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(doctors or medicinal educated people only) what are the different fields of anesthesiology?

A pharmacist told me there is no room for herbs in the medical world, herbs combined with food help me the most so what specialty does that fall under?

Advantages and limitations of nuclear medicine?

Are all childbirth/lamaze classes weird and holistic?

Are nuclear medicine and radiotherapy the same? If there is any difference, then please share.

Are there any highly recommended oncologists or centers that give conventional oncology treatment with holistic/integrative? Names pls? I am desperate

Are there Any medicines for ocean alergy ? We are interested In buying THE prodction tecnology of THE THE medicines .thanks.

Are there good alternative medicines for kids with periventricular leukomalacia?

Can orthomolecular medicine be fatal?

Can orthomolecular medicine help with schizophrenia?

Can there be alternate routes into studying medicine?

Can veterinary medicine requires a bachelors degree?

Can we take tuberculosis medicine in 6.0 creatanine..?

Can you tell me how I could find a doctor who practices nuclear medicine?

Could a bams degree holder practice with allopathy medicines?

Could a foreign doctor practice medicine in the us?

Could you help me find postgradate studies in ophthalmology (medicine) in france?

Describe the features of complementary or alternative medicine.?

Do all medicines come from plants?

Do with our modern scientific mainstream medicine, that people are suffering more, not less?

Do you know are international students accepted in the us for medicine?

Has anyone had any help with ankylosis in terms of using functional medicine?

Hello docs, is chemotherapy a type of nuclear medicine?

Herbal medicine for a fractured skull, would this work?

Hi, doctor, what is the relationship between veterinary medicine and human medicine?

How can I find a antipsychotic medicine that comes out in a few months, according to my doctor. Information only.?

How can leeches and maggots help in medicines today?

How can oriental medicine help cancer?

How can physics be applied to medicine?

How could I go about receiving a degree or certification in homeopathic medicine and healing?

How do I find a nutritionally oriented or natural medicine doctor in my area?

How is applied medicine different from academia? Would it ever be a bad idea to ask for health advice from say a biomedical researcher(phd)?

How much does typical acupuntcurist or doctor of oriental medicine cost in japan town?

How much precise is the science of psychiatry in the u.S.?

I am an American Expat living in Ipoh Malaysia. I cannot find a Dr that believes in Western medicine. Does anyone have a suggestion? Back pain help.

I have a school project about microbes. and it asks me what medicines are/might be available for this treatment?

I have been on medicine for BP for 24 years, i never met the right medicine , is it right that the effectiveness of medicine becomes unuseful by time?

I know that adrenal fatigue is not a recognized diagnosis in science based medicine. Are there any other venues that can help me?

I study in sport science. What field can I involve beside sport. I mean in medice field?

I'd like to ask the cosmetic medicine named glutahione .What are its benefits and its complicatons?

I'm doing a persuasive essay; pro nuclear medicine. Is there any solid facts you can give me about nuclear medicine that will look great in my essay?

I'm interested in the field of medicine and wanted to start researching infectious diseases. Do you have any advice?

I'm studying in college of medicine at second stage. I want your advice for me to become a good doctor?

If I hate chemistry the most, is it better to enter medicine, dentistry, or pharamcy or none?

If it shows on the profile of a doctor that he is a dermatologist, internal medicine, is he both?

In medicine, what does PHI mean?

In medicine, what does TPN mean?

In medicine, what is marbling?

In the field of medicine, what is informed consent?

In the field of medicine, what is periodization?

Interested to learn more about integrative medicine, especially how it could benefit patients with lupus.

Is 'oriental medicine' popular in american cities?

Is becoming a holistic medicine practioner a viable option?

Is emergency medicine the only branch of medicine that works late night shifts/weekends?

Is family medicine n preventive medicine r same? I think family medicine in us is parallel branch of preventive n social medicine in india. It's true?

Is it true that cardiovascular medicine is the same as cardiology?

Is it true that mercury is actually useful in medicine?

Is it true that olanzapine is an experimental medicine?

Is medicine a business?

Is nuclear medicine considered internal radiation therapy? For some reason, it seems like all the definitions of internal radi don't include nuclear.

Is nuclear medicine for diagnosis or for treatment purpose?

Is plutonium dangerous when dealing with it in a physics lab?

Is there a field in medicine called--cosmetic dermatology?

Is there a neurological medicine that can help all 5 senses work more proficiently?

Is there a so call homepathic internal medicine doctor?

Is there any latest medicine for rassmusen encephelities?

Is there any medicine for autistics ?

Isbthere any medicine in place ôf peniclîn?

Looking for a way to treat ADHD without western medicine, where should I go?

Looking to transition to alternative medicine for anxiety. What should I tell my doc?

Medicine specialty, which specialty takes the longest and is often considered hardest?

My child is sickle cell diseased and I was wondering if acupuncture or traditional chinese medicine can help as a supportive medicine? Are there other alternative therapies?

My doc is pa & does internal medicine. He's only doc there. On the wall it says dr. So and so and pa. What does it mean?

Please answer! what medicine can slow down an ilestomy?

Please explain if it is true that cherifer pgm is very effective medicine for growth at the age of 21 to 22?

Please help! what is the difference between medicine degree and medicine and surgery ?

Pls help me which is best branch pulmonary medicine n family medicine? I have to opt one please help me fast

Pros and con's to a career in dentisty over medicine and vice versa :)?

Sir how about practising medecine in germany? Are there any disadvantages? Please help

Sir where is the best place to study and practice medicine across the globe??

Tell me where I can learn the basics of this genomics medicine. I have not kept up.?

This may be a total different question than you did expect, but i'm a dutch student and i'd like to know how I can study medicine in the us?

Was laudanum really used as a pain medication during the civil war?

What ages are considered children in the field of medicine?

What are good ways i can found an alternative medicine doctor in modesto, california?

What are homoepathic medicines made of? Why do homoepathic doctors ask so many personal questions?

What are the advantages and limitations of nuclear medicine?

What are the DIFFERENCES between a functional medicine doctor, an integrated heath doctor, and a preventative medicine doctor?

What are the limitations of nuclear medicine?

What are the medicine for aduma roogaya?

What changed in medicine after the MRI was invented?

What do you advise if I'm doing medicine but interested to travel with an astronaut to space?

What do you suggest if my child is sickle cell diseased and I was wondering if acupuncture or traditional chinese medicine can help as a supportive medicine?

What does price mean and rice mean in sports medicine?

What exactly is longevity/anti-aging medicine?

What exactly pulmonary medicine? What r the scope in this branch?

What if a ca doctor hasn't practiced medicine in at least 30 years? Are they still considered a doctor?

What is a medicine or dentistry which career would you rather do?

What is meant by aesthetic medicine?

What is meant by evidence based medicine?