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I'm not interested in a formal diagnosis from my MRI Just need an Eng transl: "most likely vascular etiology" T2 prolong. in peri. tectum + up. pons Assoc w chron micro ischemic change See doc 7/10.

"best type" of "doctor" to visit when talking about a "research" test that would cover everything from infectious diseases to toxicology and other?

18m child had previous 3 attacks of urticaria and received oral steroids but not investigated, are there any useful investigation to be advised

1st session of neuro biofeedback. Looked at brain waves on screen while talking to therapist. Is it being done right? I didn't see any self regulation

3 incompatible interpretations of medical images by 3 different radiologists. What can I do? The most recent refuses to even contact the previous.

A good doctor for carpal tunnel in vegas also my neurologist never told me i had that until i picked up a copy of testing she did should I get legal?

A pt is fired by a dr for making a self diagnosis. Further tests by other dr's show the pt was correct. R the other dr's required to take any action?

Acanthocytes on a manual differential? Double check with the lab or just make a hematology/neurology appointment?

After a recent cardiac work up my 63 yo pt was told he had suffered a septal inffart in the recent past. How might that diagnosis impact on his current plan of care?

After a year on methimiazole, tsh levels are falling. Being sent to a surgical oncologist. What questions should be asked?

After mamogram I rvcd letter that a finding requires more imaging studies. My oncologist office said they do not see nothing suspicious and not to worry. Yet I rvcd another letter from radiologist exactly same as 1st letter but different date . When I cal

Alaska. Breast cancer. Now bills and big ins. Exclusions. What to make of e.G., cpt 36561 port insrt billed $4115 and ins company excludes $3521?

An Allergist is the one giving me the Xolair shots and is watching my prednisone intake. A dermatologist did a biopsy that was inconclusive, and sent me to the allergist. I am just looking for alternative treatments ?

Any advice on finding a good Dr? Our healthcare system is only good if you are acutely ill or have simple/easy to diagnosis issue, otherwise waste of $$$$

Approximately how much does an endometrial biopsy cost without insurance? I'm sure it varies quite a bit, but I'm just looking for a vague figure.

Are chiropractors licensed to legitimately review xrays with much accuracy?

Are oct, oct visante, ora, ubm together an extensive enough exam to diagnose/rule out glaucoma for sure? If not what is?

Are the asbergers free screening exams online considered reputable in regards to recommending further testing?

Are there alternatives to a temporal artery biopsy to diagnose GCA? Because of trauma history I would not be able to to a TAB (local anesthesia)

Are there any base-line protocols for testing that are recommended for all types of eds?

Are there any doctors out there familiar with the " Ashton Manual" regarding Bezos as the answers I got regarding muscle tension were in correct ?

Are there any neurologists on this site who specialize in autonomic nervous system dysfunction conditions,, i.e. Dysautonomia? Their location is insignificant because I already have confirmed diagnosis, I just have general questions on the subject.

Are there differences bewtten what type of radiographycal tests md/dmd vs. Dds can or cannot order as the "oral surgeons"?

Are there doctors that will review medical records and base on the intell write a summary of find and how disabling cond can be was disacharge from usmc 1980 for pseudofolliculitis non disabling cond. However had a skin cond usmc diagnosed as folliculiti

Are there official recommendations for treating brain and spinal infections?

Are there official recommendations for treating brain bleeding?

Are there official recommendations for treating coarctation of the aorta?

Are there official recommendations for treating lung abscess?

Are there official recommendations for treating pleural effusion?

Are there special considerations I should discuss with my ob regarding my birth plan given my history of vasovagal syncope?

Are there subjective criteria that doctors use to evaluate whether a patient shall be put under M1 hold? Or are all ER patients on M1 hold by default?

As a father to 7 years old with ml4 I am looking for leading facilities that research ml4? Also looking for innovative treatments for it.

At Dr. Visit to review bone scan & discuss hysterectomy I was so nervous blood pressure 148/100.Should I be concerned? At home it's less than 120/80.

Before bringing me to mammogram, they asked for history like at doctors office. Then no doctor saw me. Is this the standard process?

Besides progress notes, labs, health history, demographics, nurse notes, what other fields are on the EMR?

Can a general practitioner order an X-ray for suspected lung cancer or do I have to go to an oncologist? I'm trying to save $ by not going 2 onco 2x.

Can a radiologist deliberately give you cancer by X-ray or CT device. Is their a dose or number of photos limit in a given time in these equipments?

Can a radiologist miss out includjng peritoneal disease on a written CT report ? Mcrc patient No mention if it but letter to pt states it ?

Can an orthopedic doctor order xrays before seeing the patient in wa state i understand in ca that a doctor cannot order xrays before physically examing the patient, however, I am new in my role and see value in patient flow in our facility if the orthope

Can dr detect 1 adult kidney not functioning with non-contrast ultrasound (92% overall functioning). Primary care dr says I must recall diagnosis wrong.?

Can fluoroscopy of epidural injection be put on a CD that was done over a year ago? Or do those images not exist because it is a live x-ray?

Can i get easy to understand explanation of "hida scan" procedure, in the medical field?

Can i request to take out my thyroid after radiation made me worse?

Can i show a ENT specialist for my lisp problem(specially while pronouncing 's' , 'z' , 'r' , 'l' , etc...)?

Can I tell my wound care doctor to test me for this disease. I just seen past CT scan in my medical records where it said that this was on my liver.I?

Can someone either tell me all the steps of how vitamin D is made in detail, or give me a link explaining it?

Can the consults here be relied upon for sound medical advice & valid for medical-legal purposes? Pls inform. If u r not sure, pls confirm w/collegue

Can this diagnosis be considered malpractice?..after the stricture was found I asked if I ever had prostatitis and was told no..

Can you report another's facebook in case of cyberbullying?

Can you tell me how can one show proof of age to complete the application for medicare?

Can you tell me how has radiology improved healthcare?

Can you tell me how I could find out the "structure" of the n terminus domain of brca2?

Can you tell me how I could find out the structure of the n terminus domain of brca2?

Can you tell me in pharmacy are projected to have a higher need (ex: clinical, ambulatory care, etc)?

Can you tell me in pre-employment medical check up, if breast cyst found to be cancerous, letter of offer will be cancelled?

Can you tell me proper diet chart ...i've completed 13 years of transplant ..nd my reports are not good ...any best advice?

Can you tell me the hcpcs codes for supplies used in neurosurgery?

Can you tell me the name of the state-of-the-art test that will inform the radiologist of any cervical stenosis, or not? Maybe a 3d imaging system?

Can you tell me what type of imaging protocol is best to see child abuse ( 3phase, whole body, spot views, spect)?

Chemo treatment unit shows many very sad caregivers. Is it ok for them to smile without sending a false message that they do not care?

Clinical question regarding thromboemboli: can they come from superficial thrombophlebitis?

Conflicting ultrasounds from hosp radiology & gynecol performed at same time re: endo thickness. One recs biopsy; other no action. Which do I believe?

Confused. Had annual physical. PCP thrilled by lab results. Excellent renal and liver function he says. But my ALT 61. That's not excellent right??

Could a portable neonatal abdomen xray fulfill the requirement that the arrt wants for a pediatric abdomen?

Could a proffessional radiologist enumerate the sites required for a skeletal survey please?

Could chiropractors give a written report of your diagnosis if u need proof of your back problems?

Could chiropractors give a written report of your diagnosis if you need proof of your back problems?

Could you give me a simple outline of ascute tonsillopharyngitis plssss?

Could you possibly request a penectomy after diagnosis of an std?

Ct report mentions no peritnoeal disease but oncologist states that my dad has possible peritoneal disease . Mcrc patient . What can I make of it ?

D.O. said DRE is not necessary since PSA is .3 and I am under 50 (44). Do you agree? Or should I request it be done?

Dad has appt w oncologist for bx results after neck dissection on 12/8/14.what type of questions should i ask ask dr?

Dad has been Ref'd to specialist and had X-rays for sac behind macular. Now needing a Fluorescein angiogram. What are they possibly looking for??

Dds: I am planning on a consult that includes a 3d CT x-ray. Am i allowed to get a copy of it on a cd at that time? May need 2nd opinion. Shh!

Dds: I am sure to be asked why i need the 3d CT on a cd. What could i say besides needing it for my own records?

Dear sirs need advices on ecgs of patients for rapid interpretation as I am a gp and need urgent advices.Please assist by any means.

Describe the importance of data protection and the access to patient records?

Diagnostic imaging in 2009: update on evidence-based practice of pediatric imaging. What is the role of imaging in sinusitis?

Do hepatoligists use MRI scans in diagnostics? (alt^) unknown cause, referred to specialist. As i'm terrifiedof invasive procedures eg biopsy! useful

Do I ask rn or doctor on call if some questions regarding to my acute otitis media?

Do i need a dr. Order for a neck ultrasound. I got one before on referral basis. But if it's not something that is invasive and i pay cash is it o.K?

Do I need to pump 'n dump after MRI w/ contrast? If so, for how long? This question is for radiologists to answer. Thank you!

Do sports medicine clinics offer MRI scans or something equivalent?

Do you think that a doctor that uses a 3d imaging system, such as, vectra xt, would help a patient visualize the results of an ultherapy procedure?

Doc i just want to know if it's fatal or can be cured benign (not cancer) my letter from guam radiology stating that i need to call them for more eval?

Doctor confirmed I have BPH and need to follow up. Will this needed throughout my life?

Doctors, what are your health-related new year's resolutions and how do you plan on achieving your resolution(s)?

Does a psychiatrist need my signed consent to change my diagnosis? I saw a psychiatrist once a month for 5 minutes, while he wrote me a prescription. Nothing other than that ever happened. There was never any type of "diagnostic process". He changed my

Does anyone know of a reputable online second opinion MRI reading resource? (just so many ranging from $100-$300 per re reading)

Does anyone know where to find out about mfm doctors and radiologist credentials for fetal echo?

Does handwriting legibly a maximum of 10 wpm confirm the diagnosis of dysgraphia?

Does intra ductal calculi means multiple stones. how to confirm them,I have chronic. Pancriatitis \u0026#40;MRCP\u0026#41;\u0026 doc found no reasons my age 19.

Doesn't transcribing patient history/symptoms into insurance speak make the record less than accurate and confusing for future doctors?

Dr. Moshe Lewis my phone disconnected. We were talking about the light tinged blood and a referral to an oncologist. I do have an enlarged lymphnode. ?

Dr. Rick koch.In reference to the board cert in echo, you think its completely fine then that mine was read by a non boarded echo, but boarded cardio?

Dr. wrote "possible bilateral S1 root lesions. Clinical correlation recommended." What does he mean? Dr. has retired and I do not have access to him.

During a preventation total/simple mastectomy, do I need some sort of documentation to prove cancer in my family?

Dx z12.13 on. Mammo script mean is this Dx for a routine mammogram?

Dx'd w/vcd @ njh denver, prescription speech therapy. Am confused as some websites say vcd is a psych issue, others note exposure/post nasal drip. Which is it?

Enlrged [email protected], is dr right to order a u/s 6 months later, or should it be sooner. He says nhs funding is tight.