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2 herniation at C5-C7. I can no longer lift my left arm, it won't move, also extreme pain in neck shoulder, arm pit, arm, hand is numb. What do I do?

2 year old slamed head in my shoulder and now pain and numbness from shoulder to fingers ?

29/f had EKG a few weeks ago came back good. Still having aching/shooting pain in wrist/hand/shoulder?

30 y.O. Female woke up with tingling in hand, spasm in bicep and pain in shoulder roughly around infraspinatus. Ideas of cause?

5 weeks ago woke up searing shoulder blade, tricep & neck pain. Its 70% less; end of day i really ache elbow throbs tricep feels weakened. Any clues?

Aching in left shoulder, radiating down the arm to wrist. What do you recommend?

Aching pain and rash to right shoulder and arm, ?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with arm pain?

Are there medical conditions that cause numbness and tingling in the upper back between shoulder blades?

Area on left shoulder blade is tender and gets random pins and needles/tingling in it. Normal motion in shoulder and no trauma to area.

Arm pain after sneezing?

Back knot/ pinching pain between left shoulder blade and spine (near myofascial), occasional pins and needles down the arm. On and off ~1year. Ideas?

Been having pain for months on and off in left arm. EKG good. Now its my right arm. Near elbow and up. On and off achy pain. Heart? Or nerve?

Both shoulders extremes pain when reaching and raising arms?

Burning in the shoulder an arm?

Burning shoulder neck and arm pain?

Burning/sometimes shooting pain to left shoulder for 2 1/2 days. Now down upper arm to elbow with Weakness. Is this a pinched nerve?

Can a pain in wrist radiate up arm?

Can a pinch nerve cause the pain in the elbow, arm and side that radiates to the back?

Can a pinch nerve cause tingling numbness in arms hands fingers and toes. I have extreme muscle. Tension in neck shoulders and sharp back pains spasm?

Can a pinched nerve cause Numbness and weakness that comes and go on the right arm/hand and right leg/foot? Also, pain in the shoulder blade/bicep.

Can a pinched nerve in elbow cause pain in shoulder/shoulder blade area?

Can a pinched nerve in lower back cause numbness on left side of body from mid shoulder blade to toes?

Can an unstable shoulder cause muscle soreness/weakness in the arm and shoulder blade?

Can anxiety cause all day physical pain in thighs, arms, shoulders and neck?

Can arthritis in my back cause pain in my arms because I have been feeling pain elbow down on my left arm heart tests all ok?

Can cervical radiculopathy cause pain in shoulder, arm, side of chest and sometimes hand? But no neck pain? Most pain is inner arm. Mostly when i move.

Can costochondritis cause leg or arm discomfort?

Can i tell me how i can calm the pain in my arm!?

Can mono cause shoulder and arm pain?

Can SLE cause neck pain and neck muscle cramp along with shooting pain in arms and wrists?

Can tendonitis in your shoulder hurt down your whole arm?

Can the arm pain/shoulder/back mainly in left elbow but does hurt elsewhere be fibromyalgia?

Chest heaviness when lying down and discomfort left arm from elbow to hand?

Chronic neck pain radiating into shoulders arms and down spine, unable to raise arms above head and weakness down arms n tingling in fingers. ?

Could cortisone cause arm pain/numbness?

Does arthritis cause a radiating pain up your arm?

Dr says I have a shoulder impingment. My symptoms are dull upper arm discomfort, specific neck pain radiating into my ear. Is this normal?

Dull sore pain in arm, leg, and arm pit?

During the morning I have a strong pain in the joint between arm and shoulder. I raise my arm with difficulty, what can I do?

Elbow pain on back side of arm. Pain is on inside of elbow. Arm will not straiten out. What could it be?

Excruciating pain between shoulder blade and spine with severe pain radiating into left elbow along with three COMPLETELY numb fingers. PLEASE HELP?

Feeling numbness in arm left arm tightening in chest pain in neck?

Fell the down e stairs 2 weeks ago had some shoulder pain. Now pain in shoulder upper arm and armpit area. There is a knot in armpit.?

Fingertips twisting outwards, lower back pain into front of both thighs and knees, shooting pains upper back & pain down shoulders, arms wrists, hands?

First had neck pain, now its spread to my arm! what do I do?

For a couple years now i've had burning stinging pain in my right shoulder and it's only when I do repetitive motions with that arm. Why?

For two weeks now I have had the worst pain in my right arm that runs from my shoulder to fingers. It's a pinching, stabbing and tingling pain!

For years I've had right shoulder blade pain. It is now radiating down my arm and causing tingling in my fingers.What could this be?How is it treated?

Gerd cause neck & arm pain and numbness?

Had an achey collarbone for a week, now my elbow and wrist are in pain and achey. Could these be related? What could it be?

Had rotator cuff surgery a yr ago still hurts on right arm now have a constant pain from shoulder down arm left arm?

Have problems with my neck. I have pain on The right side of The neck. The pain goes to my shoulder and arm, my arm numbs and is weak.

Have right shoulder pain radiating into elbow, hand and armpit?

Having heaviness in right arm along with pain in arm as well as neck and shoulders?

Having pain in my upper rightt arm and can't lift over my head...Pain is not in my shoulder...?

Having painful muscle spasm and twitching in left arm at and below the elbow down into the wrist.

Help! pain from shoulder to bicep to elbow what is causing it?

Hi I get pulses in my left arm chest and shoulder when moving my arm?

Hi i have kind of numbness in left back region below my shoulders and my fingers. Can u please help me regarding the same?

Hi i have left shoulder pain when i move my arm the pain tricep and shoulder?

Hi. I have shoulder, neck and arm pain. This radiates down to my hands. Had MRI and orthopaedic surgeon says all ok. Pain is constant.Five years. ?

How can I find relief for pain that extends from my shoulder blade through my arms down to my numb fingertips?

How can you determine what is causing finger tingling? How do you determine if it's the neck, back, arm, shoulder, and/or elbow?

How to treat unbearable pain in shoulder blades running down arm into hands and fingers more so at night can't have any pressure on shoulder?

Hurts to raise arms above shoulder. Could this be from a shoulder injury?

Hx of migraines worsened with whiplash. Right sided neck pain, tingling constant in right shoulder and on the blade radiates to pinky finger and thumb?

I am having excruciating pain under my left shoulder blade which is running down my arm and causing tingling in my hand.

I am a45 yr old male. I have numbness from my shoulders into my upper arms. I have had this for years on and off.?

I am getting pins and needles between my shoulder blades and have a stiff neck. What could be wrong?

I am having a squeezing pain on my left arm between my elbow and shoulder on the inside. What could this be?

I am having pain under my left shoulder blade and kind of numbness in my arm. Could it just be muscle?

I am having pain under my right shoulder, by scapular area that radiates down my arm and fingers causing tingling and numbness in my right arm. ?

I awoke with numbness in my left cheek had a slight twitch in my chin for a few days. Can a pinched nerve in neck and between shoulder blades cause it?

I can't lift my arm up past my shoulders?

I currently have shoulder, arm , and neck pain as well as finger tingling. What can be causing this?

I get pain sometimes on the top of the shoulder and but not in the arm. Could it be rotator cuff?

I had decompression shoulder surgery in July, and the severe pain has appeared again.shooting down my arm and hand and it's Very weak.

I had shoulder surgery 3 years ago and now I am having constant numbness and tingling down my arm and hands . My neck is tight and tense on the side?

I have a burning in my arm above the elbow and now my arm is felling num. The burning is just below the shoulder to the back of the arm could this be a pinch nerve.

I have a dull ache im my left arm its always around my elbow joint on the inside of my arm sometimes its around my shoulder and biceps and palm ?

I have a dull ache in my left shoulder that shoots down to my elbow and/or wrist is this a symptom of a heart attack I do have two bug bites on same shoulder

I have a hand and neck pain. What should i do?

I have a pain in my right breast through to my right shoulder blade with swelling in the right arm between my shoulder and elbow?

I have a pain in my upper back which causes numbness in my arm?

I have a question about pain in left shoulder and elbow.

I have a severe neck pain on the sight side of my neck , which radiates to the shoulder and right hand.please advice?

I have a severe pain in my right forearm/elbow area.

I have a severe pain in my shoulder and a weak, tingling left arm. What could be wrong?

I have a sharp pain in my (R) shoulder blade causing my arm to be weak and I have a sharp pain in my forearm.Muscle relaxers don't work. Been a month.

I have a sharp pain in my right arm from my shoulder to my wrist. What is causing this ?

I have a sharp pain inbetween my shoulder blades & my arm is going numb. What could be wrong?

I have a sharp pain that travels from my neck to my wrist?

I have a tingling in my left side of my face and head, and now in my left shoulder blade and sometimes my neck and sometimes my left arm.

I have been having constant numbness in my left arm andhand. My shoulder and neck had pain, but now i havenumbness in my arms and hands. What should I do?

I have been having left shoulder, armpit and neck pain. It sometimes radiated down the whole arm. What can it be? It is constant!

I have been having tingling feeling that sometimes run down my arm into the tips of my left middle, thumb and pointing finger, pain in my shoulder blade, left side of the muscles in the back of my neck and along the edge of my shoulder blade in my back ac

I have chronic pain a dull pain in my left arm elbow and upper arm from the elbow to shoulder on the outer part. Have had it for months.....?

I have elbow pain that is traveling up & down my arm. What could be causing it?

I have had left arm pain for around two years. I had an MRI done last year and some tendonitis from tip of shoulder to wrist left arm?