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 what types of reasonable accommodations may employees with diabetes need?

13yr old with type 1 dm and proteinuria will these conditions make her eligible to apply for disability?

A non VA clinic discharged diagnosed me with TBI. Did this cause my schizophrenia? Should I tell the VA?

Alzhimers, medicaid first or disagnose, what to do?

Anyone know what is a medical disability adjudicator?

Are allergies considered disabilities?

Are there any exclusions to medicare eligibility when you reach 65?

Are there any limitations of the kurtzke disability status scale (dss)?

Are there identification cards for autism?

At what stage of arthritis can I qualify for disability?

Can a person claim disability if he has just one kidney plus arthritis?

Can a person who was diagnosed with keloids receive disability?

Can fibromyalgia patients still be eligible for SSI disability?

Can having dysthymia qualify you for disability?

Can having graves disease qualify you for a disabled parking permit?

Can i collect social security disability for Lyme disease and trigeminal nueralgia?

Can I file for ssi/disability if I have really bad copd?

Can i go to the army even after autism diagnosis?

Can migranes congenital nystagmus and cataracts qualify for disability?

Can you apply for disability while still working?

Can you collect disability for fibromyalgia in the state of ohio?

Can you get disability for hypothyroidism?

Can you get disability for ms?

Can you let me know is IBS considered a physical disability?

Can you qualify for disability after a stroke?

Can you qualify for disability for a anxiety disorder?

Can you qualify for disability when you are bipolar?

Can you qualify for disability with Crohn's disease?

Can you qualify for disability with severe depression?

Can you qualify for permanent disability with lupus?

Can you tell me how I could get a medical weed card for learning disability?

Can you tell me if i could qualify for disability with the following health issues?

Can you tell me if i qualify for veteran's disability?

Coping with the disabilitating yet silent disease fibromyalgia. I am almost ready to give up.

Could a 7 yr child with congenital scoliosis receive ssd or SSI benefits?

Could there be a reason to declare bipolar to my employer?

Describe the features of disability needing a caregiver.?

Does being blinbd in one eye qualify as disability ?

Does being blind qualify you for disability?

Does being on disability mean i´m disabled?

Does degenerative disease of the cornea qualify for SSI benefits if you're not blind?

Does moderate degenerative joint disease of the knees at age 60 qualify for social security disability?

Does my 59 year old mom qualify for medical disability if she has heart and psychiatric problems?

Everybody has a weakness somewhere. So when do you call it a learning disability?

Hello, I just wanted to know if I qualify for medical marijuana because I have been diagnosed with Thoracic Spondylosis and I am only 30 years old.

Help please! is arthritis the nations most common cause of disability?

Hi doctor could you tell me that the patient of schizophrenia is disabled or not disabled?

Hi. I am a keratoconus patient. My vision is a 20/2200 and 20/2400. I never been able to keep a job, so do I qualify for SSI?

How can doctors help demonstrate the competencies of the disabled for work?

How do federal laws require employers to treat those with disabilities?

How do I organize my medications for my disability?

How do you get tested for ?Mental disabilities?

How long can an individual be on state disability (edd)?

How long can one be on state disabilitly in us?

How much does it cost to get tested for a learning disability that is mild?

How much is insurance for someone who has no major illnesses at 58?

How much time does it take to get SSI for a disabled person?

How to distinguish between SSI and ssd?

How to get a new eyeglass prescription for someone with a severe intellectual disability?

How to get SSI for autism help?

How to know if i qualify for veteran's disability?

I am 24 yrs old and I have scoliosis and arthritis in 3 to four of my vertebrae. Can i be disabled from this? Do i qualify for disability?

I am disabled and need cataract surgery. Can i qualify for medicare early?

I am in a wheelchair most of the day would this I qualify for bladder pacemaker?

I do not want disability benefits, only schedule A letter from my PCP for work, I want to work! is this not different than disability?

I have a p.e, hyperthyroidism and depression. do I qualify for disability benefits?

I have been diagnosed with CRPS recently. Will my condition deteriorate? Can I claim disability living allowance for this condition? Education help?

I have been diagnosed with Thoracic Spondylosis. Do I qualify for medical marijuana?

I have been suffering from exhibitionism for decades and have been arrested many times. Does this form of paraphilia qualify one for ssa disability?


I want to obtain a schedule A disability letter from my PCP, would narcolepsy qualify me?

If I suspect that I have a learning disability or even an intellectual disability, should I investigate this and go see a doctor?

If someone has pulminary embolism would they qualify for disability benefits?

If you have a self inflicted injury-disability can you still be approved for disability?

If your doctor diagnoses you with a chronic reoccurring condition does that automatically classify you as a person with a disability protected by law?

Is a congenital cataract considered a disability?

Is a person who has two knee replacements automatically eligible for disability?

Is alopecia a disability or medical condition?

Is arthritis the nation's most common disability?

Is Costochondritis considered a disability?

Is epilepsy considered a disability?

Is having dermatomyositis considered a disability?

Is it possible that children who have extreme migraines (status migraines) qualify for disability?

Is major depression an SSI disability?

Is there federal financial/medical aide for those suffering from bipolar disorder?

Learning disabilities diagnostic clinic for preemies. Anyone tried this?

Looked down upon for a "mild "learning disability. What should I do?

My 13 yr daughter was diagnosed 2 months ago with type 1 dm..She injects herself 5x daily. Does her condition qualify her for disability?

My child has juvenile idiopathic arthrtits no joint damage but can I still apply for social security disablity for her?

My eye vision is 6/60, am i eligible for disability certificate?

My father has extreme mental disabilities, how can I get him help?

My son has been diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy would he qualify for ssi?

Need doctor's help! will lupus be certified for disability?

Please help docs! is scoliosis considered a disability?

Please tell me, are physical disabilities hereditary?

Please tell me, could i get medicare early with social security disability insurence?

What are the americans with disabilities amendments?

What are the requirements to qualify for disability from chronic back pain?

What are the steps you need to do to claim disability?

What can be some hardships with paraplegia?