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I had a migraine but now I think I had a seizure bc I was sick for longer. do I up my seizure med, how do I know if it was a seizure or migraine?

12 minutes of EEG for 17 months baby with more than 70 myoclonus during EEG and they are all normal due to neurologist. Still could be petit mal?

3 months baby having grand mal seizures.EEG good,MRI as well.Talking keppra (levetiracetam) 2*1.5ml and phenob.2*15mg and still has seizures almost daily.Reason?

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8 year old had abnormal EEG with occipital spikes, &. Never had a seizure, should she be on medication? How likely is it that she would have a seizure

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Can a vasovagal syncope or concussion (or both?) cause convulsions? If so, are the convulsions an indicator of severity? Thank you! :)

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