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If psychiatric counseling is needed, but there is a lack of ability to pay, what's the best way to go about finding help?

19 yr old with four concussions and mctd. Can one it both diagnosis cause changes in school and decision making?

4 yr old dx with autism proper therapy continues to have behavior issues doesn't know right from wrong and is aggressive improving but not convinced ?

A family member needs help with mental issues and drugs. We were looking into any kind of mental institution. . Any advice? She has tried rehab.

A level 4 psych Technician & a psych nurse, aside from different educational backgrounds, what's different in terms of scope of practice for each?

A psychologist wrote that i presented with ptsd on my case notes, it that a diagnosis?

According to therapist, erp therapy for OCD requires me to look at hems and anuses to get over disgust and phobia.Any medical sites to view?

After 10 years of on and off job loses w/bipolar/ocd at what time should a person consider ssdi if deemed qualified or the type of job best for them?

All of you dr's who won't sedate due to it being trivial, why is that, when it clearly states in the ada that reasonable accommodations must be met?

Am doing a qcf course an need to know what is meant by medical model of dementia?

Am I able to have a career in psychology despite suffering from mental illness myself?

Am I able to receive a mental health diagnosis through a text chat?

Are binaural beats helpful for changing mental states?

Are occupational health services (chemical testing) really necessary for non-risk occupations?

Are physical therapists allowed to work as consultants outside of a hospital or clinical setting?

Are there any doctors trained in hypnotism, what medications would put you into a state condusive to being hypnotized?

Are there any good non-medical treatments that help with mental retardation?

Are there any medical tests to find the baby's mental and physical status before birth?

Are there any residental rehab centers in tx for eating disorders, cutting, etc. How to tell my parents?

Are there any tests to evaluate the emotional stability of a person?

Assess the use of complementary therapies in order to support individuals with physiological disorders?

Association between education level and neurosis?

Can a child with asperges, who has experienced complex trauma, receive counselling via art therapy?

Can a functional MRI be used to determine if a person is demented?

Can a mental health counselor provide ongoing counseling to a patient without a diagnostic assessment?

Can a mri/mra help in diagnosis of mental health disorders?

Can a person with an extensive history of psychiatric hospitalization ever become a licensed counselor if she gets her bachelor's in the field?

Can a physical therapist work on a former patient with same condition without a prescription from a doctor- is that within scope of their license?

Can a primary care doctor assess me for auditory processing disorder? Is there a point in knowing I have it? Seems like not covered by insurance.

Can a psychiatric nurse practitioner do a clinical social workers job since they can prescribe and do therapy and a social worker can only do therapy?

Can a registered nurse make a diagnosis of rape or sexual assault, or is that a legal term?

Can anyone clear his/her mental health records due to misdiagnosis?

Can anyone do a psych exam?

Can biofeedback be dangerous/cause negative medical response?

Can social workers offer a diagnosis?

Can some medical doctor tell me if the high normal guideline for blood glucose is now 120 based on current medical organizational thinking?

Can there be a way to get a doctor to clear a mental disorder from my medical records?

Can you believe in biolgical psychology and biological treatments?

Can you help me determine whether I have ptsd or not?

Can you please discuss the criteria for mental abuse?

Can you please discuss the of the social and ethical issues involved in genetic testing?

Can you please tell me factors would cause a psychologist to determine that a person is unemployable?

Can you suggest some good reading references for adult behavior modification (physical health issues) in a non-clinical setting?

Can you tell me if someone expirienced a traumatic event at age 19 and developed ptsd will they be able to mentally mature pas?

Can you tell me if there are psychological services to deal with leg amputation?

Can you tell me the top five treatments for mental retardation?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone experienced a traumatic event at age 19 and developed ptsd will they be able to mentally mature pas?

Can you undergo psychotherapy online?

Clinical social worker vs. Clinical psychotherapist vs. Mental health counselor? What's the difference in terms of scope of practice?

Conundrum A facet of OCPD is the failure of the sufferer to recognise there is something wrong, how then can I encourage my partner to seek help?

Could an autism diagnosis be wrong? Many other professionals are questioning the dx. Also, he did not qualify for the preschool disability program.

Could i see a psychiatrist if they are under the she of 18 without parental knowledge or consent?

Could me seeing a psychiatric nurse mean that i'm not normal mentally?

Could you provide me with or direct me to a place where I can find understandable information about how biology is involved in anxiety disorders?

Dacoity at home. under mental stress. Exams are near. Focusing on studies hard. What should i do to recover myself.

Did Asperger syndrome is an obstacle in obtaining an education in usa?

Discuss role of stress, psychpathology and psychotherapy on mental diseases?

Do all psychiatrists have the ability to order lab work and imaging for patients?

Do general practioners know and understand a great deal of psychiatric related issues since they all have to learn it in med school to some degree?

Do mental illness exist? Saw various documentaries that psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are all fraud? Planned to visit psychiatrist but now confused

Do psychiatrists know enough about neuropsychology –a non-MD field– to know when it's appropriate to refer a patient for neuropsychological testing?

Do you need to have an official mental status evaluation to take over parents finances without their consent?

Does anyone know any residential tx centers that focus on trauma w/o ED or addiction component?

Does the medical community have a definitive test for als?

Does your service treat children that already have diagnosis and medication history for mental health and seizures?

Dr. who can read lab results and Help Me. VA Dr.'s won't help or follow up. Major medical issues, need DR. Who Cares! Please. US Disabled Veteran.

DR.i have G A D,Pulstar psoriasis and Haemachromatosis.would this entitle me to Social welfare payment.I am om medication for the first two ailments,?

Early 40's friend recovering from radical mastectomy. Should she have counselling or clinical psychology session?

Found counsellor with yrs of exp. Working with adhd. He offers diagnosis using standard psych tools/family questionaire etc. Will his diagnosis have weight with dr?

From Australia, this app any help for me? Possibility of further mental health assessments for diagnosis ? Mood cycles over months/years, on anti-Dep

Good morning. Does the medical profession now understand the functions of the pancreais? Pancreais

Had psychosis now being sent for neuropsychological testing as my concentration isn't good. What can I do as self help?

Have any of you psychiatrists/addictionologists treated a case of kratom addiction? What were special concerns? Notes of importance?

Have stress personally & professionally. People avoid me & medical eval shows I have personality disorder. Had counseling for yrs but doesn't help. ?

Help docs? Why is it hard for doctors, psychologists and therapist to diagnose asperger's syndrome in patients?

Hi!dr. I want to collect data for mental health and adjustment problems of students....So please help me..

Hi. I'm looking for a clinical psychologist in the area that test my 11 year old son for a recent diagnosis of intellectual disability after being hos?

How can medical examiner determine respiratory failure without an autopsy.?

How can I prove I have ptsd to the va?

How can I seek disability support where I get my education?

How can I support someone in status epilepticus?

How can therapy help aid a child with severe mental disorders to prevent them from becoming a full fledged mental patient?

How did behavioral medicine develop vs developmental psychology?

How do clinicians teach resilience to their patients?

How do cultural and community practices affect someone's ability to get medical imaging exams?

How do I find a dentist that specializes in/can work with trauma/abuse survivors?

How do I find out where can a person that is blind and suffers with addiction find inpatient treatment?

How do you define self-monitoring in weight management?

How does the assessment work to determine if a client is appropriate for counseling services?

How easy is it to find a doctor to perform cesarean on request in this situation- sexual abuse survivor, severe tokophobia and anxiety, plan one child?

How important are shared values in counseling?

How is the loss of social skills (negative symptom) addressed in psychosocial treatment?

How many questions on the questionnaire for depression must be endorsed as 2 or 3 to require administration of the PHQ-8?

How should I prepare for an orthotic assessment?

How to earn a degree in genetic counseling?

How would someone learn if they have ocd? What are signs? How is this viewed by the medical community? What different types of OCD exist and what isit

I am 18 and think I have gender question issues. How can I find a therapist that can help without me parents finding out?

I am a 21 year old female, and I have never had a history of any medical conditions. I work with mentally handicapped individuals, and at times, can b?

I am a person who happens to have Schizoaffective disorder. I need immediate help from a psychiatrist, need it to be via video or text. I have no $?

I am a student working on a project on major depressive disorder. Can you provide me with a quote on the subject?