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How to tell if myoclonic jerks are a seizure my child has these all through the night some nights but how to tell what's normal from myoclonic epileps?

I get muscle jerks (i think they're called myoclonic jerks?

I have 15-25 sleep myoclonus a night.I heard that jerk before falling asleep is not seizure. My EEG is abnormal. Doctor told me i have partial seizure?

I heard that jerk before sleep is normal and not seizure. But i have jerk before falling asleep and my eeg is abnormal. How could it be?

If propofol can cause myoclonic jerks than how can it raise the siezure threshold?

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Is sleepmyoclonus same as periodic limb movement disorder? 1 ped neuro diagnosed my 5 yo daughter's sleeptime jerks as sleepmyoclonus, other as plmd

Is there a type of epilepsy that causes contant parethesias all over, dizziness and myoclonic jerking ? Have had this for 2 months . 34 years old

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What are some causes of myoclonic jerks? My emg and EEG were normal . Been taking klonopin (clonazepam) for 5 months which helps but still no answer why.

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