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18 male, I had Osgood disease 4 years ago. But the mild pain is still in my knee. How long will it take to completely recover?

24 hours after injuring my upper shin bone I have severe burning pain if on my feet for very long. RICE relieves it-so wait till Mon to see dr, or ER?

3 months after C-section relly bad gas pain in chest and back and dizziness is this normal? How long do it take to totally recover to normal?

400 mg of ibuprofen daily is enough to handle the chronic low back pain from my scoliosis. Is this amount daily dangerous for the long term?

7 days post tubal ligation. How long till shoulder pain should subside? Is still very painful upon inhaling or coughing.

About 3 years ago I had a vasectomy. Not long after I began (and continue to) have discomfort around the sides of my hips. Can this be related?

About how long does it take to treat back and hip pain with a tens machine?

After corticosteroids at 8 locations of my iliopsoas I have 55% better. Still difficult to sit for long. Its been 11 days now. Can it worsen again?

After ovulation how long does it take for pain in breast to go away?

Apendicitis: how long after surgery can you go back to work?

Are there any treatments for long term shingles discomfort. It has been 1 year and my recovery seems to be at a plateau.

Back pain relief when sitting for long periods of time?

Bulimia bloating, how long till swelling goes down?

Can Levofloxacin induced Tendinitis last permanently? (after 14 months I still have not recovered. Pain comes and goes in weeks intervals)

Can muscle pain from strain last longer if it has not been used in a long time?

Can to many prescription steroids cause joint pain and how long should I let it go on?

Can you see my current symptoms in my profile? I know it takes a while for back pain to resolve, but I wonder if I should wait any longer.

Can you tell me how long it should take for joint pain to subside following an attack by yellow jackets?

Can you tell me how long it should take until the pain from a kidney infection goes away?

Ciprodex &cephalexin 4 severe ear infection...24 hours later and still in unbearable pain....can't long till kicks in how can I ease it?

Could this long lasting pain be something worse than pleurisy?

Does nerve pain from shingles usually take longer than a week to go away? My condition seems to be improving but random nerve pain is still at a 8.5/9

Does perihepatic ascites cause pain? How long does it take to go away and what are potential causes?

Dx orchitis from trauma been on abx 6 days pain pills q6 still in a lot of pain. How long do I expect to be in pain?

Elbow scope how long before it's back to normal?

Evaluated for sciatica: in servere pain for longer than 2wks already. How long until it gets better?

Feeling pain on knee wound. Taking antibiotics for 2 days. How long pain will last?

For a few days now, I've had on/off stitch pains down my right side on my stomach. It's usually after a short walk, although not the case currently?

For how long does ovulation pain stay?

For how long does paresthesia usually last?

Go to NY in 5 days. Knee osteoarthritis n pain if walk for long. Steroid jab or others to walk without pain?Immediate n long term risks n side effect?

Had a coccygectomy about 3 months ago, how long will take for the pain to go away. Any recommendations? 40 year old male.

Had a cold for over a wk and been having mild chest pains few days, how long should I wait before seeing dr?

Had an X-ray for middle back pain two days ago. How long before my dr contacts me with the results?

Had metal temporary crowns on which caused a lot of pain/swell. Now have permanent and pain/swell subsides, however is on/off. How long does it last?

Had sciatica pain during last 2 weeks pregnancy. Thought it would be gone post delivery & it's not. How long til pain subsides & what to do for relief?

Had TMJ for just over two years. Worst symptom is stiffness in front of ear is it realistic to expect it to resolve, does it just take a long time?

Have had sciatic pain following long car trip for several months...Is this normal?

Have UTI and im on my second day of treatment.How long does it take to work?Horrible back pain, and soreness.

Having pain in my right butt about half way up when standing for longer than 15 mins. 2 epidural shots. any other way to relieve pain without surgery?

Having plate and screws removed from left leg, how long and severe will the pain be and how long will i be off that leg?

How long should pain last w intercostal myioitis ?

How do doctors evaluate long term back pain?

How fast could an inflammatory arthritis flare up come on and how quickly could it resolve? Thank you

How long after a fall can a back problem start? Is it usually immediate or can it come later?

How long after a lumbar microdiscectomy does it take for sciatic pain to subside?

How long after a partial tonsillectomy does the pain subside?

How long after a thoracotomy for pneumothorax can I go back to work?

How long after a vasectomy is it normal to feel pain?

How long after an acdf does pain Go Away?

How long after an epidural will the pain linger at the insertion site? Can continuing pain 8 weeks after be from emotional distress related to events?

How long after anesthesia beofre the stomach returns back to normal?

How long after appendicostomy can I go back to work?

How long after chlamydia treatment will residual inflammation subside? symptoms came back after initial treatment, burning and pain in testicles

How long after colonoscopy can I go back to work?

How long after having a hysterectomy can I see a chiropractor?

How long after stopping lovenox (enoxaparin) injections will by all over body pain and nausea go away?

How long after your last chemo treatment should you go back to be rechecked?

How long are you numb after a discectomy?

How long are you numb for after having a discectomy?

How long before I can go back to work after surgery for a broken leg?

How long before the bloating and swelling goes down after hysterectomy?

How long can a rotavirus last and how long should it be before my bowels go back to normal?

How long can heartburn last if left alone?

How long can I expect my 18-month-old to be in pain after his fistulotomy?

How long can I expect positional pain and discomfort to last after pacemaker implantation?

How long can residual pain from diverticulits last?

How long can the swelling caused by bursitis of the knee normally take to go down?

How long can you be taking pain pills after back surgery?

How long could intercourse hurt after a c-section?

How long do hang overs last and how to ease the pain?

How long do hemorrhoids typically last (after getting them during labour)?

How long do it takes for pain to subside after having a c section?

How long do migraines usually last?

How Long Do You Have PID Before the Pain Starts?

How long does a "full" recovery usually take after a sesmoidectomy? Worst little injury I have ever had and I have had a lot. I am over 12 months post op and still have pain and possibly related "referred pain" to the base of my 4th and 5th toes at the

How long does a butt pain last when you fall?

How long does an upper endoscopic biopsy take to come back? Been over a week.

How long does appendicitis pains last?

How long does back pain associated with fibroids last?

How long does back pain associated with HIV last?

How long does back pain associated with syphilis last?

How long does back pain before periods generally last?

How long does denture pain last?

How long does gastritis take to go away? And is it normal for my upper back to hurt?

How long does hip pain usually last after giving birth?

How long does it take for a moderately lg pelvic hematoma to go away by itself. Result of pelvic fractures.

How long does it take for appendicitis pain to get severe?

How long does it take for AVN to progress in a hip once it gets started.

How long does it take for dexmethasone to work for back pain?

How long does it take for inflammation to heal in the lower back ?

How long does it take for middle-ear infection pain to go away?

How long does it take for neck strain & associated muscle spasms/pain to go away completely? What are the best/fastest methods of treatment?

How long does it take for pain to go away in a pulled muscle injury?

How long does it take for physical therapy to work for lower and middle back pain?

How long does it take for radicular leg pain to settle down does it go away it self?

How long does it take for severe back pain to go away?

How long does it take for the dengue joint pains to go?

How long does it take for the pain to diminish and recover from a lower back disc and sciatica injury?

How long does it take for the pain to go away if you have prostitis? I have taken antibiotics for 2 weeks but i still have a little testicle pain?