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Message therapist said I have very knotted upper back shoulder blades. If EMG normal can I still have tingling in back withDiagnosed Myofacial ?

“Hi, I've had an intermittent burning pain under my left shoulder blade for a few months that has recently become more persistent. Worse during eating?

10 mos intermittent left shoulder blade pain. Pain also in arm down to fingers. Back pain can sometimes be eased by deep breath. What is this?

2 months ago i had accident. And now there is severe pain in my upper left shoulder blade. No may pain killer is working what may be reason?

2 months ago i had bike accident. But now sudden pain in left blade shoulder. No pain killer is working. What may be reason?

2 months ago i woke up with stiff neck. Тhe pain fade out, but since than, I have pain between the shoulder blade with tingling.It feels like muscular?

2 wks ago I had a near 4" node removed from my neck and now have pain in my shoulder that radiates to my middle and ring finger. Is it related?

23 f. Cardiologist says heart+bloodwork is fine. Having pain underneath left shoulder blade/ribs that shoots down arm at times. No injuries. Ideas?

2nd 3rd and 4th posterior rib fractures. Will the grinding under my shoulder blade go away when they heal?

3 yrs ago diagnosed with pinch nerve, did physical therapy & chiro. Now again for ten months, severe pinching/pain in neck, shoulder, elbow, lwr back.

32 yrs old 8 months pregnant severe pain under left shoulder blade?

33 weeks pregnant w/ upper back pain, left shoulder blade.Goes across my whole back @ times during the day makes me not want to breath bc of pain. Norm?

38, f, Chest,neck& shoulder blade pain (left). Thought it was a pulled muscle but now I can't sleep. It's been a few weeks.

40, overweight, pain between shoulder blades in back?

41yo male-pain in back of neck, radiating 2 left shoulder, sometime 2 left hand joint, fingers x10 days; dx cervical treatment option?

44 yr old male. For 2yrs constant pain between bottom of right shoulder blade and spine. I weight train 4 to 5 days a week. Muscle or something else ?

44yr v painful shoulder starts bottom neck and/or under right shoulder blade radiates down arm into chest comes goes for a year been given anti inflam?

45 yr old f, sharp persistent pain under right shoulder blade, radiates to front of body, feels "tight" and shifting causes the pain, +4 days? What might be the cause, how serious?

4wks after hysterectomy still getting chronic pain in back and i think trapped wind in ribs and shoulders.

5 days after a shoulder dislocation and shoulder is still very sore. Confirmed no breaks via x-ray. Is this extended pain in shoulder and surrounding tissues (front and back) normal?

59 yrear old woman pain in right side of chest and right shoulder blade for nearly a week. Sometimes pain is a band around chest and back?

6 months ago a 5 lb rubber mallet fell on my head still pain base of skull neck pain upper spine pain numbness major top right foot minor other limbs?

8 months upper back pain.. first it would wrap to chest, now just on sholder and down arm when walking. can it be spinal cord or muscle injury.

80 yr. old woman. Fracture in neck 22 months ago. Then, a shoulder injury. Why, for six months have I had painful, burning, itching in both armpits.

A couple weeks ago I woke up with neck pain an shoulder I slept wrong stiff neck....neck sore for a couple days an went away...but the dull aching nerve wracking pain is still hurting off an on in my shoulder....not a sharp pain but a dull irr

A lot of shoulder tightness and slight pain (not muscle) after lifting. Full range of motion without more pain but the joint pops easily. Worry?

A sharp pain in my shoulder that lasted for a few minutes and left my shoulder soar what could be wrong shoulder pain for two weeks?

Aching pain in R shoulder blade for 3 yrs, now both shoulder blades aching and right arm hurts down to my hand and sometime hurts to take deep breath?

Acid reflux sufferer, neck pain back of head pain, pain inbetween shoulder blades today egg smell when burpes v worried what r these pains & smell?

Acute pain in shoulder, arm, neck and fingers what could it be? And what can be done to ease the pain

After a hemiplegic episode now I have pain in left shoulder?

After accident i feel pain in my shoulder. My movement of shoulder is half. My x rays are normal. Is it shoulder frozen

After drinking a cocktail burning pain in right shoulder between neck and shoulder tip and down right arm. What causes this? Pcp says not heart.

After eating pizza last night been having discomfort between shoulder blades. Sometimes radiate to both shoulder blades with no relief. No other sympt?

After gallbladder surgery, pain in right shoulder blade common?

After having bowel movement, I started having discomfort between both shoulder blades and under right shoulder blade. No other symptoms. ?

After open heart surgery about 5 weeks now is it normal to be experiencing pain and stiffness in neck, head, shoulders and heart?

After sleeping 6 hours, i get stabbing pain between my shoulder blades along my spine. Inhaling causes rib cage pain (not sick). Is my MS a factor?

After sleeping, woke up having pain between shoulder blades. Help?

After walking with my walker I feel a sharp pain under my shoulder blade on left side.... I do not smoke?

Am i having symptoms of a heart attack? Right breast pain, pain around shoulder blades and down the center of my back, pain in my right jaw, a little nauseous

Anterior shoulder pain for 6 months. Cause - sleeping on it exclusively all night, for 8 months due to injury in other shoulder. Ultrasound was normal?

Any conditions where "muscle"/cartilage/ligament pain is localized in mult spots thru body- ribs, back, shldr blades, hips, leg? Neg 4 RA/osteo/fibro.

Any tips for someone with constant bad shoulder pain?

Arm bone pain, muscle weakness, arthritis in right shoulder.No ra, or others. What else could this be?

Armpit swelling & burning pain for 3 weeks. Now have burning pain in shoulder blades & stiff back. Do I have cancer?

Back of my shoulder is twitching for about a day now , off and on , no damage there or pain , should I see a doctor? What could it be ?

Back pain ! very tense shoulders, and middle back is tender, aches and sharp pains have started in my shoulders and shoulder blades :( help please?

Back pain around right shoulder blade when moving shoulder/arm.

Back pain between shoulder blades, should I go to er?

Back pain right side 2 inches below shoulder blade next to spine. Heart burn seems to make it worse. Any ideas?

Back pain that goes between shoulder blades to below shoulder blade that started in November 2014 after FNA with muscle spasms and neck stiffness. Now radiating to front. Had a MRI cspine. Mild disc bulge c7t1. Mild scolosis. Books work normal. 3 chest X

Back problems for years. It's now radiating down the arm. Doc wants to do trigger point injections, should I do it?

Backpain b/t shoulder blades?

Bad pain in left shoulder blade. What treatments should I try?

Bad throbbing pain around left shoulder blade. No falls or slips etc. Also getting period cramps.

Been having pain in my left shoulder under shoulder blade and when i breath sometimes had i also had pain in my abdominal like a few times for 2 week?

Been having pain in neck, collar, shoulders and down arms a few days. Can't think of anything i've done to course this. Paracetamol isn't helping.

Been having some pain and disconfort under my left shoulder blade?

Being getting cheat and under left armpit, neck back, and between shoulder blade all day at wrk today is this normal..plz any good suggestions?

Benching-shoulder discomfort. Should I stop?

Best treatment for very painful trigger points in the shoulder and neck region?

Between my shoulder blades have been tingling sometimes , it's a annoying feeling , do you think it might be my asthma or ?

Between my shoulder blades there's a constant dull ache and my ribs too what could it be? I haven't done anything strenuous

Bony ridge on ribcage, swelling under arm, tingling arm pain, arm muscles fatigue quickly, soft lump on scapula, no shooting pains, just discomfort.?

Bra strap causing burning pain in shoulder, arm, neck. Any tips?

Brachioradialis muscle very sore. Affects both arms. No history of trauma or overuse. Has been a month. Some neck pain. What might be the cause?

Broke upper arm 8years ago. Two weeks ago I present with neck, shoulder ,constant pain in old fracture site with pain radiating through elbow &fingers

Burning ache in right shoulder blade and chest?

Burning aching shoulder sockets, similar to a stinger. Any ideas to the cause?

Burning pain between shoulder blades for 10 days, no gallstones, fatigue...any ideas?

Burning pain under left shoulder blade, left abdomen pain, worse during eating and drinking. Extreme fatigue. Getting worse over last few months. ?

Burning pain under skin on top of shoulder blade. What could be wrong?

Burning sensation in center of back between shoulder blades, & upper abdomen, comes and goes. Can this be pinched nerve, acid reflux or something more?

Burning sensation in upper arm with shoulder blade discomfort. Started a couple months ago pretty sure from a work out ?

Burning sensation near intersection of right acromiom and scapula radiating to deltoid, with lower thoracic spine or scapular pain. Possible causes?

Burning stabbing pain like hot needles between shoulder blades & spine on right side of back that comes & goes, could it be a trapped nerve?

Burning throbbing pain between shoulder blades, comes and goes, on muscle relaxer dosn't help, what's wrong?

Burning under right shoulder and ribs, sweats, chills?

Burning, piercing, shooting back pain underneath shoulder blades. Is there anything i can take for?

Burning/stabbing pain in shoulder blades for about 2 wks?

Burping all the time. Pain in left stomach rib area. Aching shoulder blades and neck. Very weak. Any thoughts to what it could be? Had it for 2wks.

Can 2 chronic issues be connected from separate injuries a yr ago: groin strain(b-ball) & upper back, shoulders & chest from lifting (military press/external shoulder cable rotation)? Nerve related?!

Can a brachial plexus injury affect your breathing and swallowing ability in addition to arm, shoulder, and neck pain?

Can a fractured posterior third rib cause neck pain?

Can a full ache between shoulder blades after eating be my gallbladder?

Can a muscle strain, shoulder sprain or shoulder tendinitis cause pain in the neck and numbness in the face?

Can a pain in my collarbone be a type of tendonitis. had tendonitis in both wrists and pain in my collarbone/neck feels similar. Had for 2 weeks now ?

Can a pectoral strain and/or costochondritis lead to a shoulder impingement on the same injured side? What does a shoulder impingement feel like?

Can a pinched nerve in back cause shoulder blade pain and finger twitching, breast pain? Waiting for ultrasound results on breast.

Can a pulled pectoral muscle cause pain in shoulder/neck/jaw with pain when i move on right breast? I hve tennis elbow bad as well on same side ofpain

Can a sore arm be? Related to my cervical rib?

Can a tooth ache cause shoulder pain and numdness in 2 of youre fingers not sure where pain is from tooth or shoulder

Can acid reflux be associated with neck/shoulder/arm/elbow and stabbing/dull chest pain on both sides of the body?

Can acid reflux cause pain between my shoulder blades?

Can acid reflux cause stabbing shoulder blade and jaw pain?

Can acid refux cause u to have pain in shoulder chest area an arms?

Can and impingement in the shoulder go away on its own?

Can anterior shoulder instability cause nerve, tendon, muscle, shoulder blade problems?

Can anxiety present itself with physical pain? Like shoulder and back pain