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I been feeling like I need to pee a lot when I did not do anything or drink anything and I didn't have sex but I feel orgasm what do I got.?

33 weeks went without sex for a week and 2 days but finally had sex and my vagina hole feels very weird kinda like streched and weird?!

37fat lady married all day i feel aroused or horny always redy or sex my hubby likes sex aswell but i discharge too much and feel tired any treatment

After having sex once I don't feel like doing it with her again why is that so ?

After having sex, i just feel like i want to vomit what's the problem?

After I have sex i feel like I have to throw up could i be pregnant?

After me and my boyfriend has sex and he cums he becomes extremely weak , like he can hardly find strength to move . Is this normal ?

After my boyfriend and I have sex i feel like I have to throw up. Why is that?

After sex and before sex my vagina feels really dry like i'm not lubricating and than after it hurts and feels really dry?

After sex you feel like vomiting, what does it mean?

Am a young guy after having a round of sex i would be feeling tired and arch around my body?

Am i pregnant ? Me and my boyfriend had sex october30 and we went to get the pill the next day came on my priod couple of days later but but now i feel kinda not rite my stomach feels funny like it feels like someone tryinn to tickle me && feels like some

Anytime i try to have "fun" time it hurts what do I do?

Anytime my girlfriend is having her period she feels like making love, please is it normal.

Been with bf for 4 years having sex for 3. I've never had an orgasm with him. It doesn't feel good/bad just nothing. Could it be selfesteem or other?

Bf is acting really weird since last month. Hurting me?

Both virgins.We been tryingsex bt it hurts and I feel a tearing feeling so I make him stop even fingering hurts. Why? Anyways to make it easier?

Can u tell if ur pregnant durn sex???? Tonightbme an my bf where having sex an I felt wired in my stamik like a wired bubble feeling

Can you be so scared of being pregnant that your body will act like you are?

Can you tell me how I could help from feeling like throwing up whenever I give my bf a blowjob?

Can't get wet or feel turned on for sex. So does foreplay seem to help?

Could you please help my bf makes me feel down and sometimes scared?

Do you feel the condom break if it does? Will male feel it more?

Does the pill make you dry because I had sex with my boyfriend and I felt some sort of pain and I'm sore?

During sex i can't feel any pleasure its like my vagina is numb but i can have kids. I know this isn't normal. Help please?

During sex my vagina starts to feel like its know fire. Is that an std?

During sex, I often get feeling like i need to defecate,i also find sex pretty painful and really hard to feel vaginal orgasm.

Every time i masturbate i feel like i get the cramps. Why does this happen?

Everytime i masturbate when i finish i bleed for a little and then it stops. Its everytime i only masturbate not intercourse. Whats going on?

Everytime I try to have sex with my girlfriend I can't remain an erection and it feels like I can't ejaculate the sensation is there but it just wont ?

Everytime me and my girlfriend has sex she always gets a "burning" and hurting feeling during and after sex, any tips how we can make that stop?

Everytime my boyfriend and I have sex i start to hurt almost as soon as we start, it hurts and burn so bad it's not enjoyable at all. What can I do?

Everytime my husband ejaculates inside me I feel bloated, sick and feel like my inside are on fire. What is this? Please help been suffering for 6mths

Feel like doing sex but takes time to erect?

Feel like i'm drunk after having sex?

Feel like vomiting during and after sex?

Feeling very nauseous after sex. We just started at the beginning of the month, but foreplay made me feel this way too. Can this be gastro problem?

Feels like I keep ripping during intercourse? Is my husband too big for me?

Following anal sex is it normal to feel like you are going to vomit?

Girlfriend cant feel sex inside her vagina, no pleasure. Her clitourous is EXTREMELY sensitive, no pleasure. Always been like this. Any ideas?

Growing up i would feel sexually arroused and completely disgusted by some things at the same time. Is this normal?

Hard & firm stomach, feel like I need to pass bowels.I had sex a few weeks ago yet it was protected, no semen went inside of me. What could it be?

Hello, I have the i.U.D and well i feel a pain in my adium. And when me and my bf have sex he says he can feel it. Question is should he feel it?

Hey.. For like 2-3 week now everytime I have intimacy with my fiance bleed for like a few minutes.... I have an appointment next week ?

Hi dr I have this problem i don't feel like having sex with my husband what can I do?

Hi i feel sick everytimee I have an orgasm sometimes I am sick after. I also sometimes find sex painful and also after i orgasm my legs go numb?!

Hi im 24 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend told me that my vagina feels loose and thinks im cheating is it normal for it to be like that?

Hi well a few days agp i gave oral sex to myboyfriend and its been hard to swallow and breathe a little, it only feels better when i eat.

Hi, i got married 4 months back. My husband touches my vagina when i ask him to do, he doesn't like to do so, he feels weird and wet. Any suggestions.

Hi, I have a quick question. Every time my husband and I try to have sex, I start to bleed intensely. I'm not pregnant and feel no pain so I have no idea why this happens. What can cause this sort of thing?

Hi, I have a weird feeling after my partner cums in side me should I be worried ?

Hi, i've had unprotected sex with a guy. After about 1 week my stomach mad weird noises like his.Then bad head, neck, back aches, & testicles. Is it hiv?

Hi. Every time I ejaculate my sperm feels like it's getting blocked right before it slowly comes out. It began last week when I masturbated backtoback?

Hi. What does it mean when after a intercouse the girl feels like she wants to throw up?

How come i feel like i need sex all the time?

How come i go numb after sex?

How come my boyfriend feel like he has to urinate during foreplay and sex?

How come some guys puke when hit in the groin and others don't?

How come when i ejaculate, it feels like the sperm doesn't want to come out? It feels like some just stays in here or struggles to come out

How would i be able to tell if my IUD had slipped or isnt working? Other than the obvious surprise. I felt for the strings and i can't feel them.

Husband likes to initiate sex in the AM. I really don't like my sleep interrupted but I always give in. I also feel morning sex hurts a bit more, why?

Husband pressing boobs .wife like it or not?

I always get reallyhorny when on my period. I don't know if masturbation is okay for me.I just can't stand having intense feelings& cant do anything?

I am 27 years old guy, my breasts are coming out not much but still from past six months, i feel ashame of myself..Pls tell me what to do?

I am 29 weeks pregnant. Why does it hurt so much during intercourse I have to use lots of lubrication and then it feels little better.

I am a 25 year male virgin n dn smoke or drink. I feel like I am weak in eraction. I feel like getting wet on penis but when i touch it. Its dry alwz?

I am a sex addict, and I do some weird stuff then feel ashamed immediately after. Where can I get help?

I am coughing alot..Feeling bit funny in my stomach and diaheera....Do I have HIV or aids or any std. Had sex one time a week ago...

I am normally not horny but here lately this week I have been extremely horny. Why is that. I don't know what is going on. ?

I can never get wet enough to have sex, I feel like im wet enough but sex always hurts for me im on the pill could that be what it is?

I can't get wet and I don't know why. I feel like a failure. I don't get any pleasure from down there. It's not even sensitive. ?

I can't have sex with my fiancé because it hurts way to much! Especially after he cums! Then after o feel like I need to pee but can't! Help?

I can't touch anything anymore. I get very anxious about someone getting pregnant after i masturbate. What do I do?

I dnt understand why my penis gets soft after sex it's been happening constantly like 3 months now?

I don't even like sex really but I want to please him. Any suggestions?

I don't know if am pregnant but a few nights ago it felt like some thing was playin football inside me. What does that mean?

I don't orgasm when I have sex with my husband , i don't even feel a nice exciting rubbing or friction inside, i just feel that he is in and thats all ?

I don't want sex feelings in my mind, even if i look a women as nude. How can I be like this?

I feel like ejaculating very fast when I have sex. How can I last longer without feeling like ejaculating? I can only last 15 seconds.

I feel like I keep almost ripping after intercourse. What can cause this?

I feel like I am peeing when I have an orgasm. The area under my partner and i gets very wet? Why is this happening and can any? This just started happening for the past 6 or so yrs.

I feel like i can't get enough water, my husband thinks i might be pregnant... What could it be?

I feel like I have an empty ball sack, my girlfriend has felt too and we haven't made love for around 4 days, she thinks im masturbating but im not?

I feel like i want to vomit and mt stumach is queezy after sex let i climax or not.....and its not cuz my hubby hit my overies or curvix with his manhood?

I feel like i'm not really getting into it when i'm having sex with my husband. What could be wrong?

I feel nauseated & my back is killing me I felt like this all day. Could I be pregnant? By the way boyfriend started to cum Inside of me also,.

I feel nauseous everytime my husband ejaculates inside me, making me think i may be pregnant, but never am. Why?

I feel nothing when i kiss a man or he touches me..Is this normal? It's like i'm cold or something

I feel that sex is to risky and don't like the idea of it?

I get wet randomly and sometimes i even cum , why is that .. I don't even feel like desires of having sexual needs ? It happens like most time.

I go soft during sex for no reason then try again and i finish. i don't feel 100% ejaculated, whats wrong?

I got a wicked boner after eating some yogurt this morning. I felt really horny and im a little worried.

I got an IUD a month ago & when I felt for the string I didn't feel it but I feel something hard & I'm not sure if it's the IUD...should I be worried?

I had an unprotected sex and had since been feeling like there is a worm running through my system and some itches in my private part too. I feel so u?

I had sex lastnight, and I woke up this morning feeling like I have to throw up, what is this?

I had sex like 9 hours ago and my peanus is not comfortable I feel like something is left inside I dunno weird feeling , is it desease? What is this?

I had sex with my ex and now my penis feels bad?

I have 26 day cycle. On day 13 i feel discharge that wants to come out but feels like it just stays in my vagina. I feel this every few months. Why?

I have a herniated disc and have started to feel incredibly horny from time to time, should I be worried?

I have a problem i don't enjoy sex it hurts so bad i need help?