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13 year old pregnancy medical implications?

60 mg and they will not help me so I screach online

A doctor took my medical situation to a review board when I specifically asked him not to. Is this a violation of medical and professional ethics?

A good website where I can learn all about nutrition?

A page on your site says "Ask a Dietitian" but I don't see any dietitians on the site. What's up w that? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Am I allowed to ask questions for some medical research I'm working on, or is this site only for medical advice?

And do you know any good website about stillbirth?

Any good internet forums on nutrition that is not related to bodybuilding?

Any good resources for paediatric nutrition - am not able to find anything here or on as some doctors on HealthTap have recommended. ?

Any website that I can use to get info on hemophilia?

Any1 with a smartphone (SIRI/INDIGO/other) that could ask for "list/text/datafile/other of every nutritional test that exist/or is available?" thanks

Anyone have online way find noncommercial drug information?

Anyone know a web site where you can find out about sleep disorders in elderly?

Anyone know if there is a website with helpful information on mastitis?

Anyone know if there is a website with helpful information on mastocytosis?

Are medical doctors ever sickened;offended by various diseases or medical conditions?

Are medical sores a symptom for a particular medical condition?

Are online BMI calculators accurate or is one website more accurate than others?

Are online matechmaker sites safe?

Are people on online dating sites very honest?

Are physiatrist who did the physiotheraphy, are medical doctor?It is possible to further study for specialist in that course for medical student?

Are there any charts/graphs about H. PYLORUS (Preferably in the UK)A link to a website would be helpful or anything that can prove figures? Eg. Tables

Are there any free online counselling chatroom or skype?

Are there any good books, websites, anything, to read and educate myself?

Are there any good medical websites (such as healthgrades, etc.) that help find & locate doctors in your area and give reviews/ratings?

Are there any good websites or books to help learn/practice cbt at home, if i cannot see a psychologist?

Are there any informative forums on hypothyroidism?

Are there any journals that document the medical uses of cannabis?

Are there any magazines that actually have good medical information?

Are there any medical conditions that could disqualify you from becoming a pharmacist?

Are there any official online tests for ADHD from gov or pediatrics websites?

Are there any web-based tools for diabetes management?

Are there any websites on the internet that tell you basics of the alexander technique?

Are there any websites to see the interaction of drugs?

Are there any websites where you can check the cancer factor for products such as shampoo?

Are there medical foundations that help pay for medical treatments?

Are there resources that list all the bitter tasting drugs?

Best medical care for dermomyositis?

Best online pancreatitis doctor can be found on which site?

But at other sites it is suggested to masterabate once a week for 16 year old?

Called insurance and told "insomnia' was only diagnosis listed. Does that mean that is the only one listed in medical record too?

Can a person with PhD in medical laboratory science open his/her own medical lab or is an MD obligatory?

Can a teen who is emancipated sign medical consent forms?

Can anyone help me find a web site where I can buy a mesotherapy kit?

Can doctors refuse you medical testing which you think you need, and which makes even common medical sense?

Can having dysthymia qualify you for medical marijuana?

Can having too may x-rays cause cancer or other major medical issues?

Can i get cbt on line through internet.I am in india.Kindly suggest any website or email address from where i can get cbt online?

Can I prove negligence in a medical malpractice case?

Can I trust pinterest recipes?

Can someon give me to specific link to a website that shows you how many calories you need in a day?

Can someone please give me some websites with informative information on aids prevention in africa?

Can there be a medical reason for circumcision?

Can there be a website that i can check if my doctor has any mal practice suits against him?

Can there be any online anger therapy online. I really need help?

Can you advise for an unknown medical condition?

Can you please list the most common holistic suggestions for postpartum-depression?

Can you please recommend some effective sites to educate myself on working out and nutrition?

Can you provide me an online resource for using the system to get help with disabilities?

Can you recommend a good site online for ordering medical supplies?

Can you suggest a web site with a diabetic exchange calculator?

Can you tell me how I could become a medical researcher?

Can you tell me how to pursue a medical degree in psychiatry?

Can you tell me if there are any medical professions that don't have a lot of blood or precise work?

Can you tell me of a good medical reference website?

Can you tell me of any good websites about cancers that non-medical people can understand?

Can you tell me the website to childrens and familys.?

Can you tell me what is a condition that is eligible for medical cannabis in illinois?

Carple tunnel problems and solutions. Is there a reliable web site for it, say from a medical center?

Could anyone help me find a complete guide of gluten free food online?

Could cocaine have any medical benefit?

Could heroin have any medical uses?

Could nervousness be a medical condition?

Could refusing medical treatment be considered suicide?

Could someone with no medical education do a catheterization?

Could you tell me any medical information on a condition called "essential thrombocytosis"?

Do any doctors in canada use the multifunction cardiogram. ? How would i find out? I need one !

Do I have a right to see my personal medical records?

Do i have to get a medical degree if i want to be a medical engineer?would i be able to do some research being a medical engineer? THANKS

Do you have a recommendation for a specific DO or Naturopath in the Portland Oregon area, or a good way to go about finding one other than a basic google search? Looking for a new practitioner

Do you know a website or something about about teen nutrition?

Do you know an online site where i may be online professionally tested for schizophrenia?

Do you know are podiatrists real medical doctors?

Do you know of any good info/support websites for someone who has did or similar disorder? I don know which websites to trust or not.

Docs can you explain what is a "medical malpractice"?

Does anybody know if there are any laryngectomy sites?

Does anyone have any good websites or references on the history of cpr ?

Does anyone know any good sites to read for neurosurgery?

Does anyone know of a site where I can get some kytril?

Does anyone know of a web site to find information about preventing eye injuries?

Does anyone know of any online resources for failure to thrive in infants?

Does anyone know some websites where an epatient can give health advise online and get paid?

Does anyone know what kind of pill this is? Is there an online database to check, if I type in the letters on a pill?

Does my question need to be medical or can it be about medical education??

Does print media cover health topics accurately? Is internet any better or worse?

Does this site really work for free because I have a medical question ?

Does vampirism exist from a medical viewpoint?

Except for this site are their dangers in internet information regarding medical issues?

Has medical marijuana been proven to effectively treat any medical conditions?

Hello, Im also in the Denver area. do you know where I can find more unbiased reviews or legitimate information on the product PriaPlex? Effective?