish some ideas on exercises for it?

I had cortisone injection 2 weeks ago for frozen shoulder and impingement.Now, i can't abduct my shoulder past 30 degrees. It's stuck with pain. Why?

I have a Frozen Shoulder, I now recognise the same symptoms in the other shoulder, is there anything I can do to stop it progressing any further.

I have a right frozen shoulder. Any idea why?

I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. What can I do to alleviate some of the discomfort?

I have bursitis in my shoulder, will bengay cream help?

I have bursitis in my shoulder. What can I take?

I have l. Shoulder impingement w/frozen shoulder. Given 2 shoulder problems should a guided cortisone shot go into the subacromial space or the joint?

I have SECONDARY adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). Is it possible for my other shoulder to get this? I read that there's a 20-30% chance.

I m suffering from frozen shoulder from last 7 months. No relief from medicines, therepies . What can I do ?

I need to know if frozen shoulders are common in people who have fibromyalgia .?

I think I have shoulder bursitis. Home cure?

I was wondering is frozen shoulder caused by a virus?

I will get cortisone for frozen shoulder friday. It will be guided into the joint. Will it also help with my impingement/tendinitis/bursitis?

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Is it possible 2 still have tendonitis & burstitis after a shoulder decompression & getting frozen shoulder although i didn't have it before op?

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Is there any way of curing a frozen shoulder? My mother has it in her right shoulder and she can't even comb her hair now. Any medicines?

Is there such a thing as frozen hip?

Just wondering if swimming is ok 2 do if u have frozen shoulder . I only have limited movement?

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