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A book case fell on my shoulder, what kind of injury could i have?

A doctor on here told me i might have sustained nerve damage. From a L3 transverse process fracture. Is it okay to play sports while I have this ?

After a head injury, what are some treatments out there proven to help neurogenesis?

Any advice? What should one due in case of burn injuries?

Any advice? What sort of disability/medical reason/injury would require the use of forearm crutches?

Are mild traumatic spermatic cord injuries permanent? What time frame do they usually require for complete healing? Ultrasound is normal.

Are my writsts hurting because of damage caused by excessive movement?

Are there any factors that makes someone more prone to having meniscus injuries?

Are there medical conditions that make one prone to tedonitis and muscle sprains?

Are thrombolytic therapy and reperfusion injury related, and how?

Are vascular conditions a common complication of injury?

Blunt/penetrating trauma to the thorax? Flail chest? What do these terms mean?

Can a bilateral tendonitis be work related injury?

Can a brachial plexus injury also affect your breathing?

Can a cyst or tumor on my thoracic spine be caused by a serious motorcycle accident? What type of doctor should I see for this?

Can a person work out again after back injury?

Can a previous nerve injury cause aches years later?

Can a repetitive strain injury to the neck be the culprit of complex regional pain syndrome? Had foot injury 2 years after neck injury..

Can a rib injury?Lead to ?Pericarditis?

Can a TFCC injury lead to arthritis? How?

Can a torn muscle in neck and back be diagnosed and repaired if injury occurred several months ago? How are torn nerves diagnosed and treated?

Can abdominal muscle injury/swelling be related to orthopedics or gastro-endology?

Can an injury lead to arthritis in the same spot?

Can and how do overuse injury get worse?

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Can burns be a symptom of electrical injury?

Can frequent ankle or bone related injuries lead to cancer?

Can getting multiple injuries affect the healing time of any individual injury?

Can hemisacralization be caused by traumatic injury?

Can i refracture my elbow due to over overextension or overuse? I am about 2-3 months out following a radial head fracture. What would be symptoms?

Can injury to the face cause traumatic cataracts?

Can kienbock's disease be caused by repetitive injury, work related engaged in manual labor?

Can muscle activation therapy (mat) help treat a tailbone injury?

Can my foot injury last longer than i was told or if there could be a more serious injury?

Can previous rib injury cause hernia?

Can shock be caused by multiple fractures?

Can si joint dysfunction in the lower back be caused by injuries sustained from physical abuse in a domestic abusive relationship?

Can stroke be caused by a severe laceration?

Can there be past injury to the vertebral artery that makes it susceptible to re-injury / further-worse injury? (force, repetitive stress, pressure?)

Can there be some sort of deformation after recovering from cellulitis?

Can torticolus be caused by nasty, repetitive neck injuries?

Can torticolus be the result of prolonged and repetive injury to the neck?

Can trauma (boxing) induced calcification of my elbows be cured without surgery?

Can whiplash type dance injury to neck cause appearance of eye floaters ten months later?

Can you explain to me why crushing injury to the occipital bone is often fatal?

Can you have organ tissue death from cold related injury have you ever seen this please let me know?

Can you name soccer injuries and their causes/symptoms?

Can you say if it could icing an injury still be effective after 24 hours of the initial injury?

Can you tell me about feet/injuries etc?

Can you tell me about the worse injury to happen to shins ?

Can you tell me any examples for any permanent hand injury?

Can you tell me are any specific groups of people more at risk for punctures, abrasions, avulsions, incisions, lacerations, or contusions ?

Can you tell me in concussions and other sport related injuries (ex. torn ligament, broken bone, etc). is there such a thing as a concussion specialist?

Can you tell me what is an occupational incident vs an occupational injury?

Can you tell me what kind of injury, non-skin related, would cause a person to be put in a body-cast?

Chronic elbow injury - don't know what's wrong. Who do I see?

Chronic shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle inflammation due to active participation in sports. Separate injuries or underlying condition causing them?

Chronic whiplash injury and luq has malfunctioned. Brachial plexus triggers nerve symptoms but nerves not injured. Starting rehab. Healing possible?

Comment of previous injury to the nerve that affects my first rib pain (ligament tear)! I have a twisted c2/c3 from birth. Can this affect it?

Could a previous injury to the knee later present DJD or traumatic arthritis later(8-20 yrs) if not properly treated, rehab'd at the time? examples?

Could a simple knee injury lead to cancer?

Could an aneurysm be caused by an injury?

Could arm injuries result in something more serious like paralysis?

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Could i disable someone's voicebox without any serious injury?

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Could you have a delayed injury?

Could you tell me what are long-term complications of traumatic injury to the lung?

Could you walk around with abdominal trauma and internal organ injury without knowing? The question is whether all the involved parts can sense pain.

Describe the features of an assault and battery injury.?

Describe the mechanism of injury (moi) for shin splints and list three symptoms? Explain how rice helps an acute injury? 2 questions and two answers

Describe the mechanism of injury (moi), for a burner and stinger injury

Direct sternal injury 2 years ago with chronic pain. Recent diagnosis of first rib injury with brachial plexus involvement. Changes of recovering?

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Does a hand tendon injury have major presenting symptoms?

Does a placental abruption caused by trauma look the same as one Not caused by trauma on an ultrasound?

Excluding back injuries, which part of the body is most common to get injured?

Excuse me, what is the difference between trauma and physical injury? Is trauma not physical injury? thank you

Has anyone ever treated winged scapula before from an injury?

Have can I do about medical gastroc injury?

Help please. Could dying of massive internal injuries/multiple traumatic injuries be painful?

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How could one differentiate whether ankle pain is due to ligament or muscle injury in a physical examination?

How could these collective injuries (fractured skull, arms, pelvis etc) be assessed and treated by doctors?

How do doctors identify the type of a shoulder injury?

How do I cure groin injury? I am 23 years old and this is the first time i'm having this kind of injury