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Discomfort between and under both shoulder blades at random times & lasts several hours. Headache, pain in back neck & popping in neck shoulders

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Have a right winging scapula my pain runs to my spine, chest, neck, back of head, and numbess in arm. Is there more than just winging of should blade.

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I am picking my baby up a lot and I now have pain between my shoulders just below my neck. Do you have any advice?

I can't move my neck I have a bad pain going up my shoulder into my neck. What should I do?

I had shoulder replacement surgery 5 years ago and it hurts more now than before. All in my neck, my back and down my arm, is this normal?

I have a bulge behind my neck and on my shoulder and have been having pain in my shoulder and neck and chest tightness on my right side. any ideas?

I have a bulging disc in neck. For a week had bad pain behind shoulder blade now i'm numb there and in arm pit & top of shoulder. Can disc cause this?

I have a burning pain in my neck/shoulder area that travels through my arm and swelling around my neck/shoulder. What may this be? Should i see a doc?

I have a muscular type pain from my left back shoulder up into my neck. It is painful all the time and my neck bones are cracking a lot.

I have a pain begining from my shoulder blades through back of the neck to both sides of head.plz help me?

I have a pain in my shoulder around my neck?

I have a really sore shoulder. Would a back massage help?

I have a servere pain from my left ear down my neck to under my shoulder blade.I can't more my neck or head in any direction without really bad pain?

I have a spur on my neck that is causing arm pain, what should I do?

I have a stiff neck and bad back/shoulder pains, help?

I have acute pain at the base of neck between my shoulder blades; sometimes it spreads to my shoulders? Any treatment or suggestions?

I have Arthritis in my neck, I have no pain in the neck at this time, but did about 4 days ago, can you have referred pain in upper chest/shoulder. ?

I have back of shoulder pain extending to neck, what to do?

I have constant shoulder and neck pain for years?

I have cronic pain in my neck/ shoulders. The pain seems to move from the base of my scull to between my shoulder blades. I have spasms and i'm stiff.

I have had neck and shoulder pain for about 4 days. Should i see a doctor'?

I have had pain in my neck, shoulders, ribs back and hip with severe fatigue what could it be?

I have headache these last 2-3 days. Most painful in neck and shoulder area. What do I have?

I have intermittant pain and numbness between my neck and shoulder. I'm on the computer a lot. Could that be the cause?

I have neck hernia. And it aches much. My neck has prickle much. I had physiotherapy but it's still same. What should I do?

I have neck/shoulder pain. Should i see a orthopedist or a chiropractor?

I have pain in the back of my shoulder extending to neck. What kind of doctor do I see?

I have pain underneath my shoulder blade, neck pain, crunching in my jaw and popping in my ears when I swallow, are these related?

I have pain where the clavicle joins to the neck excruciating what is this?

I have really bad neck & shoulder pain , how do i know if its dislocated ?

I have shoulder and neck pain, it is at the base of my head and goes along my neck down along my shoulder and shoulder blade. Like being pushed down?

I have tension in my neck and shoulder. Recently my elbows have started hurting. Is this caused by the neck and shoulder tension?

I have this shoulder pain and back pain all through my neck does this have to do with depression?

I have tingling in my shoulder . And. My neck is very tight what does that mean and what can I do

I hurt my shoulder blade it's kinda behind the shoulder and radiates up to the neck?

I'm having neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. What do you suggest?

I've been having severe neck pain. MRI of my neck was normal. MRI of shoulder showed a tear in the rotator cuff. Is this common cause of neck pain?

I've been having symptoms which I think is anxiety. Chest discomfort but not localized, sore neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and numb jaw last 9mth?

I've had pain in both of my shoulders at the top and in my neck for over 2 years now what could it be ?

I've had pain in my neck and shoulders for months now but only when I rotate my head what could it be?

If you have a arthritic shoulder can the pain and stiffness go from the neck to the wrist?

If You have tension in Your neck and shoulders could it cause You to have pains in your chest?

Is it normal to feel achy in the shoulder, back and neck after rib manipulation?

Is there anything that can cause neck, shoulder, and upper back pain all at once?

Last two days i'm been have stiffness in shoulders neck an upper chest. Would getting a massage help?

Lump between shoulders on the back of the neck?