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Hi dr. .How long remains a traumatic purpura on the soft palate.?

"Hepatitis b patients usually recover completely and are immune" - Does this mean the virus is no longer in the body? Pls explain "recover completely"

“will the nerve damage from root canal complication (effusion of sodium hypochlorite) be healed on its own? how long?” ive been really afraid it will be permanent.pls help me.thank you

18m, do floaters caused by a head injury disappear by time?If yes, how much? If not then is there any way to cure it completely or atleast improve it?

33 percent drop in bone density in two years, due to surgical menopause and meds. Will it continue to drop rapidly?

4yo diagnosed w HFMD 1/20,still has it.How long does it take to leave the body & a full recovery;also has ear infection as of 1/30 & 10wk infant in hm?

A baby's risk of cancer does not change when he gets several typical x-rays, what do several typical x-rays mean?

After a majority removal of full leg blood clot with rapid lysis treatment how long will it take for swelling to go away or see major improvement?

After epididymal-orchitis infection recovered, what's the shortest amount of time for swelling that can be seen to go away?

After finishing my accutane course I noticed that the veins under my eyes have become extremely visible. What can I do to revert or remove them? Why?

After hydrocelectomy, my husband had a large amount of bleeding. Later the doctor said that he had a hematoma. It is vey painful. How long to resolve?

After minor salivary glands are removed how long would they take to regenerate?

After radioactive iodine 131 treatment how long should you wait to have small children back in your care if you recover at home not hospitalized?

After using an inversion table frequently for the past several months, i developed vertigo. Is this permanent for most likely temporary?

Age23, 3 mnths back oprtd for bilterl varicocel(micrscopic).scrotum became extra soft after surgery. why ?? will it become normal ? how long it takes

Any advice? I have had this mucocele for 5 months and it has grown longer. Is it serious?

Anyone know about a child with haemangioma birthmark? How long do they grow for, and how long to shrink away?

Approximately how long does eye cancer take to develop fully?

Approximately how long does it take for a melanoma to go deeper than .50 mm into the skin. I know there are many variables .I just ask for approximati?

Are abnormally long fingers a medical concern?

Are chiropractic sessions beneficial in the long-term since many people appear to be treated for long extended periods of time?

Are pars defects a long term (like life long) kind of problem. 8 months post op direct repair still consisten pain like preop just not quite as bad.

Are there any long term bad effects from forehead botox? If your face looks funny afterward, will it eventually just wear off?

Are there any natural substances that help put hsv2 into remission or prolong its return?

As I got answer here that pain caused by but d deficiency takes months to years but I m not able to work but d is normal wt to do for faster recovery?

Assuming someone had a standard case of orchitis ONLY ( bacterial) how long would it have to go untreated to cause noticeable atrophy (guess)?

Because of multiple sclerosis, I get optic neuritis every time I relapse. It normally doesn't take long to heal but I have had it now since december. ?

Been off xarelto approx 2 weeks. Still bleed easily and excessively. Normal? How long until it is out of my system completely?

Been told it usually takes decades of smoking before problems begin. So does that make it highly unlikely to have oral leukoplakia by 25? 4 pack years

Bled 14 weeks after abortion, one year ago. Random bad pains since, untreated., could it leave long term complications/risks? If so, what can they be?

Burned myself with an iron on my hand and the site turned dark. It's not long. I'd say about an inch long. How serious is this?

Can 8 mm nodule be of cancer, if so how long does it take for it to go double or to point of danger, thanks?

Can a partially degenerated uterus fibroid regrow? How long does it take for the dead tissue to be absorbed by the body, if it happens?

Can a side effect if Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) be bruising very easily and lasting long. I usually din't bruise bad. I've had a bruise for 3 wks now. ?

Can Cealiac disease become active after spine surgery? If so how long would it normally take to show symptoms after the surgery?

Can chalmdyia cause scar tissue which causes urethral irritation even after treatment long term? And caffeine makes it worst

Can CPPS be treated? If so, how long for it to heal? Will it recurr? i.e will i have it forever? Any event of stress will trigger it again? Any foods?

Can hematomas in the breasts ever develop into anything more serious? How long do hematomas typically stay in the breast?

Can I get a tattoo before I start radiation. My body is very strong and heals quickly as I've gotten tttoos before. I start radiation in about a week ?

Can i remove freklss completely with laser ? And they told me that after a short period it will start to appear again is that true ?

Can IV drug use cause your toenails to become sore , fill with blood, and fall off and why does this happen?

Can million of lice cause iron deficiency? If not noticeable for a long long time?

Can my bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism recovered fully?Can it shrink completely?I am still 19y/o.What shld i do?

Can OAB be reversed? Can i recover 100% eventually or need treatment forever? Im due to try Botox next month

Can you develop cervical cancer within a short amount of time, like a couple of years?

Can you let me know how many years will it take for a mild cataract to become ripe?

Can you take Valtrex (valacyclovir) long term? Is it damaging to the Kidneys or Liver? I keep having breakouts in my Left eye.

Cleared of ptb min inactive 5years ago. Is possible that it will come back besides that scars i know will still be there. Pls help?

Dear Doc, my baby is 15 months, she's getting ulcer on her head, after it has healed, it show another ulcer. .how to treatment this disease? thanks

Dear Doctor. I have my scoliosis surgery late 2009. There is a long scar on my back. It was nothing and fine. However, it grew up the tissue.

Diagnosed tietze caused by trauma. After 6 months swell and pain stays nrs 6-7. Had 5 cortisone shots and oxicodone long term treatment. Risks? Help?

Did anything bad happen to the people who got radial keratotomy over the years, since it was long ago?

Do bruises usually grow drastically in a short amount of time?

Do Pituitary gland tumours grow bigger fast or does it take long time for it to get bigger my doctor made me wait 6 months nd am still waiting for mri?

Do TB skin tests leave scars for lifetime or they disappear aftr some time? Do they disappear only for negative cases or disappr in positive cases too

Do urethral caruncles just appear or grow gradually? Whatever i had literally appeared in 24 hours and is nearly 1cm long!

Do you have to treat walking pneumonia? If recovered without treatment, does it leave permanent scarring in the lungs?

Doc says nothing wrong. Just different eyelid levels. But there was severe inflammation What is a next step?

Docs, usually how long is someone with bad epilepsy expected to live?

Does a 19 yrs old male with hypothyrodism that went unnoticed for long time take longer time to develop sharp voice than others?

Does it matter how long the umbilical cord on a new born is attached before it is cut off ? Are there pros to having it stay on longer?

Does long time use anesthetia liquid on my penis occur any problem in future?

Does lukoplakia from tobacco usually go away on its own, and if so how long would it take? I've seen from months to a year on different web sites?

Does the tonsil surgery have any side effects and how long recover from the bleed, is my voice going to changefor good?

Dr said delay trip till knee abrasion totally healed because of assoc hematoma. Does this mean he.Atoma gone when abrasion gone?So confused. Help please

During periods of hightened pressure, at work or in my personal life, i develop "boils" under my armpits. They may develop and "burst" within 48hrs.

Early orchitis. Will it eventually heal?

For how long do people on the waiting list to recieve an organ/tissue usually wait?

For stage fright, if you take atenolol 12.5 mg too often (for ex once daily), is it possible that it becomes less effective after 6months/1year?

Generally speaking, does a mild to average blunt injury to the testicles CAUSE an infection "most" of the time????

Got juvederm in my tear troughs with major swelling afterwards. The doc said it would reduce significantly within an hour but it hasn't. What to do?

Had 2 separate carbuncles a yr ago, eventually they healed on their own. I'm just learning that is what I had. Should I be concerned I wasn't treated?

Had Cushing's twice. Radiation after surgeries caused pituitary to disintegrate. At 47, I'm frequently knocked out with infection. How long can I Iive?

Had scars since 2008 and they are still numb have been reopened once, how long before they regain normal standards?

Had skin biopsy 2.5 weeks ago ie 12 working days. Results still not in. Terrified this means it will be very bad news. Never taken this long before.

Had two concussions within months. dont feel as sexually driven as before. some of the kinks i used to like have diminished. Could this be permanent?

Have had hemorrhoids for 30+ years; but, in the last year or so they have remained inflamed non stop, and bleeding is present. I have no insurance and was wondering what kind of cost I can expect to have, what appears to be about 6, treated. I have neve

Help, I can't even close my mouth. Is that normal when the nerve is infected and is starting to die slowly?

Hi I have a problem since I was born My nails are completely white What can I do for it?

Hi - is HPV permanent? If I have CIN 1 its for the rest of my life? Is there anything to treat it or too late? Thanks

Hi ; does nose allergy cause polyps to regrow after removal ? And if yes ; after how long does it start's to regrow

Hi I am a longitudinal 162 and I weigh 89 and I am 20 years old Is it possible for a longer and more thanks?

Hi I am having an open lymph node biopsy and am wondering if I will be able to fly or not after 9 days. How long does it take to recover? Thank you

Hi i had received a hematoma on my chin during the summer and it had healed considerably well although there is still more to heal. What is left is pi?

Hi i was told i have a brain lesion what does this mean will it go away on its own or will it stay there forever is this something to worry about ?

Hi. How long remains a traumatic purpura on the soft palate?

How can cancer be associated with ulcers? and how long does it take to heal? is blood in stool (a man) - for a few days - and soreness of stomach?

How can follicular mascular atrophy be treated on the back . I know its not gonna completely go away its fine, but anything to flatten them? Laser/otc

How can I get rid of the rest of my breasts without surgery? I'm a 30B and i want them completely gone im 5'4 and 102lbs. Would a vegetarian diet work

How can I heal my body or become more healthier than what I currently am afyrr stopping cocaine? effects have been a small puncture in my canal, short

How can I make an Asian eyelid surgery heal fast? Are there any ointments i can use or other steps i can take to keep recovery as short as possible? The surgeons i've talked to said complete recovery can be as long as six weeks! i'd like to shorten that.

How do I heal my vocal chords in the quickest, safest, and easiest way possible?

How do you know if you internal bleeding/hoow long before you have noticeable effects showing up?

How far in advance of my reunion should I plan to get perlane? I want to look my best, and i want to be sure i'm completely healed. I've heard recovery usually only takes a few days, but how much extra time should I leave just to be sure? .

How long after folie catheter removal before a full erection is possible normally. It has been 5 days and I currently have a s.p.c. Could that effect?

How long after radioembolization therapy in the liver before I can be around kids & small animals again? Was told by doctor 3 feet away for 3 days???

How long after rai treatment do you feel results?

How long after stopping 12.5 mg 2 x daily of Metoprolol will my ED begin to recover?

How long after the "plug" is pulled does a person usually die. He is 64 body has shut down?

How long after tonsilectomy will i get pathological report back?