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Why does it take so long for certain insurances to approve drugs like Enbrel (etanercept)? Do they enjoy making patients suffer while we're at their mercy?

10 yr old son takes 1/2 hour to move bowels each day. My uncle and brother also take a long time. Is this okay or what should dr be looking for?

18 years ago, I had a bad reaction after taking asprin. I was told never to take it again. Do you agree or can I try in a doctor's office setting?

75yr age span from grandma to son, and I take care of both. How long can I do this and keep my health?

A friend of mine lives completely alone far from home. If he gets into a medical emergency, what should he do and what steps should he take?

A friend said the dr are only allowed to spend 15min with pt iif so why?

About how long will a deep cleaning appointment last? I've been told i need to make an appointment to have a deep cleaning done, and my dentist said an hour. I've read elsewhere that it could take 90 minutes though, and i need to know about how long it co

After getting gallbladder taken out will i be able to have kids?

After you call your psychiatrist to address issues with the medication you have, how long should you expect until they respond? I left a message this morning and haven't received a response yet. Just wondering how long does it typically take?

Any tips to an elderly patient remember to take their medications?

Are peptides ok to take? If so what are the trusted sites someone should order from?

Are there any good medications that I can take to be able to sleep properly?

Are there limits with long-term care insurance like hypertension?

As a caregiver, what steps must I take to get help for me?

As a doctor seeing patients, what is your ideal preparation when they come in? I want to be taken seriously with concerns i have.

At what level of anemia is no longer safe for me to fly without special treatments?

Became a healthy which steps need to take me age 18?

Breaking open indomethicin 25mg what exactly could happen if someone were to break one open and take the medication that way?

Can thyroids stop me from conceiving if yes will I be abled tyo concerive after I take care of it?

Can a 12 year old child take 37.5 phentermine or will it cause health problem later in life.

Can a clonidine 0.1 mg tablet be prescribed prior to a patient's medical office visit in order to better manage his/her true white coat hypertension?

Can a person undergoing a dialysis be able to continue working full-time?

Can a person who has epilepsy and takes medication for it receive a thallium stress test safely?

Can an evaluation for attn deficit disorder really be done within a 15 minute office visit? I'd assume it would take longer.

Can cocaine make you be able to take a bullet without much pain?

Can someone with schizophrenia take care of small children?

Can we take action and select a certain date to give birth?

Can you let me know how many weeks does it take to a newborn to be able to see?

Can you tell me how to take care of my relaxed, african-american hair?

Could you please let me know how to take care of skin if going for swimming daily, let know for both men and women? Thanks.

Could you tell me if strokes run in someones family, can they take meds early to prevent it more effectively?

Dad had attack 1yr ago & done angioplasty.I want to know in future if he gets another one what action shud I take before or while taking him 2 hospital.?

Do you take a drug test for school sports physical ?

Do you think I should take 40 mg or 20 mg for act to perform better?

Does anyone know where I can take baby sitting and first aid courses?

Does it take time to see the final results of artefill? I know i'll see some results right away, but does it take extra time for the artefill to settle into its final position? .

Does melatonin work immediately, or does it take days/weeks before one can experience the possible benefits?

Does taking plan-b a few times have any future medical problems?

Does THC itself affect bone growth or just the CO from the smoke? I was prescribed Norco to take care of my pain but I really don't like how depressed it makes me. If there's anything at all that would be better, what do you suggest? My mom's a nurse and

For how long can bifilac capsule be taken for general health improvement? Is it to be taken again after some interval of time to keep getting benefits

For how long is acceptable to take off work for bereavement by suicide?

For pregnancy in california - is aim better than medicare? In which program I should expect a better care during pregnancy and delivery?

Given suprep as split day script. any harm in finishing all day before procedure as I have many other health issues that requires a good night's rest?

Going thru an abortion process wid d pills prescribed.Wot care should I take after its complete regardng my health?

Having a colonoscopy @53 . If I have it done in the am will i be able to attend a function at night and how long before i can eat and drink.

Hello I'm 1st month pregnant and I would like to know if its necessary or obligatory to take folic acid? if yes, what's the daily amount required?

Hello, I am getting a drug screening and pre employment drug examination completed for a new position I am applying for. I plan to casually drink toni?

Hello! I am 17 years old. I had a really stressful year because I had to take some important exams. After this I began to have?

Hi docs, would my gynecomastia go away naturally or do I have to take action?

Hi, I will take a big exam this year.So is there any advice on how to study effectively?

Hi, i've taken percocet 10/325 for the better part of 3 weeks and average of 3-4 daily. Stopping now, how long until it'll be out of my urine? Thanks!

Hi,please help me about my question. I have a lot break out to mind when taking with another even so stores and don't carefully their speaking?

How can I convince my husband to take his prediabetes seriously? He just doesn't care?

How can I get off of propernalol safely?

How can I physically tell if i was raped? I can't remember anything and waiting for tests is taking really long

How can I reduce my child's anxiety during a needed hospital stay?

How can I take care of my brain I mean for efficient study what's the best way to take care of my brain. please suggest.

How can I take out my own picc line without going to the hospital? Antibiotics are complete and its been in for 6 weeks. Need safest way to do this.

How could drug users be expected to make wise decisions?

How do aides in assisted living get a senior to take pills if they don't want to?

How do I REMOVE/DELETE someone from the "people you care for" tab?

How do I schedule housework into taking care of my children?

How do I self-treat depression since my parents don't believe me and won't take take me to see the doctor?

How do you help a child with add who won't take his medication and can't complete tasks?

How do you safely get amnesia?

How do you teach a person with CHF to remember to take their meds?

How long after i stop nursing can I get a baseline mammogram?

How long after i stop taking Soma for a spine injury is it out of my system? Thank you i just found out this new doctor I have to see does not let his patients take Soma whitch is ashame because it really works for my injuries but the doctor have have b

How long after treatment for hypothyroidism would it take for a person to feel in good health again?

How long can it take for an oncologist to decide if chemo sessions are helpful or not?

How long do doctors keep medical records? How long are they allowed to? I'm wanting some old ones from 2006, thanks! how do I ask for them?

How long do it take ghonneria to clear up on meds before spouse find out?

How long does it take .25mg of Lorazepam to wear off? Trying to determine when able to drive.

How long does it take for a child with autism to respond to a gluten free diet, if indeed he is going to respond?

How long does it take for ability to begin working after retirement at 55? Need money now,

How long does it take for proactive results to show? I understand everyone's face is different but how long before i realize it's not working for me!

How long does it take for the male organism to recover and perform the sexual act again?

How long does it take to become a neonatologist or a neonatal nurse? I am interested in becoming a neonatologist and i was wondering of i may ask a couple questions to make sure I have the right classes

How long does it take to become a substance abuse nurse if you haven't started nursing school?

How long does it take to receive a phlebotomy license?

How long does it take to return to school after a devastating breakup?

How long does it to take for one to have another nocturnal emission after receiving one?

How long does it usually take for care providers to maintain and improve gas exchange in people with SARS. I need an estimation please. Thanks!

How long does metformin take to get out your system. I have to have a gtt done, my surgeon requested i stop taking it to see if I am diabetic. ?

How long does the oral rehabilitation process take? My father has never taken good care of his teeth, and i would like to help him pay for oral rehabilitation. About how long can we expect the entire process to take? .

How long does the pediatrician studies last after finishing med scool in usa?

How long is it supposed to it take for a child with autism to respond to a gluten free diet?

How long should a physical take? Today mine was10 minutes long; it was with a new doctor to establish care. He didn't even exam the whole body.

How long should it take to get a psychiatric referral?

How long should you take off work after a breast biopsy? Or is it better to be busy and take your mind off it?

How long will it take a college student to become an obstetrician?

How long will it take for someone 5'2 and 191 IBS to lose 80 pounds?

How long will it take to get saw palmetto into my system? I will be transitioning from flomax (tamsulosin). What is proper way to handle the transition time?

How long would it take for an 18 month old to forget his caregiver and surroundings?

How many times are you able to take Plan B before not being able to have children?

How many years does it take to become a psychiatrist?

How many years of college do you have to take to become a pediatric nurse?

How much maternity leave am I entitled to take?

How much time does it take to become a neurologist?

How much time does it take to become a oncologist?