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1 yr ARDS survivor after barely living through 36 hrs of a perforated ulcer (misdiagnosed in er). Any short/long term effects from ards? Have issues.

After a person had bacterial meningitis and was treated, what are the long term effects?

Am I doing long term damage by running with mild patellar tendonidis?

Any possible treatments for chikungunya? What are the long term effects of this virus?

Are flat feet a source of long term problems?

Are most STDs (not hiv) essentially benign to your long term health?

Are severe stinging insect allergies more common in younger or older people? If so why? What are the short and long term effects of having a

Are short term clinical skin care courses effective?

Are the effects of Cerebral Edema from hypotonic solution potentially long-term? Why wouldn't they affect long-term?

Are there a long-term health effects of being in a plane for long periods of time in regards to the vibration of the aircraft?

Are there any adverse side effects, either short or long term for teeth filing? For procedures such as invisalign, this might be required

Are there any drugs that can cause seizures, to get violent, foaming from mouth and long term hospital recovery?

Are there any long term consequences of a 24 hr fast if done very infrequently?

Are there any long term consequences to coloring your hair frequently?

Are there any long term consequences to two brothers fighting all of the time, they are 12 and 13yo?

Are there any long term dangers of IVF on a woman's body?

Are there any long term effects from nms? Neuroleptic malignant syndrome? My husband had it 3 years ago and hasn't been the same since.

Are there any long term effects of feeling 'pins and needles' too often?

Are there any long term eye problems associated with re-occurring conjunctivitis?

Are there any long term negative health risks to having a hysterectomy?

Are there any long term negative side effects to standing in high heels all day?

Are there any long term respiratory issues with grinding and sniffing percocets (for immediate relief vs waiting)?

Are there any long term risks with a colposcopy and biopsy like ability to carry a pregnancy full term in the future or anything else.?

Are there any long term side-effects of getting black out drunk one time?

Are there any methods to increase IQ long term effectively?

Are there any surgical procedures to increase penis size? What are the long and short term effects?

Are there long lasting effects of a presacral neurectomy?

Are there long term studies on prp for hair therapy(to establish side effects)?in theory,after many years could prp cause any damage on health?

Are there long term affects if you recovered from viral encephalitis as a child?

Are there long term consequences of living close to a high voltage line?

Are there long term effects after surviving septic shock?

Are there long term psychiatric hospitals in the us?

Are there long term reproductive effects of chlamydia if it is treated right away?

Are there long-term effects of shin splints on my child's health?

Are there significant long term dangers for a young person who smokes 2-3 years but then quits before 25?

Are three any long term effects related to septic arthritis caused by streptococcus bacteria?

At 9 yrs old I caught la crossvirus , im 30 now I am wondering if there long terms effects from this disease?

Best way to help constipation from suboxone. A long term solution vs short term relief like ex lax?

Born with rhemutic fever what are my long term effects im now 39 yrs?

Can a computer in my lap, affect my testicles permanently, if used for a short amount of time?

Can a long term untreated fungal infection reach the brain?

Can a patient that has brain stem swelling run a high fever and will there be any long term problems from this?

Can a patient with advanced and long term psoriasis cause nerve damage?

Can anti-depressants lower your life expectancy in long term use?

Can anxiety or long term stress cause ulcer?

Can anyone tell me in lay terms about shigella?

Can bacterial meningitis cause long term problems such as pain in the lower back and does it affect your mental health?

Can cutting in the same spot over and over cause any serious long term problems? (besides infection and scarring)

Can diabetes be caused from the long term affects of adrenaline?

Can epstein barr affect you long term?

Can having chlamydia for 7 months create any long term cosequences?

Can having fluid in my ear cause long term problems if untreated?

Can increased tearing lead to long term vision impairment?

Can IVF cause long term health problems?

Can long term (20 yrs) HRT cause cancer or other health problems?

Can long term alcohol abuse cause motor function and balance problems, even after quitting?

Can long term alcohol abuse damage your motor skills and balance? and can you recover with abstinence? 3 months sober still have symptoms liver's fine

Can long term antibiotic use cause git problems? Treatement please

Can long term chronic stress cause aching thighs ?

Can long term damage be caused by a fractured arm for a 16 month old?

Can long term extreme dehydration cause long term dry scape, inflamed nasal passages and congestion?

Can long term immune disorder sufferers ever recover?

Can long term Morphine use cause organ damage. Especially kidney as have blown up with fluid.

Can long term trauma in childhood cause apathy in adulthood?

Can long term use of digoxin cause heart and/or kidney problems?

Can magnesium overuse cause long term heart problems?

Can meningitis cause any long term immune issues? Recovered, but 3 months later still long bouts of fatigue/aches. Follow up labs have been normal

Can one dose of Procainamide lead to the development of ANA or major blood count changes or is that only from long term use?

Can Progesterone Deficiency at 25 cause long term damage, like infertility or worsened mental disorders?

Can prolonged severe anaemia cause long term heart problems? Even after the anaemia is resolved.

Can quitting smoking cause long term digestive problems?

Can salmonella food poisoning have any serious long term effects after treated/cured? Can it lead to different problems? Ex: chickenpox into shingles?

Can short term ibuprofen use cause kidney problems?

Can short term prednisone use cause damage to an older males kidneys?

Can the digestive system be temporarily altered when a person experiences short term stress (about 5 weeks) and also had insomnia during most of that time? Any long term effects on the stomach or colon? thanks

Can the fact that I have high arches lead to any long term complication?

Can there be a long term treatment for cold hands?

Can there be long term symptoms of rmsf after 2 yr?

Can working to the point of heat stroke regularly without having one have long term affects on my health?

Can you define long term drinking in months or years? what is the minimum period?

Can you recommend a long lasting monobrow solution?

Can you tell me for short term eternal nutrition therapy type of feeding tube is used?

Can you tell me how can chicken pox develop in the body what are some long and short term affects ?

Can you tell me is short term cortisone treatment dangerous?

Can you tell me some long term effects of sustaining a pretty bad head injury for a child?

Can you tell me the long term effects of a t.I.A. In the temporal lobe?

Concerning adult add, learning comprehension. What are the pros and cons and long term side effects, what to do?

Could 2% hydroquinone cause irreversible darkening long term or is this only with higher concentrations? (This really gave me doubts) ADVICE? Thanks

Could long term computer usage be the reason for my bad eyesight?

Could meningitis cause any other type of disorder, as part of long term effects?

Could you tell me what are long and short term symptoms of small intestine cancer?

Could you tell me what are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in emphysema?

Could you tell me what are long term effects from a bad head injury?

Crack my neck regularly, often several times a day, been doing it since I was 13 and i'm now 16, I can't stop - any serious/long term damage? Or myths?

Difference between natural & induced labour in terms of safety and pain.

Do anti-depressants actually help long term? Or do they simply treat the symptoms and not the cause?

Do bacteria balintis have long term sympr?

Do I need to be concerned with the long term affect on my knees due to daily running?

Do pregnancy hormones effect healing process after rhinoplasty and potentially long term results due to prolonged inflammation?

Do they still use cotrel dubouset spinal instrumentation to stabilize fracture? Why or why not? What are the long term risks?