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After a c-section, how long does it take for feet swelling to go down?

After a dislocated finger, how long usually does it take to heel?

After a fractured tarsal what can happen if i don't stay off my feet?

After a long hike I have acquired numbness in my big toes that will not subside . It's been 2 weeks ?

After a sprained wrist, how long will it take to return to gardening?

After a very long walk through conventions or trade shows or shopping my feet and shins hurt for the life of me and I don't know why or how to relief ?

After how long can I start walking with a broken big toe?

After removal of screws plate from my tibia after 6 months what should I do? How long i need to take bed rest? How many days later i will start walk?

After removing the plates from the ankle, how long will it take to walk?

After sitting for a half hour or longer, when I get up to walk both my feet and ankles are painful. What could cause that? No injury or swelling.

After the remove of the cast on the fractured leg, it takes how long to walk again?

Am i the only girl with very long second toes?

Any advice for someone with diabetic foot who will go on a long flight?

Are long toes normal?

Are freakishly long toes normal?

Big blisters under feet from stnading for long hours, what to do?

Broken arm, how long before i can drive?

Broken toe wound still bleeding.. How long should this last?

Can I stay active if I have a bad ankle?

Can someone tell me how long will the recovery time be to remove glass from foot?

Can you tell me about tips for someone with diabetic foot who will go on a long flight?

Can you tell me how long after breaking my toe can I begin exercising again?

Can't reach os. Equinus contracture in ankle/foot started 1 week ago. How long can wait for os help before permanent foot deformity? Go to ER or wait?

Damaged feet from long hours in uncomfortable shoes. Are there any treatments for this?

Did zumba barefoot a week ago at home and ball of foot really hurts what is wrong and how long will it take to recover. Painful to walk but no swellin?

Do you have really long toes like I do?

Do you like long toes or short toes better?

Does a finger splint need to stay on 24 hours a day?

Does anyone else have long toes?

Does it mean anything if I have long toes ?

For how long does it take a hand sprain to heel?

For how long does it takes for corns on feet to go away.?

For how long should a broken foot hurt after getting in a cast?

From professional experience how long has ankle sprain taken to get better?

Good evening My fifth Right metatarsal broken half, how to support what kind of product you have how long delivery?

Have a broken pinky toe...How long do they take to heal? I also just stubbed it, will that make the break any worse? Hurts all the way up my leg :(

Hello doctor i need to know being diabetes type 2 an all how long will it take for my ankle to heal i sprain it falling a week ago on some ice?

Help please? How long it takes to walk to run and to get fit after broken femur?

Help please? How long would surgery take for a broken arm/leg?

Hi doctor .. I am athlete and my foot broken and next month I have championship ... How long it needs to heal and your advice to recovery quickly?

How long at a time should someone walk a day?

How can I stay active with a broken leg?

How can I take a broken leg on a trip?

How come my foot gone numb after a long day of football practice?

How do I make my ankles stop swelling while i'm on a long plane ride?

How do I make my sprained foot heal faster?

How long after a broken foot does it take to stop swelling and being discolored?

How long after a cast gets put on for a broken foot should it stop swelling?

How long after ankle surgery until it is alright to run?

How long after breaking a foot should you have swelling?

How long after fibular surgery will I use my feet?

How long after getting a toenail removed does it take to walk again?

How long after the cast comes off a broken foot till able to walk again?

How long am I supposed to wait before running after a broken foot?

How long before i can start using my foot after a slight sprain?

How long before I can walk normally following a tendon repair in the foot?

How long before it is safe to wear high heels again after a broken femur?

How long before the pain from a broken wrist goes away?

How long before the swelling of a broken toe subsides?

How long before xarelto is out of my system? I have been on it for a year from a broken leg. I just stopped 2 day's ago

How long can a jammed joint in your foot take to heel?

How long can I expect my foot to swell post Achilles rupture?

How long can I expect pain and stiffness in my elbow joint after being in a long arm cast for 6 weeks?

How long can I wait to go back to gymnastics after breaking my ankle?

How long can it take to get back to full fitness from a broken ankle?

How long can you leave a badly injured hand untreated?

How long do cortisone shots last and do they help a lot, had one on my knee today cause it makes it hard for me to walk long distances, will it help?

How long do docs recommend I should I rest my arm?

How long do fingers stay swollen after surgery?

How long do I have to keep elevating my leg after breaking it?

How long do I have to wait before i can ski on my broken leg?

How long do I have to wait before i can walk on my sprained ankle?

How long do I need to wait till I can start/practice walking after Achilles tendon rupture?

How long do people usually wear casts for if they have a fractured ankle?

How long do you have to stay off your feet if your dislocated pinkie toe was reduced by a dr 48 hrs ago i'm on crutches and i'm in a lot of pain.

How long do you need to stay off of a toe that has a spur but isnt broken?

How long do you stay in therapy after three finger amputation?

How long does a bad foot sprain take to heal?

How long does a can foot usually last?

How long does a foot amputation take?

How long does a foot swell after being broken?

How long does a sprained ankle remain swollen?

How long does a take for a cut toe to stop hurting?

How long does a thumb hangnail take to heel?

How long does a tight calf last?

How long does hurt tissues need to heal for feet?

How long does it normally take for your big toe to heal?

How long does it take a broken foot to stop hurting once I have a cast on?

How long does it take for a diabetic amputated toe to heel?

How long does it take for a moderate ankle sprain to recover? I have had a history of foot and ankle problems over the past 20 years.

How long does it take for a over streched tendon in the top part of your foot to heal?

How long does it take for a spained ankle to stop swelling?

How long does it take for a twisted ankle to stop hurting?

How long does it take for athlete's foot to go away?

How long does it take for athletes foot to go away?

How long does it take for cellulitis swelling in foot to go down?

How long does it take for finger numbness to go away after wrist injury?

How long does it take for my knee to heel?

How long does it take for swelling feet to go down after sunburn?

How long does it take for swelling in the knee to go down after arthroscopy?