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I have a colon polyp that needs to be removed surgically but the doctor's first appointment is not till may. Is this too long to wait?

I have a new baby how many weeks should I wait befor doing exercises?

I have a pain in the testicle socket should I worry its been a few days and I have to wait till Tuesday for a doc appointment?

I have a UTI im in pain should I try to wait untill tomorrow?

I have been holding in my waste since i was in day care.i waite 2 or 3 days and then i go what can happen to me if i continue to do this?

I have had a few symptoms that make me worry my syrinx is worsening I have an MRI scheduled for wed night is it okay to wait that long?

I have to get a botox shot in my bladder next week but i want to know more about it how long will the procedure take and will i be awake through it ?

I have to go to get gingivoplasty and was wondering what can I expect?

I just had a c-section on may 20th 2013..How long until i will be able to go swimming ?

I just had a cavity filled and i'm wondering how long do I have to wait before I can eat again?

I just had a miscarriage but the sonogram shows everything is still inside.How long I can wait till I clear up myself naturally before doing surgery?

I just had a procedure done getting a sample of my tissue and waitin for the result. My ? Is how long do I have to wait til I have sex

I know its important to go to the doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant, but how long can you really wait? I know its important to go to the doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant, but how long can you really wait?

I m eight months pregnant have Bartholin's cysts reputred again after a month. Should I go for surgery or stay in antibiotics till my delivery. ?

I recently had my bladder cancer return after11 years. I am waiting for a cystoscopy what should I be doing for the next couple of weeks while i wait?

I recently just had an abortion last week on 07/13/2015 this Monday would make two weeks, am I safe to wear a tampon ? or should I wait another week ?

I saw an oncall dr 10 days ago, he said 4 me to wait till i see pcp, who will begin the insulin, can i wait that long? Bs over 330, ketones,dizzy

I spend almost 8 hours a day diagnosing myself. Am i wasting my time?? or should i wait till im 18?

I take percocet7.5 and lost them my doctors said I'll have to wait till my refill I'm scared of how I'll feel. What can I do to help me get thru this?

I think i have a yeast infection so i went a bought the 3 day monistat. Now my period is on. Can i go ahead and use it or wait till it goes off? I am

I think I have hemaroids. Its been about a week. How long should I wait to see the doctor.?

I want to get laser liposuction, should I wait till after I have kids?

I want to know how long does it take after having implonan removed to get doctor told me as soon as I was removed but I had no luck yet?

I want to reduce my wait , about 8 to 10 kg?

I was 12 weeks when i had a surgical abortion, they said to wait 6 weeks before sex again, why is this?I've seen some people only have to wait 2weeks?

I was between 6-7 weeks and had a miscarriage how long do we need to waite to start to try again?.

I was wondering how long after a miscarriage should you wait to get a tattoo?

I will be getting a cystoscopy in a couple of days. What can I expect?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with a cavity it really hurts and I have a appt in 13 days is that too long to wait to get it fixed with it harm my baby?

I'm at my 2nd week post-op appendectomy. How long would i wait to work out? A doctor said to wait 6 months. Is it strictly a "must" or that long?

I'm going on 2 weeks since my c section how long does it take so I can drive?

I'm going to have dermal fillers done. Did i wait to long if starting at 60?

I'm going to have my uterus and cervix removed next month. How long do I wait to have sex after surgery?

I'm having surgery on friday. Should i get the flu shot now or wait till after the surgery?

I'm. Going on 2 weeks since my c section how long does it take so I can drive?

I've been having diarrhea at least 5-6x a day for 3 days now. Can I wait it out more, or should I see a doctor now?

I've been having sinusitis since march 23 how long have that been since now I'm ready for it to go away how long will it go away?

I've been taking antibiotics for 3 days and see no results yet should I wait longer before going back to Doctor?

I've got a Pilonidal cyst that's been bleeding for a few days, I'm on a very long wait list to see a specialist, how can I at least slow the bleeding?

I've got to have a colposcopy soon. How long does it take?

I've had 2-3 diarrhea a day for about 6 days, how long may I wait before calling my doctor?

I've lost my tampon, is this an emergency or can I wait until monday to get it removed?

I"m 28 years old and i have 4 children next Thursday i see my doctor and i"m going to ask to get my tubes tide how long after my doctors appointment will i get into have the procedure done?

If a filling is leaking, how long can it wait? Dentist examined, didn't seem too alarmed. I have to wait 1 more week out of 3 wks of waiting.

If hCG is 25ml/iu, could it go to 600 two days later, or would it take longer?

If I ever have to get a surgical abortion, what would be the soonest I could return to work?

If I have Mono, how long to I have to wait before I can workout again?

If I just recovered from flu, how long should I wait before going for semen analysis?

If I need another child when is the best time to have another, while I don't need to wait long

If i run out of methadone on 12th while trying to cut from 20 to 10mg will my doc let me get it filled on the 12 or can she make me wait til 24th?

If i still want to have another child, should I wait to get a tummy tuck? There's a possibility that i might want to have one more child. Will a pregnancy ruin a tummy tuck, and should I wait until afterward to have it? .

If my husband smokes and he long we have to wait to try for pregnancy?

If u want to lose wait what are rules u need to follow?

If you have a c-section how long do you have to wait til you can drink a piƱa colada?

If you have a cataract, can it be too early to have it removed? If so, why? I have one but Dr says it's not ready. I don't understand why wait.

If you have to stay up late to get some work done, whats the latest you should stay up till? For example, is 1:30am to late? Will my skin still heal ?

If you think you have appendix problems, how long could you wait to go to the doctor?

If your eyesight is playing up, how long should u wait before u get it checked out?

Im 26 weeks how long should I wait beforei contact my dr because shes not kicking or moving?

Im almost done with my 7th month of accutane. How long do i have to wait before i can get a tattoo without risk? Thank you all xx

In 2010 i had the paragard inserted and just had it removed last week. How long should I wait before having intercourse? What precautions shd i take?

Is having to wait six days until you can get surgery for a fractured jaw likely okay? This is a lot longer than I thought it would take.

Is hydrotubation painful,how long does it take to get one done.

Is it contagious? And what can be done till I see doctor?

Is it necessary to take typhoid vaccine if i go for swimming .I had taken one three years back.Shall i repeat it now please give the name?

Is it ok to hold ur per for a long time while pregnant?

Is there any way to make sure radiesse lasts a long time? I''m planning to get radiesse, but i'm worried about it not lasting very long. I know it's supposed to last around a year, but a friend's only lasted about 6 months. I don't have the money to get i

Its been approx 9 months 25 days since i lost baby, i was told not to try again, but want to. Is it too soon. Nurse practitioner said wait a year.

Iv been married for 23 yr. now I'm not. IV all was had a problem with not lasting long sex. are they any thing I can do to make. me go longer.

Just got lasered for retinal holes again, how long should i wait before starting to exercise?

Like right now are can she wait till tomorrow?

Me & my husband are ready to try again after my first m/c should we wait intill i get my period back or will it be safe to go ahead and try?

Mir. IUD fell out, need another one. Do I have to wait, can it be done asap. Why would it come out? Can I have another one?

Mono symptoms and how long should we wait to return back to the doctor?

Mr.Doctor.My wait is 115.00kg so what I do to i lose the wait?

My wife's period is lasting as long as ten days. My wife is 37. Should she see a doctor about this?

My 8 year old son still pees himself during the day occasionally is this normal is he waiting to long is it normal at this age what can I do!?

My baby is 6 months old but I want to try now for my second. My doctor and everyone say I should wait a year. I want to start now!! Why must I wait?

My body very weak . My age is 24 but wait very less only 49. Can u suggest anything for improve my wait.

My dental implant failed, how long till i can get one in the same spot?

My friend recently had the flu. How long should I wait before allowing him to be around my 4 month old daughter?

My gf might be pregnant how long should you wait too see or worry when is Offical when you can say she is? how long should u wait to get a test done?

My girlfriend just had a proctoscopy which resulted in infection. How long till she heals?

My husband needs surgery on his hand and wants to wait a month because he needs to keep working. Is it serious if he waits.?

My keloid is getting bigger. They can't get me in at ku until sept. I can't wait that long. What can I do in the mean time to prevent it from growing mo?

My obgyn recommends not trying to get pregnant for 6 months after accutane. I am 33yo, why do I need to wait longer than a month post treatment?

My period stays on for 3 days then go's off is that ok.

My wife age is 28 and my age is 33.Is there ok to wait for another 2yr to conceive or do it now afterward there will be complication?

My wife just under go fibroid operation three month now how long will stay before having sex. Thanks?

Noone is answering my question.. How long do I wait to nurse 11 mo. old after hookah? (Only smoke it once every 3 months) HOW MANY HRS. SHOULD I WAIT?

Period never stops completely, what can I do? I'm waiting on insurance to kick in to see a doctor. Help!

Planning to go out and get sensodyne tomorrow, how long will it take to kick in?

Recheck how long should you wait to get rechecked for STDs after taking med to see if its gone.

Should I quit my job or wait till I get another offer first?

Should you wait longer after a second c-section to begin exercising?

The Dr. said to wait 6 weeks for intercourse after c-section. Monday is my 6 week mark would a couple days make a difference?

Today i had several teeth removed under a general anesthetic how long till me and my partner can make love again, is it best to wait a while?

Told by nurse after ttc for 3 yrs that I needed to wait 6 months after loss of 1st pregnancy To try again, is there a medical reason to wait so long?

Traveled to somewhere with Zika how long should I wait to try to conceive?Should I wear condoms while waiting? I already had sex without wearing one

Trying for earlier than april appt. Can walk but barely. The longer i wait, the less strength that could return with dermatomyositis when treated?