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Had a birth control chip removed in January i found my cycle is Longer now i have been on Period For a month and a Half why Would this happen?

Hi, i've failed my IVF cycle this time, what would be good for my body to continue following cycle or give it a rest my body for 1 or two months ?

"i tell my patients to have regular intercourse, meaning 2-3 times a week generally starting after your period stops. Can i get pregnant quicker ?

16 year old daughter is on HRT for premature ovarian failure, no menstruation had started.. How long does she need stay on this, for life?

After a D&C, how long does it take for HcG levels to return to normal?

After a male starts taking injections to boost his sperm count, what is the general success rate and how long does it usually take to become pregnant?

After a single 3-month dose of Lupron Depot, how long until I should expect my menstrual cycle (and pain) to come back?

After achieving an euthyroid state, how long will it take for menstrual flow to return to normal?

After conception, how long does the implant ion stage take?

After long term abstinence i recently had sex. Days later, i had a very light menstruation (?) but it only lasted 2-3 days. What could it be?

And if the mirena (levonorgestrel) did fall out what would i expect? And how long for the hormones to come out of my system?

Any tips? What should I expect from perimenopause?

Approx how long does a seizure last typically?

Are Accutane success rates higher on second or third courses than on first courses? (assuming the first course was effective for a period of time)

Are the ligaments in the face affected by relaxin hormone? How long until they return to normal after birth? Not breastfeeding. Thank you

Can a embryo take up to three weeks to implant? What's the longest it's been known to take?

Can an emergencycontraceptivepill affect how long your period lasts? Can it either decrease or increase the number of days?

Can any doc tell me what's the average weight of a full term pregnancy?

Can anyone tell me what causes abnormally long periods?

Can I go full term with my prior problem pregnancies?

Can I take my h. pylori treatment once a day over a longer period instead of twice over a shorter period? Thanks in advance.

Can implantation fail after several days?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for my hCG level to return to zero?

Can the length of my period be permanently affected after having a baby?

Can thyroid problems be brought on by pregnancy? If so how long after and how long would it last?

Can travel (in this case over 20 hours on plane) affect the length, date, or heaviness of periods?

Can you have a full term pregnancy if you have the iud?

Can you tell me how long does menopause usually last?

Considering individual differences generally how long does it take to regularize periods and start ovulation with medication and weight loss for pcos?

Do all pills stuck in the esophagus eventually dissolve after a period of time ( short or long)?

Do clomiphene makes my cycle stay on longer than 7 days?

Do long cycles like 40 days apart always mean ovarian cysts? Its long but always regular

Do miscarriages typically happen over a couple days or all at once? If it varies, do you have a percentage? Thanks

Do people ever ovulate in two ovaries within 24 hours?

Do scabies lose drug resistance after a long period of time?

Does acne normally last for the entire course of a pregnancy?

Does depo usually fail if not taken at the correct time frames? (Every 12-13 weeks)? any other ways it can fail?

Does facial hair have a growth cycle on a womens face where it falls out and restarts how long is this life cycle.

Does low iron cause irregularly longer periods? I have a history of it in my family. Its never been this long before & no pains. Quick answer please.

Dr. Can i get miscarriage if i had a flight travel of 4hrs on implantation day? And took 10 kg weight on the same day for long time.?

During Eating disorder recovery Is having an actual period good? I've lost them for so long and I'm not sure what if means.

Follicle size is 17 mm and 20 mm , do intercourse upto 48 hours,how long will i have to continue to get pregnant?

Following d&c surgery how long does it take a woman's hCG level to go down completely?

For the last two months, I've had two week long periods. Sometimes three weeks. I am 17, it's been a pretty steady flow. What should I do?

For what length of time can breastfeeding delay the return of menstruation?

For what length of time can one expect to live after they start dialysis?

For what length of time do patients usually last after they start dialysis?

For what length of time do the effects of Dulcolax last before they start to wear off?

Had nexplanon for 8 months its been removed for 2 months exactly. How long before the hormone leaves the body been TTC?

Help please! could being ill for a long time affect your period?

Help, what to do about my period while traveling a long distance?

Help! Is 20-21 days in between my period too short or normal compared to other women?

Hi my name joann dixon I've had my menstural cycle 4/22 to now I normally have it for 7 days but why is it on so long now?

How can I naturally have long lasting sex?

How can I stay full for a long period of time to prevent overeating?

How can I stay full for a long period of time?

How do I prevent from cramping after a long run ?

How do istay awake for a short periods of time?

How far into an uncomplicated pregnancy can you clear a patient to safely run a half marathon? When do complications typically occur during pregnancy?

How long (its been 6 months) should I try & conceive before seeking medical help? I have roughly 25 cysts on each over overary but regular periods.

How long after a cesarean may i begin to work out?

How long after a d&c will levels go to 0. And when will i see my first cycle.

How long after birth do you normally see ivh?

How long after conception do you begin to bloat?

How long after d&c does it take for your cycle to regulate? I am on cycle #2 and was 2 weeks late. I also lost twins, does this effect anything?

How long after hCG has left my system till i ovulate?

How long after intercourse does fatigue start? Thanks?

How long after ovulation does your cirvix drop?

How long after sex does it take an gestational sac to appear?

How long after stopping lupron (leuprolide) for endometriosis will it take for your body to go back to normal?

How long after you finished chemotherapy for breast cancer till your periods are regular?

How long after you give birth can eclampsia come on?

How long after you have a baby should you get your first naturally occurring period?

How long are condoms generally good for?

How long are you hospitlized for uterine conctration?

How long can it take for my period to establish a regular cycle after weight restoration?

How long can ovulation be delayed or how many days can it be changed?

How long can ovulation occur? (days, hours)

How long could constipation usual last for?

How long could the galactorrhea last?

How long do pregnancy hormones remain in your system after abortion?

How long do you have amenorrhea before you become sterile?

How long do you have to wait to conceive after breast reduction?

How long do you need to take a break from depoprovera to decrease your chances of osteoporosis?

How long does a natural miscariage take from beginning of bleeding till end? How will u know if everything passed?

How long does a period have to last to be classified as menorrhagia?

How long does a person have to take estrogen injections prior to a sex change?

How long does a refractory period usually take?

How long does a woman usually ovulate?

How long does an ovarian cyst stay without rupturing, how long can it delay your period?

How long does it take a woman to become infertile when having endometriosis or is it quick?

How long does it take fibroid to shrink after menopause?

How long does it take for period or a tampon that has been left in over night to cause health problems?

How long does it take for a females body to get back to normal cycle after being on the rod implant for a year?

How long does it take for a fibroid to grow to 5.5 cm?

How long does it take for changes to occur in breast right after conceptions?

How long does it take for Depo-Provera testosterone to peak? 100 mg a week.

How long does it take for one's menstral cycle to normalize, following a miscarriage? It has been 5 months and I am still not back to my normal

How long does it take for periods to regularize? I've had mine for over three years and the cycle lengths still vary a ton (up to a 23 day difference)

How long does it take for periods to stop after premature ovarian failure?