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Are behavioural disorders such as ADHD caused biologically or dur to ones environmental factors?

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Do genetics dictate the condition of my body?

Do you get stretch marks genetically or is it from environmental and other factors?

Do you know if there are environmental or heath factors that can cause congenital disease?

Does ethnicity play a huge role on what your potential height will be? Is it by nutrition/lifestyle? Or is it mainly on what ethnic group you are in?

Does genetic play a role hearing loss susceptibility to aminoglycosides in children or adults?

Does genetics play a role in susceptibility to pseudomonas aeruginosa?

Does p17play any factor in babies size?

Does someone know if aneurysms are always genetically determined?

Explain vascular endothelial growth factor?

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Heredity and evolution relationship?

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How much does family history, heredity, and ethnicity play into developing oral cancer, or is it primarily caused by tobacco, alcohol etc..

How much percent genetics and environmental play role in human height ?

How much percent does the genetics and environmental play role in human height ?

How often is teenage depression related to genetic factors?

If some people are more athletic due to good genes, can there be a genetic influence on how much exercise is healthy for you?

IQ is genetic? Can t we increase our IQ?

Is breast cancer genetic or caused by the environment or both?

Is good health a genetic or environmental/nurture quality?

Is height a hereditary factor?

Is height genetic or could be influenced by enviroment sometimes?

Is homosexuality caused by environmental or biological factors?

Is longevity influenced more by lifestyle or by genetics?

Is lung cancer infectious, dietary, genetic or environmental?

Is pacns caused by genetics in the family?

Is Parkinson's now thought to be mostly caused by environmental factors, genetic factors, or some complex combination of both?

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Is there any environmental factor that contributes to the development of type 1 diabetes?

Is there any known correlation between huge endowment and stress incontinence?

Please let me know if there is any correlation between huge endowment and stress incontinence?

Please tell me can environmental pollutants cause increase homosexuality and other sexual problems in humans?

Please tell me what causes low IQ if it's not genetic? What is the most significant factor in your iq?

Please tell me what factors contribute to the development and treatment of binge-eating disorder?

Read that longevity might be related to personality genes. Please explain that.?

Visual learning disorder, what could cause this? Genetics? Environmental factors?

What is bocio?

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What are genetic factors of adenomyosis plzzz tell me?

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What are the impacts of chemotherapy of the following factor : economic, social, cultural, environmental?

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What cardiorespiratory diseases are caused or influenced by the environment?

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What conditions or other heath/genetic issues can be determined before a child is 1?

What diseases and health conditions are influenced by genes?

What do you suggest for bad genetics overall, (weightlifting) (health) genetically inferior?