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17 years old, high school student, indian origin and resident of india. Suffering from psoriasis. Need help?

According to psychiatry, is anyone normal?

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Any dr read this destroying the myth about testosterone replacement and prostate cancer by abraham morgentaler, md, facs introduction by william fa?

Any ideas what is wrong with me? Shy at the podium.

Any info on primal jax by bodytech im 40yrs?

Apart from adolf hitler and radovan karadzic what other genocidal war criminals are into quackery?

Are americans feeling more or less hope with all the hype about presidency?

Are empanadas good for you?

Are the best medical schools in the states? Are medical schools in india, china, japan, england/uk, iraq, israel, etc., reputable? Would you attend?

Are there any apps like this with drs from Australia?

Are there any free psychiatric services in the east end of montreal in english?

As a UK citizen (with a valid UK passport)can I request to see any doctor in London even though I can't prove my address?

Can anyone of you Help a friend of mine from Norway to Try out New medicine against ALS please send me a email if you can Help [email protected]?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good psychiatrist here in las vegas , nv plz?

Can anyone recommend a christian psychologist near blairsville, ga or murphy, nc? Is that allowable to ask?

Can I take biomedical science if I have sweary palms?

Can stuttering be cured by hypnosis? Do you know of any hypnotists in southern maryland? Thank you.

Can u give me a demo?

Can you advise me on writing the genotype of a male for punnett squares?

Can you guys write.referrals? For Uk?

Can you live with walton strom globulemia?

Can you recommend a female cognitive behavior therapist (cbt-depression) near jersey city, nj? Tried njpa and apa.Org with no luck.

Can you recommend me some good phisiology books beside guyton?:)

Can you suggest some good psychology topic to write research paper on?

Can you tell me about HIV social groups in los angeles/626?

Can you tell me about the latest news in the world of obamacare rediculousness?

Can you tell me how I could cleverly depict pain management for my science fair project?

Can you tell me how to write this in italian re:?

Can you tell me more about dr. Rachel ellis?

Can you tell me which condition did edward norton as brian in the 2005 film "the score" try to portray?

Ciao ciao ciao?

Could a doctor please give information on the republican party?

Could anyone tell which doctors do hepatology?

Curious - I have a southwestern accent but i've never been there, always lived northeast. Speech path says cali accent. How does one have accent? :)

Did a lot of famous writers trip on drugs? Which ones?

Did scientists in Princeton University find the cure for MS? What's the achievements? Thanks

Do any of you good drs know anything about schnyders crystalline dystrophy. If so what can you tell me please? Looking at 2 set grafting

Do universities or researches ever recruit for case studies? (not looking to get paid) neurology, maybe psychiatry psychology?

Do you have doctors in egypt in your network?

Do you have drs. Speak spanish?

Do you know any doctor(preferably cognitive behavioral scientist) in Mumbai (Bombay)?

Does a doctor know if you ever master baited or not?

Does anyone know of a psychiatrist in phoenix who is familiar with dr russell barkley 's work?

Does this website have doctors (for std's and family planning) practicing in bangalore (india) ?

Dr. Jennings, I have moderate cerebral palsy, I would love a second opinion. Thank you, Josephina Nunez?

Dr. Livingston, is this you? I'm Julie, Ryan Mearns' wife and have a question.

Dr.Robert will homeopathic mecidicine works i wanted to be atleast 5'11?

Facham (addiction medicine) income?

Find about the best dermatolgy doctor in berlin allergien und chronischen juckreiz

Find child psychiatry/il?

Free copy of dsm-iv-tr?

Has anyone read the happiness trap by dr russ harris and would it help for bi-polar?

Has there been a recall of Ethicon Physiomesh?

Have you Arabic doctor because i can't talk English very well?

Hello Doctor, I'm Aman Raj from India. I'm a studen of MBA.I'm suffering from cholesterol problem. Please guide me. Thanks a lot in advance. (:?

Hello I am doing a science fair project and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.

Hello im senior chief engineering from iraq working in ministry of science and technology of iraq my blood pressure some time not stable?

Hello just wanna say hi ... I'm a resident doctor in iraq?

Hello, i'm a french student in psychology and i'm really interested in the "iwqol-kids" but i don't find it. Would you please send it to me?

Hello, I'm a nursing student from Holland. I'm searching for articles about the care plan for down syndrome. Do you know where I can find those?

Hello.. I am a student of dentistry in Indonesia and I am doing my assignment like "thesis or scription ( We call it in Indonesia )" . And I choose about orthodontics ! But I am confuse because I don't know what will be the title of my papers for scriptio

Hey doctors please my professor ask me to told him what is the shamrouk modification in endodontics ,any help please !

Hey i'm studying to be a pt and wanted to learn more about myofacial lines and functional movement does anyone know ajy good research papers.

Hi for my hair i can't speak english very good. excuse me. i'm from iran help me?

HI we are new to the Waikato and Hamilton. I would like to know where to find reliable information about what GP practices we can enrol into. Thank you Marc?

Hi bavukaka, how are you... am kuttimon from Doha Qatar. how is your life and is your job.. we are miss you... you have any plan come to india.. our place melpalli... any way god bless very happy for your kind mind. thanks.. kuttimon Q

Hi Dr. Griggs. I'm interested in scheduling a session with you. Please let me know what information you'd like from me. Thank you, Chad Danley?

Hi I am from south india.If i watch some cbt videos on ocd, will it help?

Hi i am from South India.Sometimes i question god why god and why me?Common in ocd patients?

Hi iam Mahmoud from Egypt .i need to learn how sent you more questions

Hi there, my name is Jennifer and I am a fellow student, and I was wondering if I may please ask some questions about being a psychiatrist?

How attorneys calculate awards for pain and suffering in minnesota?

How biased are these womens health promoters like nams and guttmacher?

How can I not be scared of being accepted by society?

How do we look up a drs background to find their ethics regarding experiments and abortion?

How does kirlian photography relate to the criminal justice feild?

How is it that so many people I knew online were unrecognizable at a conference irl? Does web work age you fast?

How many members of the manhattan project got cancer?

How reliable is john Hopkins in figuring out what is wrong with a person when you had tests that say they don't know from mayo, cedar siani, and utah.

How to code anesthesia I don't understand in the book it ask for the physician code and crna code.?

How to find 3 famous physicians who are pivotial contributors to the advancement of science?

How to find a devout christian believer doctor - please help?

How to find free psychiatric services in the east end of montreal in english?

How to know what is autsim, what does it do, and why?

I am student of iit (indian institute of tecnology , kanpur, india) I have sensorinural deffness can any treat ment of this problem?

I am a writer, need medical insight. Scene: youth suffers punctured lung, barbed hook on ship at sea. No modern medicine; none trained. Best response?

I am ahmed arif from iraq I am at first year at baghdad medical collage my dream is to come to usa and to study their.Do their is a chance to do th?

I am doing a report/project on polio is there any information you could give me? I need a first hand resource

I am looking for a permanent pain doctor here in Greeley, Co.unaffiliated with Banner Health, please .

I am looking for information for a paper about gerontophilia but there is not a lot of information in the public that is reliable, can you help?

I am searching for some pps information?

I am student @ radiology science .. My question is this is science is dangrous at long term ?

I am writing from mongolia?

I believe in the traditional approaches to healthy eating from the pioneers adelle davis and frances moore lappe. Who are leaders now?

I found this thing on psychology today website, it's a telepsychiatrist. What do you think? I live about 80mi from sacremento, this would work

I have a primary but interested in intragrative medicine-help me find an intragrative / holistic doctor near where i live 30min south of cleveland oh?

I have a severe phobia of vomitting . What help, if any , is available in british columbia canada... Other than mental health?

I have chondromalacia petalla grade i, have this condition for a year. I am a marine engineer and I am 31 years old. Kindly guide me through.

I have epidermolysis bullosa, and I have a few questions for fellow sufferers or doctors out there?