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I have been getting UTI it feels like every time after sex and so painful what can I do is it something from my boyfriend ?

I have been trying 2 have sex 4 a while always failing but yesterday fiancé said he felt something pop i didn't feel it and i didn't bleed... Normal?

I have had sex 4 or 5 times, every time feels like the first time. What is the problem? Is it always going to be like this. I can't take it. 1 partner

I have IUD and always feel the ejaculation come out of me and didn't the last time could I get pregnant? It's not a big deal would just like to know.

I have little feeling in my vagina and my clitoris, I am 16 and nervous to go to get it checked out. How do I fix this, i feel hardly 0 no pleasure ?

I have no more bleeding, doesn't even feel like i had a baby 3 weeks ago. Is it ok to have sex?

I have this feeling on my clit. it feels like after or before an orgasm. its really frustrating and it wont go away and I am a virgin. not sex related?

I have this feeling on my clit. it feels like after or before an orgasm. its really frustrating and it wont go away please help me.

I haven't had sex for 2 months and i feel a slightly burning sensation in my vagina i'm scared i don't wanna get nothin bad help?

I haven't had sex since 2 months ago and now I have this slightly feeling of burning sensation i'm scared i hope is nothing bad what should I do?

I just feel like sleeping the rest of the day after sex. Is taking red bull after sex safe?

I just had a baby 7 weeks ago but 5 days ago me and my husband had sex. Last night I was having really bad cramps and now I'm eating like crazy ?

I like a guy that still likes/misses his ex (they recently broke up)it's making me feel very down.I don't know what to do & need a lot of direction.

I rarely ever feel like having sex, this is bothering my partner a lot and I really don't want to be like this, what's my problem? Is there any solution

I really don't like sex , I really don't like to see girls body , I just feel disgusting when I see naked body,?

I really like this guy, should I be worried that my heart physically hurt when I think about him?

I really want to become pregnant sometimes i feel like giving up i'm 22 and i don't know what can be wrong with my body?

I recently had some rough and hard sex with my boyfriend and now I can't feel my iud strings can they be there still I'm just scared that they went far up to were I can not feel the strings anymore?

I think I have vaginismus, I have been with my boyfriend for two years and we cannot have sex, its hurts so bad, feels like it's punching a wall. My m?

I tried to have sex for the first time and it could only go in half way and it hurt so bad. Am I a virgin? why did it happen like that?

I want to ask if it ok to have dry sex with my boyfriend? He really wants to( he is 15) and i feel bad saying no.

I was having sex with my husband and he hit my cervix so hard the shape feels different when I checked myself like it's faced down happened 3 yrs ago?

I was just masterbating and as i edjeculated it felt like something burst or poped in my stomoch i could hear it aswell. Please help?

I was wondering if there was a way that i can make my vagina sensitive during sex? I have had sex 5/6 times and it always hurts or feels like nothing

I would like some information on sex..?

I would like to ask you if you can tell me ok I do not feel ing any thing to have sex way ?

I would like to know what the reason for me not to feel for sex?

I would like to nut a lot wen I have sex how can I do that ?

I'm 18 and when I have sex, my vagina feels really loose and feels like it is going to fall out of me. What's wrong?

I'm 18 yrs old and I can't get wet anymore and it's hard for me to enjoy sex plz help ?

I'm 19 years old and it hurts everytime I have sex. It's never enjoyable like it should be. I have a terrible fear of the gyn doctors, and it hurts re?

I'm 5 months pregnant and I felt should I be worry? If not what things are normal and non normal to feel?

I'm a male and after having sex I feel nauseated and light headed.. my girlfriend and I don't have sex often anymore because she's pregnant and doesn't often feel like having sex anymore. But now when we do, I feel the need to vomit after sex. Why is that

I'm concerned because the weird thing is when i itch it it doesn't come back for about an hour and I've never had sex so it can't be an STD what can it be?

I'm curious why would my penis feel like theres something left in it after i have sex with my girlfriend?

I'm having problemsi don't feel like having sex so i don't know what to do my doctor told me that I have my hormones fine please help me?

I'm male and i'm feeling like an electric choc in my testicles from time to time. Whats could be that ?!

I'm on bcp is it normal to not feel like having intercourse with my husband as I don't feel anything ?

I'm really stressed about some bumps i've been seeing "down there" lately. I'm a virgin though, so i don't know what it could be. Help!?

I've had sex 6 times ever, penetration hurts as he first goes in, feels like he has to force himself in me. The rest of the time is uncomfortable.

I've had sex the past 4 nights. Twice some nights. Having hard time staying wet. Was sore from friction. Now i feel like I have to pee a lot. Uti?

I've only had sex a handful of times but every time it feels like he has to force himself in and it hurts no matter how lubricated it is.

Iam 7 months pregnant and it feels like someone has kicked me in my vagina why is that?

If you feel like vomiting a few days after having sex what does it mean?

Im a software professional, tired after days work dont feel like having sex with my wife. Is it normal? Plz suggest

Im sexually active and my mom doesn't know. I recently had sex and 2 days after my stomach feels like im gonna puke and my vagina itches! Why? Comment

Is fingerings upposed to feel kind of weird the first time?

Is it a bad thing that my girlfriend feels nauseous a day after sex?

Is it normal for my husband feel he hitting some thing when we have sex?

Is it normal for my parts down there to get swollen when the prof talks about sex. it feels weird and hard to walk?

Is it normal for woman to feel a little weird and pain when having intercourse while pregnant? I know people who say yes what do u think?

Is it normal my boyfriend felt like he was ganna pass out after we had sex? He felt weak he was haveing hareing loss and was sweating really bad is he ok please help

Is it normal not to ever feel like you need to masturbate, and if you do, it doesn't really feel like anything and you're unable to ejaculate?

Is it normal to be feeling like you gotta puke after your first time having sex?

Is it normal to feel like vomiting after having sex?

Is it normal to feel like you wanna throw up after sex?

Is it normal to feel like you want to puke after having sex?

Is it possible for men not to feel when they ejaculate ? My boyfriend , said he did but he didnt feel it comming i felt a pulse but im not shure ?

Is masterbating normal and can it make me pregnaunt if I masterbate to much because my belly feels num. ?

Is there a wrong way to have sex in order to make it feel like its ripping the vagina?

Is there any thing i can take before sex to my me wetter because it hurt?

Is this really weird that at the same time and it is a really huge orgasm it makes me feel all wet after?

It hurts to have sex, like not a burning feeling like it hurts. I've been tested for everything & went to doctor & apparently nothings wrong. Help?

It's been 4 years and I don't get any feeling in the head of the penis? When I have sex there is no feeling. What's going on?

Just had sex and feel like I have to vomit us that normal??

Lately for the past 3 months I've been getting really wet during sex, i mean a lot were he can feel it pouring down on him is that normal?

Lately while having sex with my bf im feeling i need to pee and it cause me a problem to come! what's happening?

Like my boyfriend nutted in me twice and i think I'm pregnant my back has been hurting i've been growling a lot like i feel a lot hungrier whatgoingon?

Me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom and he is complaining that it burns when he pees but i feel just fine?

Me and my husband been having sex but lately he said my vagina feels different. Is it beacuase i might be pregnant?

My bf doesnt get hard even when he is horny. Some days ago during the stimulation he could get a bit hard like 17% and he orgasmed. What is the cause?

My bf hurt my feelings saying I was gauche. I kinda know what she meant but can you explain please?

My boyfriend & I had unprotected sex, now he says it feels funny when he pees but I feel fine. It doesn't hurt when I pee & I don't itch?

My boyfriend and I have only had sex like 3 times. But I bleed and feel a lot of pain. Idk if I'm just bad at sex or if this is a problem? Advice?

My boyfriend everytime he has an orgasm through intercourse gets very bad headache that really affects him badly for the rest of the day.?

My boyfriend feels like there is something in his penis and can't completly urinate?

My boyfriend likes to have sex a lot i don't mind but i hurt a lot afterwards i had a hysterectomy a little over a year ago could i be having to much?

My boyfriend likes to rest his leg on my stomach but lately its been hurting me when he does this. Why? I am sexually active. We do not use protection

My boyfriend says he cant feel my cervix anymore and im due my period in 3 days. Is this normal?

My boyfriend started having pain when getting and erection.N it feels weird to him when he pees.We do have a lot of intercourse.

My boyfriend was fingering me and now I have some pains happening daily that feel like cramps. I don't know why. It was my first time?

My fiance' notices that I feel nauseous after he ejaculates inside of me. Is this really a possibility?

My girlfriend squirts a lot during sex. Is it normal that she often feels dehydrated after?

My husband and I go days sometimes weeks without having intercourse, and when we do he says my vagina feels loose like I have been having sex somewher?

My husband gets tingling in his testicles after sex and its been like that for a week now can there be.something serious wrong only happens then t you?

My husband has complained that my vagina feels stretched wider & feels loose. I've only been intimate with my husband. What is the cause of this?

My husband& I have a great sex life! And today we're all into it& it didn't feel good for me. Not painful just like nothing.i was very horny too. why?

My partner likes rough sex and it is really bothering me. But he wont listen. It hurts me so much, i cry sometimes, can I make it less painful for me?

My vagina feels weird uncomfortable and irritated this feeling has been going on for a week now since I had sex with condom is it allergic reaction??

My vagina has been very loose and airy lately but I have only had sex with my boyfriend and it has been like this twice both after we fought. ?

Need pills that get you high when you cum because I like having sex and want to feel good after it?

Never before did it hurt during sex but all of a sudden it feels like my husband's penis is to long, can this be a sign of me being pregnant?

Ok here the deal ... after having sex about 10 mins later my boyfriend and I both feel our mouths watering like we have to throw up..

Ok this is weird to ask but I'm afraid to have sex will it hurt really bad or will it feel delightful ?

Okay my boyfriend and I we had anal last week but today is Thursday and I'm feeling like my belly it's really getting hard I'm pregnant or noo?

Once you have sex, why does it seem like you crave for more?

Penis feels little irritated at tip and feel like urinating more sometimes .only intimate thing is kissing my girl friend .feel good other wise ?

Penis tickling.. Makes me kinda laugh... Masterbate more than usual?

Plz need help really worried. I dont feel anything while jerking off. there r 2 or 3 times i hv had felt fun n it was good. never had real sex. why ?

Recebtly I have noticed my vagina feels wider than normal. My boyfriend even notices sex feels different. Sometimes i can't feel sex. Whats wrong?