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What kind of Dr should I see for prostate cancer? Urologist? Looking to see a top specialist in Miami, FL or on east coast. Flying into US for this.

3 health tap doctors advised I see a podiatrist. Do you recommend someone in Chapel Hill, NC?

A patient of more than 10 years will be moving to Minnesota in January. Twin Cities area. Looking for referral options, names/locations.

A physician says he attended state university of new york - downstate medical school. However, no google returns for such school. There's a state university of new york-downstate medical center. Same?

Any affordable dermatologists in chicago area I have no insurance and need to see one.Thank you?

Any consistently effective, good acupuncturists in orange county, california?

Any doctors in the nashville, tn. Area that do home visits?

Any doctors is st petersburg/ clearwater florida area with extensive knowledgefof eds3 pots syrinx and everything that comes with them?

Any doctors other than dr henderson in bethesda, md deal with craniocervical instability? Anywhere in the country, but preferably midwest

Any Dr's on here from Pittsburgh, PA that knows of a good pain clinic? I got scammed twice and want to report the last one for sure.

Any good and reallt caring pediatric in orange county california please!

Any good ENT docs in Orange County California?

Any recommendations 4 knowledgeable & caring rheumotalogist & endocrinologist in los angeles area within kaiser permanente network?

Any recommendations for an optometrist in palo alto? 

Any recommendations for GreenLaser PVP in Seattle, Wa?

Any recommended general practitioners in wellington, fl ( west palm beach)?

Any sites that can help find a good doctor in san antonio, texas?

Any suggestions for a good colorectal surgeon in sfo/san jose area in ca?

Anybody can recommend a good professional that does "rolfing" in san diego?

Are there any benzo wise doc's in the Atlanta/Gainesville area of Georgia ?

Are there any doctors in greenville, sc area with a joint urology and gynecology specialty?

Are there any doctors in the garnerville/minden nevada area willing to help me? I'm 16, i think i might be pregnant. Please? I need professional help.

Are there any doctors out there who works at the laser spine institute in Tampa?

Are there any doctors that perform FTM chest surgery in spokane wa?

Are there any doctors who specialize in EDS neat the Arcata, Eureka area. maybe down near San Francisco?

Are there any doctors whom are in the health tap network that specialize in onj that have their practice located in georgia?

Are there any free clinics in san francisco c.A. For a bipolar girl with low income?

Are there any free psychiatric services in broward county florida?

Are there any healthtap doctors in the orlando florida area. I am looking for a new internal medicine doctor?

Are there any maternal fetal medicine doctors that perform transabdominal cerclages in houston, texas? I am having difficulty locating any. Thank you

Are there any methadone clinics in or around shreveport la or area 71038?

Are there any nephrologists in logan ut?

Are there any really good psychiatrists or therapists in sandy utah or close to sandy utah that takes the insurance cigna?

Are there any reproductive endocrinologists in the nyc area who accept fidelis?

Are there any spanish-speaking psychiatrist in the joliet illinois area?

Are there any TMJ surgeons in melbourne, fl. ?

Are there reproductory endocrinologists in major cities? Are they all alike?

Best allergists in the fresno, calif area? Do you know of any?

Best knee specialist in northern california?

Best orthopedic hospital in california?

Best orthopetic doctor in bangalore?

Best surgeon for breast cancer in north carolina?

Can anyone recommend a good obgyn in tampa fl?

Can anyone suggest me the best hospital in delhi/ncr for 'uterus cancer'?

Can anyone tell me where can I find an online directory for public hospitals in houston.?

Can someone suggest a psychotherapist society in bangalore?

Can you get the same medical treatment in england as usa?

Can you give me a list of gynecologist Asheville NC?

Can you give me a list of raleigh, north carolina doctors who handle workmen's compensation patients?

Can you give me the names of nationally recognized private practices in periodontology and in oral/maxillofacial surgery in southeast florida?

Can you help me get into residency, or know of a FM/IM doctor in San Francisco I can shadow?

Can you please recommend a good orthodontist in michigan state?

Can you please refer to me a good but not too expensive gynecologist in london? (South east london is better)Thank you.

Can you reccomend podiatry in via beach, va area?

Can you recommend a pediatric neurologist in miami, florida?

Can you recommend the best pediatrician in fort worth, texas?

Can you suggest a laparoscopic surgeon in ontario, canada.

Can you suggest a pediatric urologist , in the Toms River, NJ 08753 area?

Can you tell me about dental assisting in beaverton/portland area?

Can you tell me if there are chiggers in spokane wa?

Can you tell me of any lymph-edema therapist in alabama?

Colorectal surgeons (non-stanford) in the menlo park area. Recommendations?

Could anyone tell which hospitals/doctors in pune are good for gastroenterology/hepatology?

Could you give me a list of specialists in florida or cuba area who deals with children with hematuria?

Dear doctors.. My brother finished mbbs from india.He wants to do md in us. Which is best college?

Desperate! i need to find a doc in florida who is an expert in pancreatitis! any recommendations appreciated?

Diagnosed with sport hernia. Any surgeons you can recommend steve clearwater fl?

Do americans visiting england receive free medical care from public hospitals?

Do any of you doctors know of any surgens that perform a top surgery for a ftm? Perferably in oregon or near oregon? Thanks

Do any psychologist know of a referral to a psychologist in GTA, Ontario, Canada? Greater Toronto area.

Do u have to be a certain age to get hysterosalpingogram done in greenville south carolina ?

Do you know good doctors in indiana for polyarteritis nordosa?

Do you know of affordable detox centers in southern ca?

Do you know of any ENT doctors in the seattle area that practice with your same holistic philosophy?

Does anybody know of a good breast clinic i live in utah I have aarp complete?

Does anyone have a good place for psychotherapy in the troy, royal oak, birmingham, michigan area? Thanks so much

Does anyone in the midwest do sexual reassignment surgery? I am an FTM in the Kansas city metro area and I was wondering if there are any doctors that do top surgery and if so, does insurance cover the surgery?

Does anyone know a good orthopedic surgeon in northwest chicago area?

Does anyone know of any pediatric dentist in the Harrisburg PA area?

Does anyone out there know of a doctor or endocrinologist in the Cranberry twp. PA or Pittsburgh PA area that will prescribe me Nature-Throid? Please

Does homedics foot spa causes cancer?

Does Mayo, Cleveland Clinic offer higher/more comprehensive level of care than Brigham and Womens or MGH? Have POTS and migraines needs treatment.

E-mail address for Dr.Timson in newark,ohio?

Ent ongology in voorhees n.J.?

Find a gynecologist in Houston texas?

Free teen clinics in houston texas but i can't have my parents knowing. Where can I go?

Geriatric optometrist you can find one in chicago?

Good Asian neurologist or acupuncture doctors i las vegas help plz?

Good dentist in belltown neighborhood looking for a good dentist in belltown neighborhood, seattle, wa

Good obgyn and general practice doctor in pasadena, glendale or burbank, ca area who accepts blue cross hmo?

Have done my mds in pedodontics opening in uk is it good?

Hello this is brinley. we just finished consulting. can you tell me which pharm in boston you sent the script to? was it the one in east boston?

Hello, I am looking for a doctor/sport practitioner, that can perform a cuboid adjustment in the jacksonville, fl area. ?

Hi I would like to consult with a psychothreapists in Manhattan who works with Cigna. Can you please recommentd anyone. ?

Hi my name is laila. I am from Melbourne Australia. please could i know roughly as to how much knock knee surgery would cost?

How can I contact dr debra a goldstein or university of chicago medicine research department ? I have rare eye problem, i'm too young to lose my vision

How can I find a doctor specialized in Keratoconus in my area (NYC)?

How can I find a good laser eye surgeon in the san diego area?

How can I find a good rheumatologist in metro detroit area in michigan?

How can I find-out about gynacologists in Tampa, Florida?