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I recently discovered an unfamiliar growth in my groin area. Should I see my OB-GYN person whose title is CNM, ARNP; my dermatologist, or my PCP?

A doctor told my 20 year old son he may have fibromyalgia. He was told to find a primary doctor. Which area of practice should that doctor be in?

A family member was diagnosed with "capillary leak syndrome" thru mayo clinic- what is that? How does one get it ? Can they do much to help?

A person not finding help locally from doctors probably needs to seek help nationally?

Although a pathologist does not see patients, can a pathologist do "clinic physician work"?

Although a pathologist does not see patients, can a pathologist do basic "physician clinic work"?

Am looking for a varicose vein medical specialist with the highest credentials. Would that be a cardiologist, vascular surgeon, dermatologist or ?

Amyloidosis. Saw new neuro, he said wont get involved, its amyloidosis. What do I do from here, no pcp , this is the nhs?

Any ehlers danlos specialists in the tampa bay area?

Any psoriatric arthritis specialists or research hospitals near nashville?

Any recommendation for pediatric plastic surgeons that specialize in treating congenital outer ear abnormalities? In los angeles, southern cal areas?

Any recommendations for Drs. Near Atlanta, GA proper who specialize in GADn anxiety attacks ans PTSD? THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS SERVICE. it helps!

Any specialist cidp neurologists I could find in california?

Anyone been referred to hospital for dental treatment?

Anyone familar with solitary mastocytoma treat, ent?

Anyone have tips for dealing with primary ciliary dyskinesia (pcd)?

Anyone know of physicians in pennsylvania that know of or specialize in arachnoiditis? If so please post!

Anyonr know a rheumatologist good at disgnosing scleroderma in miami fl?

Are any of you doctors located in ky? That are addiction specialist?

Are infectious disease drs qualified to diagnose vaginal infections? I saw dozens of OB/GYNs & they don’t have the knowledge. I was only misdiagnosed

Are the subjects of an interventional cardiologist hard in college and university? Thank you.

Are their physicians specializing in hypertension? I suppose all cardiologists are included here. Anyone else?

Are there any diagnostic specialists considering chronic fatigue syndrome and practicing in New York state?

Are there any goldenhar specialists out there?

Are there any good specialists for cfs in nj/ny area?

Are there any known heart specialists in the Northeast OH area that treat patients with Lyme Carditis?

Are there any primary doctors who are versed in this deficiency? Im looking for a new one in baltimore, md

Are there any recommendations for a cardiologist who is very familiar with Ebstein's Anomaly around the Atlanta, GA area?

Are there consultants who specialize in Hippel Landau Syndrome? And how can I find them?

Are there official recommendations for treating cartilage disorders?

Are there official recommendations for treating ebstein anomaly?

Are there support groups for polycythemia/ hemochromatosis in dallas tx area? What is a list of symptoms for these disorders? Thank u.

Are there surgeons who specialize in treating moyamoya disease?

Are virologists a type of doctor, or are they only scientists? And what are some fields related to immunology and virology?

At university where seeing neurosurgery for spinal tumor but endocrinology there disagrees with mayo diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency, is it too dangerous to have neurosurgery there given ai issue?

Best facility in nj to treat neoroleptic malignnt syndrome?

Best pediatric opthamologist for microthalmia diagnosis in central texas area?

Best pediatric opthamologist in central texas area to work with microphthalmia?

Can a physician participate in two seperate aco's?

Can a U.S. Dr prescribe for me in Canada? I can't find a Dr that can even spell Ehlers Danlos syndrome let alone treat it.

Can any doctor or hospital diagnose Marfan syndrome or do I have to go to a special clinic?

Can anyone please recommend me a good liver specialist, ? Located in phx, az

Can anyone refer me to a pain clinic i've asked docs before with my extensive background of over 20 surgeries and misdiagnosed with cancer ?

Can anyone refer me to a piano management specialist?

Can Parkinson's disease cause pots/ dystautonomia and autonomic neuropathy? Mayo clinic cannot find my cause to many diagnosis. ....Any help

Can someone recommend a doctor/specialist in Rochester, NY area for Adrenal Fatigue for my 24 yr old daughter? She thinks she has it.

Can you find me a certified hand specialist in Apple Valley California 92308. It is for a 2nd surgery on my carpal tunnel problem.

Can you reccomend a rheumatologist in arkansas for me?

Can you recommend a neuro in the states for a second opinion regarding IIH for someone from Australia, other specialists said to seek a second opinion?

Can you recommend a rheumatologist knowledgable about behcets disease in the bay area? Not happy at ucsf. At my lowest point and need proper treatment

Can you recommend the best family practice doctor and/or internal medicine doctor for adults in the dallas, tx area? I have tried searching already.

Can you tell me about neurology and pharmacy specialization?

Can you tell me how can I find a gastroenterologist that is familiar with habba syndrome?

Can you tell me where i can find a physician on long island, ny or nyc who treats 'anterior ethmoidal syndrome'?

Could you give me reasons on how podiatrist/chiropodist help people in the society?

Could you tell me the best doctor available in delhi who can be consulted on g6pd?

Do a majority of urology doctors treat premature ejaculation? Also, are there specialists in this field that are certified doctors (general hospitals) that fall under most ppo health insurance that are not the boston medical groups or other commercially b

Do any of the Drs on this site have experience with sarcoidosis?

Do i need to be refered to an endocrinology? I have hypothyroidism and i'd feel more comfortable if i went to someone that specializes in that field.

Do i need to find an oral surgeon who specializes in ameloblastoma surgery? I was just diagnosed with ameloblastoma last month, an the oral surgeon i was referred to does not list ameloblastoma surgery as a specialty. This seems like it could be a life-al

Do most rheumatologists or hematologists have patients with cryofibrinogenemia? For this condition, is it be advisable to go to a specialty center?

Do you believe medicine will be more advanced in 20 years? A cure for ehlers danlos maybe?

Do you have a pulmonologist knowledgeable about lymphangioleiomyomatosis? Aka lam

Do you know of holman's sign in medicine?

Do you need to wear a medical ID braclet if you have PANDAS?

Doctor in tampa bay area with lots of experience with ehlers danlos hypermobility and all the problems that come with it ?

Does anyone have a suggestion on finding a doctor in the NE Ohio area who specializes in IBS? or even a dr who I can consult w on here who does?

Does anyone in the Phoenix area like to help manage pemphigus? I have several patients that I manage and ENT assistance for esophageal scoping helps.

Does anyone know any excellent internists/diagnostic doctors in or around Utah? I have had tons of medical testing and no answers.

Does anyone know of any dysautonomia specialists in us?

Does one kind of doc specialize in treating "immune-complex diseases"? Do I have to bite the bullet and see many specialists due to its complexity?

Dr. Minich, what kind of doctor should I see for this? Is there any speciality associated with it?

For a second opinion on Parkinsons,which physician has more credibility, the one with 30 years experience vs. fellowship trained 10 years. ?

Good pediatric facial avm doctors in and around nyc area im desperate?

Hello Sir,I am suffering from craniofacial paresthesia as diagnosed by Neuro surgeon in india, Kindly guide for solution.

Hello, I am inquiring if you are familiar with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and the implications of this disease as far as pain and pain management is concerned. If you are I would be thrilled to have you consult on my case. I have not yet had a pain specialist

Hi doctor, student nurse here? how to search the statistic of scrotal.abscess secondary to incontrolled.diabetes?

Hi, I'm looking for a physician who specializes in immunology, as opposed to allergy. This is for a 25 year old HealthTap patient.

Hi, my father has apml leukemia. Does anyone have any referrals/ideas in the boston area?

How d o i find an adult endo dr in my area who is well versed in the treatment of AIS?

How can i evaluate the experience & ability, especially at diagnosing, of a doctor UK n Europe? Specifically gastroenterologists in Hungary or France.

How can I find a great surgeon for spine diseases?

How can I find a physician that is an expert in systemic mastocytosis in portland or? I have been to many drs, but none knowledgeable about masto.

How can I find the right doctor to treat PCOS and has been successful in doing so? I'm from Michigan. Thanks

How can I find/determine the best gastroenterologist in a state so small that most doctors don't have ratings on healthtap or healthgrades?

How can I get involved in neurosurgery as a teen?

How can I web search black dermatologists in my area? I want an african american doctor to treat me, but i'm having the hardest time finding one.

How common are orthopedic disorders in today's society?

How do I find a doctor to treat lymphangioma in the chest of an adult?

How do I find an Interventional cardiologist in my local area, McKinney, TX?

How do I find an MD who has expertise in treating CFIDS, FMS & Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or, what type of M.D. usually treats these?

How do I find by name the doctors who are considered the best in their field in america? Looking for ophthalmology and obgyn.

How do physicians keep up with information overload in their field?

How do you find a dr who specializes in helping someone with fibromyalgia? I've been to every type of dr in the book over the past year and a half. I just get referred to other drs but no help.

How much for a classical gynecology consultation and for an eventual test please?

How to find PrEP specialists in my area? I was told I was not a good candidate, but I'm involved with an HIV + man. I am now seeking a second opinion.

How to find the best Rheumatologist with experience in treating Dermatomyositis in my area?

How to know if you found a good holistic MD? Questions to ask etc?

How to locate a nephrologist that may specialize in resistent HTN when the insurance list nor ads do not include the medical title of nephrologist?

I am in Houston, Texas and searching for a doctor or specialist that treats Adhesive Arachnoiditis. What specialty Neurosurgery or Pain? Thank you.