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1. Can neurons in the brain handle 2 separate tasks? I think the answer is yes; http://oc1dean.Blogspot.Com/2011/11/neuronal-multitasking-principle.Ht

2 weeks, I have this 2 blurry black-greyish line beneath my left thumbnail, what is it? Image & descriptions: http://i45.Tinypic.Com/sq73p0.Jpg

20 male.THANK YOU docs at healthtap 4 being so comforting,nice. the specialists at told me im small at 5-6. u all r much more profesional!

A study showed PET could pick up lung tumours as small as 3mm Why are lesions 4-8mm missed?

Anti depressants are very dangerous and can cause worse problems, true?Thttp://www.Examiner.Com/article/antidepressants-cause-permanent-brain-damage

Any doctor know if my problem of the laxity of the extensor tendons have any solution? Thanks. Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=s02aqya8uds

Any experience with this: http://www.Myfootshop.Com/detail.Asp?Productid=732# for turf toe/spur at ball of foot on bottom? Good?

Any idea what could that be on my tongue? Can it be a burnt tongue? Http://imageshack.Us/photo/my-images/155/dscf1841e.Jpg/

Any intent to feed healthtap comments to healthit.Gov/?

Are tampax pearl lites suggested for a beginner?

Are the findings of this study (http://joe.Endocrinology-journals.Org/content/70/3/439.Short), regarding estradiol and testosterone levels, true?

Are these your own facts or is this from the Wikipedia entry as the Wikipedia entry is the same and is looking for a source reference?

Are water pillows effective in reducing neck pain? I am interested in buying one similar to http://www.Dealsdirect.Com.Au/mediflow-waterbase-water

Atenolol-induced lupus erythematosus http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/9270530?

Can a cardiologists tell what type of ectopic beats these are? Photo is in my attached files or here

Can I ask a q of another user on this site? Has anyone had a baby with cri-du-chat?

Can I use this drug http://www.Libiman.Com/sharkessence-300mg-weile , I am 28 yrs old , ?

Can someone check out what i post on ehealth & reply back to me please? Http://ehealthforum.Com/health/implantation-bleeding-or-period-t386531-a1.Ht

Can someone read these heart beats on ecg. Http://goo.Gl/dro6ws, http://goo.Gl/ajbgdq, http://goo.Gl/hrdz9r. Pacs or pvcs? Sorry for not very clear

Can someone tell if i have an ovarian cyst?

Can someone tell me what these are? Https://www.Dropbox.Com/s/7xli3672ltxfwty/image.Jpg they've been here for about 3 weeks and been getting bigger.

Can there be a link between vegetarianism and eczema?

Can this be a bat bite? Here's 3 different pictures: http://imgur.Com/a/tcvfb/embed (copy and paste the link int your address bar)

Can ya help me. Kariotype mos47,t(17;22)(p11;p11),+der(17)t(17;22)(p11;p11)[3]/46,xx,t(17;22)(p11;p11)[3] will this baby get some disease?

Can you explain what nac is? Also, who is nac helpful for in terms of COPD patients? Http://www.Advance health.Com/nacetylcysteine.Html

Can you give me suggestions with iridocyclitis and the nhs (uk) please?

Can you tell me detailed information on ganoderma benefits?

Can you tell me if there is a nasal bone present on the pic of ultrasound made in 12w1d pregnancy. Here's the pic: https://imageshack.Com/i/n7xrccj?

Can you tell me what could I use for my cervical cancer essay title?

Can you tell me where my foot is broken? The doctor rushed me and did not tell me. Http://postimg.Org/gallery/1mj6qcry/00213508/

Dear doctors, what is your opinion on humaworm (http://humaworm.Com/)? Fraud or useful alternative medicine? Thanks, ggg

Dear Sir, My father is having Brain Tumor, Please find attached all the reports. We got to know about you from your blog site and google. We ar?

Difference in these premature beats? Here is the link to the image of the 1 lead ecg: http://goo.Gl/e6nrjf

Do I have a high arched palate?Http://tinypic.Com/view.Php?Pic=2qmkql0&s=8#.U2la8fldwhg http://i62.Tinypic.Com/169nwi8.Jpg

Do I have a tibial fracture? Http://s833.Photobucket.Com/user/soccer12315/media/exp0161_zps24c221e8.Jpg.Html?State=replace

Do spikes in blood sugar inflame the brain? Source:

Do teeth gap bands really work? I have researched them and ordered them from and they were only for 5 dollars. I have watched reviews of this product many times of and people say that they work. But I want to ask the professionals.

Doctors, what do you think of these links? Http://www.Kyubz.Com/easy-stretches-to-grow-taller-naturally/ http://triponic.Com/guidestutorials/life/ge

Doctors, what is your take on this article: http://www.Naturalnews.Com/039970_cancer_junk_food_carcinogens.Html?

Does ensure powder have estrogen and does it cause gynecomastia? It seems to be the case: http://www.Menshealth.Com/nutrition/s (around 3rd page).

Does jogging while pregnant boost a baby's intelligence? Nytimes wrote a article about it and would love a dr view. Here is the article goo.Gl/qb9aoz

Does the eyerobics program work? Here is the link- http://www.Eyerobics.Com.Au/

Does this study (http://joe.Endocrinology-journals.Org/content/70/3/439.Short) imply that by raising estradiol levels, masturbation stunts growth?

Does yi mu cao and xi xian cao helps with fertility?

Dr Griggs can you please send me the relationship PDF I left it at the house. email [email protected]?

Dr.Alan told me he will help, my full story is noted here http://shrib.Com/healthtap please read and help me, im very hopeful about your help.Regards.

Good diagnosis technique papillary cancer? Http://thyroid.About.Com/od/cancergoiternodules/a/veracyte-afirma-thyroid-analysis-nodules.Htm"

Gout? R these tophi? I have 6 of them in a cluster. I am in so much pain. Especially big toe. Http://flic.Kr/p/ejttas http://flic.Kr/p/ejnkzv

Have a few Q's about my mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD can a Dr plz email me for free plz [email protected] very important?

Have you ever heard of a corrective machine from korea called stylex? Http://iicinsrea.En.Ec21.Com/bowleg_and_knock_knee_corrector--3740905_3749731.Ht

Have you heard of vitals.Com or other sites for choosing a doctor?

Hello my good friends i want to say a big thanks and appreciation to the great man Dr ukpoyan of [email protected] who bless my womb, i ha?

Help me pls. Kariotype mos47,t(17;22)(p11;p11),+der(17)t(17;22)(p11;p11)[3]/46,xx,t(17;22)(p11;p11)[3]. what will happen to baby?

Hi can I have a copy of this article please. I am doing a review 'false-positive' uptake of fdg in a hepatic adenoma thank you dr. Sy lee?

Hi doctor i have cereal in the testis where the white substance and solid and multiply these pills?this is images

Hi doctor my mother's foot thanks you http://i.Imgur.Com/wz9ugvo.Jpg look at the picture

Hi doctor my mother's foot thanks you http://i.Imgur.Com/wz9ugvo.Jpg look at the picture?

Hi I have mottled skin on my hands and arms when it's cold, i don't know what it is.Livedo? Arm pic: http://goo.Gl/ypa6x hand pic: http://goo.Gl/vyseu

How do I like she confirm cancer has not spread(staging info) before surgery? Http://www.Bbc.Co.Uk/news/world-latin-america-16342685

How long can cerebral adaema caused due to japanese encephalitis take to cure completely. Please see report here http://goo.Gl/qyyih?

How long can cerebral edema take to cure. Some reports are here on this link http://goo.Gl/qyyih doctor please tell me how long will it take to cure?

How long do you estimate medicines based on draco take to come to market? 15 -20 years? Http://web.Mit.Edu/newsoffice/2011/antiviral-0810.Html

Howto no if i have brest cansar?

Http www vidatoxcancermedication com?

Http://i39.Tinypic.Com/2i0x5vs.Jpg I have a growth. I would like to have it removed.. I hope you can tell me what it is and if its safe to remove?

Http://imageshack.Com/a/img560/3395/gx8f.Jpg i need to find a way to get rid of these under eye veins and redness. I am only 18 and its not right.

Http://media-cache-ak0.Pinimg.Com/1200x/aa/17/ee/aa17ee25e0045b6c47121e767594e9f7.Jpg can I gwt this body... How?

Http://t.Nbcnews.Com/health/doctors-dress-code-aims-halt-nasty-germs-2d11959078 nots on avoiding staph infections. What are you doing to eliminate thi?

Http://twoglasses.Hubpages.Com/hub/stop-smoking-side-effects o got fever when i stop smoking how i feel better?

Http://www.Drrahmatorlummc.Com/tongue%201ee.Jpg please look at it. At the number two is where my lump is. Doc said stone or cyst. Its inside can't see.

Http:// link says N.Fowleri is misdiagnosed in most cases.Is this true since it seems well researched?

Http://www.Flickr.Com/photos/[email protected]/9149444363/ please click link. My cat scratched me last night & punctured my vein. I am in tremendous pain & can't stand to bend my elbow. What should I do?

Http:// says that HPV can be detected by blood test when doctors here confirmed its not possible! Help??

Https://www.Healthtap.Com/#user_questions/1032022 +++ 21d ago: i did exercise for neck by holding jaw, specific jaw movement=tnits becmes 10x louder?

I think I have a enlarged stomach.Is it a way dat I can do [email protected] home 2 find out if I do or not.If u have a a link 2 dis subject, please nclude?

I am not lactose intolerant but I get diarrhoea after drinking Milo. What gives? :( This is Milo BTW --> (

I can't go pii all the way?

I dont know much about the topic ?

I had appointment before couple of days at http://www.Renedellacqua.Com and they suggested me to use invisalign. Does invisalign really work?

I had this on my foot for over a month: http://i50.Tinypic.Com/2lt6fdd.Jpg . It itched before. Is this melanoma? My family has a history of cancer.

I have 2 small non itchy spots on glans of penis link to image

I have a bump above my eye what is this http://img.Photobucket.Com/albums/v210/nami05/136027258741115_zpsf3f2424d.Gif in thats the link to photo ?

I have a bump above my eye what is this? Http://img.Photobucket.Com/albums/v210/nami05/136027258741115_zpsf3f2424d.Gif thats the link to photo.

I have a bump on my eyelid and i don't know what it is. What could it be? Its been a week and its still there http://www.Flickr.Com/photos/[email protected]

I have a lump in the corner of my outer lip, it manifested in 2 days & it feels swollen. Tiny pitted 'ulcer' in center. Day 5, still there.Pics http://tinyurl.Com/lsbxjwh http://tinyurl.Com/lma7wjh ?

I have a question about autism with my 4 year old its alot plz email me its easier always lose my comments [email protected]?

I have had this spot on my foot for over a month: http://i50.Tinypic.Com/2lt6fdd.Jpg it itched before for a week. What is this and what should I do?

I have these flesh colored bumps under my penis-glans, sometimes they itch. i have them on both sides, what could they be?

I have white dots all across my body since birth. local doctors says its incurable. Requesting help diagnostic!

I m a gp need advice on ecgs in africa. Pls advice how to get replies urgently.Dr irfan kasmani .Email add is [email protected]?

I noticed this red patch today on my tongue, please tell me it is not cancer.Here is the link to the photo

I read a blog post about advanced Lyme disease. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about bleeding in brain. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about dehydration. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about gilbert's disease. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about heart disease. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about itp. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about osteomyelitis. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read a blog post about sterility. But i'm still not clear - what is it?

I read this http://authoritynutrition.Com/why-is-bread-bad-for-you/ and was wondering if bread really is bad for you. Are these studies correct?