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I have been seizure free for two years and just completely weened off the meds how likely is it for it to reappear please help I had partial seizures?

I have jerks every now and again but have not had a seizure in years. I had a scan, it shows I still have it. How can I control jerks without meds?

If an epileptic lost access to their meds & doctors is there a way (herbal, diet, xanex, ect.) to prevent seizures/relieve post seizure pain/trauma.

1 year old having a seizure? My daughter is 1 and has been having seizures for months, she's had a EEG done and results where normal, and for 3 weeks she didn't have one so i was happy, and just half an hour ago she had one i think . She was sitting j

10 year old son. Cerebral palsy. Fed strictly via gtube and seizure disorder. Not on any medications. He has diarrhea, what do I need to do for him?

11month old had a febrile convulsion last night, he went limp and lifeless. Could this develop into epilepsy?

2 episodes of febrile seizure due to pneumonia (9mons)(1y/o). Is that safe to put on phenobarbital 1/4 gr 2x/day? how long he need to take it?

2 episodes of febrile seizure due to pneumonia (9mons)(1y/o).EEG is seizure his that right to put on phenobarbital 1/4 gr 2x/day?

2 episodes of febrile seizure due to pneumonia (9mons)(1y/o).Is that safe to put on phenobarbital 1/4 gr 2x/day? EEG is abnomal.

20 year old had first grand mal seizure 3 months ago. Eeg was done this week and showed spike & wave discharges during light sleep. Is this epilepsy?

28 what make my GP suspect either narcolepsy or a seizure disorder and refer me to a neurologist? Never had seizures unless they happen while asleep??

2nd episode of unexplained loss of consciousness, what could be the causes in a healthy young female? Mri and EEG negative 11 years ago first episode.

3 Episode of febrile seizure because of 2x Pneumonia and 1 UTI. is that right to put the 15mos/old in phenobarbital 14gr 2x/day? how long?

49 yo: grand mal and absent seizure this week in one day. No history. Healthy. CT and blood work ok. Can choking on drink be a cause? MRI & EEG in 2w

4yr girl brn at 27wks. Cp, epilepsy, shunted etc. Having seizue like episodes but extended EEG (week long) shows nothing during the events. Ideas?

4yr girl. Born @ 27 weeks. Pvl, cp, shunted, epilepsy, etc. Recently she has started seizure like episodes, but EEG does not show any issues. Ideas?

5 years ago i was diagnosed with epilepsy after 1 seizure(in a stressful situation) with an EEG test(+normal MRI results).could it be wrong/sth else?

5-6 months ago i started getting random seizures, I have never had them before. What can cause this? (best to worst scenario). Not an epileptic.

6yr old is currently on life support following an epileptic seizure. She has been told she has encephalopathy. Is there possibility of recovery.

6yr old, epilepsy, on life support following seizure. Now told encephalopathy. Is it possible to recover?

9mos 1st febrile seizure had pneumonia,2nd 1yr/1mos febrile seizure pneumonia again.EEG abnormal.Pedia put phenobarbital 1/4gr 2x/day. Right decision?

A 10 y old pt.Known dm1recently dx. Epilepsy started on keppra (levetiracetam) 2 days later expereined severe hypoglycemia (insulin stopped 4 aweek) any explaination?

A friend who does not have a seizure disorder had a long seizure (family claims it was over an hour long) is this posable? Drinking is invalved.

A friend's baby has septo optic dysplasia and have recently started having seizures. What should they avoid doing so seizures won't happen again?

A week ago i had a seizure and the neuro doctor diagnoised me with astrocytoma, should I be concerned?

Abnormal EEG means epilepsy, or are there other people with abnormal EEG but are perfectly fine, please help!?

After 2 times of seizure my child EEG report is "slower than normal.Focal spikes (lt partial)are seen.Generalized slow & sharp waves.What does it mean?

After being seizure free on low levels of Dilantin for 15 years after just 2 what is the odds a seizure will return. Everyone tells me 100 percent?

After brain surgery & 3+ yrs seizure free, hubby noticed nocturnal generalized seizures. mri only surgical changes & eeg not abnormal, causes/ treatment options/ was this happening all along & just being noticed b/c now sleep together?

After first grand mal seizure, is it necessary to go on medication?

After having a grand mal seizure, how should someone take care of his / her tongue?

After my tbi, i had frquent seizures fora few years. I have been seizure free for at least 10 years. Can another happen now?

After sudden 1st seizure, is it possible to get another seizure after your EEG and brain scan come back clean?

Already diagnosed with epilepsy and migraine. Due to inflammation of occipital vessel. Why would mood modifiers, taken for grief, cause seizures?

Amanda had seizures in the past but has not had any for a little over 2 years she is on seizure meds could this be the cause for her late periods?

Any episode of crying *whatsoever* leaves me physically exhausted the entire day, comparative to having a grand mal seizure. (I'm epileptic.) Why?

Any possibility of seizures in amebiasis?

Anyone have seizures but tests for epilepsy show up normal?

Are auras before seizures real or made up? If so what are they?

Are brain shivers epileptic if they occur when i never have used ssri?

Are complex partial seizures symptomatically close to symptoms if a panic attack? Red flags that raise suspicion of one or the other?

Are déjà-vu sensations something to worry about? Do they have any relation to epilepsy?

Are everbody's symptoms of epilepsy different?

Are grand mal the same as generalized seizures?

Are people with complex and simple partial seizures awake or responsive during the seizures?

Are shudder attacks like seizures? Do they cause brai development prob? Can they go away?

Are you pretty safe not having a gran mal seizure if not knowing why you had one in the first and being 14 years free on one after only having one?

At 16 I was given phenabarbital for sleeping and it have me a seizure is this possible and it showed on EEG but they say pheno can spike EEG ?

At 20 days of birth & at 3 months my child suffered from seizure.Her EEG report shows seizure disorder (g.T.C.S-2 to hypoxic brain).What does it mean?

At what age does epilepsy start? Is it hereditary?

Brain tumor removed 4 years ago. Have been having partial/complex seizures, but two days ago I've had my first grand mal seizure. Why now?

Can a 16 year old have an abnormal EEG done is hospital but not have epilepsy had 1 positive EEG but never another seizure?

Can a 16yo have 2 seizures in his sleep but never have any after that?My son is now 30 his Dilantin levels only 2.3 and been seiz free since those 2

Can a concussion result in a seizure commonly?

Can a delusion occur during post-ictal stage of com. Partial sz?

Can a grand mal seizure cause death?

Can a grand mal seizure cause permanent brain damage?

Can a mid temporal strike found in an EEG be something other than epilepsy?

Can a past seizure have an effect your risk for eclampsia?

Can a person that's had Steven Johnson syndrome from a barbiturate ever receive a barbiturate again like for status epileptus if they need it?

Can a person who does not have epilepsy become epileptic due to antibiotics or do they have to have a history of epilepsy?

Can a pinched nerve cause a grand mal seizure?

Can a seizure be caused by trauma from a job related car accident, it's not epilepsy as stated by my neurologist. I've never had seizures before.

Can adults suffering from complex partial seizure lead a normal life?

Can amblyopia and simple-partial seizures be linked?

Can an EEG test evaluate my 10 month son for epilepsy, after an episode: loss of his consciousness,bend back of his body, stiffness.Is EEG enough?

Can an epileptic person, who's 1yr seizure free, have an instant seizure relapse due to major head trauma?

Can any body tell me what's the current treatment for a tonic seizures?

Can anybody explain what the current treatment for a tonic seizures is?

Can anyone tell me what can cause a grand mal seizure?

Can anyone tell me what causes febrile seizures besides having a fever?

Can birth control pills cause epilepsy, I have had 3 major brain resection as a kid to fix Complex Partial seizures?

Can braizaps when i never had used ssri before, be some kind of epileptic seizures? They coming if im sitt still, but speccialy if i moves and freezin

Can clozapine be given to patient with partial complex epilepsy?

Can cold sweats be an indication for impending seizures in an epileptic?

Can epilepsy develop at a certain age? Can a person go their whole life without any seizures then all of a sudden start having them?

Can epileptic fits be caused by fumes?

Can epileptics have thermage procedures? Can facial thermage procedure provoke a seizure in an epileptic person? I'm an epileptic and when i take my medication, i rarely have seizures. However, i remember having a seizure caused by extreme heat when i was

Can fear start off a epilepsy shake or epilepsy seizure.? And I'm curious does fear make epilepsy worse.? I been shaking a little

Can following a bike's flashing led trigger seizures in strobe-sensitive epilepsy?

Can gliosis cause seizures on a 8 year old!!!He has been getting seizures and took him to get in MRI and they said he had gliosis!!!

Can gluten cause seizures? 24 years old female; had 2 seizures 15 months apart. Her aunt had celiac disease (her son (cousin) had seizures).

Can grand mal seizures cause severe brain damage?

Can having a consistent fever between 101 and 103 for 3 months cause you to have a grand Mal seizure?

Can i break my back from a seizure?

Can I continue Dilantin while pregnant if it is the only thing that works for a seizure disorder?

Can I die from simple partial seizures?

Can I notice if I had a partial seizure during an EEG?

Can lamictal cause abnormal EEG results?

Can lamictal induce/worsen seizures rather than suppress them? Been on it for ten days and today had my first big episode. Previously just nocturnal.

Can long-term amphetamine use cause seizures at sleep onset at age 37? The every day seizures started only 2 months ago.

Can male enhancement vitamins cause seizures in someone with epilepsy?

Can meditation cause a seizure in someone with epilepsy? Specifically partial complex seizures.

Can migraines give u seizure like symptoms. I know they do strokes but i had a seizuer but i was still coherant but could not remember dates and days?

Can nembutal cause a positive EEG in a teenager who was talking the pills for sleep one pos EEG one neg. Dr said pill caused seizure ?

Can nembutal cause a positive EEG in a teenager who was talking the pills for sleepinf one pos EEG one neg. Dr said pill caused seizure?

Can nembutal cause a positive EEG in a teenager who was talking the pills for sleepinf one pos EEG one neg. Dr said pill caused seizure. He was taking?

Can one be diagnosed with epilepsy after one seizure in their sleep to later find out they had a wrong diagnosis even though 1 EEG was positive .1 neg?

Can parasomnia show up on an EEG and be mistaken for a seizure back in 98 my son was 16 and had 1 abnormal EEG then one normal?

Can peanut butter increase seizures frequency for someone with a risk of having seizures already? (brain tumor)