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ok to take 500mg amoxicillin Every 8 hours, 6 hours then 8 hours so I dont need to get up from sleeping and not wake up as early? I take it 3 a day.

1 hour after meal , Blood glucose was 137. Two hours later went up 141. the Third hour was 103. How bad is these numbers ?

12 hours clean off percocet at 150-200mg/day how can I get through this?

12 weeks pregnant, bad headaches, how much regular strength tylneol is safe to consume in 24 hours? Can i take 2 every 4 hours ?

2days old baby not urinate from last 12 hours. What I have to do?

After taking clorambucil should you wait one hour before eating u?

Am i right that it's no issue to take 2 claritin-d liquid gels within an hour?

Can I take my amoxicillin 500 an hour early so I can go to bed? My schedule is 7, 3, 11 I took it 15 mins after 3.

Can you catch the 24 hour stomach bug from someone after the 24 hours?

Can you get pregnant within 24-29 hours?

Can you have cervidil in for 25 hours?

Can you let me know how many hours do obstetricians work in a week?

Can you take prednizone with a 5 hour energy drink?

Can you tell me what to do if i got my sauna 14 hours ago and a full body massage 10 hours ago. Is it okay?

Could these two solutions be used together or at least within a few hours of each other?

Dinner at 11 pm , and then fasting all the way till 11 pm next day again. I have been doing it for the past 6 months continuesly . Lost 50 pounds within that. Why i dont have appetite for as long as 24 hours every day. I just have 8ounces of water?

Do I have to wait an hour before eating after taking my 50mcg of levothyroxine? Can't I just wait a half hour?

Doctor prescribe beazyme for leg swelling.Should 3 times a day.Should I take it every 8 hours or 6 hours will do?

Does feonella allow a 3 hour or 12 hour window?

Does food poisining always last 12-24 hours or can it last less then 12 hours ?

Does holding in poop for anywhere from a half hour to an hour have any adverse effect?

Does it matter if you sometimes take Flecainide after 11 hours or sometimes after 12 hours ?

Does working out for at least 10 hours a week effect your period?

Drank two 16 oz water bottles within 2 hours. Chugged them. And i have peed 5 times within 3 hours. Clear. Normal?

Every time i eat, within 4 hours i end up throwing it all up, what to do?

Everyttime i drink within a hour i know i will pee. Am i pregnant?

Flushed skin 2 hours after finishing exercise?

Flushed skin even hours after finishing exercise?

Had dinner over 4 hours ago. I am 23 weeks pregnant and have heartburn almost every night. Should I worry?What causes it? Can I take anything for it?

Here lately I have been waking up at night every half hour to an hour and have to urinate. Any suggestions?

Hi Can i study 12 hours while i m pregnant??

Hi doctor(s) i'm 32 years old what must i eat if i want to last for more than an hour when having sex?

Hi I have taken 10 cocodimals within the space of 5 hours I took the last one about 7 hours ago and I feel sick now what should I do ?

Hi,today I ate my baby aspirin for twice..before 24 hours am not sure may be less than 20 hours this dose harmful to fetus? Capsule power 81gm

How can I stop my ministration for a few hours?

How can I stop vomiting for good within the next 2 hrs?

How do I go 48 hours without eating?

How do I take omeprozole 2x day? Is 7:00 am 1 hr before breakfast and 5:00 pm 1 hr before dinner a good schedule?

How long does it take a 7 week old to digest a bottle ? 2 oz every three hours? She puked two hours after eating?! help!

How long does it take for symptoms of food poisoning to start? would I know within 5 hours?

How long is 25 hour half life?

How long until clairtin 24 hour kicks in?

How many days does PMS typically last? How long does PMS generally last? .

How many days does PMS typically last? How long does PMS generally last? .

How many hours do obstetricians work at night in a week?

How many hours do obstetricians work per week?

How many hours does one have to study to become a doctor?

How many hours dos you take about nutrition when you are at High school?

How many hours necessary to sleep in whole day for below 1 year old?(For example: day time=?? hours or Night time= ??? hours)

How many hours of fasting required( minimum) before taking abdomen scan ? Should we take lot of water before scanning ?

How many mg of caffeine is enough to induce a dangerous arrhythmia within a 24 hour period?

How many ml should I urinate within a 24 hour period?

How many servings of 5 oz should a 3 month old baby eat within 24 hours?

How much pedialyte is safe for an 8 week old in a 24 hr period only?

How much water can a person safely drink within a period of 24 hours?

HR in the 70's to 80's hours after working out in contrast when I don't workout HR in the 60's. Why is this?I take atenolol everyday.

I am 25, healthy. Took allegra d 24 hours (240mg pseudoephedrine) within 20 hours of my last dose. Is there anything to be concerned about?

I am on 8 mg dilauded every 4_6 hours and 1 80 mg every 8 hours?

I am over weight after having my daughter, i plan to do 1 1/2 hour yoga, 1 hour cardio, 1 hour of kenpo and 1 hour of core work/week. This good?

I feed my baby every 2 hours with 60ml but seems that he will get hungry within the next 2 hours, shld i feed him or wait for the 2 hours?

I feed my baby every 2 hours with 60ml, but he seems to be hungry within 2 hours. shld i feed him or wait for the 2 hours with another 60ml?

I gave my 9.5 mo old tylenol (acetaminophen) for teething and within 2 min he threw up his whole breakfast. Should I redose or wait the 4-6 hours?

I had eleven pamprin within an hour, is that bad?

I have around 185g of caffeine in my body right now and I took 2 Aleve within 2 hours of each other. Am I okay?

I have been having an erection for like 7 hours, what should I do?

I have been peeing every half hour what does that mean ?

I have gas problem when i take my lunch after half an hour my body starts releasing farts. What should I do?

I have had diarrhea every 15 to 20 minutes for over 22 hours. Is this normal x?

I have had diarrhea for over 24 hours and have used the bathroom at least 20 times and its the consistency of water. What could it be and when do I need to see a doctor? What should I take?

I have overdosed on caffeine. I had approximately 1000 mg of caffeine within about 20 minutes. How do I get it out of my system?

I have slept around 10 hours in the past 48-60 hours. What should I do?

I have taken flagyl about 2 hours ago and within 10 minutes I have turned red all over and itching none stop I have taken 2 benadryl about 30 minutes ?

I have to fast for 12 hours before blood test. Can i drink black coffee during those 12 hours?

I haven't been in the sun a lot for a couple months, i'm black btw. Last week i had about a half hour exposure, is that enough?

I made myself a watermelon-apple-forestfruit milkshake 2 hours ago and I've been vomiting for 1 hour. Is there a connection? What can I do?

I passed out for 2 hours! i've hlhs, what to do?

I pee every 1 to 2 hours. The average is suppose to be 3 to 4. Is there anything that I can do to achieve that or surpass it?

I take Cialis and it stays in your system for 36 hours does that mean I cannot drink alcohol for 36 hours...?

I take levothyroxine very morning on a empty stomach. Do I have to take it at the same exact hour every day or is it ok if it's within a couple hours?

I take my multivitamins early in the morning as per doctor advise. How soon can i drink coffee afterwards? After one hour?

I think I might have apap toxicity, took 1950mg throughout 4 hour period. It had been 12 hours and I have nausea and just threw up. What to do?

I took 12 (double the recommended amount for 24 hours) ibuprofen in 18 hours the last 8 of them were on a empty stomach (I've been taking 4 of them every 8 hours) I need to knowif I'm okay o rif I need to go to a doctor (I'm 16 years old and 110 lbs)?

I took 2 .5mg of Xanax about 30 mins apart. The first one Was 1 hour ago and 2nd was 20 minutes ago. Can I take NyQuil cold and flu in about 45 mins?

I took a 70 mg Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) about 6 hours ago, i know they only stay in your system for 12-14 hours, but will i be able to stay up for 13 hours from now?

I took azithromycin on an empty stomach, ate 10 minutes later and vomitted after an hour. Do I need to retake?

I took next choice within 72 hours (70 1/2 hrs later). Will it still be effective even though its toward the end of the 72 hours?

I took Omeprozole 2 hours after I ate because I forgot earlier. Do I have to eat again afterwards (it's almost bedtime).

I took one Percocet 5-325 at 5 I am in lots of pain can I take two more an hour early? It says every 4-6. It will only be 3 hours at 8.

I urinated twice within half an hour, what can cause this increase in urination?

I urnite too much at night. Sometimes in one hour its 2-3 times?

I used to have to sleep 8 hours or more every night, but now I've gotten used to 5-6 hours a night. Is this normal or healthy? I'm 24 years old.

I want to do a 24 hour cleanse, what should I do?

I want to know the name of some tabletes which make the penis erect within half an hour?

I was given permethrin 5% to eliminate scabies. It says to stay on for 8-14 hours and then shower. Will it still work if i shower after 6/6.5 hours?

I was RX Cephalexin 500mg (every 6 hrs). Do I need to wake up to adhere strictly to every 6 hrs or can I spread 4 dosages within my waking hours?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and sleeping 10-12 hours a night. Is this normal?

I'm 18 and drank four 5 hour energy drinks within a matter of about 5 hours or so. I am displaying symptoms of a heart attack. What do I do?

I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Had contractions which where 4 to 5 mins apart and it lasted for about 1 hour then they stopped.

I'm urinating every half an hour?

I'm wondering what is the minimum recommended amount of hours of sleep?