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About weight loss after reading several articles on the internet (filling my mind with nonsense?

Any good book reccomendations on cbt? And migraines?

Are there any true brain exercises (games) website for free ? And does it really help ?

Are there books or other references i can go to for ideas on how to improve my relationships?

Article I read states asa can cause tinnitus?

Been having vivid dreams, and want to look into dream analysis. Are there any helpful web sites? I've heard carl jung has some great insights..

Can eczema kill you i read online it can but i just wanted a for sure answer..

Can I send anyone my rest cardiogramm and they read it for me? :( im so stressed

Can it be possible for someone that has a very low IQ learn to read?

Can kids with kernicterus eventually talk, read or write?

Can kids with kernicterus talk, read and write?

Can slowness/difficulty in reading come from lack of detailed reading (looking at headings, titles, skimming/not reading content often) or dyslexia?

Can someone expain food labeling on packages? What should we be looking for?

Can someone give me the heart diagram with labels please. Thank you.

Can there be any proof that subliminal messaging works?

Can there be any well-written books on the subject of alcholism/binge drinking?

Can there be any well-written books on the subject of alcoholism and binge-drinkingwhat it is and what it isn't?

Can this be considered a learning disability if you read fine but hate numbers?

Can you drs write a title of a good book that i can read about "self-managing of depression" , I am also getting my treatment from my psychiatrist :)?

Can you give me advice!!! how do I ask my doctor for a letter?

Can you please list fun or interesting facts about the lymphatic system?

Can you tell me how to read a natal chart?

Can't remember a book's plot, movie story lines, what I did yesterday or do basic math. I'm 30 & its been 10 years of this. What tests can I ask for?

Could u please recommend an article/book explaining how benzodiazepines work from neuroscience/biochemistry perspective? Thanks

Do computers or people read paps?

Do doctors recommend any smartphone apps for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes? Any specific recommended apps? Asking for loved one. Thank you.

Do radiologists read films online now or on those boxes?

Do you have a reference that I could read that details why Vermox is no longer available in US?

Do you have any astounding facts relating to teen stress that I could use and quote you on in an essay that I'm writing?

Do you think ADHD is different in women ? What self-help books/websites would you recommend ? Is it a good idea to work freelance with ADHD ?

Doctors is there a cure for gastritis reading articles on the internet they say there isn't?

Does anyone really read people's questions? I am still waiting for an answer!

Does coffee cause stomach cancer? Read on Web M D that it does:(

Does it sound like I need reading glasses if I have trouble with the nutrition label on a kit kat?

Does the program/dvd "My baby can read" actually work?

Dont know how to study, school times got passed by cheating, i learn everything(even topics u can read and do)cover 20% syllabus, stressed, confusedsuicide?

For the last few years, when I read the words don't sink in and I have to read a sentence multiple times to get it's meaning. Glasses haven't helped.

For those that have read my posts regardning my asthma?

Good day doctor, please advise what's the new references books to MRI ? Thanks and kind regards

Have you ever read the book health at every size?

Hello .I have many thoughts in my mind and even if I read a newspaper I can not understand anything. I can not concentrate on it. Whats the matter ?

Help ! i'm 3rd course med student i'm depressed i need to know what's the most important subjects to read to be good doctor specify please help please?

Her Dr asked her how to spell it so that they could Google it.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a good dentistry book?

Hi there! I read online that if u get pinworms u have them for life? Is this true?! I have had them before.....:((

How can I find a good magazine article about healthy living?

How can I write when I have writers block and a deadline?

How do I know if I have dyslexia, are there any online quizzes (w/ numbers perhaps)?

How i can improve my self ? Is reading books is enough !

How many days is my doctors excuse for? It reads from 3-13-12 to 3-14-12? I went to the doctor and they gave me a doctors excuse for work. They didn't say how many days is was for. It reads 3-13-12 to 3-14-12.. Does that mean I have just that one day to

How often should I read to my 12-month-old?

How often should I read to my 15-month-old?

How safe is billings method for contraception? I read a chinese study said its 70% effective, while i read a academic that says its 97% effective

How to know if I have dyslexia, are there any online quizzes (w/ numbers perhaps)?

How to read dad's medical report - copd?

How to retrieve an answer in message box?

I always have a difficulty remembering specific things. Parts of movies, a plot of a book I read recently etc. is it due to my meds, Wellbutrin/prozac?

I am doing research for a story I am writing and i was wondering if you can see without pupils?

I am gifted and I have adult adhd. What is the link between the two ? Does one cause the other ? Are there books on this specific topic ?

I am searching for a good pediatric eye doctor for my 15 year old son. Can anyone help read further?

I am so confused about milk. I have read online sources saying it is bad and another source saying it is really good for you. What to beliebe?

I am student of mba. I am unable to read properly these days as i see 2 images of a word. I chat much on cell phone. Can this be the reason of my prob?

I can't read the answer's which doctor gave.there is some problem in displaying answers . Please help me?

I did read one news clip about men syndrome. What is it?

I don't remember what i studied in school, coll. Forget plots of books, movies I've seen. Cant do basic maths. Forget incidents, people. Is therea prob?

I dont no english because can you chat sinhala?

I feel like I have a learning disability, because other people read what I read, but they get a different story from it?

I find myself caring far too much about what others think and say about me. Are there any books I can read to help me overcome this?

I have an asma, I read on the web that some times it's an heart asma and it do can be cured please adwise?

I have an ECG print i need explaination, how can make an attachement. On this page?

I have anxiety (i stutter mildly) how much time a day should I read? And does it matter weather you read electronically or read on paper?

I have low vision. Does anyone know any ways I can read ipad?

I have read now that some smart doctors know that you can have fibromyalgia without specific tender points. Do you agree?

I have read on this site that a hair cannot grow through an HPV wart. I have also read that it can. Which is true?

I have read that I actually do have pica, but it's hard to quit?

I have read the kaplan & sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry 9th, but confused in memory area, how it works, any help or reference?Best regards

I have recently been diagnosed with vestibular migraine. I am a fit and healthy 61 year old female. I cannot read books, watch screens. Why is this?

I have so much pain in liver and my all reports are noy fine ... Kindle advice me what should I do .. On your reuest i will forword you all my report?

I have some chrpe behind one of my eyes and was told there is a link with colon cancer. I have heard and read mixed things on the subject?

I im 46 years old i can t read i can t see at all?

I just need a a nerolgy console is that something you can do over the phone or online just to say i had one.

I like reading about medical topics. I regret taking electronics instead of biology. How i can learn more about medicine from a reliable source online?

I read a blog post about cognitive impairment. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read an article on a website and it said that to much watermelon can cause anorexia , how true can this be please ?

I read on the web that spending a lot of time on the computer cause myopia, is this true?

I read one article regarding traumatic cataracts. What are they?

I read randomly on a specific subject to try and gain some knowledge also some very useful insight on neurosurgery, my question what are great reads?

I read slowly. Can my reading skills be improved?

I read some article online a while back saying that supplementing with vitamin D3 could cause calcification of heart valves/ arteries? Is it safe?

I read that every hour of tv you watch cuts 22minutes of your life expetancy is that true. It was austrlian study that I read?

I read that there are alternatives to vaccines? Is this accurate?

I study music and am currently writing my dissertation on music and tourette's sufferers. Is there any material I should read or people to contact?

I want to learn about an atherosclerosis. Would you tell me in detail?

I was looking for labs online after an appt & found for last appt summary a code listed for 'long term drug user'.. am baffled. Why? Am not a druggie.

I was reading online about implantation symptoms and I was just wondering what they are and how common?

I was wondering does the suzanne somers diet work?

I was wondering what are some good books to read if you are interested in going into the sports medicine field?

I'm trying to read my ipv report, anyone know what is calices?

I've been finding it very difficult to read and understand, sometimes i even miss some words when reading, i read some wrongly! what could be wrong?

I've read many articles about diarrhea or constipation may be the cause of our stress level. Any truth to that?