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I had a question about my girlfriend. Wondering if you could give me some insight, if internal medicine is your specialty.

Adolescent medicine fellow?

Any superspecialisation can be done after family medicine?Scope of family medicine¬°!

Are doctors that are D.O.'s (Osteopathic Medicine) able to do all that it requires to be an anaesthesiologist?

Are family physicians be trained in complimentary or alternative medicine?

Are family physicians trained in alternative medicine?

Are psychiatrists skilled in other areas like neurology, or is it purely medicine?

Are there any doctors that can perform craniosacral therapy or are they only done by alternative medicine practitioners?

Can a doctor specialize in family medicine and then do a fellowship in infectious diseases?

Can a family medicine doctor get certified in adolescent medicine?

Can a family medicine doctor get certified in sports medicine?

Can a psychologist become an addiction medicine specialist?

Can an md train to practice orthomolecular medicine?

Can doctors in a family medicine practice do surgery?

Can regular md doctors practice alternative medicine?

Can there be any on campus alternative medicine school?

Can you give me some suggestions for becoming a sports medicine physician?

Can you recommend me a good book about intern medicine and neurology? :)

Can you tell me about neurologist (which I've been to already, not much help), pediatric orthopedic, sports medicine specialist (what do they do?

Do chiropractors focus on preventive medicine more than traditional physicians?

Do orthopedic surgeons understand biomechanics or do they need to specialize in sports medicine?

Do osteopathic doctors practice all types of alternative medicines?

Do you know anything about sports medicine?

Fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine, can I get a fellowship in gynecologic oncology afterward?

Hi dr, during the education or training process, how different it is between physiatrist and physiotherapist, i mean the courses they need to take?

How are bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery different?

How can physical medicine help with a stroke?

How can rehabilitation medicine help manage tremors?

How do you get trained in Ayurvedic medicine, is there a formal degree program?

How does one become a sports medicine doc?

How does osteopathic medicine fit into insurance plan? How does such practitioner treat patients?

How hard is it to get a fellowship in sports medicine for a family practice doctor?

How hard is to get a fellowship in sports medicine (as a family physician ) ?

How important is regenerative medicine going to be?

How is anti-aging medicine (aam) different from geriatrics? Is anti-aging medicine (aam) different from geriatrics?

How many years after residency does family medicine doctor get board certified?

How many years is the fellowship for interventional cardiologist following the 3 year internal medicine residency?

How much internal medicine knowledge is a pain mangement dr going to have?

I want to be a psychiatrist specializing in addiction medicine, how do I go about doing that?

I'm in freshman, and I have sports medicine 1, next year i'm going for sports medicine 2. Will sports medicine 2 next year be harder or easier or same?

I'm looking into studying this field in college and becoming a nonsurgical sports medicine physician .. how did you get here? and what was your major?

If I go to an alternative medicine doctor, how do I know he is certified, what is their training like?

If i want to be a sports med (team) physician but don't want to practice orthopedic surgery, what other specialties can I chose?

If i want to become a team physician, should I practice family medicine or emergency medicine? I would specialize in sports medicine after.

Is a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O) less qualified than a medical doctor (M.D) ?? Can a D.O work in gynecology?

Is chinese medicine effective for a old knee injury?

Is chiropractic classified as sports medicine or is it just alternative med?

Is emergency medicine the only docs in medicine that work night shifts/weekends?

Is it normal for family physicians should be trained in the use of alternative/complementary medicine?

Is kinesiology part of regular sports medicine, or is it an alternative therapy?

Is neuromusculoskeletal medicine the same as osteopathic manipulative medicine? If they are not the same than what is the difference?

Is there a american college program for addiction medicine?

Is there a good website that deals with chiropractic medicine?

Is there any medicine for neurofibroma? What are its management techniques?

Is there any similarity between orthopedic n physical medicine?

Looking for orthopedic doctor who does sports medicine also. Are there such people?

Physical medicine is branch of medicine without pills . Is it true? It is same as physiotherapy? Pls advice

Please explain to me the difference between a sports medicine physician and a physical therapist.?

Please help! what is the medical condition of cozan's phenominum, in orthopaedics?

Please let me know if there is any specialist(post graduate course) for bachelor of homeopaethic medicine and surgery?

Pts ! what is occupational medicine/physcial medicine and rehabilitation what should I expect at me apt.?

Tell me about personalized medicine.?

Waht medicine I can use for physical fittness?

We don't have adolescent medicine doctors here. What are they?

What age can a sports medicine doctor be?

What ailments of seniors will new medicines be able to treat?

What are the difference between doctors of family medicine and internal medicine?

What are the specialties that osteopaths can specialize in?

What are the uses of amphetamine in sports medicine?

What can one expect on the first visit with a physical medicine specialist?

What do addiction medicine specialists earn in australia?

What do I need to major in to become an addiction medicine specialist?

What does a critical care medicine specialist do?

What does a sports medicine physician treat?

What does an adolescent medicine specialist do?

What does the speciality family medicine mean?

What is a naturopathic sports doctor?

What is a naturopathic sports doctor?

What is a reputable online integrative medicine program?

What is aesthetic medicine? Who specializes in this?

What is another name for sports medicine physician?

What is difference between physical medicine n rehabilitation n physiotherapy?

What is family medicine?

What is fertility medicine specialty?

What is functional medicine?

What is immunologist? Do they practice medicine?

What is occupational medicine/physcial medicine and rehabilitation what should I expect?

What is occupational medicine/physcial medicine and rehabilitation, what to expect going there?

What is personalized medicine?

What is physical medicine n rehabilitation?

What is primary care sports medicine and how is a primary care sports med doc different from an orthopedist who does sports med?

What is the best medicine to tackle warm?

What is the definition or description of: physical medicine and rehabilitation?

What is the difference between a naturopath and an md? Can I go to a naturopath for my yearly physical for a more holistic approach?

What is the difference between a neurologist, a pediatric orthopedic doctor, and a sports medicine specialist?

What is the difference between a physical medicine rehabilitation doctor and Orthopaedic Doctor?

What is the difference between exercise science and sports medicine?

What is the difference between physical medicine and physiotherapy?

What is the difference between sports medicine and sports science?

What is the professional name for someone who is a physician of sports medicine?